Chapter 5

Seven hundred years after Ayeka left Jurai, she continued her pursuit for her brother. Unfortunately, it was a long trip, and she spent most of the duration of the trip in frozen sleep. However, Ayeka's slumber finally ended as she and her ship approached a distant planet. The chamber she slept in opened, and white mist flowed out from the chamber doors. Her eyes remained closed and she stood in an upright position. She wore an ornamental Juraian outfit with something of a hood to cover the top of her head. However, said hood did not rest on top of her head at all, and was raised by the actually outfit itself.

"All systems activated. Unlock the time freeze now," Azaka said. Azaka was one of Ayeka's robotic servants. It had a somewhat robotic voice, and its form resembled that of a giant log. It had a glass like orb that resembled an eye at the top portion of its body, and it had blue writing located at the center of its body. "All systems synchronized to bridge standard time."

"What planet is this?" Ayeka asked after she opened her eyes and took a good look at the planet that displayed on her ships monitors.

"Colonized planet #0135," Kamidake answered. Kamidake, Like Azaka, was one of Ayeka's robotic servants. It looked identical to Azaka except for the red writing located at the center of its body. "Earth."

"Then this is where my brother Yosho is!" Ayeka said excitedly. She had dreamed of the day Yosho would return to her. The thought that she might never see him again frightened her immensely.

"No," Azaka interjected, seemingly to kill Ayeka's good mood. "What we detected from this planet is Ryoko."

"Huh?" Ayeka asked. Just the mention of the space pirate's name was enough to put the Juraian princess in a foul mood. "Not that woman! What does this mean?"

"We have yet to detect Yosho's ship. But he was in pursuit of Ryoko," Kamidake answered. "Logically, he would follow then, that –. "

"I see," Ayeka said as she cut off Kamidake. "That woman and Ryo-ohki should be caught and tried formally by our planet Jurai, as soon as possible."

"Princess Ayeka," Azaka said. "Unfortunately, all of Ryoko's crimes will be cancelled by statute of limitations in galaxy standard time 00432, or in 5 seconds."

"What?" Ayeka asked, dumbfounded.

As Azaka explained the situation to Ayeka, a holographic monitor appeared in front of Ayeka with the countdown to Ryoko's statute of limitations. Ayeka watched in horror as the countdown started at five and worked its way down to one. Her eyes twitched in rage and disbelief that the most evil space pirate in the galaxy got off scot free due to an annoying law set up by the Juraian high council. The reason the statute of limitations applied to someone as evil as Ryoko was far beyond her understanding.

"As of this moment, the statute of limitations has taken effect and Ryoko's galaxy wanted file has been destroyed," Kamidake explained. It would be a problem if Ayeka still chased after Ryoko now that the statute of limitations was up.

"Destroyed?" Ayeka yelled in disbelief. "Answer me! Why is it?"

"The statute of limitations is based on decisions made by the holy council of planet Jurai, and-," Kamidake tried to explain, however Ayeka cut him off before he could finish.

"That is not what I have asked!" Ayeka hissed. "I want to know why that woman is not sought for all eternity!"

"That statute of limitations is based on decisions made by the holy council of the planet Jurai." Kamidake explained. Once again, he tried to finish his explanation, but Ayeka cut him off just as she had the last time.

"Never mind," Ayeka said in an exasperated tone. "The only clue left to us is that woman. We must capture her at any cost!"

"But the statute of limitations-," Kamidake tried.

"This is an order!" Ayeka commanded. "We will think of a reason."

"Yes ma'am!" Azaka said, obediently.

"Good! Now prepare for descent," Ayeka ordered. She was so close she could feel it. Yosho just had to be on planet earth. She knew that her brother would never fall to Ryoko; he was far too strong to lose to the harlot.

"Anti-air guard, storming level 4," Kamidake stated as he reported the ships status to Ayeka. In truth, Ayeka did not care about such details, but Kamidake was a robot, and it was his duty to keep his master informed.

