Muggle Love

Chapter One: The New Muggle Studies Professor

* * *

Hotaru Tomoe, a frail looking girl at the age of thirteen, was walking down the crowded Platform 93/4. Her black haired head stuck out in the sea of blondes, reds and brunettes. Her violets eyes gleamed in anticipation as she took in every child around her age. They were all going to Hogwarts: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She wore a normal silk black robe, a pointed hat and in her hands was a normal black bag. Her wand was nowhere to be found, but the children around her assumed that she had one hidden in her robes. She then looked aimlessly around when the red scarlet train, with "Hogwarts Express" written in black bold letters at the sides, pulled to a stop.

Before she could take in everything, the children rushed forward into the train, afraid to be left behind. Her form was pushed against the crowd like a tennis ball; she couldn't stop and couldn't reach the train! She quickly drew in her breath and desperately ran towards the slick vehicle.

Without warning the crowd, once again, pushed her back. She then quickly crashed into someone, flinging the adult to the ground too. She gasped when she realized that she was flung into someone.

"I'm so sorry!" Hotaru burst out, a thin layer of blush on her cheeks and a worried expression etched on her face, "I couldn't control myself. They pushed me back and- and- and I'm so sorry!"

The woman had a straight face on, her greying black hair in a tight bun, her strict blue eyes framed with glasses. She was dressed in emerald-green robes with her wand stuck into her pocket. She then quickly got up and looked at her with cold examining eyes. When she saw the fright in the little girl's face, she quickly softened her glare and said, "You must be the new Muggle Studies Professor."

Hotaru nodded, her neck tense and her body as stiff as a hard board. Then she replied, "Yes... I am."

Then the woman introduced herself, "My name is Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, Professor in Transfiguration and the Head of the Gryffindor House."

"I-I'm H-Hotaru To-Tomoe," she stuttered and immediately whacked herself mentally for her stupidity. Of course, who could blame her? Minerva McGonagall absolutely radiated with strict authority and confidence.

The Head of the Gryffindor House perked an eyebrow up at her, quite amused by the girl's shyness and instructed, "Come, follow me."

Hotaru nodded, not trusting her voice. Then she followed Minerva through the crowd of children. Suddenly, the crowd of kids split into two large groups, making a clear path towards the train. They moved away from the woman in front of Hotaru as if McGonagall was a plague, but Hotaru had to admit, it was an impressive display of how much power Minerva held.

"This way," the Deputy Headmistress directed her through the train, speaking to some of the students now and then.

"Longbottom, watch where you're going," she snapped at a slightly plump boy with blonde hair when he tripped and fell into one of the compartments.

"Weasleys! Jordan!" McGonagall shouted at two redheaded twin boys and another boy when they set firecrackers loose in the hallway, "Clean this mess up! And one week's detention!"

"But the school year hasn't even started yet," groaned one of the twins, but McGonagall wouldn't hear of it.

"Malfoy! Potter! Weasley!" as McGonagall named them, each one of them stopped throwing spells at each other. One had blonde hair with pale blue eyes, and had a bruise on his left cheek. The one with black ruffled hair and sharp green eyes had his lower lip split open and the redheaded one with brown chocolate eyes had his nose bleeding slightly.

"No more fighting!" the Professor yelled with a cool face, "Detention for two weeks!"

Then the both of them walked off in between the boys with a slight acknowledgement from Minerva, a smile and a nod, to a brunette girl beside them, "Granger."

Then finally they reached to a compartment where Hotaru sat comfortably beside another Professor of Hogwarts. He had slick greasy black hair, piercing brown eyes and his lips were set in a thin line. He wore black robes and she saw his wand in one of his pockets.

When he realized that she was looking at him, he greeted her coolly, "Serveus Snape, Professor of Potions and the Head of the Slytherin House."

Hotaru smiled slightly and replied with more confidence then she had with McGonagall, even if Serveus spoke to her coldly, "I'm Hotaru Tomoe... the new Professor of Muggle Studies."

He nodded and told her casually, "Yes. Professor Mann always made a mess of things. A good thing he excepted the job in Beauxbatons."

Hotaru didn't say anything; afraid of he'd do to her if she thought of him as rude. She looked at Minerva and saw that she looked crossly at Snape. Then McGonagall said, "Have you seen the new Defence Against The Dark Arts Professor?"

"No," Serveus said simply, "Flitwick is supposed to escort him to this compartment."

"I see," she said.

The next thing Hotaru knew was that the compartment door slid open to reveal a small wizard in silver robes, he wore golden-rimmed glasses around his greyish blue eyes and his hair was already snowy white. He spoke in an elfish voice, "The Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher did not show up."

McGonagall stood up unexpectedly and voiced, "How could it be?"

"He could be in one of the other compartments," Snape suggested, also standing up.

"I'll go look for him," Flitwick volunteered quickly along with Snape and then they exited.

