And now the long awaited chapter 4!! Dun dun dun. *a/n the words in () are Karina talking. Thought you ought to know.*

As the two Lord Elronds (huh? I'm confused. Again.) were talking, Miranda and Karina were trying to out evil laugh each other.

"Lord Elrond! Who sounds more evil, DS or me Queen ducky?" Miranda asked. (DS?) *new nick name* (oh ok) Lord Elrond (real not art) looked at them like they were crazy. Lord Elrond (art) didn't even respond.

"Lord Elrond-Hart! Who sounds more evil? DS or me?!" Miranda called while waving her hand in her art teacher's face.

"Who What Where?" Mr. Hart started too looked wildly around as if he had just woken up. Karina, seeing what he was staring at started to giggle furiously. She whispered in Miranda's ear and they both ran off with strange objects in their hands. (Strange objects? As in what?) *be patient young padwan learner.*

And now to be evil I will end this chappie here with a little thanks to Celtic Dawn Star for kicking my lazy muse in gear! You try to guess what Mr. Hart was staring at! And to answer the question before it is asked, no Mr. Hart does not know about this story, nor will we tell him. Gilglos*grins evilly and sneaks off.*