Chapter 15: The End of Maki

"Eh…Tama-dono, before we go any further, just what did you have Ayako-dono say to Kaoru-dono?" asked Kenshin, as Ayako, Tama and Kenshin had been flying through the sky on their purple chocobo.

"Well Mr. Himura. There is a point to us turning you into a girl…but our plan is kinda…not how we expected it to come out. Besides all the stuff with the committee, we had you as a target for out own little personal reasons. You know how you and Kaoru are so cute together?" asked Tama.

"Oro? Cute?" asked Kenshin.

"YAH! You two are SOOOO adorable!" said Ayako smiling at Kenshin. "When she whacks you and then you give that swirly eyed face, it's so cute!"

Tama rolled her eyes. "Mr. Himura, prepare to become…eh, music please, Ayako?"

"Sure thing Tama!" Ayako took out a boom box and pressed play, and the famous "Dun dun dunnnn" played.

Tama sweatdropped. "A boyfriend!" she shouted.

"Sessha? A boyfriend? Oro? Sessha is not worth of Kaoru-dono's love!" said Kenshin, pulling on Tama's waist as she made the chocobo make a sharp left.

"Yah, yah, sure. Mr. Himura, you have self-esteem issues…you know? You always say sessha! You're not unworthy! Stop putting yourself down and enjoy life, ya know? I mean, sure, you were a killer in the past, but who gives a flying rat's ass about your past, isn't that what Kaoru said? If you ask me, Mr. Himura, I think you need a shrink…I know! When all of this is done, I can hire one for you, your own personal shrink, how does that sound Mr. Himura?" asked Tama, smiling.

Kenshin blinked. "Oro? A shrink?"

Tama smiled and nodded. "Yup!" she said, and grinned at Kenshin.

"Alright Ayako! You can stop playing the, DUN DUN DUN!" said Tama, rolling her eyes at her friend.

Ayako sweatdropped. "Eh…oops…"

"Here we are!" said Tama, as the chocobo came too a stop in front of a large building. "Trilia industries!"

Ayako got off, boots hitting the paved ground. "Common Mr. Himura, let's go."

"It's rather big," said Kenshin, looking up at the building, blinking a few times, as the double suns, Eirta and Mirta blinded him.

"Yah…but inside, it's completely different!" Tama tugged at Kenshin's hand. "Lady Junko and Akada are waiting inside for us, let's go!"

Kenshin allowed himself to be pulled into the large building and toward an elevator. "What's this, Tama-dono?" Tama blinked. "Oh yah…that's right, it's still the 1870's or whatever on Earth, well, this is called and elevator!" said Tama, smiling. "It's made of metal and you press this button to make it go up or down."

Kenshin was confused, as usual. "Oro?"

"Never mind. Common, the top floor is where the committee is waiting for us." Tama grabbed Kenshin's hand, and Ayako followed in, as the elevator's door's closed and they were on their way.

"Their here." Said Akada, looking as the door opened, and Ayako, Tama and Kenshin filed out. Junko looked as they ran toward them.

"Is the committee ready?" asked Tama, letting go of Kenshin's hand and putting her own on both sides of her hips.

Akada nodded. "All they're waiting for is you guys and Mr. Himura." She folded her arms, and looked at Kenshin. "Are you ready Mr. Himura?" asked Akada, as Tama and Ayako looked at him waiting for his answer.

"Yes, sessha is ready." Said Kenshin, nodding at the Akada, who turned around, pushing the heavy oak wood doors open, to reveal a wide-open space with three podiums stacked neatly, side by side.

"Elder Maki, I have come with Tama and Ayako." Said Akada, looking up at a dark figure made present in the shadows. Bright light's turned on as if they were being interrogated for a crime. Everyone shielded his or her eyes as the counsel came into view. On the sides of Elder Maki was a rather plump old woman who wore a purple dress with pink frills at the end. She had on old lady spectacles and a pearl choker was fitted around her fat neck. Lady Aino. Elder Maki was still a woman and he was looking rather annoyed.

"Elder Maki." Began Tama, in a rather dignified voice, unlike her own. "I stand before you on behalf of all the half-breed witches to testify against your acts to treat us differently than other people. Yes, I have defied the rules beyond comparison, but you have too."

Elder Maki narrowed his wrinkled eyes and stared at Tama who stood her ground, not phased by this old man who she had turned into a woman just a day or so ago.

"Me? Broken a rule! Ha! Child, you are a wanted fugitive, and what's this? You have brought a human into our midsts? For that you shall be hung once this trial is over."

Tama looked at Maki and narrowed her eyes. "I will gladly take full punishment for all the rules that have been broken." Akada and Ayako both gasped as Kenshin stepped up. "Tama-dono!" he said. Tama turned to look at them. Don't worry, I got this under control."

Tama looked at Elder Maki. "Although…if I'm not mistaken, elder. You have broken rule number one. One of the most sacred rules in the book, and if broken you would be burned at the stake."

Maki raised his eyebrows. "HA! I have hardly broken any rules! You speak of nonsense!'

Tama shook her finger. "Ah, but it is you who speaks nonsense." She said and smirked. "Rule 1, All cheese shall rightfully be given to Tama and Ayako when grown. If you do not give it in, you shall be forced to be their love slaves for a million gazillion years!"


