Chapter 78: An Uneasy Alliance

A light shone on his face in this underground facility.

"You know that's unnecessary, right?" Scorex asks.

"Humor us…" Dash Dumont stated, sounding less than accepting.

As of right now, they are in a secured facility, located 200 miles from any known city, away from civilization. Right now, Team Impossible is grilling their new guest for information.

Scorex looked to his arms and legs, seeing what was shackled around his joints.

"I came of my own volition." He stated.

"And that makes it okay after what happened?" Crash asked.

"I wasn't on board with the idea at all. Besides, Danny Phantom can vouge for me when I say I wasn't there when it happened."

Burn Burnmen typed on his calculator.

"Hmm… statistically speaking, that checks out." He said.

"But it was your idea." Dash pointed out.

"One my brother twisted…" Scorex defended.

As this went on, three people were watching from behind a window with a reflective surface, seeing everything that has happened and then turned their attention to the humanoid reptile.

"And… you're certain about this?" Dr. Director questioned, wanting to be certain.

"Definitely. Kim and I have seen this guy enough times to know he's not like the rest." Danny said, meaning it.

"I can vouge that little brothers don't always live up to what we want them to be… though it's a good thing in this case." Kim said.

Dr. Director pondered as she watched Team Impossible continue to grill Scorex for information.

I still have doubts but we need all the help we can get. She thought.

She pressed a button, allowing herself to be heard.

"You can stop now…" She said.

Team Impossible turned around.

"Ma'am, we're close to getting information from this thing." Dash said.

"I was talking to him." She clarified. "It's obvious at this point you can just break free anytime you want."

That point was proven as Scorex broke the restraints from his ankles and wrist with ease, much to Team Impossible's surprise.

"Indeed…" Scorex said.

"If you could have broken free the whole time, why didn't you?!" Crash questioned.

"To show I have no interest in being your enemy." He looked to the window. "I want to help you stop my brother before he ends the rest of you."

"What do you have to gain? His place as leader?" Dr. Director asks.

"I really don't care for that… I just don't want a pointless war." Scorex said.

"You're saying you'd fight your brother, is that really okay with you?" He's asked by Dr. Director.

Scorex had a depressed expression before taking a breath.

"I will do more than fight… it's clear he won't listen. He's had his chance to make things right and genuinely cares not for doing so. I already gave him enough chances but...I will do anything to stop him from continuing with this insane idea of genocide...anything." Scorex answered.

Danny and Kim share a quick glance before looking to the Director, who nodded.

"I understand…" She said.

She knew what it was like to have a brother on the wrong side of morality and needing to do what it takes to do the right things.

It's hard and Scorex knew it. But she could tell that he also knew it was not that easy to trust him.

At the same time

Danny and Kim were talking and the redhead was catching him up on what has happened.

"And now you're caught up, those dino-creeps took both my mom and Nana...even your parents..."Kim said, looking upset.

Danny gasped.

"My folks too." The ghost boy said.

The redhead nodded.

"I'm so sorry Danny, I couldn't stop them..." Kim apologized while the ghost boy held a hand up.

"No, this isn't your fault. It's King Jerk Rex and he's gonna be a fossil again when I'm through with him..." Danny said as his eyes glowed brighter.

Kim smiled at his determination.

"We'll get everyone back, Danny. You can count on it..."Kim vowed.

Danny nodded and gave a thumb's up.

"Yeah, I can count on you..." Danny said, earning a small turn of red from Kim's cheeks.

Their conversation was cut short when Dr. Director came their way, hands behind her back.

"Alright, we've begun making plans and Scorex has agreed to plans. You are free to go until we need you..." She tells them.

Danny and Kim nodded before they left together, hoping they will be free soon.

The island

The humans who disappeared were all on the island, which has grown considerably more land.

James was more worried for his family than himself, so he started looking for them.

"Mother? Honey? Slim?" James Possible asked.

No answer but one of the other captives turned to face him and gasped.

"Hey, aren't you James Possible?" Jack asks.

"That I am, father of the girl your son very obviously is interested in." James said.

"I know… so obvious…" Jack said.

"Personally, my wife and I are still certain Ronald has the best shot, even if he still thinks the moon-landing was faked…" James admits, rolling his eyes in irritation.

"Faking the moon landing? Ha! What a silly thing to think… now… where are we?" Jack asks.

''I was trying to find my wife and the rest of my family..." James said.

"Me too. I think my wife was with me when we were taken." Jack said, looking around.

"Dear?" Ann Possible asked from afar.

"Jack!" Maddie called out.

James and Jack were both relieved.

"Mom? Where's Slim?" James asks.

"I don't know… but where are we?" She questioned.

''I have no idea..." James said, not liking this.

That is when one of the Terakons, Slashfang, appeared and sent malicious grins at them.

"Humans. Congratulations! You are the lucky 10,000 who will survive the mass extinction of your race!" Slashfang said with a big grin.

The day after

''I can't believe that all happened..."

As Danny walked down the stairs, he couldn't help but look down the now vacant living room, wishing his parents were there.

He could recall all the times they were there, watching television, fixing up some gadget, accidentally blowing stuff up, potentially setting furniture on fire.

Mom… Dad… He thought with worry.

He missed them, fearing for their fate.

As he entered the kitchen, he saw his sister at the stove, trying hard to make breakfast but finding herself.

"Uh… morning, Danny." She said, trying hard to hold onto the pan as fire from the stove got taller.

"Uh… morning." He said before looking at what was on the pan. "So… we're eating tree bark for breakfast?"

"It's bacon." Jazz said with a scowl. "Sorry that I chose not to take up cooking as to avoid gender stereotypes before realizing it's a skill all people should know, especially in situations like these."

Danny took a seat, noticing someone else sitting with them, passed out and drool coming out of her face, the same face that was on the kitchen table as she snored slightly.


