This was five hours before the encounter between Aizawa Shouta, also known as the pro hero Eraserhead, and the serial killer and self proclaimed vigilante Cat Burglar, whose true identity is that of Othinus.

Othinus, possessed magic, which supplemented by the spiritual item the lance of Gungnir, could make anything she put her thought through have a one-hundred-percent chance of success.

She created a second body to control. It did not have the problems of splitting her attention, for the second body also possessed a functional brain. She was merely in two places at once.

She could achieve anything with her magic, but decided not to alter the world too much. She instead created familiars, some of which were Touma's companion, and others entities from the Norse pantheon, all of which serve her as their one true master.

She stayed in a different hotel, this one closer to U.A. in the commercial district of the city of Musutafu.

Orange light from a fireplace illuminated the dark room. A bear skin rug was between the fireplace and a cozy red armchair. Seated on the armchair was Othinus, in her second body, wearing a small silky red robe, her gold-like blonde hair damp, and her skin moist from having just finished taking a shower.

Two ravens perched on her shoulders. Huginn and Muninn are gatherers of information which is then whispered to her ears. They have been observing the city, the country, the world. Everyday they would fly across the seas to gather every little trickle of knowledge they think would be useful for their master. For now, however, she commanded them to observe solely Musutafu district and persons of interest.

"The tea is ready, madam," a voice said in a respecting tone. The speaker was a devilishly handsome servant, with black hair, red eyes, and pale skin. He donned a butler's outfit: black trousers, a six-button double-breasted tailcoat, and a gray vest. His hands, covered in white gloves, held a tray under cloche. He held the handle of the silver dome and raised it, revealing a white teacup with a small plate beneath it. The teacup's contents were brown green tea and a gold leaf that floated on its surface.

"Thank you, Hel." She removed the gold, left it on the small plate, held the teacup to her lips and took a sip of her tea. She sighed, crossed her slender legs and leaned back against the chair.

Hel was a name based on a being from Norse mythology that possessed a domain of the same name. In Poetic Edda, Hel was a woman and the daughter of Loki. In Gylfaginning she was appointed by Odin to rule the realm of the afterlife.

This version was related to neither. It was Othinus' own spin on the concept, mixing Norse mythology with those of Christianity and Catholicism to create a being that had traits from all three. There was one consistency. It was always related to death.

All her familiars, be it the replicas of Touma's friends, her own companions taken straight from the myths of nordic lore, shared two things in common. They possessed a background, personalities, memories and abilities from a past that was never theirs, making them perfect imitations of their origins, and they served her completely.

Hel didn't have the former, although as her familiar he too viewed serving her as his highest priority. Hel knew only darkness, and then the light that is her magic.

Her familiars could be divided into two forms. Copies from other works, or original works of her own. Still, the difference was minor. Hel possessed a personality like everyone else.

"Hel, I have informed you of my other familiars, your siblings in a sense, and their mission to be with Touma. What are the chances he learns they are not the real ones?"

Othinus sipped her tea while Hel rubbed his chin in thought. Finally, he smiled. "Zero."

"And why is that?"

"Sir Touma's abilities do not work on us, although the methods as to why elude me. The others are replicas of his friends with perfect memories, mannerisms and personalities to fall back on. They also share the same feelings as the originals, although it can be superseded by your commands, which can make them seem out of character if you ordered a more innocent familiar into killing others, which is not something the original would do. But that is under the false assumption my god makes such minor mistakes. Heretical just speaking about. Unless you will it so, there is no reason at all sir Touma will learn of your deception, my lady."

He was quite talkative. Othinus finished her tea by the time he was done. She just wanted a simple explanation. Not an extrapolation.

She was slightly worried he might notice some inconsistencies. They were to befriend Midoriya Izuku to make him easier to control. Based on her Huginn and Muninn, Deku was bullied since he was a child, ostracized and picked upon. He was starved for affection, and she would give him exactly that. Her familiars would become his best friends outside school, and her and Touma inside it, making the paths he would choose easily influenced by her directly, and through the others indirectly.

All her familiars were given the command to protect Touma from harm, and if there is danger they could not overcome, prioritize his safety over their own.

Touma was probably noticing some inconsistencies between his companions and how they were treating Deku. She decided later on she would tell them to ease up and give the child some space.

She was a little irked by the ants that dared disturb her time with Touma, and decided she would kill one of them. The teacup left her hands. It flew towards the tray her demon butler held. Her ravens flew from her shoulders, and she stood up. She left the room to get changed.


"I will not hurt you," the Cat Burglar said. "Not too much, at least," she added in a teasing tone. Aizawa swore and jumped to his side, dodging the whip that struck the black surface of the asphalt road. He ducked under another attack which struck a car behind him, a black Toyota Camry, hitting the outside mirror, cracking it. A third swing whipped low, aiming for his legs. He jumped, and it sweeped beneath him, hitting the street light instead.

Aizawa was at a disadvantage. Even without her powers the Cat Burglar still possessed a weapon and he did not. Spywork had its disadvantages, it seems. He wished he brought his restraining bolts. The capturing weapon could have made things more even between them.

"Why are you not using your quirk?" the Cat Burglar asked, postponing her attack. The whip lazily curled on the sidewalk beside her. In front of her the unconscious policeman's fingers twitched. They were gaining consciousness.

She was feeling talkative. That would be her downfall.

He didn't know if she was genuinely unaware of his power, or if she was just being sarcastic, but chose to humor her. "I already am." It was his turn. "Why did you kill them, Cat Burglar?" Aizawa asked. He was trying to buy time. He wanted her to monologue, a villain cliche, until either the policeman awoke so they could fight her two on one, or until reinforcements arrived. He didn't know what happened to the other cops, but hoped they were alright.

"They were trash. Everyone I kill is. What is your quirk?" So they were playing the game give and take. He could work with that.

"I can erase the quirks of those I look at. Who were those people you killed on the rooftop and the alley?" He waited for an answer, but for some reason she paused and stared at him. "What? Feeling regret over your murders? If you surrender we could reduce your sentence," he lied.

