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Chapter Six – Unexpected Guests

Clad in an elegant, pale blue kimono with a silver obi and her hair partially pinned up with silver flower hair pins, Koharu knocked on Takuma's door. The young Aristocrat opened it while he was still in the process of binding his cravat and blinked in question at her as she held up a flat, yet quite sizeable present and a small bouquet of blue irises that she'd grown in secret.


"Happy Birthday, Takuma-kun!" Koharu congratulated him with a smile.

"These are... for me?" Takuma asked her as he took the offered presents from her, apparently not having expected to get a gift from her.

"Of course," she replied happily.

He eyed the flowers as if he expected them to wither any second and seemed surprised when they didn't. Takuma didn't know about Koharu and Kaname's gardening sessions yet and that the magic she channelled into her flowers made them able to withstand being touched by vampires other than herself.

When nothing happened to the irises, Takuma smiled. "This is the first time that someone gifted me flowers. They're beautiful. What do they mean?"

"I'm glad you like them. Blue irises are a symbol of hope, faith and glad tidings..." Koharu hesitated before continuing a little more shyly, "I thought they suited you and our relationship."

The Aristocrat's expression was warm and there was a faint blush on his cheeks as he replied, "Thank you. I'm going to cherish them!"

Then, Takuma opened the other gift. It was a coloured drawing of his favourite manga character, a detective from a mystery series. Takuma was filthy rich, so there wouldn't have been a point in buying him a present, which was why Koharu had made his gifts herself.

It had taken her five tries before she was satisfied with the drawing. The character looked a little more realistic than he did in the manga because Koharu was better at drawing real people but she hoped that Takuma would still like it. Back at the Hiō compound she'd used her caretakers and pictures in books as models to practise her drawing.

Takuma had once told her that he'd like to see what it would look like if she drew a manga character when he caught her drawing her younger sister Julie. That was how she got the idea for his birthday present.

The young Aristocrat stared at the picture and took in all the details without saying anything, which made her twirl one of her loose hair strands nervously around her finger. Did he not like it?

Koharu didn't have to stay anxious for long. Takuma suddenly engulfed her in an exuberant hug though he was mindful of the drawing and the flowers. She knew that he could be quite touchy-feely, at least, he was around Kaname, but the teen vampire was usually a little more reserved around Koharu so it came as a surprise.

Nonetheless, she let it happen because she really didn't mind the hug from him. Hugs were nice.

When Takuma finally let go of her, he gave her one of those bright, sunny smiles that Koharu liked and that made his green eyes sparkle. "Thank you for the drawing, Koharu-chan! I love it! Your Detective Yakumo looks amazing! Ah, I'm going to frame this and hang it up next to my collection~!"

"You're welcome," she replied, feeling a little bashful but also very happy that he liked both of his gifts.

'If only things could stay peaceful like this forever,' Koharu thought.

Takuma couldn't help but worry for Koharu and glanced in her direction for the umpteenth time in the past two hours, almost forgetting to pay attention to the Senate member that was currently congratulating him. His birthday party was the first soiree Koharu attended after all, and he'd heard the nasty things some of the guests were whispering about her and her parents behind her back.

At first, Kaname had been at her side, but they'd separated at some point when people began to wonder if the two Purebloods were engaged to each other.

The two had seemed so far away, so distant and untouchable when they descended the stairs together, and Takuma didn't like that at all. But he knew that there would always be a distance, a barrier between him and them, no matter how much he liked them, because they were Purebloods that lived forever and he was just an Aristocrat.

Still, he couldn't help but be drawn to them like a moth to a flame, want to know more about them and... being a tiny bit possessive about them. Kaname and Koharu were his friends and the people he cared about most in his life apart from his own family.

He hadn't known Koharu for as long as Kaname but they were already rather close since they had similar interests and got along well. Takuma genuinely liked her even though he'd been a little wary of her at first because of who her parents were. She'd even begun to open up to him, which showed her growing trust in him – as did the flowers he'd received as a gift from her earlier – and he was really happy about that.

The drawing had been a pleasant surprise as well. Koharu's gifts were also of her own making instead of bought, which made them even more special in his eyes. Not only the flowers she'd grown herself conveyed a message, the motive she'd chosen for the drawing and that she'd taken her time to grow the flowers and draw the picture conveyed one too.