Minerva sat back down, feeling a migraine coming on. She quickly picked up her wand, tapped it once on her temple and whispered a spell that Hotaru could not hear. Suddenly, a small green sphere circled around her head, creating a tail of glitter. Minerva let out a sigh as the pain dispersed.

Hotaru sat there, surprised yet again by the prospect of magic. The boys who were fighting in the hallway were enough to send her reeling back to the last century, but this was different. This was too close for comfort! She then started to twiddle her thumbs together and fidgeted with her black bag on her lap.

Minerva McGonagall, seeing this, quickly remembered why this thirteen-year-old girl was uncomfortable around her, "Don't worry. You'll get use to magic soon. You should not fear us, especially the students. Once you step on Hogwarts property, you are their teacher."

Hotaru looked up and was glad at what she heard. She let her head give a nod and decided to enjoy the rest of the ride. After an hour or two, the train stopped and she stepped off of the train, following McGonagall of course.

When she stepped out of the train she gasped silently. The view was incredible! The dark large castle loomed over the students, however it didn't look so frightening. It looked... homey, with candlelight looming from the large windows and the pitch-black surface of the water made it mysterious. Standing just in front of the large double door entrance of the school was the Headmaster himself.

His untainted snowy white hair and beard reflected the full moon's rays. His half moon spectacles gleamed along side his fair blue eyes; he wore purple robes and a purple pointed hat. His name was Albus Dumbledore, Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards and the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

A smile broke out of Hotaru's face as she ran up to him and exclaimed, "Uncle Albus!" Of course, no one heard.

"Hotaru, my dear!" he called, drawing his great niece in a hug. When he set her down, students started talking about the girl, all the while Albus said, "How's the Limitless Bag?"

He was referring to the black bag she held in her hands and she quickly told him softly, "I was surprised when it swallowed up my television and my computer!"

"Yes, I understand television... but computer, my dear?" the Headmaster asked, a bit confused.

She smiled, "I'll tell you later."

"Yes. That would be appropriate," he mumbled, but then addressed McGonagall, "Minerva, could you direct the students to the Great Hall? I'll be waiting."

McGonagall nodded as Professor Dumbledore led the teachers to the Great Hall. Hotaru followed closely beside her uncle, afraid of the pictures that were waving at her... and talking! But she knew that her uncle would protect her, or she would have never accepted such a job at such a young age.

When they stopped at a giant wooden door, her great uncle drew out his wand, directed the end of the wand at the keyhole and commanded, "Alohomora." A click was heard from the lock and it slowly swung open. Hotaru looked in and saw an empty room, four long tables, a long table up a few steps, and millions of chairs. From the giant glass stained windows came coloured beams of moonlight, though it was a beautiful effect... it was still missing something.

"We need a few decorations, now, don't we?" he directed the question towards her and Hotaru nodded, still interested in the huge room. With a flick of his wand, floating candles lit up the room, the ceiling was now painted with the night sky, coloured steamers framed the edges of the room and it immediately got warmer.

Hotaru couldn't help but smile. This was indeed the only magic she absolutely loved. Making something cold and dark into something that held warmth and brightness. She let out a satisfied sigh as her uncle lead her to her seat, right beside him!

While eating the grand feast set before her by a simple "swoosh" motion from her great uncle's wand, she noticed many stares at her; although, she wasn't really aware until ten minutes ago. First of all, the students filing into the room made her feel small, the talking Sorting Hat scared her, the ghosts sent her shivering and when the food appeared out of thin air, she was stunned in amazement.

Later afterwards, when everyone was filled, the dishes disappeared with another flicking motion from Albus Dumbledore's wand. She heard him sigh and then he stood up, it was obvious to the students that he was going to say something so they fell silent. Soon Dumbledore's voice followed, "This year our dear Professor Mann has accepted a job at Beauxbatons. Therefore, to replace him, we found a more than qualified person to take his place. The new Muggle Studies Professor is... Hotaru Tomoe."

He nodded towards Hotaru, telling her to stand up. While biting her lower lip she stood up. The whole hall was silent with amazement. The fact that Hotaru was a girl about their age shocked them. They stared at her, until they realized that there would actually be a Professor that could relate to them. Out of nowhere, a burst of cheer erupted from the Gryffindor table, followed by the Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and, eventually, the Slytherins clapped reluctantly.

Slowly Hotaru sat down, blushing madly. It was quite apparent that she had not expected such a greeting. But then her uncle silenced the crowd again and announced, "As you could see. Once again we need a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. So... I've decided that I, myself, will be the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor."

The whole hall shook from the new eruption of cheers. Hotaru smiled as she noticed how well liked her great uncle was. No wonder he likes this job, she thought with another smile. Without much though she clapped along too, and silently told herself that accepting the job, as a professor in Hogwarts, was perfect.

* * *

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