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Had some interesting suggestions for a Zanpakutō for Harry. Since I'm using Nejibana in Tide, I'd prefer not to use her again here. There have been suggestions of using the Hallows to make one, or a wind type one due to his love of flying.

Only one pairing suggestion and that was Kisuke/Harry

Chapter 2

Kisuke was content to let the boy look around the room he had rented for his stay. He could have come without the gigai but even then, he needed rest and why not rest in a nice hotel? He ordered room service; it wouldn't do for the boy to faint from hunger while they were speaking. Dealing with Ichigo and friends had forced him to pay more attention to human needs, something he once ignored. He may technically own a candy store, but it wasn't exactly popular and that was how he had preferred it, all it was, was a cover for the humans while he worked in his lab and supplied visiting Shinigami. He accepted the food when it was delivered and then took a seat. "Please, help yourself," he offered, and the boy hesitantly sat near him and took a sandwich. He could see how Potter held back while eating and he wondered if perhaps he was skinny for a darker reason than being in a growth spurt. He took one for himself to keep the boy from feeling self-conscious and then poured tea for them both.

"Are you going to answer my question?"

He was rather tenacious, just like Ichigo. There appeared to be many similarities between them, at least this boy didn't have a madman after him.


Harry fought the urge to stuff himself on the sandwiches, he knew better than to eat too fast or too much after time at the Dursley's. He then sipped at the tea he was given and found it to be perfectly made, though not a flavour he was familiar with. "Are you going to answer my question?"

"Very well, Potter-san. May I ask, what do you know of Japan?" He snapped open a fan, surprising Harry, it was a rather…eccentric look.

"Not much," he shrugged. "Other than being enemies in World War II which I learnt in primary school. There's never been any mention at Hogwarts even though we had students from the French and German schools last year. My relatives aren't…fond of anything foreign."


That didn't surprise him. Though it was sad that he was learning so little of the world at magic school. "I see," he used the fan to hide his face as he considered what to tell the boy. Seireitei did not like its secrets being told to the living. However, leaving a living soul with an evil soul parasite attached was not really an option. Who knew what it would do to Potter's own soul while alive or after he died? He needed to gain enough trust for Potter to allow him to remove his soul from his body and attempt to separate them…something better done in his lab and not a hotel. "Out of curiosity, how old are you?"


Harry blinked at the seemingly sudden change in topic but decided to answer. "I'll be fifteen at the end of July." He sighed when there was a faint flash of surprise. "I know, I'm short for my age, I'm working in it." Remus, through Dobby, had sourced a supplier of healing and nutrient potions for him.


He wasn't even a full year younger than Ichigo and yet he looked closer to thirteen. "I see," sort of, did he mean he was hoping for a growth spurt or was it magic? Perhaps they had ignored the Wizards for too long. "Very well then. I am what is called a Shinigami."


Interesting, what, not who. Was he implying he wasn't human? Like a Veela? Shinigami… "And a Shinigami is?" he watched the man closely; he had the feeling that he didn't believe in straight answers unless there was no other choice.


Kisuke smirked, so he had picked up the difference in his wording. "The most often used translation is 'Death God', however that is not accurate. We are not gods. We are spiritual beings, guardians of the souls who are going through the circle of transmigration. I am currently using a gigai, a false body, so that I can interact with the world of the living. When stationed in the living world it is the responsibility of a Shinigami to aide souls in moving on to the next. When that does not happen in time, the human soul becomes corrupted into a Hollow. We are also charged with purifying these so that the soul can move on. I came to investigate anomalous readings from Britain."

"Do you think the Dementors caused those? Or…would someone dying, surviving a as parasitic wraith and then using a ritual to make a new body be the cause?" Potter asked, surprising him.

"Ah…most likely both would. Are you telling me someone has done such a thing?"


"Yeah, Tom Marvolo Riddle, or as he calls himself, Lord Voldemort. Guessing you don't know about the civil war back in the seventies?"

"No, can't say that I do."

Harry sighed but gave him a very brief rundown of what he had learnt had happened during the first war. He explained what had happened that Halloween, without giving names, and then what had happened every year at Hogwarts, culminating in the ceremony during the Final Task. It wasn't like he was spilling anything secret, everything he'd told Mr. Urahara could be confirmed in the records, if you knew where to look. "So why would Shinigami care about what's happening in another country?"


Kisuke listened as Potter…Harry, gave him the barebones of the situation. It appeared likely that the readings were due to the building war and not Aizen setting up a foreign base, which was good. The fact that a Wizard had denied death wasn't, and it appeared it would need dealing with. He'd been good at leaving out names but Kisuke was a genius, it was obvious to him who the baby had been, who the child pf prophecy was. Prophecy wasn't really something Shinigami dealt with. Would it keep a Shinigami from purifying Riddle's soul? He studied Harry, considering something rather radical and he knew Yamamoto would never agree. Then again, when had he ever sought permission? He had the potential, not as powerful as Ichigo, but with training he would be able to match a lieutenant rather quickly. There would be no need for the Shattered Shaft either so he wouldn't have that issue to deal with.