"No. It's just that I know someone who has a similar ability. This discussion is over." He felt something wrap around his leg. The whip coiled like an anaconda from his shin, calf, and knee.

She was immune to his quirk. Of all the abilities she possessed, she had that? He didn't even notice her whip moving. Of course, just as he distracted her, she was distracting him. "I changed my mind," Cat Burglar said. "This'll hurt." He tried prying her whip from his leg, but it gave a squeeze that him bite back a scream and fall to his knee.

Cat Burglar threw her whip back behind and above her, carrying Aizawa's body along for the ride, and then she threw the whip forward, to the Toyota Camry. His back struck the roof, denting it. He felt his bones crack. He was thrown again. He struck the windshield, shattering it as he fell inside. The wipers poked his back. Glass shards dug into his skin. His face struck the steering wheel, the gearshift, and then the floor. He was pulled out of the car and thrown a third time, hitting the hood. He coughed blood. The fourth and final throw broke his spine against the door of the car. He fell down. Blood trickled from his forehead, filtering the world red.

So this was how he was going to die, huh? Caught by surprise. Cat Burglar tilted her head and withdrew her whip, uncoiling it from his leg. She approached him. He groaned, lost the power to open his eyes, and finally fell into darkness.

What bad luck.


The knife brothers were hit men working for a mysterious employer. They were given an offer to a job when they were younger, and it was explained later on had they declined the job the one who gave them work would've simply looked for someone else.

The knife brothers usually hit other criminals or politicians that negatively affected their employers goals. They didn't take credit for their works. If they kill other crooks, they don't leave anything tracing the kill back to them. If they killed a politician, they make it look like an accident.

The knife brothers didn't use their quirks much. It was too unique. They preferred guns, poison and good old fashioned physical violence.

Their employer usually gave them a name and a place. They never kill heroes. It would bring too much heat. It was the same reason politicians were never picked unless they were sure it wouldn't lead back to them. Their latest target was slightly problematic for that reason.

The knife brothers receive half the payment of a job immediately, and the other half after they've done their work. They had the option to decline, and almost wished they did. Not because they were afraid of their target, but because a vigilante was slightly more difficult to find. There exist a subset of quirk users nearly impossible to trace due to the nature of their abilities. Invisible to sight, sound, and electronic surveillances make those quirk users useful allies and dangerous enemies.

The Cat Burglar was not one of them. She was just annoying due to her disappearing act after each kill.

The knife brothers observed from the rooftop of a nearby building that gave a good vantage point of the battle that took place below.

The Cat Burglar had taken down every police officer, without killing them, but massacred every inmate in Musutafu police station jail. They knew because their inside man was screaming in panic in a burner phone used to call them in case something interesting came up, telling them at the top of his voice that their latest target was beating all the policemen unconscious. Sounds of screams and gunfire followed, and then silence.

They arrived immediately. They snuck up inside a building in their civilian form, explaining to the tenants that they were trying to hide from the attention of the dangerous criminal Cat Burglar, and the landlord let them in.

Cat Burglar was about to leave the area when she realized there was another criminal hidden in one of their police vehicles. She tore it apart, dragged the policeman by wrapping her whip around his shoulder and throwing him behind hers, and then cut the prisoners in two. Eraserhead arrived then and the one-sided fight ensued.

The older knife brother lowered his binoculars with a detached look in his face. He was a plain Japanese man, slightly smaller than his younger brother, and wearing a white shirt under a black jacket, trousers and shoes.

The younger knife brother stood behind him. He was slightly handsome, slightly taller than his older brother, and wore a brown trench coat, black shirt, denim pants and rubber shoes.

They nodded. The younger brother extracted a phone from his pocket to call a number of their associate. Bloodhound was the moniker they've given their associate due to the nature of their quirk. Bloodhound could track down anyone in the world so long as they possess a picture of the target. The younger brother snapped a photo of Cat Burglar sent it to the Bloodhound, and then left the rooftop as the Cat Burglar walked away. On their way out the lobby to the street a raven cawed at them. They shooed it away and entered their stolen vehicle.

The Cat Burglar might be strong against Eraserhead, but the knife brothers possessed something he did not. The element of surprise. When they plunge their knives in her back, the Cat Burglar wouldn't even see it coming.

But for now they observed.


All Might arrived at the scene of the crime. Others heroes were there, keeping the media away from the crime scene. The heroes were out in force. He made a nod to Endeavor, who was exerting flames as he glared at the reporters before him from where he stood on the sidewalk, his back to the police station and facing the street.

"I've contacted someone I believe could help," the anthropomorphic mouse Nezu said, as he emerged from the police station. "That Cat Burglar did a number on those cops. Poor guys, the prisoners jailed inside. They're all dead."

All Might grimaced. "How many?"


"And Eraserhead?"

"Unconscious. Broken shoulders, bones protruding from his elbows, dislocated arms, legs bent sideways and spine shattered. Bruised cheeks, cut forehead. We fear there might be some brain damage." Nezu was straight to the point. He turned to Endeavor. "What do you think?"

"She's dangerous. We should issue a manhunt. She might be the next Stain or All For One in our hands."

"We underestimated her," Nezu said. All Might agreed. What they assumed was a petty killer just took down one of their peers.

"So you called Recovery Girl?"

"No." Nezu took out his phone showed them a picture. "Them."

"I see." Endeavor nodded. All Might agreed. He heard about their abilities. The pair were already assumed to be the next pro heroes in the making.

"Our new students, then? What a bad first meeting."


"Did you hear about what happened to Eraserhead!?" Deku asked. For the fifth time that day, for the umpteenth time that week. They were finally going to school. Touma and Othinus picked up Deku from his home and introduced themselves to his mother Inko, who was overjoyed her son would go to school with his 'good friends'. Apparently Deku talked a lot about them. They hanged out every single day since the time at the bar, and it was fun. But with how red Deku was when his mom began gushing about him gushing about them, it was a little embarrassing.

