The Escape

Soon, all of these giant reptiles were gone. Disappeared through a portal.

"Uh… where'd they go?" Ron asked.

"No idea…" Kim said. That's when she and the rest saw only one person flying back to them. "Danielle?"

"Where's Danny?" Jazz asked.

"Uh… he flew through that portal… and it disappeared before I could get to him."

Hearing that brought a collective gasp.

"Danny!" Kim said as she looked to where he disappeared.

"Danny!" Sam yelled too.

They all shared concerned looks.

"What… where'd he go?" Ron asked.

"Dad, can you help us find him?" Kim pleaded.

"Don't worry Kimmy-cub, so long as they're still on Earth, we can track him..." James said.

"That's right, we'll set up a device that can track him down..." Slim said.

Kim sighed, feeling better.

"Okay… that's a relief…"

On the island

Danny could not believe his eyes.

He has seen a lot of disturbing things over the year since he got his powers. But this a new thing.

Seeing all the Terakons bowing before their king, all thousands of them.

The ghost boy knew this is bad and he had to keep quiet. He can barely handle one of these, a whole army was a danger.

"I gotta find a way off this island…" He muttered quietly.

He had to be careful, after all, he's surrounded by towering reptiles that ghosts are at a disadvantage against. One wrong move and he is toast.

The ghost boy remained invisible and stayed back, being careful.

He had to get out of here, but first, he had to find that portal machine and get off.

Okay… where's his majesty? He thought.

That's when he bumped into to something while he was distracted looking around.

To his horror, it was not a tree.

"What was that?!" A booming voice asked from above.

Danny flinched when he looked up.

Oh man... He thought

It was a towering giant, a Brachiosaurus on its hind legs, standing upright.

''What is wrong?" Another asked

"I felt something hit my leg..." The branchiosaurus said.

Oh crud… Danny thought.

This was about to get worse. He heard sniffing.

Turning his head, he was panicked as more became aware of his presence.

"I smell… sweat." A pterodactyl-like monster said.

"Is there a mammal here?" An Ankylosaurus-looking Terakon asked.

Cringing, Danny thought fast and phased into the ground.

"Gotta keep a low profile for now…" He muttered.

Back to the king and his minions.

Thiorex turned to a certain sea-based Terakon and wanted his answer.

"Seastorm! The portal machine?" He questioned.

"Stretched to its limit, opening that many portals at once… but the upgrades I've given it and the power remaining is more than enough for what's next." Seastorm said.

"Finally…" He said.

"We should be ready soon, my king."

Thiorex stood proud of what is to come.

That's when a smaller portal was opened nearby.

''What now?" Thiorex shouted as the portal opened wider.

Out came the Faction, along with a few who were missing, namely the Seniors.

"We got them." Technus, in a machine form, had both Seniors in his arms by the wrist.

''Unhand me at once!" SSS demanded.

"My wrist is chafing!" Junior complained.

They were ignored as the villains approached the Terakon king.

"Well… all things considered… now is a good time for that prize you promised." Drakken suggested.

''Your prize?" Thiorex scoffed.

"We've done all this… now give us that Gauntlet!" Monkey Fist shouted.

The Terakon King looked at them and scoffed again.

"I did say one of you could have it…" Thirorex said with a nasty grin. "And… it's hard to determine who did the best so…" He tossed it to the ground. "Fight over it!"

The villains heard this and sae the gauntet just a few feet away.

After a brief pause, all of the villains reached for it.

"It's mine!" Freakshow insisted.

"No, mine!" Drakken shouted.

"I saw it first!" Technus insisted.

"Junior, help me!" Senior shouted.

All of the fought over it.

Dementor pushed Drakken. Freakshow shoved Dementor. Ember got in Freakshow's way. Shego blasted both of them.

"Finally!" She said.

Skulker pushes Shego away and puts it on.

"Ha! Finally!" He said.

Plasmius saw this and frowned hard

"Skulker, put that down!" Vlad ordered.

To his shock, his independent contractor refused.

"Not a chance… now I have the power to-"

"NOW!" Thirorex ordered.

Before Skulker knew it, his cybernetic arm was sliced off by a Nyklaw.

Once he realized what happened, he gasped loudly.

"MY ARM!" He went.

It didnt hurt since it isn't his real arm, but he was stunned by this development.

The Nyklaw brought the severed arm to Slashfang, who picked it up in his claws.

"Be thankful it wasn't your real arm…" He said.

