Yui Kodai sighed staring at the building that loomed out below her, as an agency this was their first official raid. And it was just the three of them against a whole gang of villains. She watched as Itsuka, barely a speck of her lustrous orange hair visible in her skin-tight ninja-like outfit - Seriously, why was she so attractive in that? - take out two of the guards on the roof without even using her quirk.

Really, who needed giant fists when they were basically a super Kung Fu ninja?

"Battle Fist in position." Itsuka's soft voice whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine even when it really shouldn't have. Stupid emotions? Why did she join their agency again? Oh right, Itsuka begged her to. Not so much begged as asked.

She volunteered.

"Deku in position." She couldn't see Itsuka's fiance and long-time boyfriend Izuku from her vantage point, but she'd already seen him in his stealth suit. He pulled it off just nowhere near as good as Itsuka did. And no, she wasn't being biased because he was the one dating Itsuka. He was a nice guy, but his hulking muscular form just didn't look amazing in a stealth suit.

Standing, she grabbed the large glass jug that had its bottom cut out. They had the city's permission to cut the power lines on the building, this was the best way to get all of the villains without causing too much damage. "Ultramax is ready, starting containment. Good luck."

She tossed the jar into the air, maneuvering it with a set of strings she had and began to use her quirk to enlarge it. It shook the ground when it landed, snapping the power cords as it trapped the dilapidated building inside of it. It almost looked like a snow globe. Except instead of snow it was probably crack, a crack globe.

Gunshots rang from inside glass prison as she could see flashes of bullet fires and perhaps a few quirks illuminating the building as well. The fighting had begun. Izuku and Itsuka were both experts at fighting even without their quirks. But with them. She winced and then smiled as she saw a giant fist slap some poor kid through the wall and into the jug.

With a sigh Yui walked over to the edge of the building and stared at the street, in theory, their communications should be blocked but they might be able to call for reinforcements anyways. It had been two years since they had graduated U.A. and as a team, they worked well together. All three of them could perform in combat, rescue, and disaster relief, with each one of them having a field they excelled in. And with their more or less fourth member Mei giving them a variety of gadgets they were well equipped.

A tap on the glass alerted her that her teammates were now finished. And both Itsuka and Izuku were carrying at least a dozen knocked out men each. With a shrug she held onto the jug with one hand and forced it to shrink, thankfully she had gotten good at not destroying things when she shrunk or grew an item and in no time the jug was now the size of a thimble.

Using one of Mei's contraptions she rappelled down the side of the building to join her teammates.

"Were there any problems?" She asked jogging up to Itsuka first while she prepared the rope for containment. The police should be on their way soon.

Itsuka nodded, pulling off her mask and letting all of her long red hair flow free, even in the night it seemed to sparkle with life. And then there was her smile. Dammit. "Not at all! We managed to take out all the villains, and didn't destroy the building."

"That only happened once," Izuku grunted as he removed his mask. "How were things on your end Ultramax?"

"No back-up came so this might be the last of them." She checked her wrist where another one of Mei's gadgets displayed a live feed of the police traffic in the city. "The police should be here soon, do you want to tie them up?"

"Nah," Itsuka huffed. "We can just watch them until the police show up. Most of them are harmless now anyways. Besides, we want to have a talk with you Yui."

"We do?" Izuku asked before Itsuka swatted him in the chest and pouted at him. Then his face went red. "Oh, right we do."

"Hmm?" She asked looking between the two lovers, what on earth could they want to talk to her about?

Itsuka grabbed her hand, both of them and pulled her over to just to the side of the still knocked out villains. A large smile lit up Itsuka's face and she was all but dancing. "So, I've been talking to Izuku, and really I have no idea why he was so reluctant to agree to this, but-"

Itsuka looked lover to Izuku who just nodded, his face red even as he smiled.

"But," She continued laughing slightly. "We want you to join us tonight. To see how things work."

"Join with what?" She asked raising an eyebrow. She already joined them for dinner enough that it was basically normal so what could she be asking.

"I thought you were supposed to be the clever one?" Itsuka teased her and bit her lip. "You're important to me Yui, and you're important to Izuku too. That's why we want you to be happy. So we want you to join us in bed. Just to see if it could be something we can all enjoy."

She blinked her mind-melting at the thought. If it had just been Itsuka, she would have jumped with joy. But Izuku being there, that gave her just a bit of pause. "So like a three-way? The two of us and Izuku?"

"Yes," Itsuka nodded. "Now what do you say, I know you won't regret it."