The fact that she remembered which manga character was Takuma's favourite one told him how much attention she paid to him and his ramblings and that she cared about what he thought and liked. The fact that the gifts were of her own making showed that he was important enough to her to make her sacrifice her time. No one had ever shown an honest interest in him and his hobbies, not like Koharu did.

Takuma felt as if she saw him and not the heir of the Senate's leader and the Ichijō Group. He felt overjoyed at that thought.

He was really bonding with Koharu. She'd even accepted his blood when he offered it to her.

Takuma was a little disappointed that she'd stopped drinking his blood though he could understand why she did it after the conversations he had with her. For a vampire Koharu was oddly reluctant to accept her nature.

Since he considered himself Koharu's friend, he didn't like the thought that someone might try to ingratiate themselves with Koharu and try to take advantage of her. True, his grandfather had asked Takuma to befriend Koharu and to spy on her the day she was invited to live with them, but he befriended her because it was his own desire to get to know her and not because he was ordered to.

He wouldn't betray her trust and tell someone the things she'd confided to him. Takuma wanted to become someone irreplaceable to Koharu... and to Kaname for that matter. He wanted to become an indelible presence in the hearts of the two Purebloods, the beings that were revered and feared by all vampires and lived forever.

Yes, it was a rather selfish wish, but he would never try to take advantage of them in any other way, unlike other vampires.

"You worry too much, Ichijō. Koharu is tougher than she seems," Kaname said from right next to him, where he had suddenly appeared after the other guest had left.

Takuma gave him a sheepish smile. "Am I that transparent?"

Kaname smiled slightly behind his glass of punch.

The young Level B let out a small sigh. "I can't help it. Koharu-chan has never been around so many vampires with their own political agendas before. What if someone approaches her with ill intentions and tries to take advantage of her? And the things that are being said about her..."

Koharu might have learned about vampire society and politics in their lessons but she'd never interacted with more than a handful of vampires in her entire life. And that worried him because of his own experiences.

Her composed facade masked Koharu's soft heart and rather idealistic views. She could even be considered naïve if it weren't for the more calculative side of hers that he occasionally got a small glimpse of.

"I have given her a thorough lecture on what to expect tonight before the party, so she is prepared. It was also her own suggestion that we go separate ways. Koharu didn't seem to like that people assumed that she is my fiancée," Kaname informed him, a hint of amusement reflected in his voice.

Technically, Kaname was the perfect choice for her since they were both Purebloods of Kuran blood, but Takuma knew that there was another girl his friend was more interested in.

Before he could reply to Kaname, another Aristocrat approached him to congratulate him and greet the Pureblood.

Takuma recognised the man though he couldn't remember his name before he introduced himself as Shiki Sōichirō. The young vampire next to him was his great-nephew Senri, who was just slightly younger than Takuma and almost Koharu's age.

Was it just Takuma's imagination or did the expressionless, impassive young vampire resemble Koharu a little? Maybe it was because they had the exact same shade of blue eyes and a similar tranquil presence?

Senri seemed more detached than Koharu, though, but there was a possibility that he was just shy or nervous around new people and needed to be brought out of his shell. Takuma decided that he'd like to get to know the younger Aristocrat and planned to invite him over in the future.

Unlike many other young vampires who'd flattered him and tried to win his favour this evening, Senri had barely said more than a few words and looked as if he didn't want to be here. It was paradoxal, but that was actually a good sign – a real friendship might be possible with him.

The Ichijō family was the most influential aristocratic family in vampire society thanks to his grandfather, the leader of the Vampire Council, and Takuma would inherit that position one day. As a consequence, there were tons of people who wanted to use Takuma as a social stepping stone and tried to befriend him for that reason.

He'd learned early on how to deal with people that wanted to use him for their own gain. Takuma had many political allies but hardly any true friends. And the fact that Senri didn't even try to make a good impression or seemed particularly interested in befriending Takuma meant that he might not be interested in political schemes or in improving his standing in vampire society.