"It appears you need the aid of a Shinigami in order to send this Riddle's soul to the afterlife." There was no doubt in his mind such a thing would summon the Gates of Hell.


"It sounds like that would be a help," Harry admitted thoughtfully, "but you're not suggesting yourself or any of your fellow Shinigami, are you?" Surely, he wasn't thinking of Harry? He was alive! And British! There was something that had this man interested in him but what? "Why are you interested in me?" he demanded. Against another wizard he stood a chance, thanks to his fast reactions and power levels, but he had the feeling that wouldn't him much good here. Had he made a mistake in coming?


Kisuke raised his hands in surrender. "I am not considering killing you Potter-san…Harry," he swore. "Yes, I am…intrigued by you. You remind me very much of a student of mine who is not much older than you, Ichigo Kurosaki." He took another sandwich and then levelled a serious look and almost smiled when Harry straightened up, green eyes narrowed. It was interesting, physically, Ichigo could be Kaien Shiba's twin but in colouring, so could Harry, although their eyes were slightly different shades. What were the odds of two young men who would remind others of the dead lieutenant? "Have you ever noticed something, strange? Thoughts that are not your own, strange dreams?"

"Why?" and the wariness was back.

"Because you have a parasitical soul attached to your own," Kisuke informed him and watched as a hand flew to the rather distinctive scar on his forehead.


Harry felt sick as Mr. Urahara told him that….but it explained so much, including why he was being set up as a martyr. Why teach him to win if he had a piece of Riddle inside of him? Obviously, Dumbledore had decided that meant he had to die too. The dreams…his ability to know when Riddle was near, the feelings that weren't his own. No…he was not going to throw up! He looked back at the Shinigami. "Can you remove it?"

"I believe it would be possible without killing you in the process, but I would prefer to do so in a controlled setting after several examinations to be sure."

Well, that was a relief. It came down to one question, could he trust Kisuke Urahara enough to let him do it?


"Where have you been?" Mrs. Figg demanded as she hit Dung upside the head with her shopping bag and he groaned. "You were meant to be protecting Harry!"

"I couldn't miss the deal of the year!" He muttered, rubbing his head. "'sides, he's barely left the house all summer."

"Humph," she walked off back to her house, neither aware Harry wasn't in the house.


"Japan…" Harry chewed absently at his lip. It was mid-June, that gave him over two months before school went back, if he chose to return. He was emancipated and nothing said he had to attend Hogwarts for his education. He could attend the Japanese school if he liked the country or hire tutors. He knew there was more than he was being told, but if he could break the link between them…wasn't it worth a shot? "Know a way to get my things from the house without being seen? I have a guard, thankfully today was Dung, the most unreliable guard ever."

"You wish to come then?"

"If you can break the link between us then that is worth the risk," Harry answered.

"Very well, if you tell me where to find your things, I can collect them without my gigai."

Harry nodded and wrote down where he had hidden a few things. "My trunk is locked in the cupboard under the stairs, but the rest is hidden in these spots in the bedroom, you'll know which one, it's the one with the locks."


He was surprised the boy agreed so quickly, then again, who would wish to keep another's soul in their own, even if only a piece? He took the note and then left his gigai, letting it slump on the couch, surprised when Harry's eyes followed his soul form.

"Didn't I tell you? My school has ghosts, even a poltergeist. Not to mention history is taught by a ghost. So be careful because if I can see you so can others."

Well…that was unexpected, and he would need to ask more about these ghosts later but for now he nodded and headed off. It was rare for him to leave his gigai, but it felt nice to stretch. He was soon back at the house and slipping inside to collect Harry's belongings. The owl he took as far as the guardian before unlocking the cage and allowing her free to fly. He had been Onmitsukidō, sneaking into a house was childs play for him. He made his way upstairs first, staring briefly in surprise at the door with a multitude of locks and a cat flap of all things. He may be many things, his morals not quite right, but he knew this was no way to treat a child, no matter how mature that child was. He slipped into the room and gathered the meagre treasures within, noting that the room was neatly kept despite the rickety nature of the furnishings. He then returned to the hall, noting that there was not a single picture of young Harry. He made his way to the locked cupboard and easily opened it, finding a trunk within with the initials HJP on it. He removed it and blinked as he spotted the small mattress within, the childish drawings and he felt Benihime's bloodlust rise with his own. He quickly packed Harry's things in the trunk and then removed a small camera from a pocket and began snapping away, better to have evidence of how the boy was treated, just in case it was needed later. He hesitated and then smirked, moving silently through the house, he couldn't do much, but he ensured they would have a rather stressful day when they woke to find the havoc he'd wrought throughout their house.

When he returned to the hotel he found Harry asleep on the couch, so he set the trunk aside and returned to his gigai which still slumped on the other couch. He stood up and stretched before covering Harry with a spare blanket and heading to bed. The next days should be very interesting.


