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Kaoru stretched and yawned into her pillow. Then it hit her. The last day, the day she had to tell Kenshin, the last day of the DEMONS!! But it was also the *worst* day. She could already feel her stomach restricting and the pain was just........ugh........

All of a sudden, the blanket was torn from her body and she looked up dully to meet Misao's happy-go-lucky-genki-go-get-em'-tiger grin.

"Guess what today is?" she sang, dancing around the room.

"The end of the world? The end of my life?"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kenshin screamed, slamming the shoji open. "It isn't the end of your life Miss Kaoru! I'll save you!"

Misao giggled and left the room. She had something she had to do anyway.


"What is it Miss Kaoru?" Kenshin asked. "If you're planning on telling me that you're going to end your life, don't even think about it because I won't let you, I like you too much to-"

"Kenshin, it was just cramps."

"Oro?!" Kenshin looked at her strangely. She was still in her sleeping yukata, her hair tousled and disheveled, and her hand was over her stomach again. "Come again?" he asked, violet eyes wide as saucers.

"I'm not pregnant........the reason my stomach hurt all week was because I had CRAMPS."

"Oh......................... You mean you were just on-?!" he squeaked, eyes growing the size of a plate.

"Yes Kenshin, I was on my bleeder."


Kaoru laughed nervously. "I wouldn't be pregnant, you know that!"

Kenshin blushed. "How so?"

Kaoru's face turned beet-red. "Er.......forget I ever said that."

"No. Tell me!"

Kenshin's eyes were the size of a platter for serving turkey now, and Kaoru couldn't help but give him whatever he wanted her to. (not THAT you perverts.............)

"I mean, er.......gosh this is embarrassing.......I mean, I wouldn't.......cheat on you Kenshin......."

"But we're not mean you WANT us to be together?!" he asked, oro'ing 500 times over squeakily.

"Well," Kaoru blushed. "I guess you could put it that way. I mean, I've liked you for a long time......." If it was possible, her face flushed a deeper shade of red.

"Er............." Kenshin stuttered. He couldn't believe that Kaoru liked him! He'd liked her since he'd seen her. "I like you too Miss Kaoru," he said, blushing like an idiot. But he had a grin on his face that could match Misao's.

Kaoru beamed happily. Well, she beamed until a demon nibbled on the inside of her stomach. Then her beaming kinda turned into 'grimacing'.

"What's the matter Miss Kaoru?" Kenshin asked worriedly.

"It's just those demons again......." she muttered.


"Um, I mean cramps, they hurt like hell, you know?"

"Oro, I don't know!" Kenshin was unnerved by that though. Besides that, she'd said a NAUGHTY word.

"Um, of course not............." Kaoru yawned and covered her mouth with one hand while the other moved in slow meticulous circles on her stomach to help ease the pain.

Kenshin put his hand over Kaoru's. Of course, it took him almost a minute and a half to get up the nerve. Kaoru looked up surprised and a small blush covered her cheeks.

She reached over and hugged Kenshin tightly, and Kenshin pulled her to him too. For a second he thought he saw something move outside of the door, but when he looked closely, there wasn't anyone there.

Kaoru situated herself in his lap carefully and yawned widely. "Sorry," she apologized. "I didn't get much sleep last night."

"No need to apologize!" Kenshin smiled happily, violet eyes sparkling little purple hearts. "I think you look cute when you do that!"

Kaoru's face flushed (yet) again. She wondered if it would stay red permanently.

He settled his hand on her stomach lightly. "May I?" he asked.

Kaoru nodded jerkily, too embarrassed to speak.

He turned her around in his lap so that her back was against his chest. He kept one hand on her stomach, the other going around her waist.

She yawned again and settled her head on Kenshin's shoulder. (can u see the purple hearts?)

His hand moved slowly, deliberately, around in small circles on her stomach. The pain didn't completely go away, but it did diminish greatly.

"Hm.............Kenshin?" Kaoru asked, now half-asleep.

"Yes Miss Kaoru?"

"I'm sorry for not telling you sooner......." 'You never know just HOW sorry! Heck, I could've gotten the 'special treatment' every day!"

"It's okay," he said seriously.

"Good," she sighed, settling down and falling asleep on his shoulder.

Kenshin smiled down at her, but he kept on moving his hand. It calmed his jittery nerves too. Why did he think she was going to kill herself? He couldn't even remember.......

A flicker from the doorway caught his eye, and he glanced up quickly.

Sanosuke, Megumi, and Yahiko were grinning broadly, having seen everything, and Sano gave Kenshin a huge V-sign. 'VICTORY!' he mouthed.

Megumi gave him a thumbs-up, and Yahiko mouthed. 'Blackmail!' before darting away.


"Man, how am I gonna kick da' habit?" Saitou wondered. "Wait!" he beamed. "I know!"

He grabbed his cigarettes from his pocket and threw them on the ground, stomping them into oblivion.

Some old guy passed and muttered, "Ah, children these days.......always stepping on something.......why couldn't some pretty young lady step all over me?"

Saitou just ignored him.

He grinned in satisfactory.

"Yay!" he beamed. "Now Tokio will let me back into the house!" He skipped home happily, well, skipped for a few steps before tripping over the old guy.

" the pretty young lady stepping all over me already?!" he asked, looking up. "Aw shit, you're not a pretty lady......."

"Good thing!" Saitou grinned, helping the old guy up. "My wife's finally gonna let me back into the house!"

"Goody sonny, what'd you do wrong?"

"Smoked, and smoked and smoked. Then I smoked some more."

"Ah, but she married you didn't she?"


"I think I should stop smoking. Maybe then my wife will let me back into the house.............that is.............if she's still alive......."