"She didn't feel okay sleeping, so it looks like she sat there all night." Jazz said.

''Poor thing..."He said.

As Danny poked Danielle's cheek to wake her up, Jazz placed the breakfast on the table.

It consisted of eggs that looked poorly scrambled with some red hair in them, the burnt bacon, burnt toast, some barely passable fruit and what looked like orange juice but was more pulp than juice.

"Breakfast time!" Jazz said.

"For who? Prisoners of war?" Danny questioned, finding what Jazz made looked less than appetizing.

"Hilarious." Jazz said before poking Danielle's snoring face. "Danielle? Breakfast."

Danielle rose her head slightly, eyes half-closed, looking at the plate.

"Liar… that's not breakfast…" She said before dozing back off to sleep.

Jazz frowned hard before sighing.

"We better take care of this situation soon…"

"We will." That's when his phone rang. "Hang on…" He answers. "Hello?"

"Danny Fenton, this is Dr. Director"

Danny's eyes widen upon hearing that.

"How and why are you calling me on the phone?" He asked.

"You've misplaced the communicator we gave you." The woman said as she began to explain things. "In any case, we have amassed forces we believe should suffice in saving all those captured. We will need help, yours specifically."

"Dr. Director, you know that I wanna help but I got school..." Danny explained.

"Don't worry, your school will not interfere... Hold please." She said before elevator music played.

Danny raised a brow at that, wondering what she had planned.

"What happened?" Jazz asks.

"I'm… not too sure." Danny answered.

At the same time, the landline went off.

"I got it." Jazz said as she answered the phone. "Hello? Yes?" Her smile dropped. "Really?! Oh… well… I see… thank you for the information." She went before hanging up.

"What happened?" Danny asks.

"School's been shut down, I just got word of a rat infestation and they have to close for the day." Jazz responded.

Rat infestation? Lady sure knows how to play fast. Danny thought as he realized this was her doing.

"I guess I'm free..." Danny said.

That's when the elevator music finished.

"All's I need to get a hold of Possible. Hang tight." Director said.

Jazz kept a quizzical look at her brother while Danielle woke up again.

"Waz happunen?" She asked, groggy.

"Good chance Danny's going on another save the world kind of date with Kim." Jazz answered.

"Oh, cool." Danielle said with a small smile.

"Hmm… that's odd… no response on her end. It looks like there's military presence in Middleton, it may have something to do with her not answering." Director said.

"I can go get her if you'd like." Danny offered.

"Very well..." The woman said.

"On it..." Danny said before hanging up.

In the Ghost Zone

Clockwork watched silently as the events unfolded.

His screen then cut to Middleton. There is indeed a military presence as tanks patrolled the borders of the town, generals and soldiers kept watch. There was also a satellite dish of some kind outside, blocking all attempts to contact inside the town.

He shook his head disapprovingly

"Sojourn… what are you up to, you paranoid old fool?"

Arriving in Middleton High

By the skies, Danny and his sister and clone soon arrived to Middleton.

Jazz, held onto by Dani, saw the military around the borders of the town.

"What's going on?" Jazz asks.

"Not sure. Come on, let's get to Middleton High." Danny said.

They flew towards the school, noticing the sign.

"Soldier on?" Dani asks, reading it out loud.

"I've heard the sign somehow is always changing to fit situations." Danny explained.

"That's… odd." Jazz said.

They landed in the gym, thankfully empty. They got outside the doors and noticed how quiet the place looks.

"Now to find Kim..." Danny said as he looked around.

"Danny!" Bonnie's voice was heard.

Danny froze and stood stiff when a pair of smooth arms were around him.

It was Bonnie alright, and she hugged him.

"Bonnie!" Danny said, not ready to deal with this.

"Hi Danny... I'm so happy to see you again that I forgive you for leaving me alone for so long, and it's just us as I snuck out to make plans for a reading and wrap today..." Bonnie said as she nuzzled him a bit.

Jazz and even Danielle were surprised by an older girl, a cheerleader at that, hitting on Danny. Even more where Danny pushed her off.

"Is Danny rejecting that girl?" Jazz asks

"I guess he's loyal to the older girl he's already into." Danielle suggests.

Danny pulls away from her grasp.

"Excuse me, I'm here for Kim..." Danny muttered.

"Well, she's not here but I can keep you company." Bonnie said, smirking at him.

Danny frowned, wanting to get away from her as someone approached.

"Hey, Bonnie? Do you wanna get back together again? I'm kinda not doing anything this weekend, wanna grab a bite?" Brick asks.

Jazz turned her head to who said that.

That's when she and Brick meet eye to eye.

There was a silence as the two stared at each other for a bit.

"Oh… uh… hi." Jazz said, face turning red.

"Hi… uh… I don't think I've seen you before." Brick points out.

"I don't go to school here…" Jazz said.

"Oh… uh… do you wanna do something later?" He asks.

"I'm not staying for a while…" Jazz said.

"Oh… okay… sorry to bug." Brick said.

Jazz was still blushing deep red.

Danielle watched and smiled.

I guess Middleton has someone for every Fenton past puberty. She thought.

As Bonnie tried to speak with Danny more, a loud alarm went off, making them cover their ears.

"Ugh! It's happening again!" Bonnie shouted angrily.

"WHAT?!" Danny asks.

"I SAID IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!" Bonnie responded.

"I DIDN'T LIKE THAT MOVIE!" Danny responded.

"NO!" The alarm went off. "I SAID IT'S HAPPENING AG-" She realizes the alarm stopped. "Oh… uh… it's happening again."

Danny cleaned his ear out to get rid of the ringing.

"What is…?"

"Ever since yesterday with those big lizard things, some general guy is putting all of Middleton on lockdown. Dunno why, don't care… I just know I can get calls out of town…" Bonnie bemoaned.

