Dusk: Well?

Duskrider: Well What?

Dusk: Just what is our punishment already!? *He starts crying* The stress is killing me! Not only did you stop writing this due to finals meaning that everything and everyone else was frozen in time, but we were aware of everything! Stuck here while Summoner was working on the portal!

Duskrider: Good that means part one of the punishment is done.

Rider: I'm sorry did you say part one?

Duskrider: While I hated leaving this story unfinished and to rot till after I finished finals, I needed more time to study. Sorry about that readers. Though it was this or tossing you somewhere with a time acceleration effect.

Rider: Part One as in there is more to come. *He asks with dread. *

Duskrider: Oh yes. For one thing for now on any future reading fic will have both of you acting as hosts while I read the stories to ensure nothing like this happens again.

Dusk: WHAT!? I thought this was a onetime thing!

Duskrider: I don't plan to do tons at a time only one at a time and even than it might be anywhere from months to years working one project at a time. I'll get even less time later for this stuff.

Summoner: Anything else they should know? *Gains a sadistic smirk* This is rather amusing.

Duskrider: Oh, that reminds me after this is over, I will be having you two run the portal simulations after it is repaired.

Rider: I'm sorry but what are those.

Duskrider: Pretty much making sure that all the repairs are completed for Summoner. This way if anything goes horrifically wrong, he will not get turned inside out, or into a S.I. Be careful by the way. Most of the filters will be removed during this.

Dusk: Most?

Duskrider: *Deadpans* I prefer not to have my workspace accidently open a portal into the center of a star or black hole.

Dusk: *Gulps* Understood boss.

Duskrider: Oh, and if you pick up anything accidently you will be responsible for it.

Rider: Like what?

Duskrider: The usual objects and beings such as rocks, plants, Deadpool, relics to ancient society, animals, yanderes, Demons, giant robots, Deadpool, elder gods, Angels, internet memes, Lords of Chaos, Deadpool, vampires, magical girls, anime fans, school children, Dekupool, tentacle monsters, Lords of Order, various monster girls, Rick, and other being.

Dusk: Wait you mean if someone if sucked in we will have to play host to them!?

Duskrider: Until you can return them to their CORRECT home dimension(s) than yes. Oh, and Summoner will inform me of anything that happens if it happens.

Summoner: It will be my pleasure Master. *He smiles widely enjoying the idea of more visitors he does not need to interact with or watch. *

Duskrider: *Glares* Never call me Master. Sir is fine.

Summoner *Gulps* Understood, Sir.

Dusk: *Cough*kiss ass*cough*.

Duskrider: Anyway, you have hosting to take care of and to prepare while Summoner must fix the portal. Oh, and Rider.

Rider: Yes Boss *Nervous*.

Duskrider: If you ever leave your post like that again I will make you a Teletubbies S.I. understood.

Rider: YES SIR!

Duskrider: Good now run along.

*Both Dusk and Rider run out of the room. *

Summoner: *Shivers* Would you really do something so horrible?

Duskrider: Hell no. Making someone an S.I. means having to write their story. Even if it is a one shot that is too much for me. No, the worst I can do is reboot or erase them. And I'd sooner make them part of a SpongeBob One Shoot as S.I. than that.

Summoner: Reboot? Erase? *He questions nervous. *

Duskrider: Yes. It took too long to finish perfecting those two that I will not like to just erase them from reality. Rebooting them sounds easier though I will have to be careful as they could end up like the Powerpuff Girls. *Shudders. * Anyway, time for the disclaimer. Wait where is our assistant?

Summoner: Still trying to fish out Ikari's last organ.

Duskrider: Still?

Summoner: I think the plot bunnies enjoy the taste and feel of his heart. We may need to give her something stronger than a stick and fishing pole for this.

Duskrider: He had one? *He questions in disbelief. * Fine but who will read the disclaimer for us?

Summoner: Lucky Raven is finally healed enough and ready to read for us. *Smiles maliciously* Isn't that right little birdy?

Raven: *Glares* What do I need to do to get fully repaired? *Gestors to her more rag doll-like look with multiple parts sewn on or missing. Including an arm that a plot bunny ate before they could get to it. *

Duskrider: *Passes the cue cards* Read these and I will consider using my full power to restore you.

Rave: *Reads the cue cards. * Disclaimer: Duskrider does not own in any way shape or form RWBY, Fate Series, Deck of Heroes, or any other references and memes that may make an appearance such as Rick and Morty, and Deadpool. And he did not create the Servant State Sheets at the end of this chapter that was made by 'thegoldenboy2188'. *Puts them down. * There happy?

Duskrider: Not really. Your constant undertone and bitterness just did not make it work. I might end up healing you before the chapter starts. Then again, I might just wait for the regeneration to finish.

Raven: You son of a bi-*She is teleported to the medical bay strapped to a table for later. *

Summoner: So, will you heal her up for the chapter?

Duskrider: *Shrugs * I'll ask Jauneforever as I'm cool with either plan. Beside if everyone constantly was pulled back together at full health than they would just keep dying or almost dying here. I need an object lesson. Then again, I might just leave her like this for the chapter reading.

Summoner: You are evil sir. *Smiles widely* I love it.

Duskrider: Can't let Weiss think I'm just going to let her off the hook if she does this, again can I? Or anyone for that matter. Then again, we already have pictures for the next time to serve as a fair warning. Anyway, on to the chapter!

(Author Corner)

"Well it is great to be able to move again." Rider says loving that the break is finally over.

"Yeah great." Dusk grumbles.

"What's with the grumpy cat face?" Rider questions.

"My nose itched for the last month and I could not move. Hell, I couldn't even complain about it." Dusk states.

"It could be worse."

"How?" Dusk asks not seeing how it could have been worse.

"You could have become a S.I. for Breadwinners." Rider says before they both shudders.

"Don't even fucking joke about that." Dusk says remembering the one time they watched that show to see if it was any good. While kids may like it, they would prefer most other Nick shows to be stuck in. And this includes Invader Zim, Rocco's Modern Life, and SpongeBob.

"So, what are we going to do before the show anyway?" Rider questions.

"I have no idea." Dusk says for the first time they did not have any adventure planned out before show time.

"Should we take the Ship out and look for Watts?" Rider questions.

Dusk considers it.


"OK I think I finally figured out how to get out of this hell hole." Watts says twitching after a month of captivity in this hell hole. His hair was messy, eyes blood shoot, and clothing messy. And his eyes had a gleam of insanity that would have given a certain Scorpion Faunus pause.

"Give it a rest already Watts we are going to die here!" Stormy exclaims. Having lost faith some time after the Teletubbies Marathon she is ready to die. Hell she wishes that red head bitch had the guts for a mercy kill at this point.

"Don't worry girls me and Oz have done all the calculations we need to escape." He turns to thin air, "Isn't that right Barny?"

Seen and heard only by himself a standee of Barny replies, "That's right Doctor Watts. Now just make sure to always check your 1s and we can escape. Then we can kill all who oppose us."

"As you wish my Master!" Watts exclaims starting to use what little metal to create his bomb. Hopefully he put enough in to destroy the fucking wall!

"Am I the only one worried he started worshiping the purple dinosaur?" Darcy questions depressed and struggling with the motivation to give a damn at this point.

"Who cares." Icy states knowing there is no way out after over a month of constant escape attempts. Hell, even the ward of this hell hole got sick of the shows and stopped airing them at least more than 5 hours at a time each day.


