Disclaimer: YEAH! A NEW ONE! Really short intro, but it should get the story going. I have high hopes for this story, although this is the first one I've written with Lilly as a constant character, so it might be slighty awkward. LET'S GO!

Mike, Cedric, and Angela walked away from the school. They were headed for Mike's house where they would wait for the Butt Uglies later. Cedric had his face buried into an ancient book he had found in the back of the library (The Big Book of Ripley's Believe it or Not, 2001 edition).

"Anything interesting, Ced?" Mike asked.

"There's this one boy in Africa who was raised by chimpanzees until he was four. Now, he's all humanized and stuff, but he can still talk to the chimpanzees and stuff!"

"Was, Cedric," Angela corrected. "That was back in 2001, remember? He's probably ancient by now!"

"It's still cool!" Cedric held out his hand and grabbed Angela's shoulder.

"What's that for?" she asked, tapping his hand.

"To make sure I don't crash into something," Cedric mumbled, holding onto the book with one hand. "Now, stopping moving so much, I'm losing the grip on my book."

"Can you believe the new teacher?" Angela asked, changing the subject. "Miss Nena?"

"Those long sleeves!" Mike held out his hands almost as far as they could go, as an indication of how they were.

"She must have a scar on her arm, or something," Angela shrugged her shoulders.

"But the cuffs of th- it that what they're called?" Mike tugged on the end of his sleeves. "The part where you put you're hand in?

"Cuffs? Maybe," Cedric looked up from his book.

"Anyway, they reach down to the floor!" Mike laughed. "Like a Japanese kimono, or something!"

"They fabric's pretty neat, though," Cedric dove back into his book. "It's like the stuff panty hose are made of, and it's like tye-dye- OO! There was a man in Japan who had a big horn growing out of his head, like a unicorn!"

"Really!?" Angela and Mike turned quickly towards Cedric, who bumped into Mike before he realized he had to stop.

"Kinda, except it grew out of the back of his head! Look at the picture!" Cedric flipped his book around to show the two teens. Yep, a Japanese man, with a big horn growing out of the back of his head.


Mike turned as he heard two figures stroll into view. Two female figures, about their age, maybe younger. As they came closer, Mike could get a better look at them.

One wore a long, white dress which billowed out almost like a ghost, and the fabric was stuffed like a comforter. Her tight sleeves went to half way down her lower arm. Around the waist was a simple sash, like a karate belt. The dress was so long, you couldn't even she her feet. The girl herself was white, with a nice light tan. She had black hair which, like her dress, billowed out like a ghost, and went down past her hips. She had a very kind face, with soft features that didn't stand out that much. She wore a straw sun bonnet. She held a teddy bear in her arms, a simple white teddy bear with two button eyes and a button nose.

Her companion had very pale skin with very flat, almost shoulder length blonde hair. Her sleeves went down past her hands, flowling lose and baggily. She wore purple pantsuit with lavender patterns. She pants were flair bottoms, and very large ones at that. She wore a pair of tapshoes, of all things! Her hair was held back with a red and black checked bandana.She had the same soft features as her friend. The contrast between her and her traveling partner were striking, almost hard to look at.

Mike listened intently to there conversation. The white-decked girl seemed to be doing all of the talking. She concentrated on her friend entirely, and vice versa.

"... and if Daddy thinks he can just settle me down anywhere, he's got another thing coming!"

Whitey bumped into Mike headfirst. Mike stumbled back.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Mike held up his hand. Angela looked over Mike's shoulder, and Cedric looked up again from his book. "But, you should have-" Mike took a hard look at the girl in purple. "Hey, are you Mrs. Nena's daughter?"

"Stay Out Of My Way!" Whitey snapped.

"What?" Mike gasped.

"Stay Out Of My Way, stupid Boy!" Whitey growled. She snapped out her arm and hit Mike in the side!

"OW!" Angela caught Mike as he fell back. "OW-ow-ow-oooow!"

"Let's go," Whitey spoke to her friend. "We've got better things to do!"

Her traveling pattern nodded and hurriedly trotted after Whitey, but not after bowing an apology to Mike.


"And then she just punched me, right on the ribs!"

"Really?" 2-t asked in amazement.

"Uh huh!" Angela vouched. "I saw!"

"Uh, I was reading," Cedric groaned, embarrased.

"I'm surprised you're not hurt," B-Bop slipped onto Mike's couch, next to Angie.

Lilly aparated into view. Lilly had been around for a few days now, but she hadn't done much of anything. She just seemed to watch from the shadows, appearing into a solid form for a few seconds, then disappearing again. They could never get a word out to her, so it was almost like she wasn't there. She was very easy to forget about.

"How did she hit you?" Lilly cocked her eyebrow. She sat crosslegged in the air, supporting her weight on her tail and her tail alone.

"Um, with this part of her arm," Mike stroked the underside of his wrist.

"Oh, boy!" Lilly's sudden changed in the tone of her voice surprised the kids. She hovered over to Mike. "Mike, lift up your shirt! I need to see where the girl hit you!"

"With Angela here? UH UH!" Mike held onto the bottom of his shirt, pulling it down. Angela laughed.

"Um, Lilly, you're asking a very strange request, here," B-Bop blushed.

"MIKE! You're a guy! It doesn't matter!" Lilly grabbed Mike's wrist with her hand and locked them together. She picked up Mike's shirt just enough to see the bruise Whitey had left, and-

"AH HA!" Lilly pointed at the leftover armprint. "I KNEW IT!"