"I think the world has bigger problems…" Danny points out.

"Whatever… anyway, talk later, Danny." Bonnie said, trying to sound sweet as she can before leaving.

Once she was gone, Jazz and Danielle approached.

"She seems… charming…" Danielle said.

"She's not." Danny answered flatly before motioning them to follow. "Come on, I know where Kim is."

The two girls raised a brow as they headed towards a room.

"And you know where it is because…?" Jazz asks.

"I kind of stuck by her side during my time here." Danny said.

"Ah, a justifiable reason to be a stalker." Danielle joked.

Danny was about to tell her to knock it off when another alarm went off.

"What is that thing for anyway?!" Jazz asks as they covered their ears.

"No clue..."Danny said as he covered his ears.

"Attention students! This is another test of the emergency system! If a situation arrives, you are to vacate and return home. Any and all attempts to leave Middleton will result in house arrest!" A voice went off.

That got their attention.

"House arrest? What's going on, exactly?" Jazz asks.

"Not sure…" Danny then stopped, noticing they were passing a class he knew of. "But I think I know someone who can help us…"

10 minutes later

"I repeat, any and all attempts to leave Middleton will result in house arrest. And remember, home arrest or not, I expect the assignments done and turned in at 0800 hours." Mr. Barkin said in a stern voice. Once the class was emptied, he sat at his desk and sighed in relief. "And now for a little time to myself, since for once I don't have a class to fill in for."

As he opened his book, three entered.

"I don't know, you could teach us a thing or two, like what's going on." Danny said.

Once Barkin looked up, he flinched. He got up.

"Fenton. What brings you to Mid- actually, never mind. I have a few ideas." Barkin said.

"Then maybe you can give us an idea on what's going on with the military?" Danny asks.

"I don't have all the information but they arrived to Middleton last night and pretty much took over. Due to what's been happening with those lizard beasts and all the kidnappings happening, including the mayor, they've made it so nobody can get in or out..." Barkin said.

"But how is this legal?" Jazz asks.

"I have no idea…" Barkin admits.

"Well… in any case, we're going to get everyone back. That might get the soldiers to leave, so we need Kim." Danny said.

"Affirmative, but I'm afraid they won't let you take her. That ridiculous satellite is blocking all transmissions, even that gadget of hers. I would know, she tried using it this morning in home room." Barkin said.

"That would explain why we couldn't get to her…" Danny pondered.

"Besides, even if you could reach her, they did a head count. They'd know she and Stoppable were out." Barkin answered.

Danny frowned, hating this.

"Maybe we can plan something with Kim?" Danielle suggests.

"Come on, I think she and Ron should have free period right now." Danny said. He then looked to Barkin. "Thanks, Mr. B."

As the three left, Barkin sat back down.

"Doesn't make sense… they know she goes to school here, why force her to stay when she's more useful in action?" He said to himself.


At the borders of Middleton, things were hectic as a solider approached the general.

"General, sir? We're getting word that there's been a mistake. We shouldn't be here." He said.

"Nonsense. We got the orders directly from the capitol." The General insisted.

"I know the document seems official, but we've gotten no word who authorized this." The soldier points out.

"The document is legitimate. Do no question my authority." The general warned. "Now, go!" The general ordered, only for the soldier to remain still. "Did I stutter, soldier?!"

"No… he's just frozen in time." Clockwork's voice called out.

It took a few seconds as the general saw Clockwork hovering next to him. The master of time crossed his arms and scowled at him.

"Clockwork? What are you-"

"Sojourn… get out of there." Clockwork demanded.

Frowning, Sojourn reluctantly complied as he left the man's body.

"Why are you here?" He asks.

"A better question is what are you doing? The Observants themselves have told you not to interfere in human affairs ever again, no matter what use you have to them." Clockwork warned.

"You know why...this is about what I saw! It involves the ghost boy and the Middleton girl he's become so fond of! We must make sure he never rises in power! I saw all the paths this timeline will take and we must make sure those two do not go anywhere near each other again! Clockwork, you control time! Just go back and time and change events so that Kim Possible never gets called to Amity Park!"

"You know I can't do that… besides… you know how my powers work. Problems must be handled in the present, not the past. But you're also running the risk of the human race being brought to near extinction and our vow is to protect the dominant native race of this world." Clockwork warned.

"What's several million humans compared to… what I saw?" Sojourn asks.

Clockwork sighed and shook his head.

"I had hoped you wouldn't do this, old friend… but I must report you." Clockwork said.

"You wouldn't dare!" Sojourn challenged.

"I don't want to, you know much I detest dealing with those one-eyed fools… but I must." Clockwork stated.

Frowning hard, Sojourn shook his head and returned to the general, overshadowing him once more.

"I've made my choice. I'm keeping all existence safe and I will not apologize for keeping us from being wiped out. Speak to them if you want, but I won't stop." Sojourn stated.

Clockwork shook his head and unfroze time.

At the gym

Kim and Ron sat at the bleachers, upset at how the day turned out so far.

"This blows, KP…" Ron whimed as he rested his head on his two hands.

"Yup…" Rufus went.

"I know… I had to make breakfast for myself, my brothers and Joss… The tweebs also turned the toaster into one of their blew up." Kim said, massaging her temples.

"My folks were kind of not that bothered… my dad seemed more bummed they didn't want to kidnap an actuary." Ron said.

"I'm more bothered by the military keeping tabs on us and not letting calls or transmissions coming in or out. Why would they not let me get contact with anyone, even Global Justice?" Kim questioned.

"Worse still… Bueno Nacho is closed!" Ron whined.

Kim raised an eyebrow.

"Ron… priorities."

"Bueno Nacho is the highest priori-" Ron quickly realized Kim looked less than pleased. "After we save your folks and Nana, that is!"

