"He... he... help me! Someone help me! A monster! They're attacking us! A monster with form of witch wants to eat me!"

She just sighed. That was exactly what she wanted to avoid when she decided to take that small, dark and ridiculously silent sender that made it through the woods instead of go for the main path that went to that small town. It's not like she needed to choose one of them, her nose could guide her to there, but it was well known for their people that before to fall in a sticking pound or to have to face the danger of some cliff, a less annoying choice was always the humans' paths. More than that, it was impossible to denied that human scent or any trail of their activities kept dangerous criatures away, those that were smarter, that were a real danger, those that could mean a bother in her complicated travel.

One of her eyebrows raised seeing how the mid aged man with small eyes let the wooden pieces that he was carrying on his back and that probably took him all that day to recollect them in order to ran away whilst kept babbling... Humans.

How is that they can't see something so obvious? If she wanted them as her dinner, they would never knew what happened...

She continued her way without changing the calm rytmh of her steps. How it was possible to have such a bad luck? Just the day she came one of thirty habitants (Were they less?) of that tiny village had decided to pick up firewood in that hidden place, that judging by the foliage that grown on the path it was evident that was abandoned long time ago... She crossed her arms on her chest while heard the distant voices and the crisis that was taking place between the villagers, making the visit she planned to be fast and discreet a big event in just a blink.

The weather was hot. No. She was hot.

She stopped for a minute to wait her bad mood to be controllable. If she got close to the town in that instant she would end up setting fire on it... Her irritated gaze stopped on her feet covered with a pair of thick and fluffy boots made of black fur remembering how others of her kind just went barefoot. Those were long enough to reach her knees where her whiti skin couldn't be seem because her long legs were covered with skinny pants of the same colour, maybe they were not so thick but they were warm... Too warm... She growled, her long black tail was slowly moving out of rage. From her waist hung a leather belt where she carried a tiny flask and some knifes and needles she had taken from a rude ninja some years ago; she also carried there a katana in an elegant sheath. The dark metallic armor that covered her chest didn't touched her skin either like others tribes used to wear, under it she had a dark gray thick sweater with long sleeves that adapted very well on her body. From a point near to her elbows to her wrists the sweater was covered with a pair of warmers made of the same fur than her shoes. Her long beautiful hands were covered by hunt gloves that she never let people to touch. They were special. Her mother asked a craftsman with deer face to made them when she started to use her weapons. They were made from a special kind of leather. They held just her index and middle fingers letting on sight her sharp nails. On her back she carried a sack full of provisions and inside a long case of the same material than the gloves her favorite weapon. She thought on take it out but that would probably been seemed as a threat... She limited herself to unlock the save of the case so she won't take too long to defend herself is it was needed. Her long and wavy light brown hair was perfectly tied up in a ponytail letting her sharp ears free where a pair of long dark pendants could be seem. Her beautiful eyelashes perfectly framed her pretty olive eyes. Her lips formed a grimace... Everything smelled like stinky dog.

She would do nothing letting the encounter for late. She, decided, walked down the path and reached the sunny clear, her instincts alerted her, the hit will come from the right so her muscles tensed when she heard the stomps and when the threatening scream rise in the sky, she received the kick with her hands, and fiercely holding the agressor's bare foot (maybe using too much strength... Her claws would left marks), she deflected the hit making his body to roll some meters on the ground before his head ended on a big tree.

Old dogs never learn new tricks. Her tail started to move side to side when she noticed that he wasn't capable of stand up.

"Who do you think you are?!" Uhhhg... That voice. She liked the woman but when she turned and saw the hatred exterminator uniform she couldn't help but get tense again. "To hurt him like this! You'll see!"

The moment she saw the female was about to use a boomerang that was bigger than the girl who had it on her hands, she decided it was time to defend, and finally reached for the case on her back.

Two seconds. She was saved on two seconds and didn't even need to move.