"Please be well," Ayeka thought to herself, her mind filled with thoughts of her brother.

"Princess Ayeka," Azaka started. "About Ranma…"

"Oh, I almost forgot." Ayeka said as she brought her hand to her lips in sudden realization. "We should probably wake him up from his frozen sleep. I am sure that he will be needed soon."

"About that your highness," Azaka said with a bit of hesitation. "He woke up before you, and he has been active for quite some time."

"Wh-what?" Ayeka asked in disbelief. She should have been the first person on the ship to awaken from frozen sleep. Was there a programming malfunction? Was her ship playing a prank on her? "A-any way, call him to the bridge. I do not want that…that… ruffian running around my ship unsupervised!"

"Yes, your highness." Azaka said. He immediately took off to find Ayeka's human servant. Even though Azaka was a robot, he did have a programmed personality. He felt bad for Ranma, and he knew well that the poor boy was about to get an ear full when he came face to face with Ayeka.

Ranma had actually been awake for quite some time. Sasami stowed away on Ayeka's ship, and she brought Natsumi and Yuri with her. To make matters worse, they did not go into frozen sleep. They knew that Ayeka would be furious if she found out that they had snuck on board, so they remained hidden the entire time. That is, until they were bored and decided to wake Ranma up. In truth, it was Sasami, and not a programming error, that woke Ranma from his frozen sleep.

Ranma did not mind the early wake up call. In fact, he was grateful to the children that woke him up early. This way he could train a bit and keep his skills from becoming rusty. Sasami, Natsumi, and Yuri sat on his back as he performed his pushups. His muscles contracted and expanded as his body performed the act that had become part of his usual workout routine. The girls had a blast as they sat on Ranma's back. It was like going to the park and playing on some of the rides.

"Hey, Ranma, what do you think Ayeka will do when she finds out we snuck on board?" Sasami asked. She knew the answer, but it was a good conversation starter.

"I'm sure she will, Sasami," Ranma said with a bit of strain in his voice. "You two are family, I'm sure she'll forgive you eventually. But that doesn't mean that she won't get angry. She's going to be pissed."

"I'm sure she will be," Sasami laughed. "But you'll protect me, right Ranma?"

"I'll do my best, but when your sister's involved my hands are tied," Ranma sighed. "I wouldn't worry though. She may have changed a bit because of Yosho's disappearance, but she's still family. It's not like she'd do anything to hurt you."

"Yeah, I know, but it's fun to see your reactions to the questions I ask," Sasami said.

"Oh? What do you mean?" Ranma asked. Though the girls could not see his face, it twisted into a confused expression. What was so interesting about his reactions?

"Oh! I have a question!" Natsumi said as she raised her hand as if she were in school. "Do you love princess Ayeka, Ranma?"

"Wh-what?" Ranma practically yelled as he suddenly sped up his pushup routine. He did three pushups in the time that it usually took him to do one. Though the girls could not see it, his face had become as red as a tomato. "O-of course not! I mean, who would love someone as stuck up as her! A-and, it's not like a guy like me could…could…ya know what I'm sayin'?"

"That's what I'm talking about," Sasami giggled as she hugged Ranma's neck. "Your reactions are hilarious!"

"Sh-shutup!" Ranma stammered. "I'll tell Ayeka that you snuck onto the ship!"

"Hey, that's not fair!" Yuri said. "If you do that we'll all get in trouble!"

What Yuri failed to understand was that they were all in trouble anyway. Azaka chose that time to enter the room where Ranma and the girls were playing. The girls got off Ranma's back and the young martial artist rose to his feet. Azaka stopped in front of the group and waited a bit before giving off what seemed to be a robotic sigh. The group sighed in unison when they realized what Azaka's arrival meant.

"Time to get back to work," Ranma said. "Where are we anyway?"

