Summary: Those awful things that EVERY woman hates. At least, the ones who get them hate them. So, what did they do back when there wasn't Midol to save them?


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Kaoru stirred in her bed early Monday morning. Another day of work, another day of freeloaders. She sighed, getting up but moving slowly. Man, her stomach hurt! Her eyes widened and she jumped out of bed quickly, grabbing a new set of clothes and her supplies from the closet. She dashed out for the bathroom. (outhouse, whatever it is)

Kenshin was cooking happily. He loved to cook, but he didn't know why. He was good at it too, and that was something every guy should be proud of. He saw a blur run past the kitchen and he dropped his cooking to peer out of the doorway. What the heck was that?!


"Man," Kaoru groaned, changing her clothes. "Why did it have to start today of all days?!"

She was supposed to train Yahiko today. Supposed to fight him too, to see if his skills had improved over the last couple of weeks. 'Great,' she thought. 'Just great.'

Her stomach felt like someone was inside of it, chewing away happily on her insides. She *really* had to get the laundry done. And Kenshin *wasn't* going to be doing her laundry this week. Heck no.

Now.......she had to think of a way to get rid of him for a few hours.......


Kenshin made everyone wait for Miss Kaoru to arrive before letting them dig in. They waited patiently. Well, Kenshin and Megumi waited patiently. Sanosuke and Yahiko did not.

The two boys twitched constantly, drool appearing from the side of their mouths. 'Boy,' Kenshin thought. 'I hope Miss Kaoru gets here soon. They'll go crazy.....'

Miss Kaoru finally appeared, stiffly sitting down beside Kenshin. Sano and Yahiko waited exactly two seconds before devouring what they could.

Kenshin and Megumi ate politely, and Miss Kaoru kind of picked at her food, one hand on her stomach.

"What's the matter Kaoru?" Yahiko asked. "Are you pregnant or something?"

Kaoru didn't even hear Yahiko. She was too busy trying to ward off the demon's chewing on her insides.

When she didn't answer Yahiko, Sano laughed. "Congratulations Missy! Is Kenshin the father?"

"Or do you even *remember* who the father is?" Yahiko added.

They didn't even see what hit them.

Kenshin cringed. He was just glad that he wasn't them.

"I'm *not* pregnant," she huffed, going back to rubbing her stomach.

"What's wrong then, Miss Kaoru?" Kenshin asked.

"Nothing. Say, could you, Sano, and Yahiko maybe.......catch some fish for lunch?"

"Sure Miss Kaoru. I was going to do the laundry, but I guess I could do that first."

"Okay Missy, if you say so," Sano groaned from his spot on the floor. Wooden floors weren't very comfortable.

"You too Yahiko," Kaoru ground out. "You never do anything anyway."

"And they do?"

"Well........." She thought for a minute. "Kenshin does work. You and Sano don't. So HOP TO IT!"

"Now?!" Yahiko whined.

"After breakfast," she told him, putting her food down. "I'm not very hungry today. The food's great, I'm just not hungry."

"Pregnant women are supposed to be ravenous," Yahiko mused.

He didn't even see the fist that came his way.


"So," Megumi asked when Kenshin, Sano, and Yahiko left. "What's up with you?"

"Just on my you-know-what with the stomach-eating devils devouring my insides," she muttered, clearing away the dishes.

"Ah, so why'd you send them out for lunch?"

"So I can do my laundry."

Megumi laughed loudly. "No wonder!" she smirked. "You just don't want Kenshin to do your *dirty* laundry."

"And the other things too," Kaoru put in.

"Yeah, can't forget those too. Hey, let me help do these dishes."

"Sure, I hafta hurry in case they get back quicker than they should. Who knows, maybe the fish will all just be lying on the bank of the river."

"Just your luck, they probably will. Now stop jinxing yourself!"


"I wonder why Miss Kaoru sent us out to fish......?" Kenshin asked.

"Uh, probably for LUNCH," Yahiko said, emphasizing 'lunch'.

