Title: 11:30
Author: Cindy Ryan
spoilers: everything is fair game
Pairings/catagory: Tony/Michelle, Jack/Kate, angst
Author's notes: This is set in an AU after Ali is killed. For plot purposes I had to turn one character into a quasi-bad guy but that was strictly for plot. And for story's sake the big
fight between Jack and Tony never happened. Also this story makes reference to my other 24 fic 'Peaceful interlude' but you don't have to read that one to follow this one. This story is a work in progress but should be completed soon. And I apoligize for any funky formatting problems......ffnet and my computer seem to have issues of late.
Michelle Dessler's footsteps echoed loudly through the empty parking garage of the
CTU building. She had left the office without telling anyone. Michelle hadn't thought it
necessary since she wasn't actually leaving the building. As she had sat at her desk
Michelle had remembered she had a stash of chocolate in her car. And after the day
from hell they had all had Michelle had decided to take a break and go out and get the
candy. If there was ever a time for a chocolate fix it was now.

As Michelle approached her car she hit the control on her keychain to unlock the
door. Michelle placed her hand on the door handle and briefly rested her forehead
against the window of the driver's side door. She closed her eyes just for a minute.
Michele had never felt as tired as she did at that moment. It wasn't just a physical
exhaustion either. Emotionally he was drained as well. They all were. Michelle took a
deep breath and let it out slowly. She had lost so many friends that day. She could still
see they're battered bodies from the explosion. The blood.....

Michelle shook herself and pushed herself away from the car as she opened her eyes.
She couldn't let herself think about it. Not now. There was still so much to do. Tony
needed her.....needed them all to keep a cool head. Michelle opened the door and
was about to reach over to the glove compartment when she felt a presence behind
her. Startled she quickly backed out of the car and turned around.
When she saw who it was Michelle visibly relaxed.

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that."Dessler reprimanded gently. "You
startled me."

"I'm sorry."Yusuf Auda apologized. "But I didn't want you to scream and alert the

It was only then that Michelle noticed the gun the intelligence liaison was holding. It
was cocked and aimed squarely at her chest. Michelle instantly backed up
against the car.

"What do you want?"Michelle asked struggling not to let the fear into her voice.

"To prove that my country is not involved with the bomb."Yusuf replied his dark eyes
scanning the garage for any movement.

"Taking me won't do that."Michelle stated her right hand inching toward her cell phone
in her right pant's pocket. She had Tony's number on speed dial. If she could just hit
the right button he'd hear what was going on and alert security.

Yusuf smiled. "You're more important than you realize."He waved the gun to the right.
"This way please. And hands raised above your head. I don't want you to try to signal
anyone for help."

Michelle reluctantly started walking. At least she still had her cell phone. Dessler just
prayed that she'd have the opportunity to call for help.

Yusuf led them to his rental car. He popped open the trunk and ordered Michelle to
climb in.

As Auda closed the lid Michelle tried one more time to reason with him. "If you let me
go I promise I'll talk to Tony."

Yusuf shook his head. "Almedia is under orders not to let me into the investigation."

The lid was now only a crack from being closed.

"Tony's a good man."Michelle pleaded. "If you give him something.... a way to trust
you he'll work with you."

Yusuf's only reply was to close the trunk.


Tony Almedia stared at the crime scene in disbelief. How the hell had a sniper gotten
to Ali? More importantly how had that sniper known when the transfer was taking
Somebody on the inside had leaked information and Tony was going to find out who it
was if it was the last thing he did.

"I think Ali was telling the truth...."Jack Bauer was saying just as Tony's cell phone

Tony sighed as he took the device out of his pocket and flipped it open. "Almedia."

A computer disguised voice replied back. "I have one of your own.....from your

Tony froze and he motioned Jack to step closer.

"Who is this?"Tony demanded this was the last thing he needed.

The voice laughed. "Who I am does not matter at this moment. What matters is your
willingness to cooperate when I contact you again."

"Who have you taken?"Tony asked his question causing Jack to raise an eyebrow as
he tried to figure out what was going on.

"You'll know."The voice replied ending the conversation.

"Damn it."Tony swore as he hit the speed dial for the office. "Carrie, get a head count
on everybody but do it without alarming them. I'll explain more when I get back."

"What is it?"Jack asked quietly.

"Somebody was taken from CTU. I don't know who and I don't know who took
them."Tony replied angrily as he turned and headed back toward CTU.

"Think it's connected to Ali's shooting?"Jack asked his voice tight and controlled.

"Too much of a coincidence not to be."Tony acknowledged as he slammed open the
door. "I have Carrie doing a head count. Jack I need you to talk with security and see
if there was any unauthorized access."

Jack nodded then asked. "You okay?"

Tony nodded with a tired smile. "Don't have a choice.....have to be okay. Part of
being the boss."

Jack and Tony parted ways at the entrance to the CTU bullpen.