"I believe that you call it earth." Azaka said to answer Ranma.

"Earth!" Ranma exclaimed. "Seriously? You aren't lying to me or anything are you?"

"No. As a robot I should never tell a lie," Azaka said.

"Wahoo!" Ranma yelled as he ran to the bridge.

"I can't believe it!" Yuri said, almost in tears.

"We're home." Natsumi cried.

Ranma ran through the corridors of the ship until he reached the bridge. Ayeka was not amused when Ranma nearly rammed right into her as he came to a screeching halt. Not only did he only come mere inches away from crashing into her, he ignored her when he finally did stop. He ran right past her and got as close as he could to the monitor that showed his home planet, earth. He had not seen it in so long, but he would never forget what it looked like.

"Wow, the earth." Ranma said in pure awe and excitement. "It's huge! Hey Ayeka, are we going to land here? A-Ayeka?"

"Ranma, calm yourself!" Ayeka yelled in frustration. Just barely seven hundred years ago, she would have giggled at Ranma's crazy antics, but due to the loss of her brother, she would have none of his shenanigans. Ranma cringed as he tore himself from the ship's monitor and bowed in front of Ayeka.

"I'm sorry your highness. I lost myself in excitement. It is my home planet after all," He tried to reason with the angered princess. Ranma kept his head bowed low, so he did not notice Ayeka's glare soften a bit when she realized the importance earth had to Ranma.

"Raise your head." Ayeka said after coughing into her hand. "Right now the criminal Ryoko is hiding on that planet. We have reason to believe that she may know something about Yosho's whereabouts."

"So your brother might be on earth too?" Ranma asked. "That's great!"

"There is no guarantee that Yosho is on earth." Ayeka said in a cold tone. She wanted to believe that her brother was still alive and on the planet right in front of her, but she was frightened that her hope would turn against her. Even though Ranma said those words in an attempt to encourage her, she did not want anyone to give her false hope. "However, we must capture Ryoko at all cost."

"Right!" Ranma said with a nod. If they could find Yosho, then Ayeka would surely go back to the way she was before she heard that he had disappeared.

"Achoo!" Ayeka sneezed. Afterwards she looked around the room as if she had done something embarrassing. "Begin the capture process as soon as we arrive. And you must refrain from firing."

"Yes ma'am!" Azaka said.

"We shall soon arrive at our destination," Kamidake said to

"Um, do you think that you should take a rest?" Ranma asked. "You might be coming down with a cold. You were frozen up 'til this point."

"I'm perfectly fine Ranma," Ayeka said. "It was just a sneeze."

"Okay, if you insist…" Ranma said, hesitantly.

Shortly after Ranma voiced his concerns, they arrived at Ryoko's location on earth. To Ranma's surprise, they seemed to have arrived at Japan. He did not say anything, but he could hardly hide the excitement on his face when he saw the Japanese style home where Ryoko hid. He would have said something, but he knew Ayeka would probably yell at him for some reason or another.

"Ryoko, come out!" Ayeka yelled. Apparently, she was speaking over a loud speaker of some sort. "Ryoko, Ryoko you must come out! I know that you are in there! You cannot get away from me now!" Ayeka's yelling eventually ceased, and she whispered to her servants, "Are you sure this thing is on?"

"Yes ma'am." Azaka answered.

"Then, what is she doing?" Ayeka asked in annoyance.

"Seriously?" Ranma asked. "I don't think she'd come out just because you told her to. I mean, if I were her I'd try and remain hidden as long as possible."

"Never mind," Ayeka growled. "Fire a warning shot!"

"I thought we were to refrain from using fire," Kamidake questioned. Just moments ago, Ayeka told him not to fire at Ryoko. This seemed a bit contradictory.

"That's an order!" Ayeka said to override her previous command. What was with these robotic servants? They should just follow orders without question!