As they talked, the temperature in the room began to drop a few degrees with each passing second, which caught the attention of the four of them and many more vampires nearby. Takuma had experienced something like this before, when Koharu was really angry, so he immediately tried to locate her.

He caught only the last parts of her conversation.

"You're quite lucky that I'm nothing like my parents then, Yamamoto-san. Because if I were, you'd be nothing more than a pile of ash for what you said just now."

Even from this distance Takuma could see the glint of cold anger in Koharu's eyes as she looked at her conversation partner, who had turned as white as a sheet of paper.

"Y-Yes, Koharu-sama. Please forgive me for my thoughtless comment," the man stuttered and bowed to her after overcoming his initial shock.

Whatever the Aristocrat had said to her must have infuriated her. Koharu was rarely this disgruntled but whenever she was, it was quite scary – she resembled Kaname in that aspect. The two of them were more alike than they thought.

Takuma wasn't surprised that she'd reacted in some way, though. It'd been only a matter of time with the unsavoury things that were being whispered about her and her parents behind her back. He'd just expected that she would ignore it and remain calm and composed until they were alone again and she could tell Takuma and Kaname how she really felt about what had been said.

The Level A walked away without another word, the crowd parting for her as she made her way to Takuma and Kaname, her face an expressionless mask.

Takuma hoped that his surprise would cheer her up. Until then he'd take her mind off things. He wanted her first soiree, his birthday of all things, to end on a positive note.

Koharu had tried. She'd really tried to socialize and not to get riled up by insulting remarks or gloating looks. She even introduced herself as Hiō, as planned, and denied any engagement rumours that came up as soon as she entered the room next to Kaname.

But after more than two hours of boring, at times disturbing, small-talk, testing the waters with her conversation partners, swallowing nicely worded insults and enduring bootlicking, she finally snapped.

More than a dozen Aristocrats had brought up her parents this evening, compared Koharu to them, as well as implied that she should better be caged again lest she ended up like Ridō or followed up in her ancestors' footsteps.

Kaname had warned her beforehand that the Aristocrats would gossip about her and her parents, try to ingratiate themselves with her, try to hurt her and amuse themselves by watching her – a young Pureblood, who didn't know much about interacting with vampire society – feel shaken.

Koharu had been fine the first few times she was hurt or insulted by an Aristocrat's remark – the rumours about her conception were the worst because she was pretty certain that they were true – but quickly grew tired of it. She'd thought she had more self-control than this, but apparently that wasn't the case for extended periods of time. She was a little annoyed with herself that she'd shown her anger.

Was it wrong that a part of her felt pleased when she sensed the fear of her conversation partner and the Aristocrats close by? She'd rather have them fear her than laugh at her or insult her.

'Is this how it begins?' Koharu wondered as she reflected on her feelings about this matter.

She knew that vampire society was built on a balance of powers. Purebloods could control any other vampire at wish, which was the only reason why most vampires appeared to respect and obey them when they were actually waiting for their chance to strike out at them.

Vampires were predators after all. In the eyes of the vast majority of vampire society Purebloods were the most coveted prey that existed, their blood being more desirable than the blood of a human child, or even the blood of a beloved person.

In conclusion, finding allies for her plans was going to be even more troublesome than she'd thought it would be. Despite people like Yamamoto-san, however, she did have a few good talks this evening, mostly with the younger guests – some of them Takuma's friends – that were more in her age range, but they all were related to the elders of the Vampire Council and seemed to have their own agendas.

So far she hadn't encountered anyone from the known members of the future Night Class, which made sense since many of them were from families who didn't support the Vampire Council and wanted the Pureblood Monarchy under the rule of the Kuran family back. Maybe Ichiō had purposely not invited them.

'Vampire politics and social networking are exhausting,' Koharu thought to herself.

She wanted nothing more than to return to her room or sit in her favourite sakura tree and play a tune on her shinobue to relax. But retreating alone to her room or going outside would be like admitting her defeat, so she decided to spend the rest of the evening at Takuma and Kaname's side before she accidentally ruined her friend's birthday party.

Koharu stopped in her tracks when she discovered who was standing next to them. The young, red-haired Aristocrat had been hidden from her sight by the older vampire beside him, so she only spotted him now. She tried not to stare when eyes almost identical to hers met hers, but she had the feeling that she wasn't very successful.