"Good save!" Rufus went with a smile.

Danny walked back into the gym, noticing Kim and Ron at the bleachers and smiled.

"Finally… Kim!" He called.

Kim turned around and smiled.

"Danny..." She said, happy to see him.

"Sup, D." Ron went.

"Sup!" Rufus went.

"How...when did you get here?" Kim asked.

"Just arrived...I saw what's either a recreation of Patton or a military takeover..." Danny said, gesturing to outside the town.

Kim frowned at being reminded at that.

"And the worse part is that once this is done, we have to all head home as soon as possible. I can't even get Bueno Nacho on the way! If only there was a way to use my computer or phone to get someone else to bring it to me…" Ron whined.

Danny sent Ron a curious look before his eyes darted to Kim, who shrugged in response.

"He's got his own… priorities. Anyway… got any ideas?" Kim asked.

"Well… Jazz has one."

"Jazz? Where is she?" Kim asks.

"Danielle got hungry so, she's raiding the cafeteria." Danny answered.

"Yeah… they're not gonna like what's being served…" Ron said with a worried look on his face.

"Why? Actually, no… not important. What is is getting you guys out of here. Jazz thinks that if someone were to trigger the alarm somehow, then they'd have to let you guys out."

"That could work…" Kim said.

"Any idea where it is?" Danny asks.

"Well… I think there's a truck parked in the back of the school with speakers on it I think that's where the alarm is." Kim said.

"Then that's where I'll go." Danny said before checking to make sure there were no witnesses and morphing. "Be right back."

Danny phased into the floor, leaving the older teens behind.

"Okay… looks like we're getting out early!" Ron said cheerfully.

"Yeah!" Rufus went.

Ron's cheer left when he noticed Kim was looking where Danny disappeared with a smile on her face.

It wasn't a usual smile, it was one that resembled the kind she used to have for Josh Mankey.

"KP?" He waved a hand in her face. "Hello?"

"Huh?" Kim went, snapping out of it.

"You okay?" He asks.

"Y-Yeah…" Kim said, turning away and turning red. "Come on, let's get our stuff…"

As she walked away, Ron stared in her direction with a curious expression on his face.

"Weird, what do you think that was about, Rufus?" Ron asks.

Rufus only shrugged in response.

With Danielle and Jazz

The two girls were currently at the still empty cafeteria, where Danielle was grabbing a few things while the lunch lady was out for eating.

"Are you done yet?" Jazz asks.

"Nope…" Danielle said as she took one last cookie with her.

Jazz eyed how comically tall the tower of food was as Danielle grinned before sitting down and eating it quickly.

Jazz shook her head.

"Question: did Vlad put a black hole or something inside you? Is that why you're always hungry?" She asks.

Danielle ignored her, face covered in meat sauces and spots of mashed potato.

"You sure you don't want some?" Danielle asks, food falling out of her mouth.

"Don't talk with your mouth full." Jazz chided.

Danielle pouted as she kept eating.

That's when a pair of hands grabbed Jazz by the shoulders.

"You're not a student here!" A gruff male voice went.

With Danny

Although he had something to do, Danny's mind was on Kim. Her smile, her eyes and presence brought joy to him, a joy he desperately needed after all this.

If it weren't for Ron there… I bet we'd kiss… He thought happily.

He saw the truck where Kim mentioned and smiled. It was parked right behind the football field.

"Okay… kissing my soon to be girlfriend is gonna have to wait… I got a job to do." He said.

He knew that he and Kim would be working together as soon as he gets her and Ron out, something he was looking forward to.

Save the people, save the world and deal with Terakons… then after that, I am SO dating Kim Possible. What should our first date as a couple be about? Dinner? Movie? Maybe a walk on the beach with holding hands? Oh, this is so-

His thoughts were cut of as he felt something painful 10 feet away from the truck.

"GAHHH!" He went before falling to the ground. "Ugh…" He shook his head and looked up, seeing something green and see-through around the truck. It took seconds to realize it. "A ghost shield? Here?!"

He got back on his feet and walked towards what he saw. Reaching out with his hand, he felt a jolt touch his finger and he pulled back.

With a wide-eyed stare and nursing his hand to soothe the pain away, Danny heard footsteps coming.

"I saw the shield go off! I know that thing we got wasn't a waste!" One solder's voice went.

Panicking, Danny phased into the ground. Once the soldiers passed, he peeked his head out, still unseen.

"Why do these guys have a ghost shield? Did they know? Hmm… no… must be a coincidence. Still, I can't go through… but maybe Jazz can since she has no powers." He reasoned.

He went back to the the school hoping to find her. However, to his displeasure, he didn't see her at the cafeteria.

No Jazz, no Danielle either… where are they? He thought.

He decided to try and fly around and find them, only to notice a room with two soldiers standing outside. He noticed what they were armed with.

"That looks like ghost weaponry the Guys in White use…" He said under his breath.

"I'm telling you, we're just here to visit a friend!" Jazz was heard saying on the other side.

"And how did you get in with the soldiers guarding the borders of the town?" The man inside grilled her.

"We just came in the other day." Jazz lied.

"I don't believe you. You're both obviously minors and we have personnel around the school!" The man inside, the general, shouted.

"At least let her go, she's just a little girl." Jazz pointed to Danielle.

"Not a chance…" The general said.

Danny groaned, flying away.

If I do anything, they'll come after us with ecto-weaponry. Can't have that since I really don't want to fight the armed forces… He thought as he heard the bell ring and noticed students leaving. Huh… must be close to lunch. Okay… Gotta get Jazz and Danielle out too, but how? And how can I turn that alarm on?

He then saw someone walking down the hallway, someone he knew had a bit of an unhealthy interest in him.

"Gotta get something from my locker. See you at lunch." Bonnie said.

"Laters." Tara went.

Danny had an idea as he groaned.

