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We good? Good, let's go.

The stars were always breathtaking. They were an endless sea of jewels sparkling in a bleak void. Just as one would disappear, another would take its place. Such was the order of the cosmos, and to him, it was fascinating.

He had studied many of them, from simple suns to binary stars to nebulae and much, much more. He had seen the worlds circling around them, and the life each world possessed. To him, a giant of perhaps seemingly impossible height, they were like balls of swirling colors on top.

This world was the same. Much larger than himself, and filled with life everywhere. The machinery inside of him scanned the many sapient beings in the planet. He could only wonder what sort of cultures and peoples he would see.

However, that thought stopped short. Something stirred inside him. Something, but what was-

Before he knew it, everything started to shut down. His head, his entire body reacted against his commands. His limbs jittered in small spasms before they went limp with the rest of him. As his vision faded in and out, dark and malevolent laughter filled every corner of his mind. He barely had enough space to recognize the one responsible.


It came too late. His body was unresponsive to his thoughts, and even his mind was fading away. All he could do was plummet into the planet below…

Atop the highest peak of the tallest mountain, Avatar Zulong's gray beard and red robes billowed in the cold wind. His unfazed eyes remained on what was high in the sky, as he had been for the past several days. The giant monster, its body too blocky to be human and too large for everyone not to notice it.

Now, he saw it falling, a fiery aura surrounded the body. Its large back fell first, the head limply faced upwards. What was worse was that the body grew bigger and bigger as it fell.

"A frightful sight. Wouldn't you agree, Talon?" Zulong commented in his raspy voice.

Beside the avatar, his longtime dragon friend growled in concern. Zulong gently rubbed the azure snout. "Don't worry. It'll be alright, old friend," he assured and quickly sat atop the saddle.

Upon Zulong's command, the dragon flapped its large wings. Talon's serpent-like body slithered through the air like a grass snake and drew closer to the target. The closer the dragon came, the fiercer the wind grew. It was so strong that Talon roared and would have knocked off the rider.

Zulong kept still, surprised by the sheer size. Seeing the giant up close, and how its size could crush several mountains, Zulong realized, 'I'll need more than I thought.'

His dragon roared once again, and Zulong held into the rocking body of his dragon. "Easy, Talon," he said soothingly, "I'll take it from here."

The avatar closed his eyes and tensed his body. His many days on the mountain were filled with communion with the past avatars and the Spirits of old. They all agreed what to do should the need arise. Zulong just hoped he had what it took.

Inhaling and exhaling, the old master of the four elements took his Airbending stance. He bent his knees and then flew off his dragon with a swoosh. Eyes still closed, Zulong spun his body around, turning himself into a human corkscrew.

He went higher and higher and higher into the air until he hung aloft the wind currents. Immediately, heat touched his face. In spite of such troubles, Zulong calmed himself and opened his eyes at last to reveal the glowing white light of the Avatar State.

Using the power of past avatars, Zulong twirled his hands. The hot air responded by swirling around the colossus. Zulong kept circling his arms for what felt like hours and wisps of wind followed the motion. However, nothing seemed to change.

The heat stung Zulong's wrinkled skin as sweat poured from every portion of his body. This felt hotter than any lava river in his home region. By now, he could barely keep himself floating as Zulong swirled his arms and sent blast after blast of air, each one did nothing... or so it seemed. As Zulong's Airbending mentor, Ra'shi, once said, "Alone a single wisp of wind can doing nothing against stone. But done again and again, it can bring down the greatest of mountains." So, Zulong continued in his efforts.

That was until a gust of hot air pushed Zulong back, and he tumbled for a bit before setting himself back up. Even in the Avatar state, Zulong strained with every ounce of his body and will to change the very air around him, to the point that his body would break at a moment's notice. His mouth dried to a point he thought to be impossible, and his sleeves quickly caught on fire.

He closed his eyes, reaching out to his predecessors and into the depths of the Spirit world. He only sent two words: 'Help me!'

Zulong's call had been answered. The winds and clouds slowly shifted from their original course, and power coursed through the Avatar. With his newfound strength, Zulong swirled his arms to add to the momentum, and he watched the falling giant. After thinking long enough on the mountain, Zulong knew he need not stop this monster. Merely redirect it.

And in one last swing, Zulong did that. Clouds shifted towards the giant, changing the direction of its fall. Instead of hitting land, it dove into the ocean that was too big even for its size.

The light of the Avatar State left Zulong's eyes, and his body plummeted down before Talon caught him. Resting on his dragon's back, Zulong watched the monolith-sized creature slowly sink further into the depths of an ocean too vast even for its own size.

Sighing, Zulong let the strain take its toll. Already, the darkness was ready to swallow him up. Still, seeing the yellow light fade away from the monster's eyes, Zulong could not help but feel pity. This new being had appeared, not harming anyone and whatever caused it to fall was not of its own volition. A traveler, maybe, on its own journey. Whatever it had been, it merely sank into the great depths of the ocean.

'Perhaps… it would have been… a good friend…' Zulong thought as his last breath joined the wind.

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