Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was a normal quiet night at the Kamiya Dojo. Until...


"Ayako! Be quiet! We have to be...SHINOBI LIKE!" shouted a voice.

"YOU SHUT UP TAMA! I tripped on a pebble..." said Ayako as she dusted herself off.

"A...pebble?" asked Tama. As she began walking, she tripped on the pebble too, and Ayako was giggling like a mad man, as Tama looked up with a horrible death glare.

"Wow, I feel, scared!" said Ayako, and snickered again. "Hush! Were here...aha, Kamiya Kesshin Dojo!" Tama pushed open the wood doors. "You'd think they would at least lock the doors at night..." said Ayako, following close behind Tama. "You got the dust?" asked Tama, turning around. Ayako held up a bag of sparkling blue dust, and grinned. "Right wait a long are the effects?" asked Ayako. Tama shrugged. "I dunno! Hey, we want entertainment right?!"

The two girls entered the main house of the dojo, and Tama haulted Ayako. "Ah...japanese custom, shoes off!" Ayako rolled her eyes, and Tama grinned.

Shedding their shoes, the sneaky duo crept around the dojo, searching for the elusive Kenshin. With a sudden "ack," Tama tripped over a prone figure, lying on the floor. "What the hell--AHA!" Tama did a classic evil cackle, ending with a less-then-spectacular cough from lack of air. "We have found him!"

Ayako glanced at Kenshin's upright figure, noting his closed eyes and immobile body. "Um... So, is there a reason he sleeps upright?" Tama shrugged, "Must be a guy thing." She poked her Ayako, "Time to get a-sprinklin'!" She announced. Ayako rolled her eyes, opening the tiny clasp that held the pouch close. She dipped her hand greedily in, snickering as Tama sneezed. "VIOLA!" She cried as she sprinkled a hearty handful on the sleeping Kenshin.

Kenshin's eyes fluttered a bit as he heard Ayako's loud exclaimation, and Tama whacked her friend over the head.

"You retard!" Tama scolded.

Ayako merely grinned and offered the bag to Tama, who dumped it's entire contents on poor-unaware-Kenshin.

"O...oro?" Kenshin saw the two girls above him, and stood up, as Tama and Ayako began to run. "RUN DAMMIT!" shouted Tama, pushing Ayako, before Kenshin had a chance to unsheath his sword and go after the girls.

Kenshin stood up and saw as Tama, snapped her fingers, and the girls disappeared in a blue light of swirling colors. "O...oro?" Once again, our poor Kenshin was just as confused as ever, and had no idea what was going to happen the next day...

The next day...

Unlce Kenny?" asked Ayane as she pushed open the wood door. "Uncle Kenny!" shouted Suzume. "Where is Uncle Kenny?" asked Ayame, as she pushed open another door.

"Have you found him yet?" asked Kaoru as Sano and Yahiko joined up with her in the center of the dojo. "No, its like he just vanished..." said Sano as he looked over his shoulder. "Why's busu so worried?!" teased Yahiko, sticking his tounge out at Kaoru who glared at him, and then the two got into a weird anime style fight, as Sano ignored them


"Come with meee..." The pink panda twirled around and motioned to Kenshin with one large paw. "We shall travel the world! We shall have tea on Mt. Everest, shout in the Grand Canyon--" The panda suddenly began to chirp in a high voice. "Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!"

Kenshin awoke with a start, rubbing his eyes sleepyly. "Pandas?" He questioned

Kenshin proceeded to get up, swaggering all the way to the bathroom. He washed his face in swift movements, hurriedly uncapping his toothpaste, when he realized his chest was feeling abnormally heavy. Stopping momentarily from his rushed tooth-brushing, he nearly gagged. Protruding strangely from his pajamas, were two... lumps. With morbid fascination, he let the toothbrush fall and poked it experimentally. It jiggled.

Forgetting his toothbrush, he opened his clothing and inspected the round things further, "Oro? Why these...they look like..." He trailed off, unable to continue.

Kenshin blinked, and looked at the mirror. He did a double-take. His bangs were slightly more outward, and his face looked softer and smaller. His hands had longer nails and were slender and delicate. His eyes were much bigger and eyebrow's much thinner. His hair was slightly more wavy, and went futher down his back. Kenshin blinked as he looked from left to right, and dropped his toothbrush into the water. "Common Himura, keep it together..." Kenshin bit his lower lip and looked at his back side.

Observing that he had gained this new physique, he then remembered. Two girls. One with a crazed look on her face, the other was laughing so hard she was choking. Those two girls, they were responsible for this. He just knew it, and he would find them if it was the last thing he did...but first, how was he going to explain to Kaoru-dono that he was...he was...that he was...a girl?