Walking into the dingy pub, unable to see, hear or even sense his companion was rather strange. As instructed he walked straight through to the back alley and then he saw Harry's wand emerge to tap the correct bricks, opening the doorway to Diagon Alley. Glancing around as he walked, Kisuke decided he'd like to come back one day to look around properly. He made his way to the large white building Harry had described and walked inside. He stepped up to a teller and handed over the slip of paper Harry had given him. The teller, a goblin which was just fascinating, opened the paper and looked at him before nodding.


As soon as they entered the office and the door shut Harry pulled off his cloak. "May your enemies gold fill your vaults, Master Bloodknife," he bowed his head to the pleased goblin.

"And may your enemies be crushed beneath your blade, Mr. Potter. Your companion?"

"Kisuke Urahara, from Japan."

"Greetings sir." Bloodknife stared at Urahara. "You are not a wizard, but you are also not a muggle."

"Ah," and out came the fan, making Harry bite back a grin. "I am a Shinigami sir."

Harry had never seen a shocked, and perhaps even slightly scared, goblin before.

"I….see. Welcome to Gringotts Master Shinigami," the goblin actually bowed to Kisuke who bowed back.

"Please, do not be concerned by my presence sir. I am merely accompanying Potter-san on his way overseas."

"We are enacting Plan B then?" Bloodknife looked at Harry who frowned.

"Not yet. I'm going to Japan for now but I'm not sure what my plans will be, come September." He glanced at Mr. Urahara. "He said that I have a parasitic soul piece attached to me and is going to remove." That definitely got Bloodknife's attention.

"A Horcrux?" he demanded angrily.


Kisuke cocked his head, curious. "What is a Horcrux?"

"A Horcrux is the word used for an object in which a person has concealed part of their soul... The wizard or witch splits their soul and hides part of it in an object outside the body. Then, even if one's body is attacked or destroyed, one cannot die, for part of the soul remains earthbound and undamaged."

That definitely got his attention. Such a thing went against everything the Shinigami stood for. Soul Society would never allow such thigs to exist. He glanced at Harry who was looking a little pale, mind obviously racing.

"How many can a person create?" the teen asked.

"I don't believe anyone has ever asked that, why?"

"Because I doubt Riddle would stop at one. In my second year, there was this diary." They listened as he explained what had happened with the diary, the girl and the serpent. What he heard sickened Kisuke, it was an abomination. Not as bad as the Hōgyoku but still against the natural laws. He would have to bring this to the Soutaicho's attention as soon as he returned.

"Lucius Malfoy…" Bloodknife sneered at the name, the family had money but no honour. "He believes his son is heir to the House of Black. Should he realise you are,"

"He'll try to kill me again," Harry agreed.

"If one of these was given to a follower, it stands to reason another may have one," Kisuke mused.

"Lestrange?" Harry offered, he'd made sure he memorised the names of those in the inner circle. "Snape's too much Dumbledore's attack dog, he would have turned it over to him. Dolohov…maybe? Malfoy had the diary at hand but where would you store something your Master told you was valuable?"

"We shall search the vaults of all known Death Eaters and their families," Bloodknife growled.

"Is that legal?" Kisuke asked, curious and the goblin smirked.

"We do not need to touch the contents to search for such foul magics. Our Cursebreakers shall begin searching for other possibilities as well."

Kisuke sat back as the topic changed back to what was necessary for Harry to leave the country. As he was emancipated he did not need permission to leave and since he would be staying at the shop there was no worry about the Japanese authorities. As the goblin pointed out, there were no muggle forms showing he was under the Dursley's 'care'.


Finding out that there was no paperwork explained a lot about why they never wanted to take him to the doctor or anything. They hadn't been his legal guardians. Who knew how they had enrolled him in school though he suspected magic was involved since Vernon hadn't wanted him to go at all. It did make things a lot easier though. With his emancipation his parents will was available and so they quickly went over it, finding, as suspected, that he should never have gone to his Aunt and that most of those on the list had become unavailable around the same time. He signed a lot of paperwork to reactivate accounts and to ensure he had access to money while in overseas. The goblins easily provided a translation spell, passport, and visa, for a fee of course, spelled to ensure he had no trouble with immigration. Harry then emptied his trunk of what he wanted to take and had it stored, if he stayed in Japan they could send it on. They then left the alley and went to a store so Harry could buy luggage and clothes. Mr. Urahara had his own way home, but it was not something Harry could use so he would be flying.

The next day he escorted Harry to the airport to see him off and ensure no one grabbed him at the last second.

"Now, either Tessai or I will be at the airport waiting for you. Tessai is very distinctive," Mr. Urahara told him, and Harry nodded, adjusting the strap of his backpack.

"Have a good trip," Harry offered, and the man laughed, reaching out to ruffle his hair.

"Don't miss your flight now."

Harry took a deep breath and made his way through security, nervous. He'd never flown in an airplane before, never even been to an airport. Moody was on guard duty tomorrow but the letters he'd left would be delivered in four hours, he'd be out of reach by then. He knew what they'd say, he was crazy to do this, to trust a man he barely knew, but this seemed his best shot at surviving the war, even if he was going to be staying in another, more dangerous warzone.