"Ah, Koharu-sama, it is a pleasure to meet you," the older Aristocrat said and she forced herself to look at him. "I'm Shiki Sōichirō and this is my great-nephew Senri. I brought him with me today because I thought this would be a good opportunity for him to make new friends. He's such a shy boy, you see. I hope that you can look after him in the future."

Koharu hadn't expected to come face to face with her half-brother so soon, wasn't even sure that he would exist in this world because of her being here. She was relieved that Senri existed, though.

He appeared to be about a year younger than her, around twelve or thirteen, and looked adorable in his dark blue suit. She didn't like the emotions she could sense from him, though. Senri's expression was impassive but she could sense his fear and unease.

Great, just great. With her reaction to the other Aristocrat just know she'd probably scared her only(?) sibling in this world on their first meeting. Or maybe he was scared of her Pureblood presence that had only grown stronger since her vampire instincts awoke.

Koharu's parents were both dangerous and powerful Purebloods and she had inherited their strength. Her presence unfortunately reflected that growing power. According to Takuma, Kaname's presence felt more intimidating than hers though since it didn't radiate the same calmness, and occasionally warmth, as hers.

Now that she watched him more closely, she noticed that Senri gave Kaname the same wary look as her. It might not be just Koharu, then. Perhaps the boy was wary of Purebloods in general – maybe he'd never met one before today.

Koharu reined a little more of her presence in but not enough to hide it entirely. Hopefully, this would make her sibling feel more comfortable around her.

She wondered why his great-uncle truly introduced Senri to them today. Koharu doubted that it was for the boy's benefit, since he only saw him as a means to an end, a vessel for his deranged father, in the story.

What could be Shiki Sōichirō's true agenda?

"I see. That was very thoughtful of you, Shiki-san," Koharu replied since the head of the Shiki family had addressed her.

The Aristocrat gave her a smile in return, but she turned to Senri. "Then we should get to know each other, isn't that right, Kaname-onii-sama, Takuma-kun?"

"Of course!" Takuma was already on board with her suggestion. "Maybe we could play a game together?"

Koharu wondered whether Takuma was tired of his guests too and wanted an excuse to escape, or whether he genuinely wanted to get to know Senri. It was hard to tell with him sometimes.

Kaname seemed to be curious about Senri, but didn't say anything. Maybe he saw his resemblance to his father. Koharu was pretty sure that he didn't know who Senri's father was in the story but such small details escaped her sometimes and she could be wrong.

"That sounds great. What do you say, Senri-kun?" Koharu asked the quiet boy.

Senri shot his great-uncle another look before he gave her a nod. He was tense as he followed the three of them to a room adjoined to the ballroom. Takuma asked him about his favourite games and his likes to distract the boy.

"I like rakugo and sleeping..." Senri answered.

Koharu liked to sleep too but... who didn't?

Takuma smiled brightly at the other Aristocrat's answer. "Really? I'm a huge fan of rakugo, too! I've even practised some performances that my father showed me. If you want, I can show them to you in the future."

In Koharu's opinion, Takuma's rakugo performances were amazing. Rakugo was a form of verbal entertainment, where a storyteller sat on a raised platform in seiza position and depicted a comical story that always involved dialogues between two or more characters. The young Aristocrat was very good at changing his voice and depicting the differences of the characters only with a paper fan, small cloth and change in pitch and tone.

He always wore a kimono and hakama when he performed rakugo. Koharu thought Takuma looked even more elegant in traditional clothes and that they really suited him. Maybe she was a bit biased though because she liked kimono so much.

Senri nodded. "Your father... Is he an entertainer?" he asked Takuma.

"He is an actor, actually. Maybe you've seen him perform at the theatre or on TV before."

"...My mother was an actress in the past, too."

"What a coincidence!" Takuma gestured for his guest to sit down on one of the sofas before he searched for a card game in one of the cabinets.

Senri took a seat but immediately went rigid when Koharu sat down next to him, though he tried to hide his reaction. She almost pouted at his reaction.

Was she truly this frightening? What else could she do to alleviate his fears?