A figure surrounded by evil energy, red armor and black skin blows a hole into Light Rock.

"OH, sure now you arrive just as I finished!" Watts exclaims before throwing his bomb (made of various metals, vegetable oils, what little dust he had left, and a spork.) away where it broke.

"I am Lord Darkar and I am here to re-."

"I'm going to stop you right there." Watts starts surprising the Trix who feel this being's evil energy and the evil being. "Whatever you have to say our answer is yes."

"What are you doing!" Stormy exclaims not liking how he just gave into this mysterious being's demands. Does he not understand the meaning of haggling!

Watts waves it off. "This is not my first cult. Besides Barny tells me if we follow him than we can get revenge on the fuckers that made this place. Oh, and those that locked you up."

"That's right. Remember to always be good to your friends." Barny starts giggling to himself, "They will make excellent meatshields and emergency rations."

"Fine lets just get this over with." Icy states knowing that this will be a long season.

"Now I will bestow the powers of Gloomix and give you the powers of a powerful Witch."

"Wait witch but I'm a guy?" Watts questions.

"Not for long. Say goodbye to the ugly mustache." Lord Darkar gets revenge for the earlier interruption of his speech.

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Watts screams as his voice turns higher pitched during the transformation feeling the loss of his unkept facial hair.

"Not that mustache!" Barny exclaims. "Take his still beating heart instead!"

"Muhuhuahahahahaha!" Lord Darkar laughs at the misery of his newest follower.

While the Trix just shrug it off having long since lost the motivation to try and go against such a powerful being. At least for now.

(Author Corner)

"Fuck that." Dusk says not wanting to look around the god damn multiverse for one mad scientist. For all they know he was locked up some where or dead. Either way not their problem.

"Fair enough." Rider says wanting to know a method to keep the fans entertained after this long wait.

"By the way just who did Duskrider get to give Penny and Ruby the talk after his offer?" Dusk asks.

"I have no idea." Rider says not knowing just who Duskrider got for the task.


"Are you two comfortable?" Duskrider questions Ruby and Penny in a blank white room with a set of chairs for each of them.

"This is nice." Penny states.

"It's a comfy chair." Ruby says a bit unnerved by the empty space around them.

"Good now I will be frank here." Duskrider states, "As the writer, author of this space I have complete control over this domain. If I so desired it can reshape matter, manipulate space time, destiny, life, and other such things." He explains holding out a hand creating a block of wood. Then rubs the wood once turning it into a wooden caterpillar. Snaps his fingers turning it into a living caterpillar that rapidly ages into a cocoon than a butterfly that flies off before being turned back into a block of wood falling to the ground than into a portal into the multiverse. Where it will land right on top of a Naruto's head giving him amnesia during the Wave Arc leading to him leaving with a certain pair of Mist Nin after an Ice User finds him knocked out without memories. Which he shows through a projection on the left wall. This surprises Ruby who did not know just how powerful he was. It also frightens her with how uncaring he is about changing events around him. "I'm explaining this to ensure that no one can question just what my offer is for Penny. Well how possible it is at least."

"And just what if your offer Duskrider?" Penny asks wanting to know just what it is having been waiting a day for it.

"To turn you into a human." Duskrider states resisting the urge to start singing feeling the strings of Disney influencing his decision.

This surprises them. If they did not just see him make a block of wood into a real living creature than back again, they would not believe it. Well Ruby would not have since Penny has already seen a hint of his power.

"Why do you want to do that?" Penny questions not seeing the reason for it.

Duskrider sighs, "To be honest this is both for your survival and my entertainment."

"Entertainment!?" Ruby exclaims outraged.

"Yes." Duskrider starts bluntly not seeing the point in dancing around this.

"What do you mean my survival?" Penny asks worried having thought of the last talk that they had.

"Let me put it like this." Duskrider pauses thinking of a good way to explain this without traumatizing the girl. "Atlas owns you."

"What!?" Ruby exclaims.

"Well I am a robotic being that the Atlas Military owns." Penny states knowing this fact well.

"And if you become an organic, they cannot own you. Sure, they could employ you but never own as the laws that outlaw slavery would now apply to you as an organic being." Duskrider tries to explain without flat out stating that she would likely get killed/exposed as a robotic being or have a virus infect her due to that bitch Cinder Fall. Spoilers and all that. "This would make you free to choose who you want to be."

"Freedom to choose…" Penny considers this. She never did have a choice in joining the Atlas Military. She could never be anything but a huntress. What would she be though if she could choose anything and everything?

"Now as I know that this is sudden you will not have to choose right here and now if you want to become a human being." Duskrider states making a bookshelf appear that seems to go on in all directions under a section called RWBY and Type Moon Series Crossovers under the subsection of Fate/Series and the part that focuses on the Class Card Worlds. "I will not sugar coat this and say everything will be fantastic. I personally think humanity sucks but there are people that make it worthwhile. Though you will get a good look into how the transition process could be for you here." He pulls out the Book 'Deck of Heroes' from the bookshelf.

"That's true." Penny considers what her alternative will be going through.

"I will give you until the end of this book to make a choice. Then tell me at the end just what you want to be." Duskrider says than makes the book disappear, "This is a one time offer though and if you do not take it, I can state with certainty you will not get a second chance. At least not from me." Knowing fully well just how many fanboys and fangirls would be willing to make Penny human whether she wanted to or not would vary among the fans themselves.

Ruby looks at Penny thinking about this wondering just what it would be like for her to be a human. It is an unusual though and on she is not certain how she feels about it.

"Now if you excuse me, I need to get your teacher for Sexual Education." Duskrider opens a portal much to the duo's surprise having heard Dusk and Rider's rant about the portal system being broken. "And keep this little bit a secret please. While I can bring people to and from this space it is rather unpleasant for mass groups as I lack some of the portals filters."

"Such as?" Ruby asks.

"Well…" Duskrider pauses, "My portals tend to accidently merge people together."

"Wait merge people together!" Ruby exclaims.

"Yes, though it mostly fuses people into new people. Rather than a merging of body parts it is a more equal and at times random mix. There are reasons I did not get you or the others." Duskrider states remembering a certain attempt earlier in his career that ended up accidently merging a beaver, a duck, and Percy Jackson together into a certain Agent P, son of Poseidon. That was a mess to sort out.

"Who are you getting?" Penny asks.

"I booked an appointment with one of the best Teachers in the multiverse. Then they cancelled. Something about her Bus catching a cold. So, I went with Plan M!"

"Plan M?" Ruby asks.

Out of the portal walked a tall, curvaceous and attracted woman with sky blue eyes, spikey purple hair. And Ruby was positive what she was wearing was not appropriate as she blushed at the white bodysuit under a breast less black leotard. She had on cuffs, a mask, and a whip in hand.

"Introducing your teacher for this, the R-Rated Hero: Midnight." Duskrider states hoping that this does not backfire. "Thank you for coming Midnight."

"It is no problem at all. I rather enjoy teaching though this is the first time I will be teaching Sex Ed as that is usually covered in Middle School." She licks her lips, "This is very exciting. ~"

"I think I need an adult." Ruby says meekly thinking this was not going to be like the talk Yang gave her.

"I am an adult." Midnight states.

"Don't worry. I made her sign a contract to make sure she does not take things too far." Duskrider starts walking way opening a portal knowing that they are as safe as can be. There are not many who willingly would break a contract that would make them join his friends on the other side. "Have fun, this room has infinite food, and water as well as everything else you will need. I will pick you up before the next showing."