Along Mike's ribcage was a normal looking bruise, but also, along the curve of his back, there was a long imprint, like from a fingernail, or something.

"What?" Mike wondered. Lilly had squished her shoulder up against he cheekbone to keep him from turning his head. "What's on there? I can't see!"

The Martians and humans rushed to Mike's side, examining the strange slice in Mike's skin.

"What is that?" Angela yelled.

"That's a talon mark!" Lilly cheered. "And not just any talon mark! You see how it goes deep into the skin, but it doesn't prenetrate it?"

Do-Wah scratched his head. "Uh...."

"That is the talon mark of a Clawfacle!" Lilly hugged Mike tightly. "This'll be fun now! Come on, Martians, we've gotta find those girls!"

"What's a talon?" Mike asked.

Lilly growled as the lower being's stupidity. "Mike, you have to stay here. Clawfacle talons are neuro-toxic."

Angela scratched her head in confusion. "Neuro-toxic?"

"As long as he doesn't move too much, he'll be fine." Lilly patted Mike on the head. "Come with me, Martians!"

Lilly quickly flew out of the door, followed by the Martians, who felt like they were being rushed.

Cedric took a quick look at Angela.

"We're going!" she took off to find her hoverboard and helmet.

"Hey!" Mike whined. "What about me?"

Cedric grabbed his Ripley's book and his helmet. "You've gotta stay here, remember?"


Too late, Angie and Ced were gone.

Mike sighed.


The white decked child, who was known as Kanan, walked into her apartment, dragging along her purple clothed half-sister, Hypatia.

"Mommy!" she sang. "We're back from our nature walk!"

"Hello, Kanan, Hypatia," the Mommy, Mrs. Pilialoha Nena approached her two children. Pilialoha, or Pilia, her long, dirty blonde hair which she kept back in a complicated beehive, decorated with gem barretes. She was tall and lanky, yet flowing and delicate. Her long-cuffed kimono-dressing was a swirling pattern of blues and greens. "I'm glad you're back, you were out so late. It's almost night-time."

"Mommy, how long are we going to be here?" Kanan asked. She fiddled nervously with her teddy bear. "I don't like it here. It's dull."

"Only for a short time longer," Pilia held her daughter's face in her hands. "Then, we will picked up, and we will go back home."

"Hehehe, I like home, too, He- I mean, Hypatia," Kanan laughed as she patted Hypatia's shoulder. "You're right, where is Daddy?"

"Daddy is back at the school." Pilia stepped into the kitchen, which eminated the smell of burning tofu. "A book was stolen from the library."

"When will he be back?" Kanan got a chill, and let herself shake.

"Soon, soon." Pilia carried out a plate of rice cakes and tofu burgers. "Dinner?"

Kanan gulped as she eyed the food on the plate. "Which do you think tastes better? The rice cakes or the tofu burgers?" Kanan gulped again. "Maybe we should try eating somewhere else."

Kanan ran back out of the door before her mother could stop her. Hypatia tripped after her.


"He- Hypatia, what the cala is a Quantum Burger? I don't know either, but it looks like there's meat in it, and we don't eat me-"


Kanan and Hypatia jumped as a voice called them. They turned to see-

"ALIENS!" Kanan screamed.

Lilly hovered in front of the Martians, who sat determinedly on their OMABs.

"You shouldn't be out this late," Lilly joked. "It's dangerous for little girls like you."

"Get away from us!" Kanan screamed.

"Listen, kid," B-Bop growled. "Just come back with us. We need your help."

"Mommy said I shouldn't talk to aliens I don't know!" Kanan shook her head voilently.

Angela and Cedric zoomed up to the OMABs.

Kanan quickly darted her eyes to Hypatia. A wandering breeze ruffled the bandana on her head.

Angela took a quick look at Cedric. "Cedric, you still have that book?"

"Uh-" Cedric looked in his hands. "Yeah, I guess I do."

"WHY DO YOU CARRY THAT THING EVERYWHERE?!" B-Bop snapped, turning his focus away from the two girls. 2-T and Do-Wah turned their OMABs away, too.

Lilly scoffed and tried to get the Lower Beings attention, but it was to late. The girls were gone.

Lilly let her anger pent up for a few seconds before exploding.

"STUPID!" She roared.

The teens stopped fighting over the book and took a look at Lilly in shock.

"STUPID! LOWER! BEINGS! You let the girls get away!"

"What?" B-Bop finally realized what had happened. "Wha-? How did we-?"

"Clawfacles are telepaths!" Lilly scolded. "They can control peoples minds! Didn't you learn that in military school!?"

"Look, Lilly, we've never even heard of these 'Clawfacle' things. In fact, they don't even sound like a real species!" 2-T zoomed his OMAB in, becoming level with Lilly's face. "Are you sure you're not making this up?"

"Maybe," Lilly grimaced.

There was a distant roar, and it was in the direction of the residential district!


Dog sat next to Mike on the sofa, wagging his tail and staring blankly into space. Mike patted the machine's head, straining to move his arms. He had sort of frozen, or something. It was getting harder for him to move his arms, or even breathe. He had long lost the ability to stand or sit up.

"Mike?" Mike's mother called from her room upstairs. "Are you okay, honey?"

"I-I'm fine, Momm..." Mike resisted the urge to call her "Mommy". He closed his eyes.

"I hope the guys are back soon...."

To be continued... hopefully.