Muggle Love

Chapter Two: The First Muggle Studies Class

* * *

Hotaru was nervous when she walked towards her classroom, trying to ignore the moving eyes from the paintings and the strange stares from the students. Clenching onto her Limitless Bag, she opened the door and walked to her desk, quenching the conversations around her.

Her classroom was larger than usual. Large windows with crimson drapes were behind her desk along with a giant chalkboard. Facing the windows were her student's desks and chairs, and the walls had moving pictures of famous muggles, such as Shakespeare and Einstein.

Setting her bag onto her desk, she turned around and stared at the fifth years. She gave a silent sigh and then addressed them, "G-good morning." She immediately envisioned herself jumping off a cliff, how stupid could she sound?

"G-good m-morning," a blonde male student mocked, imitating her.

Hotaru quickly turned around, not wanting her students to see her beet-red face while laughs trailed from half of the students. She bit her lower lip and remembered why she was doing this. 'Do this for Uncle Albus! Get a freakin' grip, girl!' she scolded herself.

Taking in another gulp of air, the teenager turned around and tried again, "My name is Hotaru Tomoe-"

"Yeah, and you're a muggle," a girl spat out.

Hotaru was taken aback and reached far into her memory banks for the word 'muggle'. It took her a second or two to finally remember what a muggle was, it was the word for non-magic people. 'So, they don't like muggles,' she thought sadly.

"Um... yeah, I'm a muggle," she said awkwardly, trying not to sound moronic.

"We don't need a muggle professor here at Hogwarts," the blonde boy spoke up again, "Go back to where you came from, mudblood."

"Shut your mouth, Malfoy!" yelled a boy with ebony hair and glasses.

"Why don't you, Potter!" screamed the boy named 'Malfoy'.

Suddenly, Hotaru saw that the students were split into two very separate groups, it was now that she noticed that half wore robes with a red and gold badge while the other half wore green and silver badges.

Of course! Now she remembered! Her uncle told her that there were four houses in Hogwarts that students could be sorted in. The colours on their badges told her that her classroom were filled with... Gryffindors and... Slytherins!

'Uncle Albus told me that they were rival houses,' Hotaru mused, 'So why did he put them together in my class?'

"Perhaps Professor Tomoe should subtract points from your house, Malfoy!" a redheaded Gryffindor shot back at the blonde and then looked at the teacher, hopeful that she'll heed his suggestion.

'Points?' Hotaru thought, now really confused when all eyes fell upon her.

"Ha!" Malfoy abruptly burst out, "The mudblood doesn't even know our point system!"

Slytherins burst out laughing while the Gryffindors glared causing Hotaru's mind to work faster. It seemed to her that the points from their houses were important because when the suggestion of her subtracting points came up, the whole room was tense.

Hotaru mentally smacked her forehead on the castle bricks over and over again until... now she remembered! Points were given to people who were good, kind of like a doggy treat to an obedient dog, and points were taken away from students who were bad, like taking candy from a bad child. Those points were added/subtracted to/from their houses and whichever house had the most points wins the House Cup at the end of the year.

"I take," Hotaru interrupted the class argument loudly. 20? Too mean. 2? Too small... "5 points from the Slytherin House."

There was silence... for only about three seconds when Malfoy said, "So the mudblood figured out the point system. Not like 5 points is a major dent in our house points."

The Slytherins sniggered, stirring Hotaru's simmering anger. 'How rude!' she thought, frowning, 'Does he have any manners?' Then it hit her! Mudblood was a very insulting word. She remembered her uncle saying that mudblood sort of meant dirty blood!

"50 points from Slytherin due to- Malfoy, was it? - Malfoy's rude comment. No sorry... comments," Hotaru said with an edge, "Now all of you sit down before I take more points."

All of them complied, afraid of their professor's change of attitude. 'So, being a professor had it's perks,' she thought with a mental smirk.