"Wait don't leave!?" A worried Ruby exclaims.

(End Flashback)

"Wait a second if time moved on since we were frozen here does that mean that things in the RWBY verse and Type Moon verse have advanced without the main characters?" Rider asks worried.

"No for the Type Moon verse at least. We paused time so that Rin would not get too angry with us." Dusk says not wanting the piss of the Jewel user who in cannon was bold enough to face down Servants multiple times.

"What about the RWBY one?" Rider asks.

"I think so." Dusk states trying to remember.

Rider sighs. "How are we not fired?"

Dusk shrugs. "I honestly do not know at this point."

"So, what are we going to do until show time?" Rider asks.

"Want to play some Smash Bros?" Dusk asks.

"Sure, may as well." Rider sighs wonder just what is going on in Remnant.


"OK my boy, keep your knees up while running!" Port shouted from the tree line absentmindedly cutting down a Beowolf that tried to sneak up on him.

Jaune is currently enduring hell. For the last month his team, and sister team has been missing along with various other people including Ozpin and Goodwitch. All the while with no clues as to who or even what had kidnapped the students and teachers.

This caused him to turn to the remaining teachers for more training as the Festival was canceled due to both Ozpin and James Ironwood going missing causing a panic. More Grimm appeared as a result leading to people such as himself going out into the wilds more and more to combat the threat.

The only good news was the extreme training that the remaining teachers were giving those that were left has pushed him to the point of being on level with some of the average students. He even beat Cardin in a spar.

He just wants to know what happened to his friends.

Well that and out run this Ursa while covered in fish.

"Dodge!" Port shouted throwing another wrench at him.

"I'm going to die!" Jaune exclaims dodging yet another wrench.

And tomorrow Port said they are moving on to cars!

(Author Corner – Duskrider's Office)

Duskrider deadpans having forgotten to put the time displacement effect back into place after the last time that Dusk and Rider went to Remnant.

He hits a few keys to slow down time in that world. Like he did with the Bleiss world before his short break from writing. Now just need to see how things go from here.

He decided to leave Raven for the next viewing and tuned into the screen of the Reading.

"Fuck," he just realized he forgot to send Bleiss home after last chapter. He needs to get her off his dimensional station before a certain pink haired Queen appears or else it may give her ideas. He already was forced to give Penny a long overdue course of sex ed along with Ruby and does not want to be indirectly responsible for traumatizing another dimension's version as well.

(Viewing Room)

Dusk and Rider look on as the gang falls (literally) into place once more as the clock strikes the time for viewing.

"Why do you always do this!?" Weiss exclaims having gotten annoyed at constantly being forcibly teleported against her will.

Dusk just looks at them before tossing the book to Qrow.

"What the-."

"Just read." Dusk sits down holding his head like he has a headache. He is not in the mood for more of this crap having found out he will constantly have similar experiences for the rest of Duskrider's time as a writer.

"Is he alright?" Ruby asks trying to keep her mind off the talk she had with Midnight-sensei. It honestly felt like weeks just sitting there learning from her.

Duskrider, in his office, face palms having forgotten about freezing time in that area and only made sure that they could not die there, need to sleep, or starve to death depending on how long the talk lasted. Oh, and removing their sense of time. The last bit so that Ruby and Penny do not get too bored as staying in a place for hours on end listening to a lecture can get to you.

"Let's put it like this…" Rider starts, "No."

Qrow shrugs and starts reading.

Chapter 5 – Hidden Secrets No More.

Jaune looked around Argus, taking in the familiar sights. It was well-fortified, housed a decent population, and had Atlas troops stationed in the city; all in all, a wonderful place to elope to. Jaune remembered seeing the troops the last time he was here and being glad they were in the area where his sister lived. That was before he had helped spirit away Penny after killing one of their scientists and the men guarding his facility; he wouldn't be surprised if wanted posters popped up within days.

"It looks like they are keeping thing quiet." Bleiss states.

"It makes sense I doubt that Atlas would admit to anything that happened here." Glynda notes.

"I do not think that people outside of the Doctor's group knew about these events." Winter states knowing that many projects never make it to the various branches of the military much less the general public.

"Typical Atlas hiding away what they do not want to see." Bleiss sneers remembering her own past being forced into the shadows by her sperm donor. Only truly being able to leave after handing over her heiress status to that ass-kissing brat Whitey.

Weiss for once agrees with her counterpart knowing a little about how much her father hides behind closed doors.

James Ironwood looks at the scene and cannot help but hope that it is more than a military cover up. That he is innocent in this world. This has been keeping him up since finding out how twisted the Doctor became in this world. He has a feeling that soon he will know for sure.

"Penny, remember we need to keep a low profile." Jaune was thankful that Zelretch had gotten her some clothes and snagged her a spare copy of her weapon before leaving, the vampire had even used some Magecraft to ensure Penny could still use the thing.

"Actually, that brings up a big question." Ruby states getting Penny's attention, "Is it even possible for a normal human to use your weapon?"

Penny considers this, "While it is unlikely, I am able to pass it off as part of a semblance. I do not think it would be possible for me to fully control my weapon without assistance."

"So, Jimmy why did you give Penny a weapon that stands out like that?" Rider asks never understanding the point of this.

James states, "Her father wanted Penny to be safe and he though the more swords the better."

"He does have a point." Shirou considers remembering his own battle with Archer and Gilgamesh.

Rin rolls her eyes at Shirou knowing just what he was thinking about.

"Wouldn't it be more practical if you gave her a weapon that humans can use." Bleiss states. "I mean anyone that notices how she both can control individual floating swords and fire lasers is bound to realize that she is using two different 'Semblances' unless you have some lie about Aura manipulation ready to use." She sees that others are looking at her strangely. "What's with all the faces?"

"I think that this is the first time that we heard you talk for so long without any vulgar comments, or sound so intelligent." Weiss states.

"Fuck you Frosty the Snow Cunt." Bleiss flips her off.

"And she's back." Weiss sighs out.

The device rested on her back, the backpack-like container looking so innocent to those that didn't know what it contained. Penny smiled up at him from under the straw sunhat Jaune had purchased to hide her hair and face, the hat not looking out of place with the green sundress she wore.

"You look really nice Penny." Ruby says complimenting her friend holding her hand acting casual though if you look for it you can see a small blush on her face.

"Thank you Ruby." Penny says smiling giving her hand a few squeezes not Ruby's blush growing a bit darker.

"Is it just me or do those two seem closer?" Weiss whispers to Yang and Blake.

"It's not just you." Blake says making note of how close Ruby and Penny are since they got out of their lesson this morning.

Rider grins at this pulling out a Ruby X Penny flag out of the view of the duo while Weiss and Blake deadpan at this.

Qrow facepalms and sighs, "I don't know how to feel about this."

"What are you so worried about? Are you afraid Ruby might name one of her kids after you?" Winter teases him.

"No that." Qrow shrugs off, "I'm worried that this would make me and Jimmy in-laws." He states knowing how James was acting like an uncle for Penny.

James pales at the thought.

"Understood Friend Jaune." Penny gave him a salute and Jaune smiled down at her. He had grown to like the former bot over the last few hours, her sheer enjoyment over everyday things was both adorable and endearing.

Ruby nods her head. "He does have a point."

If Penny could blush, she would at these words along with Ruby's.

