Title: Decker

Author: SpOOnyCube

Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia

Genre: Fantasy Superhero's

Relationship(s): Izu Midoria/?

Content Rating: M – Mature (18+)

Warnings: Re-Telling; No beta;; Death? AU; References to Mature Subject Matter, Rape and Violence

Author Notes: No Pairing as of now. Spent a long time trying to write this one way and then decided to fuck it all and go in this direction. I'm kind of sick of reading the same thing over and over so I wanted to do something different. Sue me… actually, don't. I have no money.

Also, yes there is a reference to rape in this chapter; it is only a reference and the aftermath. I don't write that sort of thing, I find it… distasteful. I was originally going it a completely different direction but it ended up being very dark and anti-Kacchan. It gets better, well, I had planned it to get better. Here's hoping the muse agrees.

Word Count: 2, 640 ~ words

Summary: Izu grew up quirkless, useless, despised, knowing that she would never be allowed to be a hero. But see, someone's keeping a secret, a secret kept from her since she was four years old. Izu Midoriya isn't quirkless and her father isn't overseas working. Izu's father is exactly where Izu put him when her quirk activated at the tender age of four, in a card, transformed into the powerful Flame Emporer hidden deep in Izu's quirk: Decker; the ability to turn people's souls (i.e., their undying will) into monster cards and spells that Izu can then summon and use.

And what if All Might hadn't been the one to find Izu after the fight with the sludge villain? What if instead of just screaming at her Kacchan did something a little bit more sinister and the next morning Aizawa found her teetering on the edge of a bridge willing to jump? How then would this story change?




All men are not created equal. That's not to say it's a bad thing, it's just the sad truth of the world that some people are born more powerful, more useful than others. Some people are just born with the right genes to excel, the right… quirks.

And she wasn't one of them.

Izu sat staring down at the churning water below and for once in her life didn't cry. She couldn't, not anymore; all her tears were dried up when he burnt the shape of a hand into the flesh of her throat. No, now she just felt… nothing, except that maybe Kacchan had been right. Maybe she was better off tossing herself to oblivion to try again in a different life.

There wasn't anything left for her here anyways, just pain, disappointment and soul-crushing hurt.

Maybe she should just….


Izu looking down at the water below the tall bridge into and out of town didn't see the shadow of a man sore over him and if she had, she probably wouldn't have cared. Still, the moment the man stopped and sat down beside her, she knew jumping wasn't an option anymore. Not with the underground hero Eraserhead sitting at her hip.

Izu had a lot of thoughts, but the first one that came to mind when she looked at the pro-hero from the corner of her eye was that he looked something like a hobo. His long black hair was shaggy and unkempt, his cheeks full of stubble and his uniform looked like it had spent the last three weeks hiding at the bottom of a dumpster. Come to think of it he kind of smelled like he had spent the last three weeks in a dumpster too.

But it wasn't any of that that made Izu sigh, no it was the blindingly white capture gear masquerading as a scarf around the hero's neck. Eraserhead was known for swinging around with that scarf. If she jumped now, Izu had no doubt that she would be caught.

What a fucking joke. The one moment she doesn't want to kill herself she nearly dies, and the second she decides to a hero is ready and waiting.

"So kid, how's the view?" The pro-hero asked, tiredly scratching at his eyes.

"Ok," Izu muttered.

"Yeah? That's good. How old are you?"

"Fourteen," she whispered, usually she would be freaking out right about now, but all she could really gather the gumption for was exhausted.

"Fourteen? Looking at this type of view?"

"Seemed like the place to be," Izu shrugged.

Eraserhead sighed, "this isn't a place for anyone let alone a kid. What would your parents say if they saw you here?"

"Oh, they'd freak out," Izu smiled shaking her head, "but it just really seems like a great idea."

"How can killing yourself seem like a great idea?"

Izu hummed, twirling her long green hair as she kicked out her legs and stared down at the water. How indeed? Yesterday the thought had repulsed her, yet here not twenty-four hours later she stood willing to jump.

"Perspectives change, I guess," she said flipping her hair over a pale shoulder and turning fully to look at the hero beside her.

She wasn't what he expected.

He had been expecting a young pretty girl with green hair and at most tired eyes, looking for some attention, and while that wasn't necessarily untrue, it was also very far from the truth.

Her face was a wreck, one bright emerald green eye was swollen completely shut, her pouty, cupids bow lips were split and bleeding. Half of her bangs were missing burnt off from the look of the slight burn hovering around her left temple. Around her slender throat, a terrible burn blistered in the exact form of a hand, like some villain had taken the time to brand her.