Now, she started anew, "My name is Hotaru Tomoe, you may call me Professor Tomoe. This is, of course, Muggle Studies."

She kept her eyes on Malfoy, waiting for him to say something. However, to her greatest relief, he did not utter a single word. Making sure that everyone was listening, she continued, "I noticed that you all have quills..." She dug into her bag and brought forth pencils, "now you will use pencils."

She handed the batch of pencils to the first person on the left and told her to take one and pass it back. She did the same thing to the other side, take one and pass it back. While the students were obtaining their writing utensils, Hotaru pulled out notebooks and did the same thing again telling them, "No more rolls of paper. Lined paper in a notebook, just like muggles."

Halfway through the shuffling and the gasps of wonders from looking at the neatly lined paper, the professor said, "Since we wasted so much of our time on arguing and disobedient manners," she turned and looked at Malfoy, "Instead of teaching you about muggle architect," she heard a whine of disappointment from a Gryffindor brunette, "I will go over this year's program with you."

Malfoy gave a heavy sigh of boredom.

"Is anything wrong, Mr. Malfoy?" Hotaru asked calmly, getting ready to fight if needed.

"No," he said as the Gryffindors gave each other knowing looks. This Professor was already an anti-Slytherin!

"Good," she said in a satisfied tone, "Over this year I'll be teaching you about muggle architect because I know that most of your houses are being kept up and steady due to magic. Now, you will know how buildings won't collapse without magic and how they are formed so that each wall support each other."

Hotaru saw that the brunette was really excited and carried on, "I will teach you about simple muggle entertainment. Such as the television, the telephone and the computer."

The brunette was at the edge of her seat.

"I will introduce to you muggle sweets, muggle subjects in schools and muggle slang," she said, while noticing that most of her students were fascinated.

"Also, I'm sure that in the future you might work with muggles," Malfoy groaned and rolled his eyes. Hotaru ignored him and finished off her sentence, "That's why I'm teaching you how to use muggle money."

A gasp echoed in the room, the girls started to whisper among themselves as the boys talked with wide eyes. It was ten seconds when she interrupted, "Any questions?"

The brunette's hand shot up immediately, her eyes still dazed about the forthcoming lessons.

"Yes, what's your name?" Hotaru asked first.

"Hermione Granger, miss," she replied.

Hotaru nodded and enquired, "What's your question?"

"Does the headmaster allow muggle technology in Hogwarts?" Hermione asked, making the classroom fall silent.

"Yes. In fact, he was the one who suggested I use muggle technology," the professor replied. The students smiled. You could tell they've been given a treat if they could mess with muggle things.

Suddenly, the bell rang and Hotaru quickly dismissed the class. However, three companions stayed behind and walked up to her. Hermione, being the one Hotaru knew, introduced the other's, "Professor Tomoe, I'd like you to meet my friends. Ron Weasley and Harry Potter."

"Hi," Hotaru greeted cheerfully, slowly turning back to her child-like self.

"Man, I love your class!" Ron, the redheaded boy from earlier in her class, exclaimed, "The way you took 50 points from Slytherin was unforgettable. And Malfoy thought you couldn't do it."

It was then that Hotaru remembered Hermione and Ron... they were prefects! Students with status that could take away points! "You two are prefects, right?" she asked, cutting Ron off from one of his rants.

"Yes, they are," Harry answered, staring at her.

Hotaru stared at Harry, somehow thinking that he was familiar. Something about the scar made her remember about a boy in the magical world that did great things. Shaking head lightly she said, "That's good."

She was aware that Harry was confused about her attitude. 'Does he think I'm going to kiss his feet?' Hotaru thought, as equally confused.

"Harry, Ron, we'd better go or we'll miss DADA," Hermione said.

"Oh, Professor Dumbledore's in that class!" Ron exclaimed.

"We'll see you around professor," Harry said, still perplexed.

"Alright," she said, "Bye."

Then the three of them walked away, leaving Hotaru to organize her desk for her next class.

* * *

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