Blake looks at them confused. Are they still after Jaune or are they together now? Or are they together getting Jaune? She blushes at the though of the threesome and covers up her slight nosebleed.

He had also impressed by the steel she had shown earlier when she had told him in no uncertain terms she was sticking by his side for the foreseeable future when he had brought up finding a place for her, and her alone, to stay.

Penny frowns at the though of leaving her other leaving him alone.

Ruby tries to hide her blush imaging Penny and Jaune sharing a bed together. It only gets worse when she inserts herself into that situation.

Pyrrha's eyebrow twitches thinking that they are still sharing an apartment or even a bed together.

Bleiss deadpans knowing that she will need to make sure this does not happen in her own world. She needs to get back home soon to avoid a harpy swooping in and stealing her man.

"But if it's such a risk why remain here?"

"While I don't doubt Zelretch might have simply put us here to watch me squirm its possible a Card or two might be in the area. If there is any, they haven't woken up yet, but I'd like to find them before they do."

"He does have a point." Ozpin states sipping his coffee. "I doubt that Zelretch would take him here for no reason."

"It could be for a very different reason than the one you are thinking of though." Rin states knowing her teacher well.

"And what reason would that be?" Ozpin questions.

"Trolling." Rin deadpans.

Jaune shuddered at the thought of another Spirit going on a killing spree; especially in an area he had family.

Everyone but Salem shudders at the thought of another Heroic Spirit going on a Killing Spree.

"I think we just found the reason." Penny states.

Rin thinks about it and nods. "I think you are on to something.

"What is it?" Nora asks.

"The potential for family drama." Bleiss states knowing just how fucked up that can get. There is a reason why she will feel nothing when she finally does take over the company and leaves the Sperm Donner and Whiny Brat with just enough to get an apartment for maybe a week and a ticket to somewhere else in remnant. Atlas is cold after all and they do not need Jackass' frozen heart keeping things bellow absolute zero.

"Understood, I am … oh, no I'm not."

"What's wrong with Penny?" Ruby asked worried.

"You'll see." Rider points back to the screen as Qrow keeps reading starting to understand how annoying it is to read this story with so many people constantly interrupting him. He barely started that paragraph.

Jaune looked at Penny with concern as she stopped walking and just stared in front of her. Catching his glance, she gestured to an alcove away from people and he followed. Once out of the range of prying ears she began to explain. "My eyes are organic; this limits my ocular senses even though a portion of my brain is still mechanical. Before I had several vision options as well as facial and pattern recognition capabilities, now I have the knowledge of them but find myself unable to access them. I find it both liberating and odd."

Penny looks a this not having expected this feature if she becomes a human. If she becomes human just how much will she lose. Glancing at Ruby and Jaune on screen she cannot help but wonder what she could gain from it. Just why is the loss of one of her systems considered liberating by her other.

"Am I the only one worried about identification system?" Rin whispers to those from her world.

"You're not the only one." Shirou's eyes narrow slightly at just why such a feature would be included. While in theory she is a huntress and knowing the criminals can be helpful the fact that this clear anti-human feature was included would not be for such limited purpose.

At some of the looks he gets from his allies James states, "This was included to allow Penny the knowledge of who was an enemy in the area. You can tell that she is rather naïve about the world and people. We did not want her to trust people that could hurt her."

"If that was the case than she would have knowledge of various criminal records. Many criminals she comes across could not be in the system already or falsely accused of a crime." Glynda states poking holes in his argument not liking the idea of the rather innocent robotic girl being unable to think for herself. There are times where a huntress must make choices are not as simple as what is legally right and wrong.

Ozpin takes a sip of his coffee frowning, not liking the implications he is drawing about just why a program that can identify targets would be included in Penny. Target identification is a key requirement to becoming an assassin.

Jaune didn't mean to but he couldn't help but thing of the Exterminator movie series where robots were sent from the future to eliminate the leader of a resistance in the future by attempting to kill first her mother before her birth and then her pre-teen self. He could only pray that the idea merely came from the movie and Penny hadn't been accepted by the higher-ups in the Atlas military for infiltration purposes.

Many could not help but shudder at the though. A cute innocent looking young girl could walk right past you on the streets and slaughter you.

Without any records including birth certificates and the possibility of changing her face to another by altering her synthetic skin. It is a rather terrifying idea.

Penny wonders what 'Exterminator' is having never watched the movie before. She heard about it, but her father did not want her to watch it. Something about graphic scenes?

"Wait 'Exterminator'?" Shirou asks, "It is a parody of Terminator?"

"What's Terminator?" Yang asked.

"Pretty much the same movie series only with the actors being different. The special effects being different. The inclusion of one of Earth's greatest actors and genderbend the Rebel Leader." Rider states.

"That's odd." Blake comments.

"Not really." Rider states; "For a very important Multiverse Reason various series cross worlds though many have differences due to a very important issue."

"And what issue is that?" Rin asks never paying attention to this before.

"Copyrights." Rider deadpans making some people face fault.

"Are you serious!?" Rin exclaims.

"Hey, you do not fuck with the laws of Copyright." Rider says dead serious. "Otherwise you can summon THEM!" He looks terrified at the thought looking around in fear.

This worries some people, "Who are 'them'?" Penny asks.

"Either lawyers or certain species of bureaucrats that make the laws and ensure that they are followed." Dusk deadpans.

"Shut it!" Rider as a creature of chaos, passion, and caring is always terrified at the though of them appearing as his system or organizing his taxes is chaos at best and lives in fear of the day an auditor arrives. Dusk as one of order, indifference, and aloofness gets along with Bureaucrats to a level. Though he is not one himself. He never sold his soul to the paperwork gods to be taken seriously.

People look at him strangely though some understand his pain such as Glynda who organizes the tax forms at Beacon every year.

Duskrider meanwhile facepalms having forgotten to make a Lawyer between chapters. Maybe he should collect the blood of Hermes. In a world of robots, aliens, mad science, and anarchy he was the best bureaucrat around. Wait what is he thinking. He has two minions to do the job for him just needs to prep the ship and they can drop off Bleiss and get Hermes' blood.

Rider shivers feeling that he will be forced to face his deepest and darkest fear soon.

Salem meanwhile is considering all these choices being add in. She never did think of creating a Grimm that could blend into a crowd and assassinate targets. Nor did she ever think about creating Lawyer of Bureaucrat Grimm either. This has possibilities as something even Ozma at his best could never defeat.

Ozpin feels a chill and fears for his coffee for some reason. He takes a gulp to calm his nerves.

Rider has the random urge to throw Salem through the air lock before she has the chance to unleash true evil on the world.

Dusk deadpans being able to feel the fear that Rider is giving off through their connection. He knows that this will not end well.


"I saw things but didn't comprehend them."

"What?" Ruby asks confused.

Penny tries to understand this and comes short. The inability to comprehend is an odd concept. "I do not understand."

Penny paused and looked around before pointing at a picture of a rainbow hanging in a shop window. "What do you think when you see a rainbow?" Jaune couldn't help but grin at her question, a memory coming to mind.

"I think of the legend that a pot of gold can be found at the end of one, I remember when me and my some of my sisters tried to find the end of a rainbow. We got so lost that time; Mom and Dad were inches away from tearing strips from us when we finally stumbled back home."

Ruby giggles at this remembering when she and Yang did something similar.

Qrow smirks remembering how he looked after them while they looked for mole people or something. They never did look up.