Her shirt was ripped and her skirt torn. Peeking out from her missing stockings and ripped sleeves were hand shaped bruises and more burns riding high on her thighs and arms. She was holding herself up with one are wrapped around her stomach, her breathing in and out with a terrible rattling wheeze.

But worse of all was the blood smearing the inside of her thighs which slowly dripped down the railing as they sat talking.

"Jesus, kid!" Eraserhead hissed reaching out but not touching her, "you should be in the hospital not on the side of a bridge."

"Probably, but, I couldn't bring myself to go. They'd ask questions that I don't want to answer," she whispered looking back over the railing.

"I know who did this you know. He's the one who told me to jump off the school roof yesterday. And yesterday, it seemed like a fucking stupid idea! Today, not so much thought; I'm not a stupid kid thought you know. My schools only six stories tall, a human can survive that drop easily so I thought where could I go that would do the trick? I don't think I could survive this fall, and even if I could the water would finish me off so it seemed like a great idea… at least, until you came. No way is Eraserhead going to not catch me though. You don't look kind enough to let me die," she whispered.

He swallowed thickly staring at her with something akin to understanding. He had never had to deal with something like this before, but then, he wouldn't be a hero if he didn't try to help her.

"Today looked pretty terrible, huh?" He nodded.

"Yeah," she nodded tears slowly falling from her swollen eyes.

"What about tomorrow?"

"Huh?" She asked.

"Tomorrow, do you think it's going to be just as bad as today is?" He asked fiddling with his scarf.

She sighed asking, "truthfully?"

"Yeah," Eraserhead nodded noting Midnight hovering behind a car watching with no less than seven police officers. Huh, he wondered when they had gotten there. Still, he was kind of happy that they were staying back and quiet and letting him deal with this. He didn't think the girl would like such a fuss.

"Probably," she nodded crying.

"I'm quirkless you know. That's why this happened! I had the audacity to save his miserable life from that slime villain yesterday and for it, he hunted me down and… and, Eraserhead, he hurt me! He told me I should have never tried to be a hero, that he didn't need my fucking help and that he'd make me pay for it!

"Look at me!" She shrieked, "I saved his fucking worthless life and he hurt me for it! Ruined me for it, and for the rest of my life, I'm going to have to look at what he branded into my skin. I'm going to be reminded of what he did to me every fucking day I look in a mirror. Why the fuck would I want to live with that?"

Eraserhead nodded and then smirked at her knowingly, "because you're a hero and getting up when we fall down is a requirement, not a suggestion. You said you saved that boy's life right? Well, that makes you a hero whether he likes it or not. Quirkless or not that doesn't mean you're useless, helpless or disposable. Just makes you special these days."

He held out his hand and smiled, "so, what's it going to be hero girl? Going to get back up for me?"

She sobbed beside him shaking, "everyone's always told me I was useless, Deku they call me and no one stops them. They beat me and bully me and hurt me and not even the teachers stop it because why would then when he had such an amazing quirk and I'll amount to nothing? My own mother doesn't believe in me and when I asked him all All Might said was to be realistic and drop the dream, he said I could never be a hero. So why? Why would you say that to me?!"

"Because it's true," he said simply, "and between you and me, I fight most of my fights quirkless. Does that make me less of a hero?"

"No, I've always thought you were pretty amazing," she whispered wiping delicately at her eyes.

"Well, I think you're pretty amazing too," he grinned, holding out his hand again. "Want to come with me to the hospital now hero girl?"

Izu sighed, looking down at the heaven of water below her. Getting up was a requirement, not a suggestion, huh?

Reaching out she took his hand in her bloody one, the nails looked as if they had been ripped off and honestly that was what had happened. Still, she took his hand in a firm grip and looked at him with one bright eye.

"Fucking slick Eraserhead," she huffed, "getting up is a requirement and not a suggestion," she smiled shaking her head as he helped her up over the guard rail and back onto the safety of the walkway. "I'm going to steal that."

"You feel free to go right on and do that hero girl." He smiled and led her gently over to the whirling ambulance he hadn't notice arrive.

"Midoriya," she said reaching out to catch his sleeve, "my name is Midoriya Izu. Will you come with me to the hospital? I, I, I don't want to be left alone."

She was trembling as she said it but he nodded and climbed in with her as the paramedics laid her down on a stretcher and put her in the back of the Ambo.

"No problem," he smiled, "Call me Aizawa."

"Thank you, Aizawa-san!" She was crying all the way to the hospital but still, she managed to answer all of the paramedic's questions.

Her name was Midoriya Izu; she was fourteen years old; her mother was named Inko and could be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx ext. xxxx; she was diagnosed quirkless when she was five years old; she went to Aldera Junior High and she had been beaten, tortured, and raped.