Thinking then turned tochis minion

"It's time… Slashfang, I want to make more room for the army…" Thirorex ordered.

"You shall have it, my king." Slashfang said.

The Terakon king then turned to the villains, who were all finding themselves at his mercy.

"As for the rest of you… seize them!"

Vlad looked to the Fright Knight.

"Make a portal! Get us out of here!" He ordered.

Before the Fright Knight could do so, he's kicked by Trescorn, causing the blade to fall out of his hands.

''I think not, little fool..." Trescorn mocked.

"You will pay for that, I'll return you to being a fossil!" The Fright Knight shouted.

"You're not going anywhere!" The Triceratops beast shouted as he grabbed the knight in his hand. "Grab em!"

After a few minutes, Danny phased out of the ground, seeing nobody around, mammalian or reptilian.

So far so good… He thought. Now, how do I get off this place?

The sooner he gets back to his world, the better.

Suddenly, he felt a large shaking going on under his feet.

"Uh oh… an earthquake?!" He asked.

That's when he somehow felt the ground rising as it buckled his knees without his consent. As he got to his knees, pressing the ground with his arms to stay up, he saw the ocean somehow subsiding.

A tsunami? He thought, recalling how water would retract if something like that happened.

However, there was no indication that was happening.

"No, not a tsunami..."He said as the shaking continued.

He then noticed something very different was happening now.

The island wasn't having an earthquake.

It was rising.

''Oh man..." The ghost boy whispered.

This did not look not good.

Thinking fast, Danny used his power to hover upward by about 5 feet, avoiding the shaking feeling.

He looked around and saw the the rising continued.

"What's going on here?" He asked. "Even I know earthquakes don't do this!"

It was then that he realized that it was not an earthquake or a tsunami.

No, what was happening wasn't natural at all.

The island somehow rose about several feet, with the ground that was underwater was risen.

It was done. The island was now 10 times its size.

Danny blinked a few times before rubbing his eyes.

Did… did the island just get bigger?

He could see it. It was no longer crowded, the island was about a 10th the size of Australia now, making it a mini-continent. With more room, the Terakon beasts were free to roam around now. They got up and began walking around.

And it wasn't long before a familiar voice was heard.

"Attention, my subjects!" A familiar voice called out from the peak of the island's mountain.

'Now what? The ghost boy thought.

Danny looked up and frowned, turning invisible to remain hidden.

"Great… it's him…" He muttered.

It was King Thirorex, who was once again decided to make a declaration.

"The time has come to reclaim this world!" Thirorex shouted. "Behold!" He directed his attention to Trescorn, who held Vlad Plasmius and Shego in one hand, pressing the two against each other in awkward position. "The creatures that fate has stupidly chosen to take our place!"

As the Terakons booed at them, Vlad and Shego tried to break free, making things more awkward for their position.

"Stop moving around so much!" She snapped.

''Stop shouting in my ear!" Vlad yelled back.

"Keep whatever you think of to yourself, Bub!" Shego yelled.

"Pah! The only woman worthy of being this close to me is Maddie!" Vlad scoffed.

"Yeah, I ain't flattered with you either… Can't you make us go through stuff?" She questioned.

"If you're talking about intangibility, I can't. As long as this beast is consciously holding me, I can't phase through." Vlad said.

"So, you can't turn into a mist or something?" She asked.

Vlad was about to argue when her point was clear.

"Huh… okay then. I'll just-"

Suddenly, a collar was placed around his neck and he gasped.

They saw a Nyklaw on Trescorn's arm, having placed the collar on him.

"King ordered…" It went before hopping off the arm.

Vlad tried to use his powers, only to get a shock that hit Shego at the same time.

"STOP! STOP IT!" Vlad shouted.

Thirorex chuckled darkly.

"Did you think I forget about the shock collar you put on me? I made sure your's, meant to keep you from using your powers, had 10 times the charge…"

"Oh... FUDGE BUCKETS!" Vlad said before screaming at being shocked again.

Danny hovered, not too far from Thirorex and the other and watched.

"Karma..." He couldn't help but whisper as he watched his foe get shocked.

He felt a little conflicted, though.

On one hand, seeing Vlad in agony is some much-needed catharsis… on the other hand, I'm not too keen on who is doing it. He thought.

After a few minutes, Thirorex stopped zapping Vlad and then turned to his minions.

"And now… in minutes, I shall be sending you… ALL of you to various locations these humans have made their home. Your mission… is to bring as many as you can here… where they will live out their new lives as our slaves!"