The male uniforms consisted of a white button-up shirt under a full-length jacket, a red necktie, green pants and brown shoes. For the girls it was similar except for a green skirt replacing the pants. All three donned their respective uniforms. Touma found it cute how the school made Othinus wear a uniform too, as if considering her a student as well.

She took her angelic form: white wings, white flaming halo, and a soft gold glow. She and Touma sat on one side of the bench-seat and Deku sat on the other facing them, with all the space for himself. "I know," Deku said. "But still!"

Eraserhead was attacked by the 'Cat Burglar', someone who calls herself a vigilante and is officially labeled a villain under the eyes of the law. It was so bad Touma volunteered himself and Othinus for the role of helping Eraserhead and the wounded officers, although she vehemently refused to fix the dead villain. He didn't force the issue. He wasn't going to go out of his way to bring back a serial killer. All the wounded were gathered in one large hospital room and then the couple followed. Whatever damage was inflicted upon Eraserhead was removed with a simple snap of the finger, creating a burst of light enveloping all the innocent victims from Cat Burglar's attack. But Othinus insisted it be kept a secret. That was the deal she brokered from the government in exchange for her and Touma's help. They agreed, made a contract, and even offered to give them money as a reward. Touma declined, because they were already rich, and instead just warned them not to leak the information to the public like what happened to the entrance exam.

That was also when they met All Might.

The van parked outside the school gates. Deku was the first one to get out, followed by Touma, and then Othinus. She told Misaki to pick them up later, which was answered with a, "Kay," and a lazy smile. Misaki drove off, and the three went to class.

What Touma mistook for two buildings was actually four, all connected by skyways. It was an impressive sight. And for new students it might be the most impressive thing they've ever seen. But Touma bet they've never seen the surface of the moon before it crushed them either. He experienced that firsthand, in addition to being on stepped on by a giant robot and being eaten by cannibals. When it came to horrifying experiences Touma felt he had seniority.

"Touma, Touma!" Deku repeated his name, sounding like Index. He frowned at the similarity. Was Deku going to be the Index of his class? That was a disturbing thought.

"What?" Touma asked.

Deku shook his head. "Just wondering if you're feeling nervous."

Othinus snorted. "I'll have you know Touma is the most shameless man I've had the pleasure of meeting." Deku laughed. Touma covered his face with his left hand.

"Thanks for the compliment, Othinus." His voice dripped with sarcasm. They took a door to the southeastern-most building, climbed up multiple stairs, followed confusing directions from their seniors, and travel northeast, through multiple steps of stairs, northwest, up and down various elevators, and finally southwest to the building to the left of the one they went into, going full circle and wasting a whole lot of time talking and laughing, mostly at Touma's expense. He was the butt-end of many jokes, and Othinus loved mocking him. He hit back as much as possible, but her wit was too sharp and eventually he was left gaping and speechless.

They stopped before a large door. The number '1' and the letter 'A' were painted on its surface vertically, one after the other. They stepped forward and opened the door. They found 'Kacchan' and examinee seven-one-one-one arguing with each other. Kacchan had his feet on his desk, and examinee seven-one-one-one was lecturing him to remove his foot from the desk, the action apparently being insulting to the former students of U.A. and the desk's craftsmen. The class was noisy, as is fitting for high school, with students getting to know each other and making friends with those that click. There were nineteen students, excluding Touma and Deku, already in the room, which was strange. From what Deku told him, only one in three hundred applicants got in per year. Thirty-six students divided into two classes, meaning eighteen heads total. Counting Othinus and Touma as one, there were twenty-one students in the classroom. It was probably from all the students the school was forced to pass.

"Hey boys~" Othinus' presence brought silence into the room. Only briefly. Then it broke into noise. Some people went to her, introducing themselves. Others spoke to Touma. Glanced at Deku. Kacchan scowled at Othinus, but when she met his glare he was the first to look away. Examinee seven-one-one-one, Iida Tenya, nodded at Touma and then left Kacchan's table, finding him a lost cause. The door opened. Another student, the victor examinee, Uraraka Ochako arrived, made a friendly wave to Othinus, Touma and Deku, and then followed Iida, the two striking a friendly discussion.

Iida returned. He was gifted with a tall and muscular physique under his uniform. "Kamijou-san, is it? And Othinus-san?"

"You can call me god," Othinus quipped with a straight face. Iida laughed, under the mistaken assumption she was joking.

"I must say your display of power during the examination was astounding," Iida said.

"Thanks," Othinus said, grinning. She nudged Touma's shoulder. He was off to the side, staring at the wall.

"W-what? Oh, yeah, sure, thank you," he said, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. He was being complimented for something he didn't even do. Was he going to spend his entire high school going with the ruse?

He didn't want to, but getting a look at Othinus' legs under her short skirt was enough to make him reconsider. She spoke with the other students, mostly girls, who looked at her in admiration.

"I didn't know she could talk," Iida said. "I assumed she was merely a vehicle, and you the driver holding the wheel."

That's a weird way to put it.

"Hey," Touma said, hooking an arm over Deku's shoulder and introducing him to Iida. Ochako, after she finished speaking to Othinus, went over to them and stood beside Iida.

"You're the plain guy!" Ochako said. "You put up a good fight against Kamijou-san and Othinus-san." She began gesticulating what he did, doing punches and swings and making funny sounds. "And then you almost got her too!"

"Uh." Deku flustered from the way she spoke about him. "N-not like I won the exam or anything…"

"Join the club," Iida said, turning to Touma and Othinus. "None of us would've if Ochako hadn't been hidden from Othinus-san's eye. Or Kamijou-san's, for that matter."

"Please," Touma said. "Call me Touma."

"If you insist. Then call me Tenya," Iida said.

"And me Ochako!" his companion added with a cheerful smile. "Nice to meet you, Deku!"

"W-wait call me Izuku instead," Deku insisted. Not that anyone listened to him. The door opened, once more, and a familiar figure stood on the hallway before the classroom.

"Ah," Touma said, looking at the man Othinus healed. His bloodied suit was replaced with black clothes and a white scarf. "Aizawa-san."


