I have been toying with this story for a while but was having a hard time working out the fine details. I think I've worked through those issues and I am ready to start sharing it. This story starts is a rather dark place but it won't stay there. You should be warned that themes of self-harm including suicide will be addressed during this story. Now for the disclaimer. I am writing this for pure enjoyment with no profit motive. I do not own any character that was created by someone else and I do own my original characters.


A part of her can't believe her life had come to this and yet another part believes her life could end no other way. She can't stand being in pain so she spent her last few dollars on a bottle of cheap whiskey and a handful of Oxys. The last time she'd tried the often lethal combination she'd woken up the next morning bitterly disappointed and with the worst hangover of her life.

This time she decided to add the element of a speeding vehicle to ensure the job was done right this time. With the bottle of whiskey empty and the Oxys numbing her body she spots the large sedan that will bring an end to this farce her life had become. She takes a deep breath before she steps into traffic hoping that any pain will be brief.