All of them cheered, save for Danny, Vlad, Shego and Scorex.

In fact, his younger brother looked horrified.

This isn't what I asked for…

All of the Terakons cheered as Thirorex walked away.

"Now… to see if the portal is ready…" He said as Trescorn and Scorex followed.

Thororex grinned, feeling that everything was working.

However, his brother, Scorex, sent him a disapproving look.

"Thirorex! What is it that you are doing?" Scorex demanded.

"You wanted us to co-exist with these mammals..." Thirorex said with a smug look on his face.

"Capturing and enslaving humans was NOT what I had in mind!" Scorex yelled.

His brother merely scoffed.

"I know. It is even better..." Thirorex said.

Scorex snarled.

"This isn't the way! It's that horrible thing making you do this!" Scorex shouted.

His older brother only laughed it off.

"Is that what you want to think? That this turned me evil… not that this is the real me?" He asked.

Scorex did not llike this. He shook his head.

''That...that is not true..." He said, though it was like he was trying to convince himself more than anyone.

''Such a fool..." Thirorex scoffed while his brother got angrier.

"I'm asking you one last time… stop this!"

"Do not talk down to our king!" Trescorn shouted.

Thirorex only held a claw up.

"No… let him talk."

Scorex hesitantly spoke up.

"I'm try to-"

Thirorex then backhanded his younger brother.

Scorex landed facedown, looking up at his brother's hateful look.

"You are no longer useful to my plans, brother..." Thirorex said.

Scorex sent him a hateful glare.

"I guess… this really is you…" He said.

"It is…" He said. He then looked to Trescorn. "Return those two… then get rid of this traitor…"

Trescorn nodded, tossing Vlad into the side of the cliff and knocking him out.

"Yes, my king."

"I did not order you to knock him out… though I am not complaining…" Thirorex said before directing attention to his fallen brother. "This is the end, Brother…"

Scorex wanted to say something, but he was far too hurt physically and emotionally over what's going on.

An invisible ghost boy saw this and decided to intervene.

"I guess this limited who I end up saving… fine with me, she's hotter." He whispered to himself.

Danny flew quickly and managed to grab onto Shego.

"Huh?!" She went before being pulled out as Trescorn was distracted.

Trescorn noticed this and looked around, wondering where she went.

"Where'd the green female go?" He asks.

It took her a moment, but she was invisible and hovering in the air.

"Uh… what?" She asks.

"I saved you, that's what." Danny said.

Despite not seeing him, she realizes whose arms were wrapped around her torso.

"What are you doing?" Shego snapped.

"Saving you..." Danny said.

Shego heard this and blinked.

"Well, this is awkward..." She said, looking down.

"Yeah, for me too…" Danny admits.

"Don't you get any ideas. Considering I can tell what's pre-"

"Moving on, we gotta help Scorex." Danny said.

"And… why?" She asks.

"Other than he's clearly not evil, he might know how to turn the portal device on, since we're miles away from civilization." Danny said.

Shego would have argued, but saw no point. She wanted as far away from these monsters as possible.


Trescorn continued looking, much to his king's ire.

"Where is the female?!" He roared.

"I-I don't know, my king. She just disappeared. Does she also have powers like the half-creatures?" He asks.

"Forget about her… deal with this traitor first." Thirorex ordered.

Trescorn nodded and approached.

He pounded a fist into an open hand.

"I always hated you…" He said with a grin.

"Feeling's… mutual…" Scorex said weakly.

"And shared!" Danny shouted.

Trescorn stopped his attempted slamming of his fists and looked around for the source of that voice.

"That… sounded like-"

He didn't have time to finish, as a swift kick to the face knocked him off his feet and falling to the ground.

It was then Thirorex snarled.


Danny then turned tangible.

"Correct, your majesty!" Danny said before shooting a blast of ice into Thirorex's face, distracting him. "Shego! Let's go!"

Shego was on the ground, trying her best to pull the big red dragon up.

"Yeah, you try pulling a T-Rex with wings!" Shego shouted.

Danny shook his head and flew in to help pull him. Thankfully, Scorex had enough strength to push himself up.

"W-Why are you helping me?" Scorex asked.

"Ask Shorty here…" Shego gestured with her thumb at Danny.

"Well… I know from past experiences you're not evil." He explained.

"I... am in your debt." Scorex said, still surprised at this.

"Just help us escape and we'll call it even." Danny says.

"So… can Charizard here get us out of this place?" Shego questioned.