Others think of similar more innocent times and memories that make events like this so special.

Weiss remembers being told stories by her Big Sister.

Bleiss remembers dreaming about shooting stars and wishes that never came true. Well at least not all of them she looks at the alternative versions of her team and hubby. At least one of those wishes came true for her.

Pyrrha remembers training with her family before the fame and glory of winning a Tournament and how she dreamed to do so. Now she wonders if they would have lasted longer if she never entered in the first place.

Nora smiles remembering how she took Ren with her to look for sloths in the forest while they were taking a break from training.

Even James smiles faintly recalling when he was a young boy being told storied by his mother. Stories that lead to his dreams and desire to make the world a better place. Glancing at Glynda he cannot help but wonder if these dreams were worth the coast.

Shirou cannot remember ever chasing such dreaming having been told about the Moonlight World along with the other Magus from his world and knowing that such things as Fae, Santa Claus, and Unicorns have long died, moved on to another world, or were never real in the first place.

Sakura smiles bitterly remembering how her 'grandfather' took delight in telling her that such fantasies and dreams were either long dead or never real.

Saber thinks of her girlhood and stories that Merlin told her about adventures and how that shaped her dreams.

Ozpin smiles at this child-like innocence. It is good to see that even this more hardened version of Jaune can think of memories like that. Too often people, himself included, lose sight of a simpler time due to disasters in life. He looks at Salem and remembers a similar time when his daughters went looking for Unicorns in the forest.

Salem sees his look and frowns turning away. Not noticing Ozpin's slight smile slide away and not caring. She can barely remember times like this. All she can remember is how Ozma betrayed her and killed her children.

He lost all rights to them when he led them to their deaths.

Penny frowns not able to understand this concept.

His smile left as he watched Penny frown.

"I only saw light being dispersed in a multi-colored pattern. Such a sight brought up no emotions beyond what was needed to blend in." Jaune stared at Penny in shock, not sure of what to think for a moment.

Many others were thinking the same.

Ruby looked at Penny and saw her looking away.

"I never had any memories like that." Penny starts getting their attention, "I was made at this age and I never had anyone tell me stories about Rainbows and Pots of Gold."

Ruby looks at her and holds her hand. "I know many stories. During the break I can tell them to you."

Penny was stunned than smiles so brightly that Ruby thought she would go blind feeling a bit of heat rush to her face. "I would love that Ruby."

"James." Glynda starts getting the General's attention. "We will talk about this over the break."

James nods in agreement knowing that this will not turn out well.

'Necromancy is not a real option, necromancy is not a real option.'

A few people chuckle at this chant though Qrow understands what the kid was thinking.

Penny frowns thinking of her other's creator in this world.

Ozpin sips his coffee frowning. Necromancy was a frowned upon Magic for a reason. There is so much that could go wrong. It is worrying that the first though of Jaune is to torment the soul of another even if they are a monster.

Salem grins at this chant supporting Jaune's desire to torment the fool.

Bleiss wonders if she could learn some Necromancy. Plenty of people to get slew but they often never get their just desserts.

Jaune chanted that mantra in his head as he took Penny's hand and led her out of the alley and down the street. 'Let's see; last time I was here… Ah! There it is.' Destination in sight Jaune led Penny across the street.

"I think you'll like this place Penny. Argus' flower bank, they have samples of practically everything here."

"Wow." Ruby's eyes grow wide looking at all the flowers as the screen shows multiple views of the Argus flower bank. Full of many flowers as far as they eye can see and all kinds of types. She looks over at Penny feeling her almost vibrate with excitement. Smiling at her friend-maybe more. She looks away sighing slightly, 'We need to talk about this. How we feel about each other.' She glances at Jaune on screen. 'And how we feel about him.'

She knows her father had a relationship with both her mother and Yang's and sees nothing wrong with multiple people being in a relationship. Though she does not want it to turn out the way that her own parents did. With one person running way and another dying leaving the last picking up the piece. She grips Penny's hand tighter at the though of that happening to them.

While the others are interested in this scene as well it was Salem and Bleiss that notice how Ruby and Penny are behaving. Salem smirks seeing love blossoming between these two while Bleiss is happy seeing her friends are happy. And hopefully this is a sign for how to deal with those two back in her own world. While Ruby is not romantically attracted to Jaune it could happen considering that he is her only and best male friend that is available.

She makes a note to herself to shove her own versions into a closet as soon as possible.

Rider smiles seeing how Ruby and Penny are closer though confused at this leap. It is not like they spent a month locked up together for a sexual education class or something of the like. Don't get him wrong while he likes shipping, he thinks they work better with a foundation to them and that takes time.

Dusk's headache was finally ending but he choses to ignore everyone. He had to do a chapter mostly by himself. Let Rider sink or swim as the solo host for now at least.

Penny's eyes lit up and she began to practically vibrate in excitement as Jaune paid the entrance fee to the public area. Jaune followed behind as Penny raced ahead into the indoor garden; the girl's delight plain for all to see.

"Hmm, cute kid." Qrow mutters to himself smiling seeing her behaving this way. It was good seeing her no longer being Jimmy's toy solider.

Penny looks a bit jealous of her other being able to experience this.

"Don't worry." Ruby starts having noticed this, "I will show you Vale's Flower Guardian when we get back."

"Sensational!" Penny exclaims, "It's a date." She says without examining her word choice.

"D-date!?" Ruby stutters out blushing.

Rider grins widely letting his shipping flag flow giving Penny the hint she needed.

"Y-yes. I mean if you are comfortable with that. If not, it could just be two friends hanging out" Penny states.

"Oh yes. Two friends that sounds…nice." Ruby says less enthusiastic.

Meanwhile Rider facepalms. 'WHY!?'

Dusk deadpans at his partner. 'You expected something different? They are still in the whole dealing with their feelings phase. You chaotic shipping manic give them some time.'

Bleiss deadpans at this. 'I'm locking them in a closet after this.'

Qrow resists facepalming and gets back to reading.

"Heh, talk about déjà vu." Jaune perked up at Mordred's voice, the knight and the other four having been quiet since yesterday.

"Why is that? Are they alright?" Saber asks with a hint of worry in her tone.

Rider shrugs, "Between the exhausting day they had and the fact that Penny is around now meaning that Jaune is no longer as alone without his heroic spirits there is less of a reason for them to talk."

"Oh." Saber states though she looks away from the looks she is given by the others. Still not sure how to feel about everything.


"Yeah, I was just like her once I got away from my Mother." Jaune squirmed at that, he had seen Mordred's memories of Morgana and 'mother' was not a title that he could ever apply to her. Honestly 'parent' wasn't a title he'd give to either of Mordred's gene donors but that was a subject he knew not to touch upon with Mordred.

Saber winces at this though she must agree to a level. She never got to know Mordred and never raised him. She still does not like the glances that some of the others are giving her.

"Are you alright?" Shirou asks worried about her.

"I'm fine. Just thinking about a few things." Saber says.

Despite how much the Spirit tried to deny it, despite how much hatred Mordred truly felt for the King of Camelot the Knight of Treachery still loved the King.

Saber refuses to meet the eyes of anyone after hearing this. Love? The knight that slew her. The one betrayed her. The one that wanted to prove himself to her. Love was not a word she would use to describe her relationship with Mordred.

Shirou holds her hand in his seeing how uncomfortable this is making her.

"Do you have any idea what Zelretch did to me?"