Aizawa internally sighed in relief.

Maybe because of his injuries, or because the time they interacted was brief in addition to Touma being inebriated, but Aizawa was fortunate enough not to have either Touma or his projection Othinus recognize him as the businessman at the counter in the bar they were in.

It had been two weeks wince the battle with Cat Burglar. Two weeks since she massacred the prisoners of Musutafu jail. Two weeks since Touma and Othinus healed him completely.

"It's like you weren't even hurt," Shujenzi Chiyo, Recovery Girl, had said, a day after the attack. According to her, whatever method Othinus used to heal Aizawa was on a higher level than even Recovery Girl's. Even old scars from ancient battles were gone. Aizawa was literally physically at the prime of his life.

And it was all thanks to two people he was spying on. He felt shame investigating good students. He promised never to do it again. He needed to learn to trust them.

Consequently, due to Touma's power (Othinus) and his personality (calm) giving the impression of someone who knew their strength and when to use it, Aizawa decided to treat him, and by extension his projection, like actual adults.

"Touma-san, Othinus-san," Aizawa said, greeting them. "Good morning." The familiar way of speaking to each other was noted by some students, but before they could ask how their teacher knew the pair Aizawa turned to the class and introduced himself. "I'm your homeroom teacher. Aizawa Shota. Pleased to meet you." He went behind his desk, took a duffel bag underneath, placed it on top of the table, unzipped it and pulled out a pair of U.A. standard P.E. uniforms. He called the class by name, handing them to each student, including Touma's projection Othinus. Their situation was quite unique, Aizawa noted. Two for the price of one.

The P.E. uniforms were blue, with the letters U.A. designed on the shirt colored red to contrast the blue color. "Quickly now. Change into your gym clothes and head out back."

After Aizawa waited for them to change they left the building and he led them through the vast land U.A. called its property to a tracking field where he would test them. He caught Touma's curious stare and Othinus' bored face. Well, almost all of them.

Bright rays of light from the sun greeted his eyes. Aizawa frowned and covered his face. The students all stood to one side, eyes on him.

"We'll be having a quirk assessment test," Aizawa said, yawned, and covered his mouth. He hadn't slept properly due to midnight activities including investigating the Cat Burglar's latest attacks. Not a night went by without blood on the streets. More and more gangs went after her, and she killed them all with impunity. Aizawa never saw such violence since the dark ages when chaos ruled the world before All Might rose to fame and restored order.

He had a bad feeling about the Cat Burglar, and believed the clash between her and All Might was nearing. If these kids went after her they'd be dead or at least beaten to bloody pulps like him. Except for maybe Othinus and Touma. For some reason he thought they'd put up more of a fight against the self proclaimed vigilante.

"A test of our quirks?" the boy student Midoriya Izuku asked, brining Aizawa back to the present. Based on intelligence from his ally who continued monitoring Touma's coterie, Izuku had become a part of it. Just like Touma, there wasn't much of a record on his companions either. They were all unknowns. Just who are they?

"Yes," Aizawa said. "Get ready." Another student, the girl Uraraka Ochako was going to speak next Aizawa increased his voice and added, "Real life doesn't have ceremonies or counselor meetings." He assumed that was what she was going to bring up and dismissed it entirely.

"Last week I was attacked and beaten unconscious by a villain named Cat Burglar." Murmurs increased among the students. "It was not pretty. She caught me off guard and repeatedly slammed my body like a doll against a car. I caught a glimpse of her face. She was bored and gave the impression I was wasting her time. You've all seen the news. The increasing violence and deaths in Japan due to her. The fight lasted all of one minute. It's not like in cartoons that take two to three episodes to finish. Fights in real life need only seconds for someone to gain the upperhand and incapacitate their enemies. I was lucky she didn't kill me. But we can't always rely on luck. Now prepare for the tests."

He didn't bother telling them he was going to expel them. He wasn't as interested in the tests so much as he was in talking to Touma.

He extracted a tablet from a black backpack beside his foot. He had brought it with him everywhere he went now. The tablet possessed an app connected to the school system. "Touma, how far could you throw a softball in middle school?"

"Don't remember." The blaise comment would have been reprimanded if it came from anyone else, but given this was the man who saved him he ignored it.

Aizawa threw him a softball, which he caught. "Use your quirk." He passed it to Othinus, who flapped her wings. He pointed at a patch of dirt with a circle drawn for softball pitch. The two stepped inside it, laughing as they bumped shoulders due to the small space of the circle.

"You do realise what it is I am capable of," Othinus said. Aizawa shrugged. The softball was soaked in white light from her palm, which remained when she lazily threw it in the air. It then burst into the sky. Aizawa whistled when he saw the gauge climb. It didn't stop.

"Where did it go?" he asked.

"The stratosphere," Othinus said, putting her hands behind her head. Beside her Touma rolled his eyes and muttered, 'show-off.' Behind them the other students gasped in shock and surprise. Aizawa nodded. He didn't bother showing the final score to the rest of the class. It was stuck between 33,000 feet and 32,999.

While the other students started the softball throw test, Aizawa was off thinking about the Cat Burglar. He wasn't inexperienced to situations regarding life or death, but it was a first to battle someone who didn't even put an effort in bringing him to his knees.

Dangerous. She made him taste his own medicine by ignoring his quirk, which usually humbled others, and made him taste defeat with every slam of his body against the vehicle.

The tests were done in short order. Unsurprisingly, Othinus, and indirectly Touma, who let his projection quirk do all the work, scored the highest in every test. Except for the ball throw. Surprisingly Uraraka scored higher with an infinity.

Aizawa didn't pay attention much and was able to witness Izuku overextend his quirk and blow up his own arm in an explosion of gore. Aizawa was slightly worried, but then calmed down when Othinus snapped her fingers and enveloped Izuku's body in a soft glow hue and fixed him back up to before he was wounded.