"I haven't seen her in, oh, forty years or something.............maybe it was, I can't remember............."

"Whoa! I've only been kicked out for eight months now!" Saitou stated, a nervous sweatdrop on his forehead. "Wait a minute. Tokio's pregnant......she told me a month before I was kicked out.......a woman is pregnant for nine months.......I've been kicked out for eight.......AW SHIT! I GOTTA GET HOME!" he yelled, running lightspeed. "SHE'S DUE RIGHT ABOUT NOW!"


"Um, Aoshi-sama?" Misao asked kind of nervously.


"I wanted to give you this......." she said, holding out a big giant bulky package.

"Erm.............thanks Misao."

Misao beamed.

Aoshi ripped off the package wrapping to reveal a WHOLE tea set, complete with saucers, trays, and, of course, teacups.

"Wow!" he beamed. "There's at least 12 teacups in here!"

"And I already named four of them!" Misao grinned.

Just then, a giant rock came from nowhere and smashed four teacups.

"Wahhh!" Misao cried. "That was Hannya, Beshimi, Hyottoko, and Shikijou!"

Aoshi looked down at the smooshed Hannya-cup, Beshimi-cup, Hyottoko-cup, and the squished Shikijou-cup. "Oh well, I didn't like them much anyway."

"WHAT?!" Misao screeched.

"I was just kidding," he said. His face, of course, stayed the same.



"Oh Aoshi-sama! Would you like to have tea?"

"Surely Misao."

"Yay!" she grinned, running and getting some tea from somewhere. When she came back she poured it into the newly deemed cups. The eight remaining cups were named Harry, Einsteinium, Barry, Dense-O, Happy, Hopeful, Ugly, and Stoopid. She poured the tea into Einsteinium for Aoshi, and into Stoopid for herself.

She shook her head. Aoshi sure did pick out stupid names for his teacups, but he was still her cute, loveable, hot, sexy Aoshi-sama with the nice ass she'd been dreaming about since she was three. Never mind. You didn't hear it.


"AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" Yahiko bellowed when he got outside.

Sanosuke looked at him funnily. "What the heck's so funny kid?"

"Yeah," Megumi asked.

"Kaoru's not pregnant now, but since they're getting married and all, just wait until the wedding night!! Ahahhahaha!! I WANNA SEE THAT!"

"No you're not. Unless you wanna change Busu-baby-shit."

"NO!" Yahiko began to struggle. NOOOOOOOOO! Hey- how did you know about that?!"


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Kanryuu felt manly. For over three months, he had been digging his way of out his jail cell. So far he had made it about....... He measured the distance with his fingers. One inch.

"Wow," said his cell mate, former leader of the Gimpu squad. "Only 10,000 more inches to go and then 1/8 of the tunnel will be finished."

"I know," Kanryuu said as he looked at his cell mate. "Isn't it wonderful?"

"Please!" yelled the former leader of the gimpu squad, covering his eyes. "You're ugly as hell."

"No I'm not," Kanryy said. "I'm pretty." He batted his eyelashes.

The leader of the gimpu squad sighed. "What did I tell you about saying that?"

"Uhmmmmmm..................." Kanryuu looked around frantically. "Don't do it."


"G-g-g-guard, uhm, help-" Kanryuu soon felt the stinging pain of a brick being lodged in his already disfigured face.

Kanryuu whimpered.

The Ginpu leader stared at the ceiling. "Start digging or I'll smash you glasses."

Kanryuu pouted. He couldn't see how this day could get any worse.

"You have visitor's," a guard said as he walked past his cell.

"I wonder who that could be?"

"Shut up," The ginpu leader snarled. "You're annoying as hell too."

"Here's your visitor's," the guard said, coming back around.

Aoshi Shinomori walked around the corner followed by Hannya.

Kanryuu dug furiously.

Aoshi stopped in front of the cell and stared at Kanryuu. "Should he be digging like that?"

The guard looked at Aoshi. "We're on the third floor!" he yelled.

Hannya fell of the floor and nearly pissed his pants laughing.

"Surprised he hasn't figured it out yet," the leader of the ginpu squad said as tossed Kanryuu's glasses in the air.

"Figured what out?" Kanryuu asked, looking up from his excavation.

Aoshi wung a kodachi at Kanryuu and disfigured his face further.

"Ow," Kanryuu said as he pulled the kodachi out of his eye socket.

Kanryuu looked at Hannya. "I thought you were dead."

"I was," Hannya said as he got up from the floor. "But I heard that you'd gotten uglier and I just had to see it to believe it." He peered at Kanryuu. "And now that I have, I've got one thing to say. "DAMN YOU'RE UGLY!" he coughed.

"Amen," the ginpu leader said.

Aoshi coughed. "I cannot stand his ugliness any longer." He turned away. "Hannya!"

"Leader." Hannya bowed and kicked a stone at Kanryuu. It got lodged in his groin.

Kanryuu didn't flinch.

"I thought so," the ginpu leader said.

Hannya coughed and followed Aoshi out of the jail.

"Keep digging ugly."

Kanryuu dug faster.

2 days later...................

"I've broken through!" Kanryuu yelled.

"Woohoo," the ginpu leader said sarcastically as he looked at the wall.

Kanryuu put his eye on the hole in the 'floor'.

"I see someone!" Kanryuu yelled. "HEY!" he screamed.

The ginpu leader shoved Kanryuu out of the way. "Let me see." He put his eye on the hole. "It's just Larry." He got up quickly.

Larry went to prison four years ago for drinking, and he was still drunk.

"Maybe he can help!" Kanryuu said hopefully.

"And maybe you're not ugly."

"I'm not?"

Kanryuu immediately regretted his last statement.


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