"Nope, I doubt the corpse did anything harmful though. You're still useful and entertaining to him."


"That is rather disturbing that his life is only valued so long as he is entertaining to this Zelretch." Ozpin states in distaste.

"Tomato tamoto." Salem mutters to herself under her breath. Thinking that her former lover and Zelrecth are not too different. Only valuing something or someone for as long as they had a use for them. Only Blake, Rider, and Dusk hear this statement in the room.

'What does she mean by that?' Blake wonders not trusting the Grimm Queen. Though she is not sure if she can trust Ozpin either at this point.

"It is the way that Zelrecth is." Rin states, "He has been around for so long that people's life does not have the same meaning to him as they once did. If they had value at all to him originally as he was a magus. Though he does not go around killing people unlike other Dead Apostles."

This causes everyone to shiver at the thought of the inter-dimensional troll deciding that humanity was worth more dead as his entertainment than alive.

"Friend Jaune, look who I met." Jaune's attention came back to the world and his eyes widened when he saw Penny smiling at him with Saphron standing by her side. His older sister was smiling at him, but he recognized that twitch in her eye.

"Oh, this is not going to end well to stud." Bleiss states knowing that look in Saphron's eye. It is the big sister look of, 'you've done something foolish again and now it is punishment time.'

"I can't blame her." Winter states knowing if her sister went missing for who knows how long and shows up out of nowhere, she would be pissed as well.

"Oh dear." Penny states knowing that her other messed up.

"Now let's not jump to conclusions." Ozpin starts while Qrow reads the next part deadpanning.

"Hello baby brother, it's been so long since I heard from you. In fact, it's been about a month and a half since anyone heard from you."

"Yep he has fucked up." Yang states.

"Language!" Ruby exclaims.

"Oh, come on! You cannot be serious at this point!" Yang exclaims.

"Yang you are my sister and it is my responsibility to cure your potty mouth." Ruby states in a caring tone of voice.

Qrow tries not to laugh remembering how Summer pulled the same line on Tai only it was, 'I am your team leader/ I am your wife.'

At that moment Jaune was close to praying for a rampaging Spirit to show up. Give him a soul-devouring creature over an angry Saphron any day of the year.

"No such luck kid." Qrow states knowing the feeling well.

"Indeed, there never seems to be a monster attack when you need one." Dusk states.

Fate/Deck of Heroes

"Ozpin, that young man you told me about, Jaune Arc. You said he was promising but in need to tempering, correct?" Ozpin was surprised this was the way Ironwood started a call off but was happy to hear him asking about his former student as it meant a spot might have opened up for the young Arc.

"Looks like my other knows what happened." James Ironwood stated knowing that will either confirm his fears or his hopes. It is a good sign that he is talking to Ozpin at least.

"Indeed, it seems like we will not be in the loop about current events." Ozpin states keeping a close eye on this.

Salem keeps an eye on this wanting to see how Ozpin plays his little games.

"Yes, in the span of less than a school year he went from cannon fodder to adequate for a first-year student in terms of combat.

"Cannon fodder…" Bleiss growls out not liking the way he implied her man was disposable.

"He does have a point." Weiss starts, "At the start of the year he was behind the rest of us by a fair amount. Now he is starting to catch up."

"I suppose you have a point." Bleiss states knowing her hubby improved a great deal.

His natural gift for strategy was something to behold from the start and it only grew; if his team had bothered to memorize his plans, I think we would have been in for a treat during the first round of the festival."

"Wait what?" Bleiss is surprised before looking at Team NRP, "They didn't even memorize the plans!?" While not OCD like her counterpart she understands the value of knowing the fucking plan!

Team NRP looks nervous at the looks they are giving.

"Other us…" Pyrrha states knowing that they have not yet memorized all Jaune's plans for the team that he was working on. To be fair some of the plans are still being edited and changed.

"Oh, this has happened a lot in the multiverse actually." Dusk deadpans causing the looks to intensify.

"To be fair Jaune is still trying to change the plans to adapt to everyone's skill levels and styles which can be a real challenge." Rider says.

"Still it's not like they are all that complicated." Dusk says having looked through their team plans that Jaune made while exploring the multiverse.

Glynda sighs at this knowing that Team JNRP was more along the lines of a group of individuals than a true team now. Something that she needs to work on with most first-year students when she gets back.

Qrow snorted in the background at that, remembering the mess that had been.

"Heh, Flower Power."

"Flower Power?" Bleiss questions.

"Flower Power." Qrow repeats chuckling at this name.

"It's pretty much telling Nora and Ren to do a combo move." Dusk says.

"Though personally I am more of a fan of Flour Power." Rider says.

"You are just saying the same thing though!" Nora exclaims.

Rider smirks before showing a scene of Jaune shouting, 'Flour Power' and Ren slamming pancakes in the face of an opponent before Nora hits them with her hammer.

"Oh, Renny we should practice that!" Nora exclaims.

"That would mean giving up your Pancakes for an attack." Ren deadpans not wanting to carry pancakes into a battlefield.

"No! Not the pancakes!" Nora exclaims.

Pyrrha sweat drops at the looks her team is given.

"I can see them having a problem with teamwork." James says as Glynda facepalms knowing yet another thing she will need to work on when they get back.

At first, he had thought that the boy had been a worthless leader but later learned his teammates were horrible followers; especially the Valkyrie girl with her lack of impulse control.

Nora winces at this. "But that's-."

"Ms. Valkyrie we will go over this later. Do not dig the hole any deeper." Goodwitch states having had a fair number of headaches trying to control Ms. Valkyrie's impulse. She can only pity her teammates for trying to control her.

The girl had caused Glynda a fair number of headaches and as leader a good portion of the punishments was assigned to Jaune for failing to control her, a near impossibility from what Qrow had seen.

"So, you are causing trouble for hubby like your other did. It looks like I need a word with you after this." Bleiss states glaring.

Nora looks scared seeing Bleiss' glare at her. "D-Did?"

Bleiss smiles wickedly; "Did." She does not raise her voice making it even more terrifying for the Queen of the Castle

Salem smirks at Bleiss wishing that she could take her back to her own world. She is a treat to be around.

That wasn't to say the veteran Huntsman was immediately writing NPR off with that; Oum knows he and Raven weren't much better at first. Considering two of them raised themselves, made their own decisions, and trusted practically only themselves for around a decade it was a miracle they listened at all while as for the kid's former partner; well she was a tournament champion that hadn't had a teammate ever, of course working alone was what she was best at.

This makes Pyrrha wince knowing that it is true. In tournaments she never had a partner let alone a team. Every choice was one she made for herself. She did listen to Jaune when he was making plans. Though it is an adjustment.

"We need to reorganize some of the teamwork exercises when we get back." Glynda tells Ozpin who agrees nodding while sipping his coffee.

Salem smirks seeing how her enemies subpar training methods will make the plans she has all the easier to put into effect.

No, in all likely hood they probably would have shaped up by the middle of their second year if loyalty was a quality they possessed.

This makes both Team NRP and WBY wince at this jab. Knowing that it could be considered true for both if Alistair did not need to control them like he does Ruby.

Bleiss' glare does not make this any easier.

"Yes, I remember. Know that I must ask this and I mean no offense. Ozpin, what have you been smoking!? Did you go back to spiking your coffee again!?" Ozpin raised an eyebrow at the General who was looking at him like he was senile.

