Chapter 1: A meeting with the mayor

Middleton, a town in the United States on the Western half. There lived a 16-year-old girl, who was known for her motto of how she can do "anything". She ran a website where she would handle whatever difficult task people would send her. Whether it was dealing with theft or to stop a would-be world conquering mad scientist. People knew her, the teenage cheerleader who manages to fight off the bad guys while getting straight A's. She didn't have a secret identity, but she wasn't hounded by fans. She still had her problems, schoolwork, her ego sometimes getting in the way and boys being turned off by her skills.

Miles away from her is another teenager.

Amity Park, another town in the United States on the Western half. There lives a 14-year-old boy, who secretly fought off ghosts and spiritual entities as a superhero. Only his best friends and his older sister knew about his abilities. In secret, he avoids dealing with people. He doesn't want to be a celebrity for his powers and enjoys having his own personal life. He does things even his two best friends don't know about, like see movies and shows they don't like or listen to music neither of them would ever listen to. He's at the bottom of the social order, but he still continues to try and have a life as he protects the city from spiritual threats.

If they don't meet, they'd eventually find romance with their closest friends. However, what would happen if they became involved in each other's lives?


The redhead heroine answers her communicator as she heads to the gymnasium for cheerleader practice. "Hey Wade, what's the sitch?"

Her friend, the underaged genius Wade, acted as the head for her website as people sent her messages for help.

"You got a request for help, from the mayor of a place called Amity Park."

Kim looked suspicious about this name. "The horror movie place?"

"No, that's Amity-ville. Amity Park is a town known for, believe it or not, ghosts."

Kim scoffs. "There's no such thing as ghosts, Wade."

"Say the girl who fought a guy with a magic artifact that turned him into a jackal monster."

Kim rolls her eyes. "Point taken. So, when do I meet him?"

"Actually, he's coming to meet you after practice."

"He is?"

Outside the high school, a limo arrives. Coming out is the aforementioned mayor, a man with a ponytail whose very appearance screams supervillain, especially with that evil grin on his face.

"So, this is where I'll find her." He says to himself.

"Excuse me!" A loud voice calls out. The man it came from, Mr. Barkin, arrives. "Can I help you, sir?"

"Indeed, I'm looking for a miss Kim Possible."

Inside, Kim and the other cheerleaders have been doing their routine for a half hour by now.

"Okay, girls!" Kim calls out. "Let's try this again."

"Miss Possible!" Mr. Barkin calls out as he enters. "You have a visitor." Kim sees the visitor, the man who arrived in the limo. "This is Vlad Masters, mayor of Amity Park."

"Ah, so you are Kim Possible!" Mayor Masters says and he walks to her. "I'm afraid I cannot wait any longer, I must speak with you.

"Well, I guess it's fine." She turns to look at the rest of the squad. "I'll see you guys later."

In Amity Park, Danny Fenton and his friends walk together as they head home after school finished.

"So." Sam, the goth girl, is the first to speak. "Saturday night plans?"

"Straight forward video games!" Tucker says proudly.

"I'm going to listen to the latest punk rock albums." Sam says with pride. They both look at Danny. "You?"

"My dad and I are catching a movie together. My mom thinks we need to spend time together outside the lab."

"Well, she's not wrong." Tucker says.

"Oh look…" Sam says scornfully. "Someone's still here."

"Ugh, losers." Paulina, the head cheerleader and Danny's former crush, says scornfully as she and Dash are talking together. "Do you mind? Dash and I are talking."

"Well, then get out of our way!" Sam says.

"Dash!" Paulina shouts commandingly. "Get rid of the nobodies."

Dash pounds his fist into his hand proudly. "With pleasure."

A scream is heard. All of the teens look in the direction of the scream as a large, ghost blob appears down the street, causing terror.

With Dash and Paulina looking away, Danny and his friends make a break for it as he finds cover to do his thing.

"Why is it we never meet any nice cheerleaders?" Tucker asks.

"Nice?!" Sam asks disgusted. "If there are any nice cheerleaders, they'd have done something by now. The odds of meeting a nice cheerleader is extremely unlikely in our lives!"

Danny does his best to ignore them as he finds a tree as cover. He goes behind it as his friends keep an eye out for onlookers.

"Going ghost!"

"I'm glad we could talk, Kim Possible." Vlad Masters says in the school hallways. "I need you for an important task involving a certain… problem."

"Is it some kind…" She uses air quotes. "Ghost?"

"Oh… believe me. They are real." He hands her a file with some papers. "There is one in particular I think you can help me with."

Kim takes the file and opens it. The first thing she sees is a photo of a teenage boy, with snow white hair and glowing green eyes.

"This him?" She asks. "He's kinda cute."

"Well, that so-called cute boy is Danny Phantom. He acts like some kind of superhero, but he does more harm than good. Starting Monday, I'd like you to help weed him out."

"How do I do that?" She asks as she closes the file.

"I spoke with the head of your school for permission for your absence, you will be scoping out the places he's known to haunt, while also doing a small favor for me. You see, I have reason to think a special device being built to deal with him might be getting stolen next week. I'll fill you in when you arrive in Amity Park."

"Sure, Ron and I will meet you there." She says as she places the file in her backpack.


"My best friend, also my sidekick. We do our adventures together."

"Ah, him." Vlad now remembers who that is from Kim's site. He dislikes this buffoon, he reminded him of a younger Jack Fenton. "I'm afraid, to make things easier, you should go it alone."

"Truthfully sir, I'd like to at least ask for Ron to come first."

Vlad shrugs. "As you wish."

"No!" Ron shouted at his table in Bueno Nacho. "Not only is there no Bueno Nacho there, Ron Stoppable does not do ghosts!"

"Uh-uh! No ghosts!" His naked molerat, Rufus, agrees with him as he crosses his front legs like arms.

Kim just shook her head.

Timeline wise, this takes place before Phantom Planet and So The Drama, that way neither of them are in any relationship.

Personally, I never was genuinely fond of Sam, I didn't think she was a good love interest.

As for Ron... well, sometimes he's funny and sometimes he's... well, not. I'm not sure about him being Kim's eventual boyfriend either.

But those are just my opinions. Here, I'm planning on bringing these two together.

Any thoughts or comments?