Desperate times… He thought as he found a spot to morph back to human form.

"Bonnie!" He called out, running for her.

She heard that familiar voice. She turned around and smiled.

"Well… look who came looking for me." She said.

Danny couldn't believe what he was doing. He's desperate at this point.

He has done things like face the Fright Knight, Pariah Dark and most recently Terakons and honestly, he'd rather be facing them again than doing this. After all, it wasn't as stressful and less potentially dangerous than what he is doing right now.

He was now in front of Ms. Bonnie Rockwaller and pleading to her.

"Listen, Bonnie, I really need your help this time..." Danny said.

Bonnie has her arms folded, looking deeply unimpressed.

"Really? You need me this time?" She questioned.

Danny grins and laughs nervously.


"Well well, what do you know! You actually crawling to me..." Bonnie said in a sarcastic way.

"I'm serious, Bonnie. Come on!" Danny said in frustration.

He grabs her arm and drags her away but Bonnie pulled her arm away.

"Just what do you need that is so important?" Bonnie demanded. "I mean, I can understand wanting me so bad, but could it wait until I change out of my cheer uniform?"

"I need you to do me a favor." He said.

Bonnie rose one eyebrow.

"Okay, what does the superhero need me to do that's so important?" She asked.

"Okay, its like this..." Danny started.

Kim and Ron were still in the gym, waiting for the alarm.

"Still nothing…" Kim said out loud. "And the girls are on their way right after they get something to eat. Where is he?"

"Maybe he had a ghost or something?" Ron asks as he ate from a bag of chips.

"Maybe…" Kim said, not believing it.

"And since I can't go near the truck to set the alarm of and get everyone to leave the school early, I need you to do it..." Danny finished.

Bonnie looked at him in disbelief.

"Seriously?! You want me to risk getting in trouble so you and Kim can hang out?" Bonnie asks.

"Hang out? Bonnie, we're trying to save the world! Plus, you get to go home early." Danny points out.

"Hmm… that last part is true." Bonnie admits before going back to Danny's request. "So, I gotta push the button or whatever?"

"Yes, that's what you've gotta do. It's really important, Bonnie. You don't have any idea..."Danny said.

"WHAT?! You're completely out of your mind! The only way I would do something like that is if you promised to be a little cooler with me!" Bonnie said. "And when I say "a little," that means…! Well, you know..." Bonnie said as she turned away from him and folds her arms again.

Danny sighs.

"Ok look, I'll um… I'll...I'll take you to see a movie! How's that?" Danny offered.

Bonnie actually gasped and turned back to him, actually looking insulted.

"WHAT?! ONE MOVIE?! Fat chance! If you want my help, I expect you to take me out..." Bonnie said.

"For how long?" Danny asked, hating this so much.

"To help Kim, the price is one whole day, minimum!" Bonnie said and made it obvious that she will not negotiate.

Danny grumbled as he still tried to negotiate.

I guess this is what Kim meant she called her such a Bonnie… He thought.

"You realize the longer we talk, the quicker we're ruled by dinosaurs, right?" He asked.

"True… but gotta have my own priorities…" Bonnie admitted with a shrug.

Danny rolled his eyes.

"How about… 4 hours and a down payment?" Danny muttered.

He hated what he was about to do but it was the only thing he knew that would make Bonnie compliant.

"What kind of …of down payment?" Bonnie asked, wondering what he has in mind.

Danny approaches and places his hand on her hip to pull her in. He then cups her face in his hands and pulls her in for a long kiss. Bonnie is surprised at first, but slowly closes her eyes.

I so hate this… He thought.

Once he pulled back, she smiled.

"Okay… I can work with that." She said.

"Great…" Danny said as he pulled away, hating that he did that.

Bonnie couldn't help but be impressed.

"Y'know, even if you weren't a superhero, I'd have given you props for the guts you pulled off…" She admits before stroking her hair with her left hand. "Now… where's this truck?"


Danny had held Bonnie's hand, allowing them both to remain invisible as they reached the truck.

Bonnie looked down at herself, finding it kind of creepy.

"Weird… I can't even see my perfectly tanned skin." She said.

"Shh…" Danny went. "We're invisible, not muted."

Bonnie would have responded until she felt Danny stop walking.

"What?" She asks.

"Those guys." He said, pointing ahead.

Bonnie made a face even though he can't see it.

"If I could see your cute face, I'd know where you're looking." She points out.

"Forward, soldiers at the truck." Bonnie saw soldiers indeed at the truck. "I'll distract them while you go set it off. Invisible hand holding is over now."

"Hmph…" Bonnie went before a thought came. "Wait… did you ever do this to sneak into the girl's locker room?" She asked with a suspicious but also amused tone.

Danny, though she couldn't see it, looked less than proud to admit she was on the money.

"Uh… no. Never once… or… twice…" He responds.

"So… did you peek at Kim or me?" She asks.

Danny felt his face was on fire, seeing as he's come close to peeking and once, by accident, saw just that thanks to a failed Global Justice gadget that turned her clothes invisible though promised to say nothing.

"Let's just get this over with…" He said as he saw nobody around and let go. "This is as far as I go." He said.

Now visible, Bonnie looked down at herself and smiled.

"Alright, go spook them or whatever." She said.

Danny decided he'd do just that. Staying invisible, he formed a snowball in his hand. Figuring the shield won't deflect ice or snow, he threw one at a soldier's head, knocking his helmet off.

"Who threw that?!" He went.

They saw nobody, and at first were ready to let it go when another snowball hit one of them in the chest.

"Did you see that?!" The other soldier asks.

"We got something supernatural here. Come on!"

All of the soldiers readied their guns and followed in the direction the snowball went, unaware Bonnie was around the corner.

"Perfect… now, let's see what we got to work with…" She said as she entered the truck.

After a few moments, the alarm went off.