Ozpin frowns at the chuckles around him. He would never spike his own coffee. At least not after last time. He tries not to shiver. So much paperwork.

Salem smirks remembering when she helped 'loosen' him up by spiking his coffee with a bit of bourbon. It was a fun night for her seeing how Ozma would try to sing a off tone song or dance a jig. It is too bad that there are no means of recording these. Though if Ozpin shares a similar tolerance…hmm…

Dusk smirks at this knowing many universes where Ozpin spikes his coffee and stores certain magazines in ancient books he never reads.


"Your untrained gamble killed twenty-six of my men, Professor Polendina, and some woman that for a second I thought was a Maiden! A Maiden Ozpin!"

"Ghack!" Ozpin choked as his coffee as Qrow began to look over a video link that Ironwood had sent over, clearly security cam footage that gave a good view of the kid.

"So, they are viewing events of what happened last chapter." Yang states.

"Yep." Rider says.

"Meaning they have no idea about any of the other Servants that Jaune has fought." Yang says.

Yep." Rider states.

"Wow they are behind on things." Yang says.

"Yep." Rider states looking at Qrow and Ozpin with deadpan eyes who wave him off.

"Is he wearing a tuxedo?"

"He does have a point why a tuxedo?" Qrow asks wanting to know.

"Would you rather have him running around in a wedding dress?" Rider asks raising an eyebrow.

"I mean why does the outfit of Installed Servants change when Jaune wears them?" Qrow asks.

"Well Installing is merging the soul of the Heroic Spirit and Jaune together into one being." Rider starts getting their attention, "This means that the clothing which is as much part of their legends at times as other features such as hair color and style is altered to better fit the main mortal body that it is inhabiting."

This makes sense to a lot of the viewers.

"Also, it looks better style wise if they are altered to suit him as an individual." Rider continuous making the viewers deadpan.

Ignoring Qrow's question Ozpin looked over and felt his eyes widen as he saw Jaune Arc throw around lightning like it was nothing as he swung a giant battle mace that was only a half-foot shorter than he was. The headmaster's attention was most devoted to the segment where his former student was shot out of a room, he had entered a few minutes before followed by a spear-wielding woman that was clearly using magic. Two of Jaune's feats caught his eye above the rest of the footage; first it was surviving being impaled followed by the burst of electrical energy that dwarfed what a Maiden could do.

"It is rather impressive." Shirou states getting their attention, "I can think of at least one Servant that I do not think would survive a hit like this. Though he would more likely dodge it." Thinking of a certain false Assassin that while strong was more reliant on skill than raw physical powers like some other servants.

"Really…" Salem raises an eyebrow wondering if her world's version of the blond had the same potential. If so than she might have a side goal for Cinder when she returns.

For some reasons unknown to themselves Pyrrha, Bleiss, Ruby, and Penny felt the urge to do something violent to a certain Grimm Queen. Various ranges depending on temperament and obsession with Jaune Arc.

He set those thoughts to the side for now though, first came ensuring Ironwood didn't make Jaune public enemy number one.

For the quad this felt like a bucket of ice.

James leans forward wanting to see how his other will react.

Ozpin lean back having a feeling about how this will go and sips his coffee. If James wanted to frame Jaune and capture him than they would not be using the real security tapes of the incident.

Others felt various degrees of worried for Jaune as Nora gripped Ren not wanting to see her fearless leader become an outlaw from Atlas who would send Mecha, Assassins, Specialists, and Bounty Hunters after him. While Ren was worried that Nora was cutting off circulation again.

Salem while worried that this will lead to a hunt for the Cards by Atlas and Ozpin sees this as an opportunity for her other if Ozpin's pawns chase away Jaune.

"James, I assure you that Mr. Arc wouldn't…." Ironwood waved him off.

"Don't bother Ozpin, after what we discovered I would have killed the Professor and the guards myself."

James breaths out a sigh of relief now knowing that he did not know what was going on.

Penny smiles a little at this liking that she has at least one family member that her other can count on to help her.

Ozpin just takes a sip of his coffee.

Ozpin, for all his experience at maintaining a poker face, couldn't hide his confusion at that.

Qrow stops reading to take a quick picture of the face Ozpin was making. At the looks he is given. "What when was the last time that you saw Ozpin confused? I'm saving this as my wallpaper." At this other member of Ozpin's Inner Circle take out their phones and take a photo.

Even Salem takes a quick picture remembering Ozma as a figure that was never surprised. At least never let it show after all these years. This would make a very good poster, perhaps with a humorous caption like, 'Ozma's Thinking Face.'

James was known for protecting his assets and men, both of which Jaune Arc was quite clearly smashing to a pulp on the video. "We found vials of spinal fluid with DNA matching the last two murder victims, so the Professor was behind at least the second batch of killings; The guards knew this but didn't report it, bank records confirm pay-offs. Even worse was the fact he had a second STM, which I have already destroyed, built and had used it for his own experiments. I don't even know how many he might have used it on, but I found several robotic bodies that I believe were the prototypes for Penny, who has disappeared and I'm going to assume is with Mr. Arc. I'm making an educated guess that at least one person was killed per body so that means almost four dozen murders at least."

This information horrifies many about just how many he killed.

"How could he do this?" Penny whispers in horror that so many were killed to create her other. Maybe even herself if this holds true across dimensions.

"Easily." Rin states.

"Rin!" Ruby exclaims seeing how freaked out Penny was about this.

"What?" Rin asks, "He was a magus. Many are immoral at the best of times and usually are far worse. The only reason why there are so few dead is that he had to work under the radar and avoid being detected. Otherwise a whole island would have been depopulated and a army of Golem would be running around gathering more material." She states realistically. This makes many pale and turn green at the thought that they got off easy in this world. Instead of someone that did not care about being caught they had someone that did want to avoid the attention.

Qrow pales and gulps down a shot of whiskey.

"Do you ever stop drinking?" Winter asks annoyed. It has not even been half the chapter yet and he already started drinking again while reading.

Qrow shrugs, "You deal with murder your way and I deal with it my way." He starts reading again as his nieces look at him worried. It was true that while he drank before Summer died it only got worse after.

Both men in Beacon stared in shock at Ironwood before Qrow broke the silence by taking a large gulp from his flask, Ozpin snatching it from him after he was finished and pouring some in his coffee.

Ozpin did the same as his counterpart to his own coffee taking from the cooler that Qrow had for his own needs pouring some Bourbon into his coffee.

Salem smirks at this knowing that she will get some blackmail before the night was over.

"And the woman?"

"No record of her, literally. I've had feelers put out and I can't find anyone that recognizes the woman or has even heard rumors. People like that don't pop up out of nowhere." A cough drew the two men's attention towards Qrow.

"I know this sounds nuts, but this whole situation is crazy so stay with me. Is that a card where the woman was standing after the blast of lightning that the kid finished the fight with?" The two men looked at the video and saw what Qrow was talking about, in the crater where the woman had been sat a gold-colored card.

"You didn't notice." Salem states, "You must be losing your touch Ozpin. Might be time to retire."

"Not on your life witch." Ozpin states.

"Oh, you wish it was my life." She smirks at Ozpin.

A few minutes later a wooden doll came and snatched it, another mystery to add to the pile. "Well Jimmy I think you might be partially wrong; the woman didn't come from nowhere; she came from the card." Ozpin latched onto that, thinking the idea over in his head. It made a certain amount of sense, if Jaune managed to destroy the woman so thoroughly that nothing remained that card shouldn't have survived.

