Author's Note:

If you're familiar with my or glassfirefly's older Kingdom Hearts works characters who come up in this story as well as others I will be working on will seem familiar even if some things have been changed about them. This is intentional! Glassfirefly and I are still very dear friends and I've decided I want to give a new spin to the stories we created together from years of roleplaying as young teenagers. I hope you will enjoy these stories in the coming months as I've really been pouring my all into them to help shape the fun we had as kids into an engaging universe for you all to read!

"Hey, kid," an unfamiliar voice called, "You alive?"

Suddenly the young boy's heterochromatic eyes shot open as he gasped loudly. A coughing fit came from his lungs which were searing inside him and preventing him from catching his breath.

"Woah there buddy, you okay?" The man clad in black asked.

"Yeah," the boy responded between coughs. He laughed, "I just can't- can't breathe. This is normal."

The older man looked at him in shock. The kid with black hair sounded like he was dying yet he was laughing about it like this was just the norm for him. After the coughing seemed to subside the boy looked at the man, squinting his green and silver eyes a bit.

"Are you normally this blurry?" He asked in a way that suggested people could 'normally be blurry.'

"No," the man said, "Are you having trouble seeing?"

"I think I might be, just a bit," the young boy said, taking a look around.

"What's your name kid?" The man asked the strange boy.

"Uh," the boy stopped, seeming to have to think about the question, "I think I heard somebody call me Ordix while I was out so let's go with that."

"Ordix huh? Well Ordix," The man stood up and offered a hand, "'Name's Axel. I think I know someone who can help you out."

Ordix took the hand and stood, struggling to catch his balance.

"Thanks, Axel," he said, dusting the dirt off the black and white shirt and black jeans he wore.

Axel stretched his arm out and before the two of them a strange swirling darkness materialized.

"No problem," Axel said, "Stay close."

Ordix blinked at the darkness before following Axel directly into it.

"Hey Vexen I got you something!" Axel called out as soon as the two emerged from the strange portal.

A blond man who stood with his back to them jumped directly into the air with a shriek.

"Axel!" He turned, "I've told you a thousand times to use the door like a decent indivi-" he stopped mid-sentence as he noticed the short boy standing beside the red head.

"Who's this?" He asked.

"Says his name is Ordix," Axel said, approaching a jar that held lollipops on the white desk Vexen had been standing near, "Thought he was dead when I found him. He says he's having issues with his vision. Think you can take a look at him?"

Vexen sighed and knelt down to Ordix's height, handing him a lollipop from his pocket.

"How old are you, Ordix?" He asked the young boy.

Ordix made a similar face to when Axel had asked his name, unwrapping the candy and counting his fingers for a moment. He stopped and recounted them.

"Ten," he said with uncertainty, "I think."

"You think?" Vexen asked.

"Yeah it sounds right but I can't really remember," the boy laughed, enjoying the sweet flavor from the lollipop.

"Alright," Vexen stood up and walked over to the desk, grabbing a clipboard and a piece of paper as well as a pen and jotting somethings down.

"Where did you find him?" He asked Axel.

"Twilight Town," Axel said, "in one of those little alleyways. He was surrounded by heartless so I took them out and he was just laying there all dead looking."

Vexen took a note and then looked around on the desk for a moment before grabbing a small white case. He handed the case to Ordix.

"Try these on and tell me how your vision is with them," He said.

Ordix opened the case to find a pair of glasses with thin silver frames and put them on.

"Better," he said taking a look around, "not perfect."

"I'll get you a better pair when we find your prescription but you can use those in the meantime," Vexen said, "We should probably alert Xemnas about this."

"What do you mean 'we'?" He asked.

"You found him, you have to come with," Vexen said.

"Always stuck with the icky jobs," Axel sighed, "Alright, fine. I'll go with to tell the guy I found a stray."

Ordix followed the two older men out of the room into the winding white hallways. Almost everything he saw from Vexen's lab on the floors to the balcony where they found the man they called Xemnas was completely white. It felt sterile and uncomfortable to the young boy.

"Yo, Xemnas!" Axel called out to the man with long silver hair, "We brought ya somethin'!"

Xemnas turned to face the three, his bright orange eyes locking immediately on the strange little boy who tucked himself slightly behind Axel. Half of his face was obscured from Xemnas' vision behind the red head leaving only the left side of his face with the green eye exposed. The man with silver hair stared directly into Ordix's eye as he began approaching the three.

"Axel, are you crazy?" Xemnas said sternly, turning his attention to the tall man.

"Probably," Axel said without much thought.

"He has to be seven or eight tops," Xemnas continued, "You've brought me an actual child."

"I'm ten," Ordix's voice piped up suddenly.

"Excuse me?" Xemnas was taken aback by the young boy's tone.

"I'm ten. Not eight," He said with a firm voice.

"What's your name, boy?" Xemnas asked.

"Ordix." He said, adjusting the glasses he'd borrowed from Vexen.

"Well, Ordix," Xemnas said, "Do you even possess a talent? Some kind of elemental power or combat ability? Or will you be nothing more than a weakling to be picked off amongst our ranks?"

"I can do this," The little boy smirked. He stretched his arm out in front of him a bit and opened his palm. Xemnas leaned in a bit to look at the boy's empty hand. Just as he did there were several popping sounds and the older man jumped back quickly, sudden flashes buring his retnas for several seconds after.

Axel errupted in laughter while Vexen wore a look of shock and horror.

"I love it!" Axel exclaimed, "We're keeping him!"

Vexen watched their superior's face closely, fearing somewhat for Ordix's life. Thankfully Xemnas' angry glare soon turned to a smirk of his own.