"I mean, why so early?"

"Maybe she wanted to get rid of us so that she could tell Megumi something?" Sano suggested.

"Yeah, I'll bet she wants to tell Miss Megumi about Kenshin's new son or daughter!!!!" Yahiko said.

Sano hit him.

Kenshin's face turned red rather quickly. Just because he used to be the Hitokiri Battousai didn't mean that he couldn't be embarrassed. It wasn't his kid, if she were pregnant. He knew that for a fact.

"Yahiko, shut up," Sano told the kid. "Kaoru already said that she wasn't pregnant."

"Well, maybe she's covering up so Kenshin doesn't find out." He smirked at the red-headed man. "So Kenshin, where do babies come from?"

Kenshin firmly believed in *not* hitting kids. But now he didn't really blame Miss Kaoru for beating on the brat. He really deserved it. But he refrained and just smiled secretly at the kid.

"I believe you already know the answer to that question," he stated simply.


"Hurry up Kaoru!" Megumi called to the girl currently scrubbing her clothes roughly. "They'll be back any second!"

"I'm hurrying, I'm almost done, just gotta get this stain out!!!!!" She sighed in relief when the stain lifted. That had taken almost five minutes.

She rinsed the clothes off and let them hang to dry. Well, they'd hang until Kenshin and co. came back. Then she'd put them back in her room.

Megumi smiled secretly from where she stood. The older woman couldn't help but think that Kaoru's situation was funny. She was just glad that it wasn't her. She knew how bad the stomach eating demon's hurt. ^_^

Just then, she heard Sanosuke's deep voice and she blushed wildly. Man, she loved the guy's voice!!! It was so cute!

"Kaoru, they're coming over the hill!" she called, running out to meet Sano, Kenshin, and Yahiko. She had to stall them so Kaoru could get her *clothes* in the house.

"Sir Ken! Sano!" she called in greeting.

"Hey Megumi," Sano said.

"What happened to you?" she asked Yahiko.

"Too many cracks on Kaoru," Sanosuke answered simply.


"Where's Miss Kaoru?" Kenshin asked.

"Um, she's uh, doing stuff........"

"Okay........what kind of stuff?" Yahiko asked.

"None of your business."



Kaoru opened her window carefully. Hopefully, her clothes would be dry before tomorrow. And hopefully, Kenshin didn't venture into her room to get her laundry.

She went downstairs to cook up lunch.


"Miss Kaoru! Are you feeling alright?" Kenshin asked, standing behind her. "I can cook if you want me to. Maybe you should lie down."

"Thanks Kenshin," she smiled. "I think I will....."


Lunch was rather uneventful, well, the only thing that happened was Yahiko getting beat to the floor for making cracks on Miss Kaoru's stomach.

Megumi and Sano had decided that he needed taught a lesson. Kenshin just watched Miss Kaoru worriedly. She usually ate as much as the rest of them. Maybe she was sick or something.


"Wait up Miss Kaoru!" Kenshin called after her. It was after dinner now, and the group was getting ready for bed.

Kaoru turned around outside her bedroom door at Kenshin's voice.

"Miss Kaoru, are you sick?"

'Heck yeah, the stomach chewing demon's are eating at my stomach!' She didn't say that to him though. "It's nothing Kenshin. My stomach hurts a little bit." 'My stomach needs to be numbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' her brain screamed.

"Are you sure, Miss Kaoru?" he asked. "You didn't eat much today."

"It's hard to eat when your stomach doesn't want the food," she told him. "Not that the food wasn't good, cause it was."

"Okay," he answered, shoulders slumping in relief. 'At least she acts okay.....' he reassured himself. "You don't have the stomach flu, do you?"

"Nope," she answered. 'I've got the stomach-chewing-demons-syndrome.'

"Well, goodnight then, Miss Kaoru," he sighed, bowing slightly and walking down the hall to his room.

"Goodnight Kenshin!" she called. Now she had to go put away her *laundry* that was *still* hanging up in her room.

What a pain.


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