This title has two meanings. "Rêver de" is "to dream of," but "voler" is either to fly or to steal. Therefore, this is either "To Dream Of Stealing" or "To Dream Of Flying."

Rêver de Voler

I've been dreaming, and I feel groggy. Have I been asleep?

No! No, that can't be right! Pegasus… Pegasus was going to take our souls? But I'm right here, in my body. Maybe he did get our souls, and only now I'm back. Which means Yuugi won? But we all knew he'd win. Yuugi always wins. Everything.

Wind is rushing past. My legs are unsteady – no, no, my legs are fine, my body is fine, but the ground is moving. No, my body isn't fine either – my arm hurts. And I'm so discombobulated, which is such an odd word. I'm about to fall – nope, not about to fall anymore, because I've just fallen to my knees.

I must have been asleep; I know this feeling, when everything makes sense because my mind was just dreaming, but then where are we now? And how'd I get here? Things are not making nearly so much sense as they did half a minute ago.

Of course there's a very simple answer, but I don't like that answer. So I'll try to find some other way… there has to be some other way.

I have to open my eyes. Maybe the alarm clock has already gone off and I automatically hit the button, maybe I'll remember things... They open easily, my vision isn't blurry, and there are no icky crusty build-ups at the corners of my eyes the way I'd expect it to be after such a long nap as I feel I must have had.

Yuugi, staring at me – no, it's the taller Yuugi. Not Yuugi at all. He looks angry? Concerned? Frustrated? Yes, all of those.

"Yuugi-kun?" I call, even though it's not him. I don't know what to call him, but he seems nice enough to be called Yuugi-kun. He did save me once before, after all. I remember that much. "Where am I? How'd I get this cut?" I try to move my arm to see it better, and to see this strange machine that's attached to me at the wrist, (is that Kaiba Corp.'s logo? Hell, is that my Occult deck!? Four out of five letters of DEATH out on the field, it probably is mine) which wasn't the best of ideas. "It hurts!"

How did this happen? Even if I was asleep, why do I wake up standing? What's been going on?

Why the Hell is there a large red dragon with two mouths, glaring down at me as though I stole something from it? Maybe I was dinner but then I woke up and now it's angry. Gods, I think part of my mind wants to keep dreaming.

Jounouchi's trying to climb up onto the arena – why is the sky moving past us so fast? Or are we the ones moving? That red thing behind the Other Yuugi is looking rather impatient with us all. I think it's really, really hungry. I wish I were still asleep. I don't want to go crunch between those two sets of teeth, at least not while I'm awake. I always did want to die in my sleep, so I wouldn't know when it happened. So it'd be painless, and I'd just continue to dream…

Why is there an extra voice in the back of my head that I have to try to ignore? It was bad enough when it was just one, and I'd like to remind him that he shouldn't be there anyway because the other Yuugi evicted him. Why is everybody – the voices in my head, my acquaintances in the real world – talking about me as though I'm not here, as though I'm just an inanimate little thing to be pushed around – a pretty thing, one that they don't want broken, but still, it would make me feel so much better if somebody asked me what I thought. Maybe I don't mind if that double-chinned dragon swoops down and gobbles me up. It'd save Yuugi a bunch of trouble, anyway.

"It hurts…" But I'm not talking about my arm anymore.