Threw it all she didn't let his hand go, and he didn't stop holding it. Not even when they had wheeled her into the hospital and through the ER doors, not even when the nurses had tried to shoo him away because each time it looked like he would be made to leave she had looked so fucking scared.

So he stayed.

"Please, sir!" A nameless nurse hissed, "you need to leave!"

Aizawa nodded sitting beside the terrified girl he had helped pluck from a bridge, "not happening. Not until Hero Girl tells me to or her mother shows up."

"Miss Midoriya," a frazzled doctor finally stepped in snapping at her, "I need Nurse Joy to perform a rape kit and take evidence of your assault. I don't think you want hero-san there for that."

"A what?" Izu shrieked.

"A rape kit hero girl, when a sexual assault takes place doctors to collect evidence of that assault from the victim to help them find and prosecute the victims, your, attacker. It is invasive and horrible, and they will take samples and pictures of everything, but in the end, it's probably what's going to prove that it happened instead of just a he said, she said, situation. You can't really argue with seminal DNA evidence after all." Aizawa told her squeezing her hand when she looked to be panicking.

"They'll be able to find him?" Izu asked.

"If he's in the system, you said you know who he is? You tell us his name we get a DNA sample and compare it to the rape kit. Either way, we'll find him and he'll go to jail."

"But, he wants to be a hero," she whispered quietly to Aizawa, it didn't stop the nurse or doctor from hearing anyways nor did it stop him from snorting at her.


"If you do this, wouldn't that be ruining his chance to be a hero?"

"Hero Girl, Izu, he hurt you, he did indescribable things to you because you saved his life. He's ruined his chances all on his own," Aizawa told her assertively. "You don't need to protect him kiddo, you need to take care of you and keeping him out there, that would only hurt you."

"But, everyone says he's a shoe-in for UA next year. He has this quirk, and everyone is behind him."

"If he had attacked someone else, a different girl, would it be alright?" Aizawa asked.


"So why is it ok for him to hurt you?"

"I'm just the quirkless kid; no one is going to believe he did this. They'll take one look at my pinky toe and its stupid extra joint and he'll get off scot-free. Like always," she told him.

Nurse Joy frowned at the doctor who also looked confused. "Pinky toe joint? But that's only indicative of quirklessness in 25% of cases. Where you diagnosed only with the x-ray? What about your Quirk Factor test?" Nurse Joy asked coming to stand at the end of the bed.

"I only had the x-ray. But no quirk showed up anyway so why does it matter?"

"Well it might be an invisible quirk hon; it's a simple blood test that only takes a couple of hours. It's also free, would you like us to run one while you're here. I can take the sample while we do your kit."

"Really?" Izu asked looking kind of hopeful not trying to also visibly not get her hopes up too high.

"Really, really! if that's okay with you Doctor Haru?" The nurse asked smiling at Izu.

"Yes, of course. Izu, this will not go unpunished. You have a pro-hero in your corner little girl. I don't think he'll let some little shit weasel out of his due punishment. Dealing with villains is his thing after all. And what he did to you. That's villainous. Let Nurse Joy do the kit okay."

"Ok," Izu whispered, "but can Eraserhead stay? I don't, what if he comes with my mom?"

The adults stopped short and stared at her in horror. The idea hadn't occurred to them.

"Why would he do that Hero Girl?" Aizawa asked.

"He's my mom's best friend's son, my god-brother. I used to think he was my best friend but when he got his quirk he turned into a real ass," Izu huffed hiding up a blanket one of the orderlies had wrapped around her.

The doctor looked at the tiny broken little girl and nodded at Aizawa, "well then I guess we had better leave Eraserhead right where he is in case that villain comes to see you." The doctor looked around and grabbed one of the waiting chairs from outside the curtain and placed it firmly beside the bed up near Izu's head.

"If at any time you're uncomfortable with Eraserhead being here you just tell him and he'll wait outside the curtain, ok?"

Izu nodded and gripped his hand tighter as he sat beside her in the chair.

Like the doctor predicted about halfway through the whole thing Izu asked him quietly if he would wait outside the curtains, and with a nod and a gentle look that's where he stood. Aizawa made sure to stand in front of a light so she could see his shadow on the curtain and know she wasn't alone, that he was standing guard.

Aizawa sighed; he was turning into such a sap.

Still, every nurse and doctor that passed him in his silent vigil gave him a smile and a nod, and one brave janitor gave him a coffee, bless the man's soul. He was still waiting when Midoriya Inko ran into the waiting room, a couple and a young boy with a nasty look right behind her…

To Be Continued….