At the same time

The soldiers inside and out were alerted.

"The alarm? Was there a breach?" A soldier asks.

"That can't be… we got no word of anything like that." Another said.

"But the shield protected the truck and no civilian would have made it past the guards… which means something must have been happening!" A third went.

The general, meanwhile, stopped grilling Jazz and Danielle.

"What?!" He asks.

One soldier opened the door quickly.

"Sir! The alarm went off! Some of our men caught sight of something paranormal and followed, then the alarm went off!"

"That's impossible!" The general said.

"Well sir, it's what happened. We're gonna need to evacuate the school."

"No!" The general ordered.

"Sir… no offense, but I refuse to cause any civilian casualties in this time. Court martial me if you must." The soldier said as he gestured to Jazz and Danielle. "Girls, come with me."

As the two followed, Danielle blowing raspberries along the way, the general snarled angrily.

However, once he was alone, the ghost overshadowing him left, knocking the general out.

"That boy is cleverer than I anticipated…" He admits.

Before he could go, a ghostly eye appeared in front of him, hovering in the air as it stared at him.

"Sojourn! Return to us, at once! This is not a request!" The voice of an Observant ordered.


Middleton High was being evacuated as the alarm continued.

"Let's go, people! Let's go!" Barkin ordered.

Jazz and Danielle tried to make their way through, but the rush of students trying to leave made that difficult. Jazz bumped into a rather handsome young man with blonde hair.

"Sorry…" He said.

"N-No problem…" Jazz said with a blush.

Tara, seeing this, stepped in and bushed the young man away from Jazz.

"Back off! Josh Mankey is my boyfriend!" She said.

"I wasn't doing anything like that, I swear!" Jazz said but was ignored by Tara.

"Darn… you almost had two blonde boys into you like Danny has two cheerleaders." Danielle joked.

"When'd you get so hooked on our love lives?" Jazz asks quizzically before someone pushed her into the floor by accident. "Hey!"

"Move it!" A familiar voice said as he pushed his way through and offered a hand. "You okay?"

Jazz recognized him as the young quarterback from earlier and her face turned red again.

"Y-Yeah…" Jazz said as she took his hand. "Uh… nice seeing you again… I'm Jazz."

"Brick." He introduced himself properly to her.

The two stared at each other, both blushing a storm as crowds were going around them.

Danielle tugged at Jazz's pant leg.

"This is cute and all, but we gotta find Danny."

"Oh, right! Sorry… Brick. I gotta find my brother." Jazz said before she and Danielle started going with the crowds. "Thanks again."

Brick only blinked as he waved to her.

"Wow…" He said under his breath.

Middleton High's exterior

Crowds of students left the school as the soldiers did crown control and did their best to let them leave in an orderly fashion.

Kim, Ron and Monique were among the last to get out.

"Not sure what happened, but I ain't complaining." Monique said.

Kim, however, stopped and looked back.

"KP? Come on!" Ron called out.

"Wait right there… I gotta check and see if Danny's still here. Make sure he wasn't captured." She said as she went back in.

She walked back into the school, much to Ron's annoyance.

"I don't get it… ever since meeting that guy, KP's spent more time with him than m-us." Ron said.

Monique, having heard that, turned her head and gasped.

"Oh my gosh…" She said.

"What?" Ron asks.

"I didn't think it was possible… but… I think she and Danny are becoming a thing." She said.

"Yeah… I know. Hero team ups are a constant in comics. Just last week, I picked up the new Fearless Ferret Vol VI issues where he and Wonder Weasel meet Captain Cosmos to-"

"No, Ron!" Monique went, sounding more worried for him for some reason. "I mean… a thing." She said, bringing her fingers together as if to make her point clear.

Rufus gasped in shock and Ron had a baffled look before showing how lost he was.

"I don't get it." He said quickly.

Monique groaned and facepalmed while Rufus shook his head in disappointment.

"I think Kim and Danny are falling for each other." Monique said flatly.

Ron stared at her silently before laughing it off.

"KP? And him?! He's younger!" Ron kept laughing before noticing the not to amused look on Monique's face and stopped. "Wait, you're serious?!"

"As serious as the fall line Club Banana original coats are beautiful." Monique said, causing Ron to look clueless again, much to her ire. "That means yes."

Ron blinked.

"KP… and Danny Phantom… a thing? Like… a couple?" Ron asks himself, finding the idea less than pleasant for reasons he can't comprehend.

Kim snuck around, seeing the soldiers were not present in the halls.

She heard two pairs of feet, wearing boots, coming down from around the corner and used her gymnastics to get on top of a row of lockers to try and hide. Thankfully, the two men didn't bother to look down the hall she was in.

"What's going on? How'd the ghost or whatever get past the shield?" One of them asks.

"Just shut up and make sure no student is left behind!" The other went.

Kim got back on her feet, surprised by what she heard.

A ghost shield? She thought as she reached the cafeteria.

There, Kim sees Danny, sitting in one of the chairs looking embarrassed about something.

She approached him, wondering what just happened.

"Hey! That was awesome." Kim said.

Danny became aware of her presence and cleared his throat.

"Oh. Hey, Kim…"

"You're going to have to explain to me how you did that, that was incredible." Kim said.

To her surprised, Danny's expression looked more embarrassed for some reason.

"I don't want to talk about it. Kim, um… You mind if we don't see a lot of each other for about a… week or two after this?" He asks.

Kim frowns.

"Bonnie helped you and only agreed to if she got her manicured little claws on you, didn't see?" She asks. Danny nodded and Kim growled in anger. "She is such a-"

"A Bonnie?" Danny asks.

Kim's anger melted before she laughed.

"Yeah… a Bonnie." She said before siting down with Danny. "Don't worry, we'll deal with her later." She put a hand on his. "For now, let's get going."