Just as Ayeka had ordered, Azaka and Kamidake sent a warning shot right next to the home where Ryoko took alleged residence. Shortly after the warning shot went off another ship made an appearance. Ranma would never admit it, but he was scared. All he knew was that Ayeka kept barking out orders and Azaka and Kamidake followed those orders without question, which was a first for them. Explosions were flying, the ship rocked as it took counter fire, and Ayeka almost fell over a few times due to the unsteadiness of the ground they stood on.

"Azaka, Kamidake, Go! Capture her!" Ayeka commanded.

"Yes ma'am!" Azaka answered.

"Yes!" Kamidake resounded as he and Azaka teleported onto Ryoko's ship.

"Ayeka?" Ranma asked, hesitantly.

"What is it?" Ayeka hissed. She was obviously still in 'combat mode.'

"Have you done this before?" Ranma asked. He had to admit, Ayeka did not seem frightened at all during the fight.

"No, this is my first battle," Ayeka said after she let out a long exhale. It would seem that she had held her breath a bit. "Why? You were not frightened were you? I thought you were used to battle," Ayeka teased.

"Of course not!" Ranma practically yelled back. "I was just impressed, is all," he said shyly as he looked away in embarrassment.

"Oh…" Ayeka said. She did not expect Ranma to praise her ability to command. She almost felt bad about teasing him earlier. However, apologizing meant that she was wrong, and that was out of the question.

"Your highness," Kamidake's voice resounded over the ship's intercom system. "Ryoko has been captured and is ready for your interrogation."

"Excellent!" Ayeka said, happily. "Now I can find out where –."

"However…" Kamidake's voice trailed off as he cut off Ayeka.

"However?" Ayeka repeated. She was obviously annoyed. Ranma cringed a bit when he imagined what Ayeka might do if they made her angry.

"There was a young boy with her. He also had prince Yosho's sword with him." Kamidake answered.

"Oh, never mind the boy for now! Throw him in the prison." Ayeka commanded. She could care less about a random earth boy. For all she knew Ryoko could have been using him as a hostage. "Did you confiscate the sword?"

"Yes. You may pick it up in the interrogation room."

"Very well then, I'm on my way," Ayeka said as she headed towards the interrogation room. Ranma followed close behind her, but she turned around and said, "You may spend some time to yourself, Ranma. I would prefer to do this alone."

"Oh, sure," Ranma said as he scratched the back of his head. "I guess I could find something to do. Just call me if you need me."

"Yes, I will," Ayeka said as she turned around to leave.

Ranma sighed; there was really nothing to do on the ship. The ship had every convenience needed to make one feel comfortable. It was a Juraian royal ship after all, but Ranma just did not have the same tastes as the Juraian royal family. The only reason he never ripped his hair out in boredom was that he always stayed next to Ayeka. When he strayed from Ayeka's side, he usually trained with the Juraian royal guards.

With another sigh, Ranma left the command bridge. He finally made it back to earth, but it didn't really mean anything without his father by his side. Ranma silently wondered what his father was doing at that very moment. It pained him to think that his father may not have been as lucky as he was, and died of old age a long time ago. Though Ranma spent most of the time in frozen sleep, he was over seven hundred years old now. That Juraian water sure worked miracles.

Oddly enough, many light years away, Ranma's father had similar thoughts. It had been over seven hundred years since Genma Saotome had seen his son, but he refused to lose hope. Operation 'get Ranma hitched' was still underway. All he had to do was manipulate the pink haired nobleman that had seen fit to purchase, not only, Genma, but Soun and his daughters as well.

"Genma," Seiryo Tennan, the man that had purchased Genma, commanded.

"Yes, master! How can I help you today?" Genma asked as he bowed low to the pink haired noble.

"It would seem that I found the location of your son. The one you said would make a fine bodyguard. The one whose face is so ugly, my face will look ten times lovelier by just standing next to him, that son," Seiryo stated. It would seem that it to get Seiryo to look for Ranma, Genma had to do some coaxing.