"Mama? Are you going to hit her like you do to papa?" The childish voice caught the attention of the exterminator just when she threw the weapon. Failed the shoot. And the heavy boomerang ended up a few meters away from the target. Target that sighed looking two little girls being followed for a monk who was carrying a baby.

"I told you I'll do this! You only had to stay with the kids!" The exterminator gave him all the attention.

"That was exactly what I wanted to do, dear Sango, but what do you expected from me to do when the girls started to call for their mother?"

"I expected you to keep them at home, stupid monk! You never heard! What if the monster eats kids?!"

"You know, darling, I'd never put our lovely children on danger." The young monk took the exterminator's hands on one of his, but kept looking to the clear that was in front of them. "And for what we heard from the people we found, we're not facing a human devourer. More than that, they said it was a beautiful young lady that..."

The strong hand of the young mother slapped the Monk's face. "I should known, stupid perverted monk. I'll finish this thing." But after unsheathed her sword she noticed that the girl monster ran away. "AAh! I'm gonna kill her! Listen, you two!" She said to the little girls who were enjoying the show. "Mama has work to do. Take your papa, go back home and don't let him go out again. Or everyone will be on trouble."

The sisters hardly gulped. The mother understood they would do as she said so she hurried to the woods to find her pretty.

"I'm sure that's the wrong way, the girl ran by that side." Declared one of the twins when her father lifted her up.

The sound of the wind on her ears was the best. She openly smiled when catched the end of the discussion of the supposed protectors of the town. The fact that it was not destroyed yet was amazing. Anyway, her plans changed after being discovered, at this point she had to trust in her speed. She would find her objective, she would drag it to the wood and get off of it what she needed. She was so close!

She saw the long stairs that lead to the center of the village. She almost took the first step on it when her instinct warned her again. With a jump she put space from those stairs before the wind attacked her.

That was close. Without feeling dispair, she contempled that scars on the ground... Like if a gigantic monster would torn the ground with it's heavy claws.

And at the end of those marks, as she expected, she found the heavy sword that made them and its panting owner. "You!... Ah-ah... You think... You're so smart! But... You still sticking like mangy wolf!"

She rolled her eyes. That guy... Was that the best he could say? Did he try to insult her with that?... She looked at him full of contemp, but she admitted in her mind that she was irritated for the fact that even if he was tired he followed her and put her within the reach of his sword. Was she becoming slow?

"Tch... This time I won't miss it! Kaze no...!" She couldn't believe it. What kind of idiot announce his attack out loud? Every single one of her muscles tensed. She had to move fast, not matter how ridiculous he was, his sword couldn't be taken as a joke. "Kiz...!"

For every lower criatures (including the half blood that she had in front) her figure would seem like it turned into a wind swirl. That was how fast her movements were. Instead of running away, she ran towards the hatred dog and when there was half meter or so to go, she jumped in the air and landed with her feet on the handle of the sword and on its owner's hands, who let it go because the pain, she hopped.

An old and rusty sword rolled across the ground whilst the girl landed away relieved because the contact was not long enough to let the sword's famous force field (famous at least for her, who spent many nights hearing full descriptions of it from that green dwarf) to hurt her. She hurried to change her posture and faced her stinky enemy who hadn't recovery from his surprise. "Haven't you come to think that if you attack everyone who gets close to this village it's like you're asking them to destroy it? At least, right now, I really want to plunder your town just because you dare to unsheathed your sword against me, Inuyasha."

The half human's focus went from his ugly sword that finally was in his hands to the wolf girl who just spoke his name. A confused expression on his face. "How do you know my name?"... She corrected her own mind. A stupid expression on his stupid face.

"Aw... You really... That thing you have as your nose doesn't help you at all, isn't it? I mean I understand you're eyes are not good, you have a mystical portal in one of them after all, but if you forget a scent so fast... You should go to see some wise or..." Inuyasha had a hard time remembering the girl who kept talking... Her irritating way of speak was kind of familiar... But he couldn't put his finger on it... He was sure she wasn't part of the pack of that gross wolf that reeked of mud and dampness... No. She was not part of Kōga's group... Over the unbearable smell of her specie, there was a different scent... Wood, pines, ice... And a weird fragrance that seemed to be out of place. Flowers and... Aromatic herbs? A perfume?...

