I had this idea started a long while ago, but I just never got around to starting it. But I was just in the mood the other day so I finished up this and thought to share it to see what you guys think.

This is post Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children and is early on in Final Fantasy 15.


The sun shined down on another day. Just a regular normal day. That was how it was now. Everything was finally getting back to being peaceful and normal. There was still a lot of recovering needed after the events with Kadaj and his brothers. The healing rain had helped remove the Geostigma, but there was still a lot of repairs that needed to be done. But even with all of that, there were still plenty of days for just relaxing or taking things easy.

This was one of those days for Cloud.

He didn't have any deliveries for make for the day so he wanted to take as much time as he could to just relax and enjoy his day. Though he knew there was a certain stop he had to make first.

He drove his motorcycle down through the slums of Midgar down to a certain location. A very special location. It was a place he visited often every so often for many different reasons. It was Aerith's church.

After everything that had happened with the healing rain curing the Geostigma, the church became a rather special icon within the slums, but it still meant something more to Cloud than anything. Zack's Buster Sword was now all polished and cleaned up and placed just above the pool of healing water that had come from the rain, and surrounding the pool were the beautiful flowers Aerith had grown.

Cloud always ended up visiting the place whenever he got the chance. It was a place to relax and think about things, but also a moment to think about Zack and Aerith. He knew he had moved on from his past and no longer carried deep guilt with him over what had happened to them, but he still always thought of them. He found it quite peaceful to sit by the pool of water that came from the livestream and think about things.

Cloud soon pulled up to the front of the church and dismounted his motorcycle. He then walked towards the entrance of the church. As soon as he stepped inside he could smell the fresh, blooming flowers that filled the area. He walked forward until he reached the edge of the water. With a long calming exhale he sat down and began to just listen to the sounds around him.

Though he thought he noticed something different today. There was a strange glow coming from the water. A light blue glow covered the entire pool of water and that made questions in Cloud's head start to stir.

"Why is it glowing like that? Does it have something to do with the Lifestream?" Cloud wondered as he peered into the water. It glowed so brightly and strangely he couldn't even see his own reflection. It didn't make any sense.

Just as Cloud started to wonder more, the water glow grew brighter and began to bubble. Cloud, feeling a bit wary, inched back. He still wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but something felt strange about it. The air around the church seemed to change, giving off a strange feeling.

Cloud tried to think of what could have been causing the water to act like that. But everything he thought of just led to more and more questions. "Is something wrong with the Lifestream? Is it… Sephiroth… No… It couldn't be that… Could it?"

With the curiosity and concern getting the best of him, he slowly moved closer to the water and looked over it again. But just as he did the glow flash brightly, causing him to close his eyes and fall forward, right into the water. Though much to what he expected, he didn't hit the shallow bottom of the small pool, he fell deeper and deeper as he slowly started to lose consciousness.

Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis were wandering around Galdin Quay, taking in the surrounds for awhile as they waited for the day to end. They already had helped out Dino and he said he would be able to get them the ferry they need to get to Altissia, but now they had the rest of the day to relax.

Since they could just relax and spend the day how they wanted it, Noctis decided that he wanted to get in a bit more fishing in. He headed over to the fishing door and summoned his fishing rod. He was about to cast out the line when a large shadowed figure fell a few feet away from him.

Noctis jumped back intensively as whatever it was hit the water. It only took Noctis a few seconds to regain himself and see what had mysteriously fallen into the water. His eyes widened as he tried to comprehend what… or really who he was seeing.

"What the hell?!" he shouted as he rubbed his eyes to check if he was just seeing things.

There in the water, someone laid there. They floated for a few seconds before started to move slowly. Whomever they were, they were dressed in an black outfit and had blond hair. They moved in the water, but they did not seem full consciously as their head bobbed under the water slightly. Noctis was about to move forward to see if the person was in need of any help when he heard a voice from behind him.

"Noct! What happened?" Ignis asked as he, Prompto, and Gladiolus ran towards the end of the docks.

"I don't know. This person just fell out of nowhere and landed in the water," Noctis replied as he quickly guestred to the figured slowly standing up in the water. They looked fine at least, but now they swayed slightly back and forth. "I think they need some help."

Though all four of them knew there were questions to be asked, they decided to keep these thoughts for later as Noctis and Gladiolus jumped into the water and waded over to the person. As they got closer they could see that it looked to be a young adult man about their age, though he still looked dazed as his eyes were unfocused and he looked a bit pale.

"We you now, let's get you to the shore," Gladiolus instructed as they led the guy out of the water.

They brought him over to the shore and slowly set him down on the ground. A moment later he hunched over and started to cough up a bit of water. Ignis and Prompto soon joined them over where they stood as they still eyed the man.

Ignis took a step forward and knelled down to look over the man, seeing if he had any injuries. "Are you all right?"

It took a few more seconds of coughing before the man breathed in a deep breath and looked up to see the group standing in front of him. Confusion filled his face and bright blue eyes as his eyes darted around trying to take his surrounds. He furrowed his brows as he looked back to the group.

"Where am I?" he asked, which now brought a whole other level of confusion to the guys.

This is the start of it at least. Thought it would be fun for Cloud to join up with the guys and interact with them.

Let me know what you guys think. I'm trying my best to write for the FF15 guys as I have never done that before. This is just a starting short chapter to see about everything and all, but I hope you guys liked it!