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Izu smiled up at him, "I think I'm cool with that. But, I didn't bring my hero gear with me today."

"That's fine," Eraserhead said holding up a bag. "Your mother sent this to me this morning when I called to tell her that I'd be keeping you late again tonight."

Izu blinked and took the bag. In it was her new hero costume. The one she had warn for the provisional test. Awesome.

"Ready to look for some Yakuza?" Eraserhead asked.

"You know it!" She grinned.


She totally wasn't ready to look for the Yakuza! Izu knew this as sure as she knew her own name. How did she know this you wonder… well that was easy.

Turned out, finding the Yakuza was no issue. What with Toko giving them direction to their base of operations the second they need to find the place. No, the issue was collecting the all-important evidence. Sure they knew that the Kane family was responsible for all sorts of terrible things, but without evidence to their transgressions no charges would stick and they would be out to do more damage once they were free.

So this is where she is now, after three months, watching a hole in the ground warehouse waiting for someone to slip up. It was boring, and after the first couple of times she was almost caught sitting on the rooftops she was now hunkered down next to her mentor… in a god damned trashcan.

"Tell me again why we need to wait for them to incriminate themselves? Why can't we just hop in there find the hundreds of people they have chained up and call it a day?" Izu asked, her nose crinkled at the smell around her.

"We don't have probable cause." Aizawa huffed, "and all of the evidence we've gathered is seen as circumstantial at best. No judge would prosecute on what we've got, and until we've got a good reason to go storming in there, we're stuck waiting for them to slip up. Unfortunately, the word of your quirk isn't enough."

Izu sighed and watched as another man went into the building and three came out. The shutter of a camera snapped beside her as Aizawa photographed them. Like for the past three months they were going to go back to the school and do some searches into who they were for that all important probable cause.

Three months of sitting in a trash can. Three months of waiting for a gang of professional criminals to mess up… Izu had had dealings with the Kane for years, if she knew one thing it was that they meticulous.

"That's it," Izu scoffed reaching for the walky-talky, she clicked the button once, twice and then again twice in quick succession before listening to static.

Beside her Aizawa was looking at her for an explanation.

"Trashpanada, I do believe we had agreed on radio silence," a response buzzed from her radio.

"Walk-chop, this isn't working." She replied. "Meet at rendezvous for new instructions."

"What are you doing?" Aizawa asked dropping the camera, letting it fall onto his chest.

"Something we should have done two months ago," Izu snapped. "Now come on, get out of the trashcan so we can meet Ingenium and his crew back at the car."

He raised an eyebrow at her as she popped out of the trashcan and stared back at him. She looked determined, but then he figured that could have been because she was done smelling trash.

"Trust me," she said. "I have an idea."

"Well," he sighed climbing out after her, "it had better be a good one."

Together they slinked like shadows from the warehouse full of Yakuza and made their way to the parking lot they had first taken her to at the outside of the complex. Beside the busted up black Toyota that was Eraserheads mode of transportation, Ingenium and six of his sidekicks were waiting for them.

Ingenium waved and put up a finger asking, "Why am I Walk-chop again?"

Izu grinned at up at him and answered with a shrug. "Because your hair reminds me of a boy I met at the UA entrance exams. He liked to walk and chop his hand down as he spoke, Walk-chop."

Ingenium groaned, "A kid with leg engines right?"

"Yeah," Izu nodded.

"That would be Tenya, my brother." Ingenium huffed as she giggled at him.

Aizawa came to a stop beside them, his hip leaning against the hood of the car. "That's all good and all, but why did you call a stop to the watch early Oracle?"

Izu snapped her fingers and pointed at Eraserhead, "That's right! So, for the last three months of watching these guys, waiting for them to mess up, we've basically gotten bupkis right?"

Aizawa sighed but nodded along with the others around them.

"So, I know the Kane family right? I've interacted with them, learnt to avoid them and the one thing I've noticed is that these guys are meticulous. Yakuza have mostly all but disappeared due to hero activity. The fact that these guys are still up and running says a lot about their organization. They aren't just going to fuck up, they'd have already been caught by now if they were prone to mistakes."

"Kid's got a point," One of the sidekicks pointed out nodding.

Ingenium nodded, "What would you suggest we do then? We can't just go in there with only the word of your quirk to go on. The judge has already said it's inadmissible and doesn't count as probable cause to search the warehouse."

"Let's go fishing," she suggested.

"For what? Carp?" One side kick asked laughing.

"No idiot," Izu hissed, "for human traffickers. All you need is the right bait."

"Izu," Aizawa said. "Are you suggesting we dangle a random middle school aged girl on a hook to get caught by, and possibly sold by these yakuza?"

"No," Izu shook her head. "Why would you need a random middle schooler when you have one volunteering? I have my quirk, it's unique and invisible, if I get caught and you can't save me, I can save myself. But if they take the bait, if they kidnap me while I'm "lost" in the back alleys… doesn't that count as probable cause?"