"Really?" Genma asked. "That's excellent news! Thank you my lord! I am truly grateful."

"Think nothing of it, Genma. You are truly a fine servant," Seiryo commented. It was true that sucking up was one of Genma's strong points. "Also, that Akane girl certainly shaped up to be a fine body guard. I have to admit, I thought she was trying to assassinate me that one time she tried to cook, but everyone has their weak points. At least, normal people have their weak points. I, of course, am good at everything."

"Yes, seven hundred years of training did improve her fighting technique," Genma said. He had to admit, Akane had improved drastically as she trained to defeat her son. He was still curious as to why she hated someone she had never met so much. One would think that such hatred would die after a hundred years or so. No, it only made it stronger.

"Yes, but her cooking hasn't improved at all," Seiryo complained.

"I am sorry my lord. Also, where is my son?" Genma asked. He was tired of talking about the Tendo brat. He was more interested on his son's location.

"Ah, right. It would seem that he was purchased by the king of Jurai, and is employed by the first crowned princess of Jurai," Seiryo explained. "It would seem that King Azusa would like to arrange a marriage between his daughter and my beautiful self. A match made in heaven, no?"

"Yes, anything less than royalty is no good for you my lord!" Genma praised. "In fact, I hope the princess is at least on your level! We must visit her right away to make sure."

"Unfortunately she seems to be on a quest to find her long lost brother," The Seiryo sighed. "However, we will meet with Azusa soon. I'm sure he will arrange a meeting in due time."

"That's wonderful your majesty!" Genma cheered.

"Oh, I like the sound of that! Your majesty! Yes, I think I like that title!" Seiryo cheered along with Genma.

"Just wait until I tell Soun!" Genma thought to himself. "So, Ranma works for the princess. Wait…Ranma works for the princess? I wonder if he could seduce this girl and become a prince himself! That's my boy! You do your father proud!"

"Achoo!" Back on the ship, Ranma sneezed just as Ayeka had. "I wonder if I'm coming down with something now."

Ranma stood wandered around the ship aimlessly. He would work out every now and again, but nothing seemed to kill his boredom. He couldn't even find Sasami and the other girls. He silently hoped that they weren't getting into any trouble. He had a funny feeling that if Ayeka found out that they were on the ship, he would be the one that suffered the consequences.

"Ranma! Come quick!" Natsumi yelled as she ran up to Ranma.

"What's wrong?" Ranma asked. He was so lost in thought as he roamed aimlessly that the sudden outburst surprised him.

"Some guy just grabbed Sasami and started running!" Yuri explained.

"Wh-what? Wait a sec." Ranma said in shock. Who on the ship would do such a thing?

"Azaka and Kamidake are chasing him right now!" Natsumi cried.

"I'm on it!" Ranma yelled as he ran off to catch up with Sasami's kidnapper that he forgot to ask where they lost saw her.

Ranma, in a Ryoga like fashion, aimlessly ran around searching for Sasami. He finally found her. Ayeka, however, seemed to have found her first. Ranma walked into the room where Ayeka and Sasami were located, and noticed that the space pirate Ryoko, and the boy that Natsumi and Yuri had mentioned also stood in the room. It would seem that Ayeka heard some upsetting news, because her eyes were trembling in such a way that Ranma could not tell if she were angry or sad.

"What the heck is going on here?" Ranma yelled as he ran in between the two parties.

"I-I don't know!" The young boy from earth yelled. "I was just minding my own business when I got beamed on this ship! Then Sasami let me go and told me to get her sister's head ornament! Then-then she woke up and tried to have me killed!"

"I kind of feel for ya man," Ranma said with a wavering voice. He remembered when Sasami asked him to do the same. It wasn't pretty.

"Then let me go!" The boy yelled.

"Hey, Tenchi!" Ryoko called to the young boy as she hugged him close. "Call Ryo-ohki! You want to go home don't you?"

