Hello I'm back!!! But this time I have help!! This story is co-authored by my friend Karina. Her pen name is gilglos. But that's beside the point. Disclaimer I OWN LOTR!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha *Lawyers drag her off to court.* Ok so maybe I don't but I can dream can't I?
It was a normal day in art class. Mr. Heart was giving a speech on how we couldn't use the razor blades as tooth brushes, again. Karina was working on her Legolas sculpture and Miranda was trying to confuse Mr. Heart with obscure quotes from LotR. It wasn't working as usual.

Miranda and Karina decided to stay after class and annoy Mr. Heart for no particular reason. The, oh so wonderful, art teacher was tuning them out. Again. He went over to his computer and turned it on. But when he reached E- bay the manic laughing of the girls turned into awe (yeah right). The three of them were sucked into the computer screen. (Like we didn't see that coming.) Miranda and Karina had their purses and Mr. Heart had nothing aside from the clothes on his back.

"Where in the world are we? Wait us? Of all the people why did I get stuck with you?" That was our intelligent teacher. Isn't he so loveable?

"Hey! Look what I found! I found it in my purse!" The wonderful Miranda said. She then pulled out her guide to Tolkien languages out of her purse along with her Tolkien A-Z book.

"Lovely. Why didn't you think of that before?!" The normal, sane (HEY) ok insane Karina (thank you) smacked Miranda upside her head. It was at that moment Mr. Heart noticed where they were.

"Girls look." He said. He was pointing to a waterfall and many little houses. We were at Rivendell.

"Cool Elrond*, ducky** look!" Karina, gotta love her. "It's the Last Homely House!"

"Yes dear Watson! I have also come to that conclusion." Miranda cried as elves surrounded them.

"Indeed." Was the only word our favorite teacher uttered before the elves bound and gaged us to take us to lord Elrond.
Well what do you think? Love it hate it? Review and tell us! *We (Karina and I) call Mr. Heart lord Elrond.

** WE are not sure what I am but we are sure that I am not human. We have come to the conclusion that I am an immortal Human-elven duck. Don't ask how we got there it is a long story.