She bit her lip and looked at Izuku once more, then at Itsuka. She already knew what her answer was. "Sure."

As it turned out she could be attracted to a man, as Itsuka and Izuku were very attentive to her needs.


Several years later.

"Mom Mom! Dad Dad! Wake up!"

Itsuka groaned, snuggling closer into Izuku's bare shoulder as she listened to their eldest daughter come running into their bedroom. Every Saturday there was always something that drove her children to come tearing into their bedroom before they had woken up. It had to be revenge for waking them up early to go to school.

"Dear," Izuku yawned holding onto her tighter. "Your kids want you for something."

"They're your kids too."

"Before the sun rises they're your kids."

"Don't start quoting Lion King on me." Pulling her head up from the covers Itsuka let out a long yawn and looked at her children. Both of them were there as her daughter - Haru - was struggling to hold her little brother - Koiru - still.

"Mom mom!" her daughter said smiling at her with one front tooth missing and a bandage over her nose. "Look! Koiru got his quirk!"

That woke Izuku up as he shot out of bed to look at their children. "He did? What is it?"

Rolling her eyes Itsuka smiled and leaned against Izuku. Their daughter Haru had his frizzy green hair that was almost impossible to comb when she was little she kept it long, but ever since she got a pixie cut their tomboy daughter - where did she get that from? - had kept it short.

Their son had her orange hair and had been the quiet child, it really felt like somehow Yui had gotten her pregnant with how that child just seemed to stare and watch people. Hopefully, he didn't get Yui's sass.

"Go on Koiru, show us." She encouraged, smiling at her son.

Koiru's face twisted for a moment before his arms just below his elbows began to coil up like massive springs. Without warning he shot one of them out, it bounced off the ceiling then ground and into the wall where it knocked a wedding picture onto the ground.

"He can do it with his legs too!" Haru hummed and set her brother back on the ground. Without waiting for permission she jumped up onto the bed, Koiru following suit, and all but shouted. "Since he has his quirk now can he have his Quirkday breakfast? He wants pancakes!"

"Quirkday?" Itsuka raised an eyebrow and looked at her children, then up at Izuku who was probably still amazed that both of his children had a quirk.

"Yea, it's like a birthday but for your quirk! Now let's make pancakes!"

Koiru nodded.

A groan came from their bed as Yui sat up, and glared at the whole world. "This is why I don't want kids, they're so loud."

"Aunt Yui is here!" Koiru jumped off the bed and ran to her.

Like it was the most normal thing in the world her dark-haired best friend got out of the bed and grabbed the nearest shirt to be at least semi-decent in front of the kids. With one last yawn, Yui grabbed their son and carried him under her arm. "Come on you delinquents, let's go see if we can make pancakes."

Haru stayed on the bed looking at them. "How come Aunt Yui sometimes sleeps in your bed? A boy in my class said it's because we're poor and poor people share beds."

"That's not it Haru." Izuku sat up and reached out for their daughter, easily grabbing her and pulling her into a hug. "Yui is just your mom's very special friend is all so she sometimes stays over."

"Another boy said it was polyamory, is that what it is?"

A sharp squawk of laughter came from down the hallway Yui had gone down.

Itsuka herself couldn't help but laugh and hugged their daughter as well. "Don't worry so much about it Haru, your Aunt Yui loves you and your brother a whole bunch, so what does it matter?"

"It doesn't, now come on! We need to make sure Haru has a good quirkday!" Haru pushed out of their arms and sprinted down the kitchen.

"Is Quirkday a real thing?" Izuku asked her once their daughter was out of the room.

"It might be now? Or our daughter just made it up to get pancakes." She failed to hold back a yawn and ruffled her hair before stretching. "Come on we should-"

Izuku tackled her forcing her back onto the bed and kissing her neck in just the right place to make her mewl.

"What are you-"

"Let Yui watch them for a bit," His voice was low as he led a trail of kisses up to her mouth. "Let me have some alone time with you."

"They'll hear," She tried to protest, Izuku had always been affectionate, but there were times when he could just overwhelm her. Not that she didn't do the same to him.

"Sound canceling quirk. Remember?" She felt him smile as he kissed her on the lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She barely caught sight of him launching a black whip out of his arm to close and then lock their door.

"Careful," She whispered falling into the mood easier now. "We might end up with another kid."

"That doesn't sound terrible." He kissed her again. "I love you Itsuka."

She smiled and let herself go along with the ride. "I love you too, but no more kids."

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