Perfect healing, Chiyo said. Aizawa admired Othinus' abilities. Even if she wasn't as strong as All Might, she had a lot more application of her quirk, or, considering she was the quirk, her unique state of existence.

He bore witness to it a few more times. Izuku recklessly tore his body apart with reckless abandon and abused his friendship with Touma and Othinus to heal him over and over again. What was first a horrible scene became a nuisance to the rest of his classmates due to Izuku getting his blood everywhere.

Aizawa would normally be against this kind of power usage, but Othinus was there, and her healing wasn't normal. It was perfect. There was nothing to worry about.

When the practice was over, he dismissed them and had them return to their classroom.

"Touma, Othinus, you two stay behind." After everyone left, the two followed him to a corner of a building. A blond, tall figure leaned his back on the building and nodded to all three. Despite wearing a suit, All Might wasn't able to hide his muscles.

"Touma, Othinus," he said, greeting them. He wasn't smiling. Last night he was a minute too late to stopping Othinus from killing over ten people, and he was the first to the scene.

"I have a favour to ask you," All Might said. "It took me all week to decide. And I was hesitant in revealing my secret, but my resolve pulled through. Now more than ever after this great evil, Cat Burglar, has appeared with her senseless act of violence."

Touma raised a brow. "All Might sir, are you sick?"

And so All Might explained how it all came to be, much to Aizawa's grimace, Othinus' distaste with a click of a tongue, and Touma's regret and silent groan. After two hours and a detailed explanation of another villain, All for One, Touma finally asked him to stop.

"Othinus," he said without even looking at his partner. "Can you fix him?"

"I can return him to his peak," Othinus said. She snapped her fingers, creating blinding light. When it receded, All Might laughed.

"There's no pain!" he said. "I'm at the height of my power!"

"That's what I said," Othinus complained. "Touma, can we leave now?"

Touma observed All Might, jerked his head in a nod, and made a run for it. Othinus flapped her wings and flew behind him.

Aizawa too, attempted to escape, but All Might caught his shoulder with a large arm and made him sigh.

"Come, Eraserhead, it is time to celebrate!"


Time passed. Hours blurred. Touma was incredibly bored by high school. He wished he wasn't even here, but he didn't want to disappoint Othinus. That, and every night she 'made up for it', and the two enjoyed a new form of ritualistic pleasure.

Or foreplay.

It still didn't remove the boredom.

That was, until Foundational Heroics that is.

All Might came through the door. "Greetings, students." All Might was unusually chirpy. More than normal, Touma noted, as he stared at the taller man. He's so stereotypically American.

"I might not have healed him," Othinus told him during their lunch break. When Touma looked at her with worry, she extrapolated. She didn't really understand what was wrong with All Might, so instead she simply fixed what was broken in his muscular body and then ensured that no matter what happened to him, he would return, good as new, three days later.

"Like Jesus?" Touma asked. Othinus might not realize it, but she effectively made All Might a Saint, a human blessed with magic that could draw out the blessings of the Catholic God.

"Yes, like the Lamb of God," Othinus said with a roll of her cat-like green eye. She disliked it when he mentioned deities, religious or mythological figures other than her.

"You made All Might into Jesus? What about his aging?"

"He shall still age regularly, but when he is withering in his twilight years and then finally releasing his grip on the mortal realm, my blessing shall activate upon his body and return him to his physical peak. He is now effectively immortal. He shall protect this world even after we are gone."

And just like that, she ruined the mood. Touma didn't want to return to their old world, as irresponsible as that may seem. He wanted to stay in this one. But that was only half of him speaking. It wouldn't be so bad. Othinus would just fix the world. He should ask her to obtain the coordinates of this universe, and when or if they've returned to their original universe, obtain the coordinates from that one too. That way they can traverse as they please. Who knows. He might take up multiversal travel with his girlfriend. He knew she wouldn't let him die, and that they had an eternity together to explore every nook and cranny of the cosmos.

"Foundation Heroics!" Touma tuned out the rest of All Might's words. There was something about building up or something. All Might pulled out a remote or a smartphone, Touma wasn't sure, and had to narrow his eyes to concentrate, but then the large gasps from the students around him made him turn to the wall at the far end of the classroom. It shifted into a series of shelves containing cases of costumes designed for each student's requests.

All the cases were enveloped in light and with a 'come here' motion of her hand, Othinus pulled all the cases to their respective owners. Touma's case was smaller than others. For good reason. It was unwrapped with gold glitters, revealing a navy blue suit and burgundy tie, and an expensive gold watch. Touma's suit was designed to give the image of an important man whose time was being wasted fighting those people beneath him, and the watch would compliment the arrogant blue blood attitude he was going to enact. That was what Othinus explained, and he vehemently attempted to change his costume. He failed.

Touma groaned.

Beside him seated on a cloud chair Othinus smiled. Her elbows were propped on the cloud armrest, and she held her cheeks in her hands. She too was staring at the class in boredom, and it never went away even after All Might entered. But the costume, and the idea of Touma wearing it, made her eye glimmer in excitement.

When All Might told them to change and go to Ground Beta, wherever that was, Othinus caught Touma's wrist and dragged him out of the classroom, costume flying behind them, and her cloud dispersing into mist behind the classroom, and went up the stairs to the rooftop of the building. They might have been a little playful while she helped him change, but they couldn't waste too much time. After they were done, their tongues parting with a trail of saliva Othinus wiped with the back of her hand, she created a stairway from the ledge of the rooftop to the bottom of the ground. When he took a step, the steps of cloud did the rest. It functioned like an escalator, saving Touma some much needed energy. Othinus floated beside him, holding his right hand and squeezing it gently.

Surprisingly, they were the first to arrive.

"Ah." Broken buildings surrounded him. He didn't realize where the cloud stairway that dispersed behind him led to, too focused on the softness of Othinus' hand to even notice. "This is where we fought at the entrance exam, right?"

"Fought is such a strong word," Othinus said, looking at her nails. "More like teach the mortals their place." Despite her condescending words there was no malice in her tone. She spoke less like braggart rubbing it in weaker people's faces, and more like a person observing the insignificance of an ant.