The sidekicks as stared at her with shock. Ingenium was no better and Aizawa, well he was just looking at her. She couldn't really tell what he was thinking. But she figured it was probably a way to get her to retract her idea.

"You know what they'll do to you if they catch you. I know you know. You're the one who warned us about it that first day I brought you here. So why would you volunteer for this?" Aizawa asked.

Izu sighed, why indeed.

"Because we're not going to get anywhere like this. Because, there are girls, and boys in there that can't save themselves. Because the longer we wait the more people there are who will get hurt. Because… I can help stop this now. There are lots of reasons. But I think, it's also because I trust you to have my back," she said looking at Eraserhead.

"Besides," she continued with a smirk. "It's not like they can do anything to me that hasn't already been done. At least this time, I'll know going into it what to expect, which is oddly enough something of a comfort."

"That's terrible," Aizawa hissed.

"Yeah, but my therapist tells me to look on the bright side of things when all I want to do is scream and run in the opposite direction, so deal with it. Now, I'm going to go put on my school uniform, fluff up my hair and look as lost as young as I can manage in an effort to get kidnapped by some ass backwards, criminal bastards. Are you going to leave me hanging?"

Aizawa sighed, "Hell, Hero-girl, you know I got your back. I just, dislike this idea of yours."

"Got any better ones?" Izu asked pulling her back pack from the backseat of the car.

"No," he sighed again. "Not even one. And I hate that you're right about the waiting. If we do nothing we'll probably not get any evidence, and people will get hurt for it."

Ingenium nodded, "I can't think of anything better either."

Izu nodded pulling up her skirt over her hero uniform and buttoning up her white blouse over her body suit. Once her uniform was on, she pulled the tie from her hair and shook it out fluffing it up around her shoulders. She ducked down and looked in the mirror. Taking a look, she pulled a case from her bag and set about doctoring up her face. On her lips she applied lip chap, in a nice rosy pink hue. On her eyes, she painted eyeliner, making them look wider than they were. With a nod to her reflection and a harsh pinch to her cheeks she was ready, looking wide eyed and innocent like.

"Good?" She asked them.

Ingenium sighed shaking his head, "How did you just loose three years? Honestly you look like you're thirteen."

"Don't you mean twelve? I'm only fifteen," Izu said.

There was an awkward silence as Ingenium seemed to flounder for an answer to that. Before he shrugged and stated that she seemed older than that. Aizawa scoffed at him and shook his head.

"You look young and impressionable, perfect bait," he told her.

Izu grinned, "good. I'll send Toko out to get you when they take me somewhere with lots of evidence. If you don't hear from me in a hour come and get me anyways," She said waving her phone in their direction.

Aizawa nodded and took her shoulders in his hands, "Be careful, Hero-girl."

Izu smiled up and him and nodded once before she turned on her heel and went back into the maze of alleyways. She took a wondering route back to the warehouse. The walk straight to and from the place was only fifteen minutes but she wanted to be seen, and hunted, so she made sure she turned circles around the area for almost half an hour.

After about twenty minutes she caught sight of the first thug and texted Ingenium, who was in her phone under heading: Walk-chop boy. If they took her phone it would be less suspicious than her texting her Slave Master, that she was lost, but thought she had caught sent of that chip stand he had told her about. Come to think of it she hoped the man understood that she was telling him she was being watched…

By the time she made it to the warehouse, she had seen no less than five sneaky yakuza following her. And she had caught sight of Eraserhead hiding in a trashcan just off to the side of the main alleyway to the warehouse. Just knowing he was watching made her feel a little bit safer. Especially when she caught sight of the bruiser they had waiting for her out front of the building

"Umm, hello?" Izu called, "Do you know where the chip shack is? It's supposed to be by the Warf."

The yakuza tilted his head and looked at her from flinty eyes. He was bald with scars on his scalp and wearing an ill-fitting suit.

"I've never heard of a chip shack around here," he told her.

"Oh?" Izu huffed, "figures. I think Toko-kun was just pulling my leg to get me out here."

"That isn't very nice," the thug said.

"No, it's not." Izu sighed, looking up at the man with wide innocent eyes. "I don't think he likes me even though he said he did. Do you know the way out of here? I've been lost for half an hour at least. I wanna go home."

"Why don't you come in little one, I'll call you a cab."

"I can't pay for that mister." Izu said laying it on thick.

"We'll call it my one good deed for the day then," he smiled nodding to the door.

Izu hummed and hawed, staring at the thug with wide eyes as she nibbled on her lip before finally nodding. She followed him into the warehouse, and stared wide-eyed at the men in the building.

Shit, they were also peddling drugs and money? Izu thought staring at case after case of weapons, and table after table of white packaged power, she had thought it was only people they were trafficking. In any case, it was the last thing she thought for a while.

Behind her the yakuza thug chuckled and said, "You'll earn me a pretty bonus girly."


Something hit her over the head and the world went dark around her.

To Be Continued…