Welcome To Boot Camp Shuffle Alliance II

Chapter 8: We've Found The Prisoners!

Author's Note: Yeah about the Schwartz in Jail story, I'll be up dating in 2 days when I get my funny back! I just came back to the G Gundam section! Yeah! I was too busy with The Legend of Zelda and Yu Yu Hakusho! I'm probably going to start a Rurouni Kenshin story. You'll never no! Anyways this is part 2 of the Boot Camp Horror! Mwahahaaha! Ahem. Enjoy.

Domon and the rest of the Shuffle Alliance are in Domon's place. There upstairs in his room playing a little game.

Domon: I spy with my little eye, something that is...big and hairy!

Sai: I've got it! Argo's eyebrows! I win.

Domon: Darn it how did ya know?

Sai: You've only been giving us the same clue for the past 5 hours.

Argo: My eyebrows aren't that big are they?

Chibodee: Of course not. They only cover up half of your face anyway.

Domon: I need a mustache! Argo can I borrow some of your hairy eyebrows?

Argo: Sure.

Argo takes out a scissor from his pocket and cuts off half of the hair from his eyebrows. Then he gives it to Domon.

Domon: Thanks!

Domon puts the hair under his nose.

Domon: I look just like my aunty!

Downstairs in the kitchen..

Mr. And Mrs. Kashuu are sitting down at the table. Staring at eachother.

Mr. Kashuu: Come on one more minute!

Mrs. Kashuu: Can't hold on much longer! Noooo!

Mrs. Kashuu blinks her eyes.

Mr. Kashuuu: Yes! I win again!

Mrs. Kashuu: Darn you Ben!

Ding dong!

Mrs. Kashuu: Who could it be? I hope it's not Ulube whose come here to take our son Domon away from his beloved parents. Just so he can take him away from us for more torture.

Mr. Kashuu: I'll get my gun!

Mrs. Kashuu opens the door. Standing outside was Allenby and Ulube.

Mrs. Kashuu: Oh hello Ulube.

Ulube: We've come here to take your little Domon away from you beloved people so we can take him back to boot camp and torture him again!

Mrs. Kashuu: Na ah! No way.

Ulube: They'll be ice cream!

Mr. Kashuu: I've got the gun! Let's rumble. (reloads gun)

Mrs. Kashuu: Don't worry dear, he promised us free ice cream.

Ulube: No sorry. Parents have to pay.

Mr. Kashuu: What! That's highway robbery!

Ulube: Boo!

Mr. Kashuu: Aaaaaahhh! (runs away)

Mrs. Kashuu: Well Domon can always bring us free ice cream, can't he? Domon! Get your fanny down here this instant!

Allenby: I never knew Mrs. Kashuu had such a colorful vocabulary.

Domon and his friends scurry down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Domon: Yes, mom.

Mrs. Kashuu: Your going back to Boot Camp!

Domon: Why!?

Mrs. Kashuu: He promised free ice cream, why else?

Domon: Darn, that's an offer that no parent can refuse. I surrender! (waves a white flag)

Ulube: Good! Your friends are coming too.

Chibodee: You can't make us go!

At Boot Camp...

Sai: Can't make us go! Moron!

Chibodee: Hey it's not my fault!

Domon: Look at the bright side you guys, at least were together again.

Everyone moves away from Domon.

George: Damn! A prince like me shouldn't be in a hell hole like this.

Chibodee: George! Mind your language!

George: Sorry can't control myself.

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