It's been days since Ryan, Sara, Paul, and David have met the Dinosaucers and becoming Secret Scouts on that fateful night.

This morning, Sara went out to the woods to test out her jumping abilities when using her Secret Scouts ring, and what could be a better thing to do than jumping over a top of a cliff.

She thought back on the first time she used her ring. She's already good with gymnastics, but she didn't expect that the ring would enhance them. Anyway, when she tried to jump on the other side of the river using her ring, she landed on the bush instead of the ground. On her second try, she landed on a tree branch instead of the ground. At least it took days of practice to finally perfect the jump while being enhanced by the ring.

Looking at the cliff, she took a deep breath before starting.

"Here goes," she said before setting up the timer on how long can she jump up high to the top of the cliff while being enhanced by her ring. Then she raised her arm. "Secret Scouts Ring, power up!"

In an instant, her body is covered with blue energy before making her jump to the first part of the cliff. Then she moved on the other part, and so forth.

At least she managed to reach the top.

She stopped the timer to see how long she reached there.

"One minute, and two seconds. That should be a record. At least I did it without breaking a sweat," she said with satisfaction.

This is one jumping test she'll never forget.

Author's Note: Not bad for my first Dinosaucers fanfiction story, wouldn't you agree? By the way, this is a one-shot.