He could not find her.

Throughout all the worlds he had searched, none had managed to ignite his failing hope. There was nothing he could find. No trace of his loved one. With a heavy heart weighing him down, his options grew slim.

A mad thought had come to him one day. To get back at his father and all those who had been a hand in destroying a pure love.

Perhaps it was too much, taking out his dimension with a cursed book. One that stated he would never find happiness. He was fine with that outcome. After all, what else did he have left to lose?

"Um," a voice speaks up. A girl stands beside him, fixing her glasses as they looked upon the remnants of his home. Now devoid of…everything. Leaving nothing but a white setting. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Silence enveloped the two. Of course, he had considered many options, but this one just seemed to be the best in his heartbroken state. Without Timpani, Blumiere believed he had little reason to exist.

"Yes." He tugs at his hat to conceal his eyes. "This needs to be done. Against everyone. All for her…" A pause is taken as he lets out a sigh. He doesn't let the silence last long. "We don't need to speak of this. My decision is made."

"Yes, but, um…" She turns, facing up to him. She hesitates, knowing this plea would have little effect on him, but she has to try. "Perhaps you can find another way to do this? One that does not end with a game over?"

"No. If you are having second thoughts…"

"I'm not, my lord- count! I just-"

"I thank you for worrying over me, but this is my choice. And I have already started this chaos, therefore, I must finish it."

She loses the frown she'd been wearing, biting at her lips upon hearing his words. To see him wanting to end it all just like that was…heartbreaking. She wished this man, with such a kind heart who hid behind this villainous facade, would stop. To go and live his life and try to obtain the happiness he deserved.

But, what could she do? She was not the one he wanted. All she could do was follow her pledge and stay by his side. No matter what. That was her fate.

"Understood. I'm sorry for speaking up against you."

"It is fine, Nastasia. But, hold your tongue in the future. If I am to continue this, we're going to need more on our side. Alone we cannot fight against what lies ahead."

"Yeah, I'll help in finding you some reliable minions."

"Very well. Let's be off. This place sickens me."

Without another word, the two flip out of this barren world.