"But I'm a mortal though," Touma said with a smile. Othinus returned it, both of them blushing, as she poked his chest and asked, 'are you now?'

"Kids and their youth!" All Might said, striking a pose as he looked at the sky. "How I long for the days of my own." Touma imagined a younger All Might. He didn't really pay attention to what All Might said earlier either. He must be one of the popular kids, even then.

Not that different from Othinus in the days of old with the Germanic Peoples who worshipped her. Out of the three of them Touma was the only one who wasn't popular at all.

The students arrived one by one, with costumes as unique as the colors of the rainbow. When the class was complete, All Might explained the events that were to take place. It would be an indoor battle training. Villain clean-up was usually in the open, but statistically it was better in-doors. The smartest villains commit crimes out of sight. Kidnappings, break-ins, black market…

Huh. They remind him of Academy City. The twisted evil realm known as his own made Touma's heart long for it. Guess there's no helping the part of him that wants to go back.

The training worked like this. The class would be split into two groups. Heroes and villains. Villains will guard a faux bomb, and heroes will stop them. For a villain to win, they simply prevent the hero from touching the bomb until the assigned time limit ran out, or if they catch the heroes. For the hero to win, they just need to touch the bomb before then, or presumably after they incapacitate the villains. Presumably because All Might didn't mention it, but logically the bomb would be easily taken if there was no one to oppose the heroes.

All Might then took out a lottery box behind him and explained he was going to form teams by pulling out names. There would be a problem, Touma noted, and Iida voiced. The number of students was uneven. That, and Iida mumbled no one wanted to chance the misfortune of battling Touma and Othinus.

"Touma and Othinus function as one team," All Might finally said to disquell the growing noise of hot potato, with each group voicing their hope of avoiding a battle with Touma and Othinus. "They will instead be in the unique situation of battling two groups, four people, who would volunteer. If no one does, they immediately pass."

It might seem like favoritism, but it was actually a small mercy from All Might. Touma doubted he could take on anyone here at all. Even the invisible girl could probably beat him. But Othinus was a beast who achieved the peak of magic and became the apex predator of the hierarchy of magicians. She would win, and it won't be pretty.

Like a cat who caught a rat, she would play with her food.

"I'd like to volunteer," a brave soul said, stepping forward. Touma looked him up and down. His hair was red and white, divided evenly down the center of his head. He wore a white shirt, pants and boots, with ice covering the left side of his body. Was that his power or his costume? The helmet he held in his left hand indicated the latter.

"Todoroki, is it?" Touma raised a brow. "You could take back your words right now, and I'll pretend I didn't hear them."

For his sake as much as anyone else's. Getting Othinus fired up will get her opponents beaten up.

"You're such a smug piece of shit!"

Kacchan? He was getting angry at Touma? Touma thought they were getting along as friends! Why? Antagonizing Touma would irritate his girlfriend. Othinus, true to form, scowled at Kacchan, who wore a black tank top, gauntlets fashioned like grenades, green belt holding up his baggy pants, white knee-guards, and black boots with orange soles.

"Kaccha, what's wrong?" Touma asked, leaning forward in worry. "Are you sick? Do we need to get you to the nurse's office?" Surely Kacchan was aware of Othinus' power, and unlike Todoroki Shoto, saw it up close and personal.

For some reason his words only served to further infuriate Kacchan. Touma was confused. What was wrong with him?

"I too, shall volunteer," a student with an honest-to-God bird head said. His head was literally a bird's, either a crow's or a raven's. His body was covered in a black robe, stopping short of his shin, revealing knee-high black boots. He reminded Touma of the humanoid cat creature police officer who spoke to him that one time, asking him if Othinus was his quirk, and then thanking him another time, after Othinus healed him from the damages the Cat Burglar committed at the police station.

"Why?" Touma asked.

"Our abilities are similar," the bird head said. Tokoyami Fumikage! That was his name. Touma closed his eyes, nodded, and smiled smugly at recalling his classmate's identity. When he opened them, for some reason Fumikage's eyes were all fired up. What did he say, again? They had similar superpowers?

'You have a nigh-omnipotent god masquerading as your powers too?' or 'So you too are a wielder of Imagine Breaker.' Touma wanted to state, but stopped himself. He sighed, buried his hands in his pocket and gazed to the rest of the students. "Anybody else?"

They mistook it as a challenge. As the brave underdog heroes they are, they took it to task to answer the villain known as Kamijou Touma and his smug, smug voice of arrogance that taunted them in their sleep, and his look of apathy so soulless it was practically oozing contempt.

At least that was what he assumed they were seeing. It all made sense now. In this class, Touma was the wicked, yet insufferably strong asshole.

And he had to spend three years at this!?

He just wanted to sleep, preferably with his girlfriend, somewhere peaceful and where they could be alone.

Instead he was stuck here. With kids.

"I, Yaoyorozu Momo shall challenge you!" A beautiful girl that made Touma want to ask her age, 'are you really fifteen?' raised her hand. Her long black hair was tied into a spiky ponytail behind her. She too, learned the beauty of a spiky hairstyle, it seemed. A single bang hanged on the right side of her face. Her onyx eyes resembled those of a cat's, reminding him of Othinus' own. She wore a sleeveless crimson leotard, with silver lines at the side, two gold utility belts, and red boots.

Her costume was so revealing. He wondered if she was related to Othinus.

"Very well!" All Might said with a hearty laugh. "Team Todoroki will be the villains. They may start inside the building. They have five minutes to come up with a strategy, and then the heroes can start as well! I and the rest of the class will be observing from a control room through surveillance cameras scattered around the building!"

And so the stupid game of the underdogs fighting against Touma, who wanted no part of this, and Othinus, who was pissed at the insignificant humans who dared challenge her might, began.


"Was that wise?" Momo asked her teammate, Shoto, with Fumikage and Katsuki behind them. They passed the hallway, up the stairs, into a room with a fake bomb against the wall at the back of the room. Pillars supported the ceilings. Cracks from the ceilings, walls and floors ruined the otherwise clean, white room.