"Very well, Ordix," The older man said, "You've proven yourself worthy of the coat. For now. Vexen, set him up with a uniform set and a room. Take him through the usual hoops. Let's see what other secrets this lost kitten knows."

"Yes sir," Vexen said, approaching the young boy who was somewhat confused by the conversation, "Follow me, Ordix."

"What about me?" Axel asked.

"What about you?" Vexen followed up, "Your work is done for now. You've found a new member and now I have to get him all set up."

"But I wanted to see more of what he can do," Axel pouted, saddened that his fun was coming to such a quick end.

"I won't be running all of the tests on his abilities immediately anyways," Vexen said sternly, "If you want to be of help hunt down Zexion and tell him I could use a hand in the exam room. If you do that I might let you come observe Ordix's ability testing."

"Say no more," Axel said with a grin before disappearing into a darkness that seemed to consume him. Just like that he vanished before Ordix's eyes.

Vexen let out a sigh before turning back to Ordix.

"Now that that's settled let's go, hm?" The older man said.

Ordix nodded and followed Vexen as he walked back the way from which they'd come. The white sterility still felt foreign and uncomfortable but after his explosive display he felt slightly better about the idea of being here. Wherever 'here' was. He knew he could make it fun for himself for however long he would be here.

When the two returned to the small clinic like area where Axel had initially brought Ordix they entered a room that seemed very much like a standard exam room from a doctor's office. Vexen began taking off his black coat and exchanging it for a white lab coat. He then reached into a drawer near the counter and pulled out a measuring tape.

"I need to measure you for a uniform," He said, "Will you be comfortable with me touching you?"

"Yeah that's not an issue," Ordix said with some hesitation in his voice, "Just don't get too handsy."

"Don't worry," Vexen laughed a bit, "I'm not really one for touching other people myself. I'll do the minimum amount needed just to get you measured out and get your vitals taken."

After the exchange the older man went to work measuring the boy's chest, waist, and hips. Immediately after he wrote down some numbers on a sticky note.

"What size are your shoes?" Vexen asked.

Ordix swung his leg up, grabbing his own foot and searching the bottom of it.

"Three and a half," Ordix said before dropping his foot back down.

"You said you're ten years old?" Vexen asked.

Ordix nodded.

"Interesting," Vexen laughed a little.

"What?" Ordix asked, some fear coating his voice.

"Well to give Xemnas some credit," He said, "You're actually a bit small for your age. It's understandable that he underestimated."

"Wh-what?" Ordix asked nervously, "No I'm not!"

Vexen chuckled at the boy's response.

"Relax," He said, "You're not that much smaller, just enough it's noticeable."

Ordix started to pout, muttering under his breath that he wasn't small. Just then there was a knock on the outside wall of the room.

"Come in," Vexen called.

A boy much younger than Vexen but still very clearly older than Ordix entered the room. He had steel blue hair that covered much of his face and bright blue eyes that reminded Ordix of the ocean.

"Hello, Vexen," The boy said, "And I assume you must be Ordix?"

"Yeah," Ordix nodded, "Who are you?"

"My name is Zexion," He smiled, "It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Ordix nodded, trying to regain his composure from the wounded ego Vexen had given him.

"So what was it you needed, Vexen?" Zexion asked.

"I was wondering if I could bother you to go to Twilight Town and get Ordix some glasses after I do his eye exam," Vexen said before looking at the little boy, "Unless you'd rather have contacts?"

"No," Ordix shook his head, "I don't really like putting stuff in or near my eyes."

"Glasses it is then," Vexen said, "Could you take care of that, Zexion?"

"That won't be a problem," He answered.

"Great," Vexen said, "Now Ordix, I need you to take off those glasses I let you borrow so we can proceed."

Ordix removed the glasses and Vexen went to work assessing his surprisingly bad vision with many tests including the standard visual acuity test, colorblindness testing, and a retinoscopy. During the testing he took multiple notes on a sheet of paper, occasionally jotting things down on a secondary shit on the counter in the room.

"So do you know why your vision is so bad?" Vexen asked, worry in his tone, "It's concerning for someone as young as you."

Ordix thought for a moment, placing a hand on his forehead and rubbing it as if his brain were some kind of magic lamp that would magically awaken his memories like a genie. As he tried to remember the young boy's black brows furrowed a bit in frustration. He knew his vision had been this way for a long time but for the life of him he could not recall why.

"Nothing is coming to mind," Ordix said with frustration, "I'm sorry."

"Quite alright." Vexen said, slipping Zexion a slip of paper.

Zexion exited the room promptly as Vexen continued on with the exam. The general check-up process consisted of things any other doctor would look at. Something in particular Vexen noted was an oxygen and breathing test where the young boy seemed to lack in terms of normal lung capacity. He listened closely to his lungs trying to find any signs of what this could be but nothing seemed apparently wrong.

"Is it hard for you to breathe?" Vexen asked.

"Somewhat," Ordix said, "I recall it being harder a few years ago, but I don't recall why."

"Well I'm sure that more of your memories will return over time and we'll get our answers when they do," Vexen said, "It's common for new Nobodies to lack in the recalling of memories so don't worry about it for now."

"Nobodies?" Ordix asked having heard the word for the first time.

"Yes," Vexen nodded, "That's what we all are here, including you. We don't have hearts but we continued living. As such we exist in a realm between the light and dark. Had Axel not mentioned that to you?"

Ordix shook his head, a deep sadness overcoming his small sweet looking face.

"Don't look so sad," Vexen said sympathetically, "It's not inherently a bad thing. You're still alive aren't you?"

Ordix nodded silently, a weak smile coming over his face.

"As long as you're alive you're winning." Vexen said, ruffling the boy's hair gently. "I think that we're done here for today. Let's get you your uniform and show you to your room, hm?"