"Yeah! If you return my house too!" The boy yelled.

"I can't believe it, I won't believe it," Ayeka muttered. "It isn't possible!"

"Suit yourself," Ryoko mocked. "But you might want to get out of the way."

At that moment, Ranma noticed that the ground was shaking. He quickly grabbed Ayeka and jumped to the side just in time to dodge a giant spike that came up from the ground. That spike was a part of the spacecraft Ryo-ohki, the same ship that Ayeka had captured earlier. Ranma wasn't positive, but he could have sworn that it meowed.

"Are you okay?" Ranma asked. The rude entrance left the room destroyed.

"Wow, that kid's pretty quick on his feet," Ryoko mused. Right before entering her ship she turned to Sasami and said, "Bye little girl."

"Bye bye Tenchi," Sasami waved. She was quite calm about everything that was going on around her.

"Do something quickly!" Ayeka yelled, still in Ranma's arms.

"Yes ma'am." Azaka said. However, Azaka was currently on his side, and not in any shape to do anything.

"I will never forgive that woman," Ayeka said. "Could you put me down now?"

"Oh, sorry," Ranma said as he quickly put Ayeka back on her feet.

Ranma wasn't quite sure what happened next. Kamidake mentioned something about descending too fast, and Ayeka started yelling, "Attack, Attack," and the room shook like crazy. A monitor showed up with Ryoko's face on it. Ayeka yelled like crazy for her to stop, but Ryoko continued to taunt Ayeka regardless.

"Ayeka?" Ranma asked. He was scared again. There was so much chaos, and he could barely tell what was going on.

"Silence, Ranma!" Ayeka yelled.

"But the lake is getting bigger?" Ranma said as he pointed towards the monitor that showed earth.

"What?" Ayeka yelled in surprise as she looked to the monitor. Seconds later, everything went black.

The next day, during the morning, everyone sat at the Masaki family breakfast table. It turned out that Masaki was Tenchi's last name. Luckily, for Ranma, Ayeka, and the group, Tenchi was kind enough to allow everyone to stay at his house.

"So, you're actually from earth?" Tenchi asked.

"Yeah, I was born on earth a long time ago, and then I was captured by alien slavers." Ranma said as he dug into the breakfast set before him. Whatever hostility Tenchi had with his group had vanished over night.

"Eat this Tenchi!" Ryoko said as she shoved a bowl of food in front of Tenchi. "It'll make you grow big and strong. You're lucky! You don't even have a scratch after all we've been through together. I protected you at the risk of my own life!"

"Hm, I think that's because our ship took all of the damage." Sasami said. She also made herself right at home. "Our ship was attached to your ship, and we took the brunt of the fall."

"Is that why our landing was off?" Ryoko asked. "I almost wound up in that damn cave again!"

"I thought there was another young lady with you," Tenchi's father said. "Where did she go?"

"She's trying to salvage parts of her ship." Ranma sighed. He would have helped her, but even he couldn't lift a ship.

"Ranma, Sasami, you two, help me!" Ayeka yelled to Ranma, Sasami, Natsumi, and Yuri.

"But it's totally under the lake. We'll never get it out of there!" Sasami said, as matter of fact.

"Oh!" Ayeka growled as she ran outside. She spouted some nonsense about not being able to stay on the planet.

"I kind of feel bad for her," Ranma said.

"Hey, I've always wanted to see your planet! I'm having fun!" Sasami cheered.

"It's good to be home." Yuri nodded.

"No place like home." Natsumi laughed.

"All's well that ends well," Ranma said. "I guess."

"This didn't end well at all!" He heard Ayeka yell from outside.

"Well, it seems that we'll be staying here for a while," Ranma said. "Maybe we can spar later."

"R-right," Tenchi stuttered. He really didn't like fighting at all. He could already tell that Ranma's and his personalities clashed in more ways than one.

End Chapter 5

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