Travelers Chapter 3

Pilialoha surveyed Mike, who was asleep on the couch in his living room. Long ago, he had stopped moving entirely, and now his breathing could barely be heard. Kadril sat at the foot of the sofa, at Mike's feet. She was starting to come out of her coma, but she took her time. A large bruise covered one side of her forehead. Another alien feature had shown itself now; a tail. A large, thick tail grew out of Kadril's back, apparently, and now it hung loosely outside of her dress. Kadril's mother, Pilialoha, desperately tried to weasel her way out of the crowded living room.

"Are you sure that Kadril did this?" Pilialoha pleaded. Her tail also was visible now, it twitched nervously underneath her dress.

"We have eye witnesses, Mrs. Nena," Lilly monotoned. Angela placed her hands on her hips, glaring madly at the alien woman.

"Kadril is anatomically incapable of poisoning someone like this!" Mrs. Nena screeched. "She's only a girl!"

"Mike?" Mike's mother called from upstairs. "Who's down there?"

"It was just the TV, Mom!" Lilly answered, copying Mike's voice to a tee. She switched back to her normal, girlish tone. "Listen, Mrs. Nena, I think it would be best if you did what you had to do, and left. Mrs. Ellis is going to be down here any second now to check on her son, and she will not react well to a large group of aliens in her living room."

Mrs. Nena took a quick glance at the room around her. The three Martians stood next to the sofa protectively, making sure that Pilia didn't try anything funny. Cedric sat on the floor, staring at her from over the cover of his book. Her husband stood next to her, rubbing his horns in confusion. Hedril sat on the back of the couch, watching Mike with wandering eyes. The small robot dog sat blandly on Mike's leg, wagging his tail and barking occasionally.

"Weellll?" B-Bop growled.

"Fine!" she gave in. "Lokin, Hedril, help me."

Pilia took Kadril's wrist and pressed one of her talons against Mike's arm. Hedril and Lokin, Pilia's husband, each placed a hand on Mike's temples. They was a quick flash of light from the aliens' horns, and-

"Ow." Mike sat up. "What hit me?"

"MIKEY!" Angela quickly hugged Mike, making him blush.

"Angel- Ow! That hurts!"

"Sorry!" Angela backed away.

"How you do that?" Do-Wah asked in amazement.

"Kadril and I are Clawfacles, and Hedril and Lokin and Talonacles. We're twin races: one telekinetic and the other telepathic. We just triggered the right nerves in the humans body, and an antitoxin was created."

"That doesn't make a lot of sense," 2-T rubbed his head.

"It's all you're getting from me," Pilialoha growled. "The human might have an allergic reaction to the antitoxin. If you need me, I go by Panoakun."

"Mike?!" Mike's mother stomped down the stairs. "I know that's not the TV! Who's down there?"

"Lokin, Hedril."

Hedril and her father stared evily at Mike's mother, who was marching down the stairs. Mrs. Polly Ellis was actually kind of... ugly. She had a set in nose and sunken cheeks. Her hips seemed to be twice the size of her actual waist. Her arms were thin and puny, and her neck was very long (for a human's). Her red hair was done back in a messy ponytail.

With one bright flash of light from the two blonde's horns, Polly stopped, swooned, and fainted.

"Mommy?!" Mike darted above the couch, trying to see what happened to his mom.

"What's you do to Mike's mom?" B-bop gasped in amazement. 2-T rushed to her aid.

"She's fine," Panoakun explained. "We just had to erase her memory. She'll be awake soon."

"Be awayk inalil'," mumbled a sleepy Kadril, who yawned and stretched before opening her eyes. "Mommy?"

"Oh, my little baby, are you alright?" Panoakun held out her arms to her little girl.

"My horns hurt," Kadril rubbed her temples. Her eyes suddenly burst open, and she began searching the sofa. "Teddy! Mommy, where's my teddy bear?!"

"You stuffed it into your collar," Cedric mumbled, his nose buried back inside of the Ripley's book.

"Oh," Kadril "oh"ed. She pulled out her teddy and hugged him warmly, her claws pressing into her sides.

"I think it best if we leave now," Panoakun crooned. "Kadril, Hedril, Lokin. Our ship is waiting."

Panoakun trotted out of the door, followed by Lokin, the faithful, quiet husband, carrying Kadril in his arms. Hedril skipped to the door, but not before being stopped by Cedric. He had latched onto her tail (which was small and puny, like Lilly's).

"Hey, where are you wrist thingies, anyway?"

"Hey, yeah!" B-Bop noticed. "They're not on your arms!"

"Where are they?" Angela asked.

Hedril stared in confusion for a second, then lifted her pant's leg. There was a talon connected to the back of her ankle, where the Achilles's Tendon (Look it up, or pay attention in Health Class) would be on a human.

Do-Wah muttered. "Oh, never thought of that."

"Okay!" Lilly chirped. "You're free to go! Cedric, let go of the nice Talonacles tail."

"Sorry!" Cedric let her go. Hedril took a quick look at Cedric's book, and snatched it out of his hand. She opened the front cover, and pointed to an inscription.

*Property of the Mojave Middle School Library*

She huffed, raised her nose, and marched out of the door.

Everyone stood in awe until Cedric yelled from the floor, "I WAS STILL READING THAT!"

"You stole that book?!" B-Bop yelled in amazement.

"It was just lying on the floor!" Cedric defended himself. "I thought someone had thrown it away!"

2-T hoisted Polly Ellis onto the couch, next to Mike. "Well, it's just not like you, Cedric!"

"You're usually really good about that kind of stuff!" Angela protested.

"Oh yeah, gang up on me!" Cedric joked. Mike threw a pillow at him.

Lilly looked at Mike and giggled.

"What's so funny?" Mike asked with a wary tone.

"One word explains what's so funny," Lilly laughed. Her held her hands like she was looking over something. "MOMMY?!"

Everyone who wasn't Mike burst out laughing.

Mike patted Dog's head, who had been gratefully silent throughout this entire ordeal. "Boy, am I glad you can't talk, boy."

Dog barked.