In her past life she'd been really close to her younger sister Julie because they'd grown up together and told each other everything. She wanted to have a good relationship with her younger brother, too.

Well, one step at a time. First, she had to get to know him.

"What is your mother's name, Senri? Maybe I've seen her on TV before," Koharu asked him curiously.

"Shiki Hiroko," he answered in a monotone tone and blinked at her.

Koharu had never heard the name before.

"I doubt that you know her, Koharu. Shiki Hiroko only ever starred in melodramas and the only things you watch are game shows, where people throw cakes in each other's faces, or cheesy romantic comedies," Kaname pointed out.

Koharu blushed when she noticed how unimpressed her brother looked with her... or she assumed he did. His expression didn't really change much.

Kaname was such an ass! Why did he have to make her look like an airhead in front of Senri? She glared at the Ancestor and crossed her arms.

"At least I have a sense of humour," she shot back.

"But no taste," Kaname retorted.

Koharu's half-brother blinked as they started to bicker about what was tasteful and what was not, looking at them as if he didn't want to get involved in their squabble.

"Ah! Found it~!" Takuma exclaimed, holding up the cards.

He restored the peace in no time as he explained the game to Senri. He seemed to relax while they were playing Old Maid and thanks to Takuma's charm, which pleased Koharu.

After a while, they were interrupted by a servant who approached Takuma. "Young master, the special guests have arrived."

'Special guests?' Koharu's curiosity was piqued.

Takuma thanked the Level C with a smile and got up from his seat. "I'll be back soon. Don't scare Shiki-kun too much while I'm gone~!" he said before he left the room.

Oh, she wouldn't meet those special guests, then. How disappointing.

"You heard that, Onii-sama?" Koharu asked the Kuran ancestor and played a card.

"I'm not the one who threatened and scared some of the Aristocrats less than an hour ago," Kaname said without looking up from his cards.

Koharu let out a heavy sigh – she was still disappointed with herself for doing that – since she had no retort to that and flopped down on the sofa, using the armrest of the sofa as a headrest though she tucked up her legs, so she wouldn't bother Senri with them.

This earned her a curious look from her brother.

"Talking with people is exhausting," Koharu explained, still holding her cards in her lying position, and drew one of Kaname's cards with her telekinetic powers because she didn't want to get up again.

Senri actually hummed in agreement with her statement and adopted a more comfortable sitting position as well, almost getting lost in the large pillow at his back in the process, which made Koharu smile.

'How adorable,' she thought.

Kaname lifted a brow at her lazy display of her Pureblood abilities as she let the card float towards her hand but Koharu couldn't care less. Senri seemed to be favourably impressed by it.

A few minutes later Takuma returned – with three new guests in tow.

Koharu almost let go of the cards she was holding and quickly sat up when she discovered who the guests were. "Masaru-sensei..."

What was her shinobue teacher doing here? And the woman and girl next to him had to be his wife, Fumiko, and his daughter, Maria. Koharu had only seen the real versions in a picture before.

"Koharu-sama, it's been a while. I'm glad to see you again," the Aristocrat said and smiled as she approached him and his family.

The girl that was about Koharu's physical age stepped forward and fearlessly took one of Koharu's hands before she could say anything. "Koharu-sama... finally, we are able to meet in person! I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for years. I have so much to say to you!"

"Maria-chan..." Koharu was still at a loss of words because she didn't expect to see the girl or her former teacher before the Night Class was established and was a bit overwhelmed by this pleasant surprise.

They'd exchanged letters starting from when they were about eight in vampire years. This went on for almost four years, until Masaru-sensei stopped coming to the Hiō compound.

Koharu suspected that one of the servants had noticed what they'd been doing and reported it to the Senate, which then forbade Masaru-sensei to enter the estate again. This made it very unlikely that Ichiō would invite him and his family to Takuma's birthday party.

The Pureblood darted a glance at Takuma who was standing at the side and watching them with a content smile.

Of course.

She'd told the young Aristocrat about her music teacher once. Takuma must have remembered his name and invited him and his family for Koharu's sake.

Warmth spread in her chest that mixed with her gratitude. Takuma was a really thoughtful person. She had to thank him later for this favour.