"That's it? You're not mad?" Danny asks.

"Did you have to kiss her?" Kim asks.

"Yes…" Danny admits shamefully.

"Oh… well, not at you. You didn't have a choice there. Besides, I think we both know who you'd rather kiss…" Kim said with a smile.

Danny smiled back.

The ghost boy felt his heart beat fast as he sat up, allowing him to most meet her at eye level as their faces started to come closer.


Both of them parted as Kim cleared her throat and answered it.

"Kim! Finally!" Wade went. "What are you guys doing? It's time to get out! Dr. Director just sent me instructions for you. She said meet back at Danny's place because the island no doubt has got ghosts who might not be so friendly. Your ride will meet you at your place."

"R-Right." Kim said.

Wade noticed how flustered Kim was.

"You okay? The Kimmunicator indicates a sudden spike in body temperature." He asks.

"It can read tha-I mean! No big…" Kim said, trying to dissuade him.

"Well… better get to it." Wade said as he hung up.

Both heroes stood up, clearing their throats.

"We better get my mission gear at home." She said.

"Okay…" Danny said.

They both walked out of the cafeteria together, wanting to get that moment out of their heads for now.

The Possible House

Danny, Jazz and Danielle sat in the living room, waiting for Kim to get ready as Ron went home to change.

As they waited, Kim's brothers and cousins were in the room too, and they had their eyes on Danny.

"So… are you our sister's boyfriend now?" Jim asks.

Danny flinched at that, much to Jazz and Danielle's amusement.

"W-What?!" He asked.

"We asked if you and our sister are a thing yet." Tim answered.

"I gots a few shippin' names for ya!" Joss said, holding up a notepad.

Danny turned bright red.

"W-what? We're just… working together is all. I'm just working with a smart, cool, fun, and beautif-" He stopped himself as he cleared his throat. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom…"

He quickly got up and walked out the living room as the kods smirked.

"We're wearing him down. Hicka-bicka boo!" Tim went.

"Hoosha!" Tim responded as they fist bumped.

"This is almost worth not going to school today." Jazz said in amusement.

Meanwhile, Danny phased out of the bathroom, entering the backyard as he took a deep breath.

"Okay… okay… I got time to think…" He said to himself.

At the same time, Ron just changed and chose to leave via the backyard.

"Man, why Mom and Dad decided not to tell me they barricaded the door until after they did is just messed up." As he was about to try and go over the fence when he heard something. "What the heck?"

It was Danny, pacing back and forth.

"I mean...I don't have any issue with them, Jazz or Danielle thinking anything like that is gonna happen between us...Kim's so beautiful, brave, amazing and she kicks major butt. I think that… oh man, I think I love her." He says to himself.

Ron gasped silently as Rufus had to clean out his ears to hear that.

"Oh no…" Rufus went.

"But… I gotta focus. At least until this is all over. Now, I really do need to pee…" Danny said as he phased back into the bathroom.

Ron and Rufus shared a surprised look.

"He's into Kim? I mean, I don't blame him but… you don't really think Kim-"

"No! No no no!" Rufus went.

"R-Right… she wouldn't be into him, right? I mean, that's like saying Bonnie's into him… heheheh… right?" Ron asks, sounding like he's dreading the idea. He took a breath. "Let's go… little buddy."

Ron started climbing over the fence, Rufus riding atop his shoulder.

However, as Ron went over, he stopped with his face inches from the ground.

He looked up and his earlier shock at hearing Danny admit his love for Kim was replaced with annoyance of something that he was too familiar with. His pants were stuck on the fence.

"Again?!" He whined.

10 minutes later

Kim finally got out of her room, fully dressed in her mission attire.

"Okay, I'm ready!" She said as she reached the living room.

There, she saw her siblings, cousin, Danny, Jazz, Danielle, and Ron with Rufus, the former of the two looking down for some reason.

"What kept you?" Jazz asks.

"I wanna get full prepared for what we got." Kim said as she pointed to her duffel bag. "I wanted to bring a… special project Wade was working on for me, but it's not ready. So, we should-" Kim then noticed Ron looking down at the floor. "Ron?"


"You okay? Did something happen?" Kim asks.

Ron's eyes darted from her to Danny, who didn't notice, then back to her.

"No… nothing." He said.

"Okay…?" Kim wondered what was up but figured it can wait. "Anyway… Wade says all the soldiers have just left Middleton."

"Why?" Danielle asks.

"Not sure, but it makes getting to Amity Park easier." Kim said.

"Hicka-bicka-boo!" Tim went.

"Hoosha!" Jim added.

"You're not coming with us." Kim said.

The twins crossed their arms and pouted hard.

"Sorry, y'all." Joss went.

"Neither are you, Joss."

"What?!" Joss complained.

"I can't save the day and keep an eye on all of you." Kim said.

All three of them complained at once so Kim couldn't even hear what they each said.

"I can keep an eye on them here, if you'd like." Jazz asks.

"That'll help." Kim said before the Kimmunicator went off. "Go Wade."

"Your ride to Amity Park is here." Wade said.

"You rock, Wade." Kim said. Once she hung up, she looked to her brothers and cousin. "Now, all of you, stay with Jazz, understand?"

All of them nodded, although looked less than accepting.

20 minutes later

Kim, Ron and the two Phantoms boarded Will Du's ship, on route to Amity Park to pick a few things up.

Thanks to the speed of the ship, it arrived in Amity Park, above FentonWorks, not too long.

Wanting to be fast, Danny flew in himself, grabbed whatever he could, only to hear a knock at the door. Reaching the door and morphing to human form, he answered.


It was Sam and Tucker, both looking panicked.

"Danny! What's going on?! Where have you been? What's gonna happen?!" Sam questioned quickly.

"And can I get a ride on that thing?" Tucker asks with a grin, pointing at Will's ship.