"I'm impressed you know what that is." Danny said.

"Blame Drakken's attempts to be a pro-gamer." Shego groaned.

"Uh… okay…" Danny went.

"I fail to understand what that means, but I believe I know enough to get us out of here." Scorex said.

Meanwhile, in GJ headquarters

Reports of what just happened are coming in, the entire base was filled with noise. Complete chaos for everyone, running around, shouting and the like.

And now, Dr. Director is on call with Team Impossible, and she was not happy with what was going on.

"Team Impossible! What the devil is going on?!" She shouted.

"We… don't entirely know, Ma'am." Dash went.

Dr. Director groaned as the transmission ended.

"Give me something, people!" She shouts.

Her loud shouting made the rest of the base quiet down out of fear of giving her bad news. However, one was brave enough to speak up.

"There's something else, Dr. Director." One of them said.

"Shoot." She said.

"That island those monsters are on? It expanded…" He responded.

That got her attention as she walked towards the person at their station.

"Expanded?" She asks to make sure she heard him right.

"Indeed… the island had somehow tripled in size…"

He pointed to his monitor, allowing her to see what he means. The island was more than 3 times its size and seemed to be somehow expanding further.

"Is it… still growing?" She asks.

"Indeed… After the past 30 minutes, it's now almost at 4 times its original mass." He said.

Hearing this, Director scratched her chin before speaking up.

"Maybe we should take a quick island trip. Agent Du!" She called out. "Time to send out some messages for help!"

Will Du raced to her side, standing straight upon reaching her.

"Director? Who shall I get in touch with?" He asks.

"Anyone available." She ordered.

Meanwhile, on the island

They reached the portal device.

Scorex, using the last of his strength, managed to activate the portal device.

Once on, he turned to the humans.

"Hurry..." He said.

"What about you?" Danny asks.

''I will stay behind..." Scorex said.

"We're not leaving you here." Danny insisted.

"You're serious?" Shego asked incredulously.

''Yes..." Danny answered.

"Someone should… stay and keep them busy…" Scorex said, despite clutching to his side.

"Don't talk like that, you were barely able to stand." Danny said.

"Maybe, but at least this way I'll do some good." Scorex said, making Shego roll her eyes.

"Oh, for crying out loud… just come along! I know what it's like to deal with a brother you can't get along with. Do you really not wanna be there when he gets what's coming to him?!" Shego asks.

He considered what she said.

"You've made your point…" Scorex said as he turned and walked through the portal.

"Wow, that was cool..." Danny said, causing Shego to roll her eyes again.

"Just get me out of here… and we'll call it even." Shego said.

"Thanks..." Danny said as he grabbed onto Shego again and flew as fast as he could.

Here goes nothing! They both thought.

Somewhere. off the island

Danny and Shego managed to get through the portal.

However, they seemed to have ended up in some forest.

Oww… He thought as they hit the ground.

"Hey! Knight in Shining Armor! Mind getting off me?!" Shego shouted.

''Huh?" Danny said.

Realizing he was laying facedown, and on Shego's back, Danny hovered up fast with his face turned red.

She is so gonna kill me… Danny thought in fear.

"I swear I didn't plan that…"

As she got up and dusted herself off, Shego realized that they shouldn't have fallen.

"I thought you were flying?"

"The portal must've cancelled it out…" Danny explained. He then turned and looked around.

He realized right away this was an area he did not recognize.

''Where are we?" He wondered.

"Dunno… don't care." Shego said, her voice notably sounding further than it should be.

He then saw Shego walking away.

"Where are you going?" Danny asks.

"What were you expecting? A kiss? I gotta find a way to get Doctor D off that rock… stopping Jerkzilla is your thing." Shego said with a dismissive handwave.

Danny frowned before hearing a groan of pain. He hovered up and saw Scorex on the ground a few feet away, on all fours and clutching his side.

"You okay?" Danny asks as he hovered to him.

"I will be…"

Back on the island.

An Ankylosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus like duo approached.

"I'm afraid we're too late…" The Ankylosaurus said.

"The two mammals have escaped, my king… along with your brother..." The other said said.

"No matter, we already have what we need..."He said as he turned around and walked towards where his generals waited for him.

His plan is too close to be stopped, he knew it and so did his army.

He entered his throne room, where his generals noticed his presence.

"My king?" Trescorn asks.

"Come my followers. It is time for us to begin liberating the lucky humans who will survive extinction." Thirorex shouted to his followers who all yelled.

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