"I'm glad to see that you are well," Koharu told the shorter girl, who had been sickly in the past but looked healthy now.

"It's only because of you that I'm able to attend a soiree like this," Maria replied.

Her mother bowed low to Koharu with tears in her eyes and her father mirrored her, giving Koharu a watery smile.

"We'll be forever grateful to you for what you did for our daughter, Koharu-sama," Fumiko said.

Koharu smiled awkwardly, understanding the parents' feelings though she felt a little bashful for being thanked so profusely in front of an audience. Takuma, Kaname and Senri were still in the room and watching the small spectacle after all.

"I'm happy I could help." She truly was – no child deserved to lie sick in bed, unable to leave the house and make friends.

Koharu had the means to heal Maria's frail body, so she did. Who cared if she had to give some of her blood in order to heal her distant relative?

Since she didn't know what else to say, Koharu asked the Kurenai family about how they'd been and what they'd done in the past few years, especially Maria. Apparently, she'd been able to go outside and make some friends.

Takuma gave the four of them some privacy and rejoined the boys. At some point Masaru-sensei suggested that Maria and Koharu should join the boys and play games together, and that was what they did.

Maria, Senri and Kaname were introduced to each other and the five of them spent the rest of the evening together. Koharu asked Takuma if it was alright that he didn't return to the ballroom, but he assured her that it was fine since he'd already greeted all of his guests.

Kaname was curious how Koharu and Maria had met, so she told him that they'd exchanged letters through Maria's father. She left out the part about giving Maria her blood though, just because she wasn't a hundred percent sure why exactly Masaru-sensei had stopped coming to the Hiō estate and it was possible that the Council only knew about the letter exchange and not the blood-giving. The Kurenai had never mentioned Koharu's blood donation in their conversation just now.

When Senri and Maria had to go and the soiree came to an end, Koharu excused herself too, and sent her familiar after her music teacher. That way she would know where the Kurenai family lived and she could secretly contact them in the future.

She was certain that she'd see her brother again, so she didn't send her dove after him. She also doubted that he lived at the same place where Ridō recovered from his injuries, so he should be safe for a while longer.

Before Koharu retired, she knocked on Takuma's door. When the young Level B opened the door for her, he'd already taken off his jacket and cravat.

"Koharu-chan," he greeted her with a smile. "I thought you already went to bed."

Koharu didn't know where to begin. "Thank you for inviting Masaru-sensei and Maria-chan, Takuma-kun. That was... really thoughtful of you."

Somehow, she felt like that wasn't enough to convey how grateful she felt, so she put her arms around him. "I'm glad to have you as a friend."

Takuma's surprise quickly wore off and he readily returned the hug. "And I am glad to be your friend too, Koharu-chan. I hope you were able to enjoy the soiree at least a little bit. Don't take the things that were being said about you to heart."

Koharu slowly stepped back to look up at the Aristocrat, giving him a small smile. "There was some substance to the rumours, but... I won't let those things define who I am. I hope you were able to enjoy your birthday, too."

"I think I'm going to invite Shiki-kun over again." Takuma smiled. "Would you mind if I invited Kurenai-san over too? She seemed like a very honest and friendly girl."

"That sounds like an excellent idea."

She wished Takuma a good night before she returned to her room and got ready for bed. She saw through her familiar's eyes how the Kurenai family car parked in front of a small villa. Now that she knew where Maria lived, she could contact her in secret.

Since Maria had already drank Koharu's blood and wasn't sickly anymore, Koharu wondered whether the family would still house Shizuka if they were asked to. As for that matter, had it ever been mentioned in the series whether Shizuka showed up there before or after she'd killed Zero and Ichiru's parents?

Koharu furrowed her brows and slipped under her covers. She hoped that she would find the Kiryū family before Shizuka did.

While the soiree had been exhausting, Koharu was overjoyed to have met her brother and Maria, as well as seen her music teacher Masaru-sensei again. Takuma had most likely invited Masaru-sensei to his birthday because he wanted to make Koharu happy.

Takuma truly had a heart of gold.

As long as she lived Koharu would never let Shirabuki Sara use him for her nefarious plans. Nor would she let that sickening beast that had sired her anywhere near her little brother.

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