At the end, it wasn't the smell what brought the known image to his head. It was a gesture. A haughty gesture. Something that remarked how full of confidence felt the girl. In that moment he thought about the wolf girl he saw with his big brother a few times. In the past she seemed to be thirteen or fourteen years old and her long hair was tied up in two tails that fell on her shoulders. He never saw her fighting but Sango had told him she was good. Now she was older (not completely grown-up though), and didn't look so shy or scared like she did before. "Are you Sesshōmaru's friend?" He said friend thinking that using flunky was too rude.

"Well, finally you remember. That will save us some time..." She kept her posture, but she was less tensed. She was in calm but her tail was moving making the guy with dog ears to think the word 'friend' was a good choice. "I came to see the priestess of this village. I have affairs with her."

"You?! What the hell do you really want?!" The tension in his voice was back, his sword was pointing at her not changed yet.

"Yes, what do you want with me?!" The girl had sense it, hidden among the bushes near the upper step of the stair, she knew they were spying on them since the first moment.

So it was not a surprise. The wolf girl feeling how she was pointed with the arc reacted taking her own... A silver arc with details on black longer and heavier than it looked. With an long black arrow she returned the thread to the... Old priestess?

She relaxed the tension on her arc. And after a little frustrating growl shouted at loud. "With you?! Of course I have nothing to do with you, witch! I am talking about the young priestess who live in this town!"

"Then... Want do you want from me?" Her eyes went to her left. Her eyebrow couldn't be higher than it already was. Another girl pointed an arrow in her direction... Just a few centimeters from where she stood. She knew those unseemly clothes that characterized her.

"Ka... Kagome?" The hybrid's voice was heard again. Poor idiot who was in love. So pathetic. She felt nauseous.

"How many sacred arcs does this village have?!" The irritated wolf talked showing her fangs whilst using her precious arc hit that Kagome's head. After the sound it caused a cloud of smoke raised, the women disappeared leaving in her place a little fox who seemed about ten years old, in his hands the sacred weapon.

"What on Earth were you thinking, stupid dwarf?!" Inuyasha madly shouted behind the girl.

"Ey, Ey, you have not right to hit me! It's not my fault you don't remember she is not here!" Said the kid.

Again. She was hot. And those two shouting at each other made her angry. She looked to the old woman who slowly walked down half the stairs helping herself with her arc, using it like it was a cane... Didn't she noticed she would have to climb it back again? Why to bother? "For the last time, old woman! I want to see the young priestess who live here! The young apprentice priestess! Rin!"

"Rin?!" The wolf girl could swear in that moment that every criature of the woods and every human of that little village made the same question. She signed... One more time.

The weather was hot. No. She was hot.

The dark hooded figure walked with tired step that landscape with little vegetation wanting to take a break but knowing that place was not safe. Wished that place would have some human senders. Everyone knows that human's scent keep troublesome criatures away. Also... Where was her partner? He was taking so long. He surely found a pound and was enjoying the fresh water. No, he wouldn't leave someone behind. She shuted her eyes and tried to heard him but the sound of her own breathe didn't help her to concentrate. No. It wasn't just a breathing. It was something more. An unknown rumor. People? Other criatures? No. Running water! A river!

It took her some time to realize where it came from. The tiredness had taken a tool of her senses. Running as fast as she could let the vegetation behind and saw the rocking shore. That was good! That was the best proof they were close! And also... They need to refresh! Runned again and didn't stop until got to the water. What a marvelous sensation! Didn't care if her clothes were wet, even if they will be heavier after this; didn't care if the weapons were in the water, after all the materials wouldn't get damage for that; didn't care if the sack with provisions was sinking in the current, after all... No! Wait! That was something to care about!