"People assume they're strong because no one put up a fight," Shoto said. "I saw videos of what took place during the entrance exam, but it was painfully obvious that their enemies, inexperienced teens, were too young to understand the concept of coordination."

"Hey, are you picking a fight!?" Katsuki asked, clenching his fist. Shoto ignored him.

"I don't like his smug look," Fumikage said, leaning his back on one of the pillars. "His attitude was born of arrogance from obtaining the superpower lottery at such a young age."

"That quirk of his thinks she can boss me around," Katsuki snarled. "I'll show her who's boss after I beat her boyfriend black and blue!"

"Boyfriend?" Momo tilted her head. "What do you mean?" All three boys stared at her. She blinked. "What?"

"They're obviously together," Fumikage said. "It is quite a strange relationship, given she is his quirk, but if she can truly think on her own they might as well be two seperate people. Todoroki, what is your plan in dealing with them?"

"You three can attempt to beat Touma on your own. I shall have a duel with this 'projection' of his called Othinus." They discussed a battle plan, which involved all three complaining at how bad his strategy was, and accomplished nothing. When five minutes were up, they prepared for what they imagined would be Touma and Othinus walking like the smug assholes they are and mocking them for being weak every step of the way.

Instead, white mist condensed into the room. And then took shape. First, that of small white rabbits with glowing red eyes. One progressively grew large and larger, its body becoming more human and muscular, until its bunny ears bent against the ceiling. White wisps of mist made up its fur. It tilted its head, raised a ridiculously muscular arm, clenched its fist, and threw a punch.


"How many powers does he have!?" One of the many students complained from the control room. "It just isn't fair!"

No, All Might thought, observing from one camera Touma and Othinus who loitered at the entrance to the building, and from another in the bomb room Shota, Momo, Fumikage and Katsuki fighting like their lives were on the line against cloud constructs taking the shape of animals.

Quirks, were at their core, illogical. They didn't make any sense. There was an internal structure to each quirk, true, but they were still by their very existence a defiance to the laws of physics.

All Might theorized that one day a quirk akin to All for One and One for All would emerge. It was not limited to a single individual, and grew stronger with time. One for All exponentially enhanced the strength, speed and durability of every user it was passed onto, and All for One grew stronger with each power it stole.

Touma's ability was similar, yet different. Under All Might's theory, his quirk grew with him since he was a baby. She was a fabrication of the mind realized, yet unchained by the laws of this world. She was basically an alien from another realm, a realm of imagination. And through Touma, she gained access to the physical world. She wasn't distorting this world's reality so much as she brought her own.

He was a bridge, and her the visitor.

All Might wondered if Touma could summon more creatures like her, and almost shivered at the sheer, limitless potential of his superpowers.

'Your luck ran out, All for One.' He recalled another 'rising star' that reminded him of his arch-nemesis. 'You too, Cat Burglar.' And every villain from here on out. Touma's powers need simply to be honed, and he and his partner would do the rest themselves.

In addition to those two, All Might's protege Midoriya Izuku inherited One for All, and All Might himself was healed back to his prime. When the Cat Burglar would strike next, he would be ready.


Misaka Mikoto was a unique existence.

She was the #3 level 5 esper of Academy City.

She was also a magical creature born to life from her creator, Othinus' divine will.

She remembered all her time up to her battle with Gremlin in Tokyo and Sargasso Bay. Yet she didn't possess any kind of contempt for Othinus. In fact, she worshipped her creator. Yet she still possessed her feelings from the original Mikoto.

The Mikoto that was created using Othinus' magic, in other words the 'magical Mikoto' and boy did that make her want to vomit, was a clone of the original.

Clones typically held existential crisis about who they truly are, or were altered to the point their emotions grew numb.

Mikoto's emotions weren't numbed. In fact, she still had feelings for Touma. She also knew who she was. She was the Mikoto Misaki who followed Othinus. If she could put it in an equation, then it would be like this.

Mikoto Misaka + Othinus' creation = Magical Mikoto.

She was such a genius!

Right now she was taking a stroll with her fellow creation, a devilishly handsome servant named Hel, who offered to carry her grocery bags she bought from the supermarket.

They were also there to punish some peeping tom's.

And so they walked, Mikoto inquiring about Hel's own memories, and the much more older familiar humoring her with a gentle smile as he answered her every request. He had also used his magic upon them. Not psychic powers imitating magic or vice-versa, and not magic like those used by magicians from her world, but magic borne from the myths of old.

They weren't really invisible, he explained, so much as the wind created a barrier between themselves and that of the rest of the world, blinding the world to their very existence. They approached the back of a car, with two unsuspecting brothers inside it.


The knife brothers observed her for days straight. After Bloodhound, the quirk user with the ability to track people down solely on a picture of them, gave the knife brothers her address, they watched. In that week, they found her entering the hotel in her civilian clothing during the day, and emerge from the rooftop in her costume during the night.

She was slender, small, wore an eyepatch and had black hair. Probably dyed, given her foreign features and a strand of blonde hair witnesses civilians and police officers both claimed they've seen from earlier papers. Sometimes she was accompanied by a sinfully handsome man they assume was either her lover or her butler.

They learned her name by bribing the clerk behind the counter of the lobby. Not directly, of course. They hired someone else to do it. If ever the Cat Burglar became aware of their existence they were they were the next to die, their bodies cut in half and taken as photos for the news. Another unfortunate casualty of her violent crusade.

They learned her name. As foreign as they come. Frigg Gallows.

They were inside another stolen vehicle. They killed the owner and dumped his body in a river between Musutafu and Tokyo.

The older knife brother called his employer. "We've got her name, boss. And I'm honestly not sure if you still want us to kill her." It was unprofessional to question the job, but sometimes they spoke their mind and their boss praised them for it. "This Cat Girl-"

"Cat Burglar," his annoying younger brother corrected him with a stupid grin.

The older brother rolled his eyes. "Cat Burglar, she's helping us lots by being a distraction. If the heroes focus on her, then they won't have time for us, right?"

