"Timpani!" He shouts her name, anxious. "You shouldn't be here! Not at this time."

"I know, but I could not wait any longer." She nearly runs into him, sliding her hands into his in a tight grasp. "I've waited before. But, I admit, I'm too excited now."

"I, as well. We'll be on our way soon enough." His hands squeeze hers. "I just need to finish here and we can leave."

"Of course."

The girl stays pressed against him for a few seconds before parting. Her gaze flows around the room. Memories resurface of this particular room, looking as if nothing had changed since the first time she dared to enter the lord's private quarters. It had always felt empty, even if kept tidy. There was something missing from it- a touch of life perhaps. But, that would be a problem no more when the owner would be gone.

"Let us go." Hearing his voice, her head turns. She smiles when seeing his, her heart beating faster than ever before. "We must hurry."

Without another word, she takes his hand once more. As they head out his door, they use the shadows to their advantage. In an already darkened castle, they are kept hidden as they dash to the exit of his home.

This world would no longer be his, this world that defied them. Soon they would be out and free. They would have a world of their own. One peaceful and would not discriminate either kind. One that-

"Take a step no further."

A booming voice echoes throughout the castle. Just as they were about to reach for the door, atop the staircase resides this world's sovereign.

Blumiere nearly cursed when he had turned to see his father.

"We're leaving, father. And you cannot stop us." It's a statement being made. He floats before the girl, hand gripping onto hers for support.

"You? My own flesh and blood run off with a dirty human? I cannot allow it." He speaks, authoritative, loud. Slowly, he descends the stairs, inching closer and closer. "Playing with a creature like so is one thing. But, running off is another that I will NOT allow."

"Please, sir." A voice that was normally timid and trembling around this daunting figure now spoke up. "Why will you not allow your son to be happy?"

"I do not need to answer the question of tainted child," he huffs.

His father comes to a stop and from underneath his cape, a scepter is pulled out. A familiar one to all. The one that had been used to damage his own family.

"My son, you will not escape the fate assigned to you. Not with that."

"Father, you-!"

Expecting another impact, a dark blast that would be aimed towards Timpani, he's ready to brace himself for the blow. But, nothing comes. The scepter had shown signs of magic. It's only when he feels the dark energy in the air that something is wrong. Even more when the grip on his hand is being tugged, even pulling him back.


As he turns, he finds himself facing a dark swirling vortex. One that's pulling the love of his life in; one that could easily destroy her.


Desperate, he moves his other hand to grab the human one that's held onto his. But, a strange thing occurs. He finds his hand moving at a slowed pace, as if a spell had been cast upon him. That's when he realizes one had. There was no time to glare at his father, he already knew that this was his doing. For now, his concern was fighting against his magic, to reach out and take the hand that was beginning to lose its grip.

He would not lose her.

Timpani is doing her best, fighting against the winds that seem to only be pulling her in. Feet attempt at digging into the castle's floors. Hands holding on with all the strength she can muster.

Slowly, they begin to slip.

His hand manages to reach hers. There is hope.

And it is lost when they part.

She is pulled back with a sudden, greater force.

The last thing he sees is her, the last thing he hears is-

"Blumiere, I lov-"

When the vortex had consumed the human, it had disappeared in a flash, as if it hadn't been there to begin with. The spell of time had been broken and he finds himself moving too fast. Hands reaching out for nothing. He feels himself fall to the ground.

"Tim…pani…." As he breathes out her name, eyes remain fixated on the spot where she had been not too long ago.

She was gone.

He had lost her.

The most important person int he world- in all the worlds.

Just like that.

"Hmph. Good riddance. It is best she is removed from this world."

Blumiere doesn't have the energy to bark back. Mind and heart still processing the pain of losing the one he loved. How they were so close to achieving their happy ending. To living that peaceful life.

They were going to be together forever.


Tears prick at his eyes. His head drops down. A hand is still held out, lying on the floor and trying to grasp for her. Sadness, pain, loss, heartache. They tore at his heart in every way possible.

His father was no help. Wearing a smirk, he was proud of what he had done. His gaze was cast upon his son, lasting only a few seconds before deciding to return to his chambers. He'd done what was needed to do.

His son was left alone that night. Unmoving until the morning. Grieving would provide nothing. But he wanted to desperately cling onto something- to a hope, to a light that was dimly lit.

There was still time. There was still a chance.

If he could find her, he could save her.

And, he would.

He vowed that he would.