Sam slapped him in the shoulder.

"Focus!" She snapped.

"Uh… guys, I don't have a lot of time. I gotta get stuff to the ship so we can save the world." Danny answered.

Sam crossed her arms angrily while Tucker pulled away.


Dr. Director walked to Team Impossible's ship. All three members of the Team were ready for her.

"Well, all set?" She asks.

"Ready to kick some scaly hide." Crash said.

"And our guest?" Director questioned.

"Just look ahead." Burn said as he pointed to the front of the ship.

There, Scorex was looking up at the sky, contemplating what he's about to do. It was not an easy decision, but he knew he had to.

"I've mentioned to many in Global Justice and they know how uneasy this alliance is going to be." Director said as she walked up to him.

"I know… it's not easy for me… considering what must be done. And I have to be the one to do it…" Scorex said, not looking at her.

Director knew what he had to do was something unthinkable.

"Are you… sure? I mean, I have a brother who is evil too, but what you have to do is-"

"He's had millions of years to reconsider like I did… but it's clear he's not listening to anything I can say." He then breathed in some air, knowing what he says next is painful to admit. "He's deadest on this… and I have to be the one to… end it… end him."

5 minutes later.

Sam and Tucker were in the ship, much to Kim's disappointment as Sam glared at everyone and Tucker was giddy as he looked out the window.

"I so gotta get one of these for my birthday… make it happen!"

"And… why are they here?" Kim asks, looking at Danny.

Danny only shrugged in response.

"She can't accept no for an answer…" He said.

Will, meanwhile, looked back everyone and shook his head.

"I already have four stragglers in this ship… though I suppose three more isn't too much trouble."

Kim rose an eyebrow at him.

"Stragglers? You were asked to take us."

"And Rufus wasn't counted!" Ron went in anger.

"Yeah!" Rufus went with forepaws crossed.

"I was referring to those in the cargo hold." Will said.

Hearing that, Kim scowled hard.


She raced to the cargo hold, seeing her brothers holding a device of some kind from FentonWorks.

"Hey Kim, just looking at your boyfriend's family's stuff." Jim said.

"Marry into the family and we'll improve it." Tim added.

"Hey, y'all!" Joss called out, holding the Boo-merang. "I bet I can modify this thing ta-" She became aware of Kim's presence and smiled nervously. "Hey… Kim…"

"I thought I told you to stay with Jazz." Kim said with arms crossed.

"We did." The tweebs said in unison as they pointed to the wall.

There, leaning on the wall, was Jazz, wrapped up with a cloth over her mouth to keep her from talking.

Kim groaned. She went and undid her binds, pulling the cloth off her.

"Sorry, Kim…" Jazz said.

"No big." Kim assured before glaring at the twins and Joss. "On one hand, I'd want you three here, but you can clearly overpower Jazz… so you'll have to stick around. Now… all of you, the front, now!" She shouts, pointing out of the cargo hold.

The three slouched as they walked out of the room, Jazz following them but keeping her distance for her safety.

Kim took in some air as a voice on the speaker went off.

"Everyone, we're taking off now. Remain still." Will said.

As it started going, Ron noticed Kim's absence, along with Danny's.

"KP?" Ron asked as he got up.

Once he left, Rufus followed shortly, something Sam noticed.

Where's that little guy going? She thought as she got up.

Meanwhile, Danny and Kim were talking with one another.

"I am so sorry about this." Kim said.

"Jazz is gonna do a better job, I'll get Sam to help her." Danny said.

"You sure, she doesn't seem very… umm…" Kim was unsure what to say as to avoid upsetting Danny.

"Sisterly? Yeah… she's an only child who hates being around her cousins, so I don't doubt your concerns." Danny said.

Kim nodded before she decided to get back to a certain topic.

"So, what will we do about Bonnie?" She asks.

"Well… it's just one date… one I almost want to make a copy of myself to deal with but I doubt even she would be fooled." Danny said.

"You'd be surprised. You noticed how she's not so good with air quotes." Kim points out.

"Yeah…" Danny said with a small chuckle.

"So… you could always tell her the truth." Kim said.

As this went on, Ron and Rufus saw the two talking and wanted to say something to them.

"What, should I tell her you're my girlfriend now?" Danny jokingly asks.

"That might help." Kim answered.

Ron and Rufus gasped silently as the two shared a look before trying to get a closer look. Seeing a neatly placed set of motorcycles Will put up, the two quietly snuck over to hide behind.

Meanwhile, Sam walked into the doorframe when she saw Danny and Kim talking.

"Uh… are you sure? I mean… you don't have to if you don't want to… go out with me… that is." Danny said.

Sam, hearing that, glared daggers in Kim's direction.

"Who says I don't want to? I did agree to this, after all, and it was kind of my idea." Kim said.

Danny smiled happily as he hovered up.

"Really? You're okay with dating a guy who can walk through walls, disappear and fly?" Danny joking asked.

"That depends, are you okay with dating a basic average girl?" Kim asks.

"You're definitely not basic or average. Considering you can't do this." Danny says as his legs turned into a ghostly tail.

"True… so I guess I'll just date Danny Fenton instead." Kim said.

Hearing that, Ron, Rufus and Sam's eyes widened in shock while Danny smiled wider.

"Really? You don't mind if people see Kim Possible dates virtual nobody Danny Fenton?" He asks.

Kim smiled warmly as she reached out for him, wrapping her arms around him.

"Does this answer your question?" She asks before closing her eyes and bringing her face closer to his.

Knowing what's to come, Danny closed his eyes.

They were completely unaware an audience was watching them, two of them felt their hearts smashed.

Danny and Kim held onto each other as they kissed. Danny's ghostly tail lightly wrapped around Kim, going behind her knees.

They were unaware the alliance between Teams Possible and Phantom got more uneasy.

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