"True," their boss said. "I'll consider inviting her into our group, but she might react violently and attempt to kill us instead. That would be a waste of a talent. Very well. I'm not normally this flexible with my employees, but I've known you two long enough to trust you to be discreet. Change of plans. See if you can invite her into our little clique. Through an intermediary, of course. No need to senselessly risk your life. But from here on out your jobs are done, understood?"

"Understood," the older brother said with a sigh. He wasn't really sure they could've taken her out anyway.

"Understood," the younger brother said in an airy voice, hiding his disappointment at missing out on an opportunity to fight a strong opponent.

"Understood," a gentlemanly voice said, from outside their window.

"Huh?" The older brother looked to his younger brother's window and saw a sinfully handsome man giving a carefree smile outside it, carrying grocery bags with one hand.

The younger brother saw through his older brother's window a young girl with brown raising her eyebrow. Electricity crackled and sparked from her hair.

Before either brothers could react, the man threw his free hand through the window, shattering it into a million pieces, and he grabbed the younger brother's neck. He lifted the younger brother up in the air, towards the ceiling, and with a thud, released his hold. The younger brother's head fell on the glove compartment. Blood dripped from the ceiling and trickled down his skin.

At the same time, the girl discharged a spear of electricity through the door, soaking the vehicle in electricity and frying the electronics within. But what was worse was the window. It exploded from the heat and speed of the strike. When her electricity made contact with the man, he screamed, convulsed and stopped moving.

"Oh my," Hel said, covering his mouth and pretending to worry. "You didn't kill him, did you?"

Mikoto looked at the blood from the head of the younger brother and looked at Hel in disapprovement. "What about you?"

"I would never disobey our master," Hel said with a solemn shake of his head. Mikoto sighed in relief. She was a little worried about his personality, given who he was based on, but he was alright.

"Relax. I used something like lightning when I fried the car and broke the window, but weakened it to that of a taser when I hit the man." A pedestrian walked around her. "So they can't see us?"

"Only to an extent," Hel warned her with a wag of his finger. He extracted the smartphone from the older brother, frowned, and turned to Mikoto. "You fried his phone."

She laughed nervously. "Whoops?" She steeled herself. The man she was with was slightly more violent than her. A simple punch would have sufficed in incapacitating their targets, but he went all the way in making the target bleed. Unless Othinus willed it, she didn't want to associate much with people like him.

Hel sighed. "What's done is done. Regardless, we should move the evidence. Lady Othinus can interrogate them later. For now, I shall move the two in the back of the car and you shall drive them into the hotel. Do not worry about it being fried. I have used my magic to fix the vehicle."

"Which hotel?"

"The one in Musutafu, obviously. Sir Touma is unaware of his beloved's extracurricular activities." Hel extracted the two people from the front of the cars, opened the doors to the back and threw with as much care as someone would throw a pillow across the bed. He then sat on the front passenger seat, with Mikoto on the driver's seat, who buckled up her seatbelt, held the gearshift, the steering wheel, and started the car. Her foot moved to the gas pedal when the glove compartment vibrated. Hel opened the glove compartment and pulled out a phone.

"Another burner phone?" he asked. He checked the screen, found a caller, and answered it. "Sir, are you perhaps a relative of these two? They've been in an accident, I'm afraid. Fear not, for a Good Samaritan such as I shall take them to the hospital myself and pay for their hospital bills." Hel attempted for a worried and thoughtful human act. Mikoto heard a groan. From the rearview mirror one of the two men was gaining consciousness.

"Cut the bullshit," the unknown caller said. "What did you do to them? Who are you? And where the hell is the car?" Mikoto assumed there was someone spying on the car from afar. When Hel enclosed the car in his invisible wind, it should've cut even the signal from the phone. He must be capable of exempting a select target from his magic. But that confused Mikoto. She was sure neither of them were even aware there was an extra burner phone. How could he make it exempt from his invisible wind?

Magic. It was so illogical.

"We are concerned citizens worried for the well-beings of others," Hel said. "And how dare you imply we would so much as lay a finger on these innocent looking men." There was movement from the backseat. Mikoto and Hel both focused on the rearview mirror. The man she shocked woke with a snarl, one hand clenched around a knife made of blue fire, and attempted to stab Hel. With a lazy slap from the back of his hand the man's blue fire knife was flung from his hand, which was bent back until his knuckle touched his wrist. Hel tapped his nose, shattering it, and then caught his neck, choking him unconscious.

"I would never hurt a fly," Hel said with conviction. From his hand the man struggled and scratched at his skin. Hel squeezed. The man lost consciousness, and Hel threw him back in his seat.

"Fuck you," the caller said.

"Gimme that," Mikoto said. Hel rolled his eyes and passed her the phone. "Mr. boss man, whoever you are, look, we don't care, okay? We just want to know why you're stalking our boss."

"Boss? So the Cat Burglar has underlings? Who are you people?"

"Yes, she has underlings. Listen, can we negotiate? We're not really interested in fighting. We just want to understand why they were spying on our boss, okay? And if you give us useful information we might even let them free."

"And what makes you think I care?"

"We don't," Mikoto said. "And you can hang up now. But remember this is the only time you had a chance at negotiating. Now our boss might throw a temper tantrum and increase the number of her victims. Goodbye." She disconnected the call. Waited five minutes. The phone ringed. Mikoto answered it.

"I'll give a time and a place. No more than two of you. If I even think there's another person there I'm gone."

"You or your middleman? Not I care, but sure. Just text me the area and we're there." Mikoto hanged up, once more, and received a text not a minute later. "How many people can you put in your invisible wind, Hel?"

"Ranging from myself to everyone whose face I've seen."

"Wonderful. Let's go call the others."

"Lady Othinus?" His voice was tinged with disapproval.

"No, silly. The other level 5's. Although we only need one…" Misaki was so going to ask her something in exchange for this. Mikoto dropped the phone on the seat between her legs and sighed. They were off to a busy day.