Elder Maki looked at Kenshin. "Radishes!? Cheese!? What unearthly and ungodly things do you talk about you stupid little girls!? And what is this…this thing you have brought with you!?"

"MR. HIMURA IS 100 MAN! MORE MAN THAN YOU'LL EVER BE!" shouted Tama, grabbing Kenshin around the neck and shaking him, Kenshin growing his famous, O.O eyes.

"Oro!?" shouted Kenshin as Tama let go of him and she pointed toward Elder Maki. "Leaving yourself open and susceptible to spells! That's what I call a pure Grade A sissy."

Elder Maki's wrinkly fingers grasped his podium. "WHY YOU LITTLE—"

"'Why you little' what? Afraid to say what you really wanna say cause you have no gonads?!" shouted Ayako. Elder Maki's fingers grasped the podium harder as his anger steadily got to boiling point. "Elder Maki's got PMS! Elder Maki's got PMS!" shouted Ayako and Tama, grasping each other's hands and running around as if they were children.


"Nanananaa!! Can't catch us!" shouted Tama as Elder Maki rose out of his seat in an attempt to run after the two girls. Tama jumped onto the podium and started shaking her ass at Maki. "Can't get me!" she shouted.

Ayako giggled as she dodged Maki and jumped to the left, and on top of Aino's head. "Eh oh! My name's Laa Laa! What's yours!?"

Tama giggled and said, "My names Po! I like my red scooter!" Kenshin blinked. He had never seen Tama and Ayako act so strangely before. Maki glared at them then turned to Kenshin. "If I can't catch them, might as well go after the human and kill him!"

Maki started to run for Kenshin who just gave a slight, "Oro?"

Maki leaped for Kenshin, who easily dodged as Maki crashed into bowling pins (!?). "SCORE!" shouted Tama, as she jumped into the air and started to cheer. Ayako jumped down from Aino's head, who seemed to have said nothing throughout the entire meeting but stare straight ahead of her. Shhhh…don't tell anyone, but she's been long dead and is just there for show!

Maki groaned as he sat up. "Give up yet Maki?" asked Tama, who stood over him, holding a bowling ball.

"NEVER!" shouted Maki.

"BUZZZZ! WRONG ANSWER!" shouted Ayako, as she took the bowling ball from Tama and dropped it straight down on Maki's head. Little Tama and Ayako's started to float around the aging Elder's head as he passed out.

"Mr. Himura…would you do the honors?" asked Tama, smiling at him.

"Tama-dono. You know sessha had never vowed to kill again." Said Kenshin, walking toward Tama and Ayako.

"No Mr. Himura, would you mind taking the daikon radishes he stole from you?" asked Ayako.

Kenshin blinked. "He stole daikon radishes from sessha!?"

Tama shrugged. "Nah, just wanted to always say that to ya…well…looks like Elder Maki's unconscious! Time to put an end to him!"

Kenshin blinked. "Where are we going to put him Tama-dono?" asked Kenshin.

Tama smirked. "Oh…I've got the perfect idea…"

"Should we really put him here, Tama-dono?" asked Kenshin.

"Sure, the strip joint could use a wrinkly old man with jacked up morals." Said Tama smiling at Kenshin.

Ayako sweatdropped. "I have nothing too do with this if anyone asks." She said.

"Well…that takes care of that. Looks like thing's have finally been solved Mr. Himura." Said Tama, as they started to walk back to the dojo.

"But Tama-dono, what about…" Kenshin looked down.

"Holy flying sheep, I forgot about that…hold on!" Tama reached into her pocket and took out some red powder. "Here, it's the reversal effects, I got to work on it a little while after we stopped contacting you in your dreams, here's the exact amount for you and Yahiko in that bag. Well Mr. Himura…looks like we gotta run!" said Tama.

Ayako gave him a big hug. "Bye Mr. Himura! I had lot's of fun making you say "Oro!"



Tama smiled at him. "Things are still hetic, and the committee is still trying to figure out what happened to Elder Maki. In the meantime Mr. Himura, sweet dreams and good luck with Kaoru!"

Tama and Ayako mounted their purple chocobo and smiled. "Bye Mr. Himura…and oh! About you shrink…you can expect to have on pretty soon." Said Tama and grinned as they rode off into the sun.

"Oh Kenshin!" shouted Kaoru as she ran to go hug Kenshin.

"Kaoru-dono? What's the matter?" asked Kenshin, looking at the worried expression on Kaoru's face.

"We were all so worried!" She hugged Kenshin. "Don't ever leave me like that again!"

"But Kaoru-dono!" Kenshin was cut off when Kaoru gave him a big smackeroo on the lips.

"Mrgfh…mmf…mm…mmhm…" SO! This is was Tama was talking about when she said that she would help Kenshin and Kaoru out. He slid his arm around Kaoru's thin waist. Kenshin…as much as he thought he was unworthy couldn't deny it. It was kinda nice.

"I love you Kenshin." Said Kaoru.

"I love you Kaoru-dono." Said Kenshin, as he looked up at the night stars. Was he imagining it, or did he see a purple chocobo fly across the dojo, throwing stars and glitter into the sky? Yup…just imagining it…