"James, tell me everything you know about the Professor and what he was up to." Magic was popping up again, the very essence of his endless battle could be changed. Despite how poorly it was going and how little control he had over the situation Ozpin couldn't help but feel thrilled; perhaps he would finally find a way to end their suffering.

'Their suffering? Does he mean… No, it is more heroic nonsense from the fool.' Salem glares at the murder of her children.

Ozpin notices and sighs. He hopes that this over version of himself will be able to find peace. Something he doubts he will in this lifetime.

'I was right Mr. Arc; you do have a lot of potential. The question is how it brought you into this situation.'

"A crazy cross dimensional magical girl obsessed vampire who loves to troll people." Rider deadpans getting a chuckle out of the others.

"So, an average Tuesday morning." Dusk says. At the looks he is given, "What do you really think this is the first time that Zelretch has done something like this?"

Fate/ Deck of Heroes

Penny knew she had a lot to learn about being human, or perhaps being an organic would be a better way to put it.

Penny considers this and it makes sense. There is as much difference between her and humans as there is between herself and faunus. Calling this new existence an organic would make more sense than identifying as a human full due to her nature as a magically created human in this world.

Ruby sees Penny thinking about something and wonders if she will consider taking Duskrider's deal after this viewing. She worries about how she will take being human. She does not think that she would take being a robot all that well for example.

Once more this fact was driven home at the uncomfortable silence filling the room, she found herself in; Mrs. Cotta-Arc having taken them to her place after she learned her brother was in the area. Apparently Jaune's older, and eldest, sister went to the gardens occasionally, to treat her homesickness, the garden allowing her to observe and interact with a few species of flora native to the area.

"At least it makes sense for her to be in the area." Rin states having been worried that her master influenced events. You can never tell with that troll.

When Penny had introduced herself and learned the woman was related to Friend Jaune she had brought the older woman to her brother thinking she was aiding in a family reunion, an important part of organic life according to her research. Apparently, her research had been either incomplete or flawed; the picture of Jaune and his sisters that showed the boy looking at the camera with dead eyes and a sign that read Help Me only further confirmed that suspicion.

"We are going to have to talk to Penny about how complex relationships are aren't we?" Dusk sighs out.

Rider grins.

"And I don't mean shipping."

Rider frowns, "Darn it." Another lost chance to converting someone to the shipper side, lost.

"I refuse to deal with the possible Shipping Wars that you two can get into." Dusk states knowing just how vicious Rider can get when defending his ships.

"You just want her to join your side in the Waifu Wars don't you." Rider accuses.

"For the last time Rei is a good character and is clearly better than that red head skank." Dusk states not a fan of Asuka's bullshit. If you like someone you don't fucking abuse them. Hell, in polite society you don't abuse you roommate!

"And I say that you are putting way too much weight in a character that has the emotional complexity of a teaspoon!" Rider exclaims. "At least Asuka while a bitch has good reasons why she behaves the way she does." Not a huge fan of Asuka's behavior either but getting why he would behave the way she does.

"Shipping War? Waifu War?" Penny questions, "I have never heard of those conflicts before. Why is that?" She turns to Ironwood is confused as well.

"I have no idea." Ironwood is wondering what a Waifu is.

Before he can answer a pair of Flatirons with the initials STFU lands on both Dusk and Riders heads knocking them out.

Duskrider sighs as he appears in the room. Seeing the shocked looks on the others faces he states, "Don't ask." He pulls out a lawn chair and a cup of mint tea to make sure that nothing happens. Seeing them still staring, "What?"

"What is a Shipping War and a Waifu War?" Penny asks wanting to know.

Duskrider sighs, "It's what happens when two fanboy/fangirls get into a fight over the value of certain relationships/characters in a series. Trust me it is not worth getting into. For some reason the Evangelion section of the multiverse causes the most debate between these two." He takes a sip of his tea before glaring at Qrow, "Well aren't you going to read?"

Qrow turns back to the story nervous about the clearly powerful being that beat both beings that had kidnapped them all within seconds. Not liking how he referred to what he can only assume to be living people and events as nothing more than a story.

Bleiss meanwhile has a face considering what to do with her plan. She knows she can summon certain items in this room. Mostly food. Though she has a few ideas of how to get what she wants.

"So Jaune, what have you been doing for the past few months?" Saphron's voice held an undercurrent of anger as she glared at her little brother, only her wife's grip on her hand and the fact Adrien was sleeping kept her from exploding. The last time anyone had heard from Jaune was when a letter reached them detailing how his team had replaced him with a new kid and he was leaving Beacon.

This causes many winces around the room from those whose alternatives abandoned him.

"Wait he never contacted them at all after leaving Beacon!?" Glynda exclaims.

"Yep." Duskrider says sipping his tea.

"Why not!?" Glynda exclaims.

"It is because they never supported his dream." Bleiss states taking a sip of some whiskey.

This got looks form the others.

"How do you know?" Pyrrha asks having never found this out about her own Jaune and feeling a little jealous that the girl in black was able to find out from her own.

Bleiss shrugs, "I can tell this stuff."

"So, you guessed?" Nora questions.

"Hubby refuses to talk with me about my in-laws. Still thinking he can resist my charm." Bleiss asks.

"That makes sense…." Pyrrha bites out begrudgingly. Regretting having not asked Jaune about his own family.

While she was thrilled, he was removing the risk from his life she had promised to rain hell on those that had tossed him aside if she ever got the chance; but then he disappeared. Completely off the radar and out of sight for the past few months with no contact and he suddenly show up in Argus without telling her, anyone would be angry.

"Fair enough." Salem states knowing that she would be pissed if any of her own went missing only to show up out of nowhere. Especially if her daughters did. She glares at Ozpin for trying to make that a reality for her. "I know that if my family went missing, I would be pissed if they just show but up in my life." She bites out at Ozpin who tries to not react.

Qrow pays attention to this noting the tension and comes to a horrific realization. 'It's just like Ironwood and Goodwitch from after they broke up. Only worse.' He starts reading knowing he will have to talk to Ozpin after this chapter is over.

"It's complicated." Jaune sighed as his sister glared at him, her wife not looking to happy either. That was to be expected, Terra had told him he was her favorite in-law after how quick he had been to accept her.

A few people smile at this. It is good to see how he accepted Terra because she made his sister happy.

"How is he doing that?" Penny questions pointing at Rider whose out cold body is holding up a Saphron X Terra shipping flag.

Even Duskrider looks confused before shrugging it off. "Apparently extreme shippers have certain powers given to them by the shipping force."

"The what?" Weiss deadpans.

"Or raw stupidity gives his shipping ability the strength to overcome being knocked out cold by enhanced iron." Duskrider deadpans before shrugging, "Pick which ever theory makes the most sense to you."

"Neither make sense though!" Weiss exclaims.

"And I made one from the concept of Order and the other from the concept of Chaos along with some editing software and a pencil." Duskrider states, "Don't try to use logic with this."

Qrow starts reading before Weiss can piss another one of their hosts off.

'Oh, that is cute. Assuming I am not amused by her attempt to escape.' Dusk thinking having read Qrow's mind.

"After Beacon I ran into this old troll, Zelretch. He was looking for someone with a modicum of combat experience and I had impressed him; he never came out and said it, but I suppose it was from watching me during the Festival. Apparently, he was going to approach me during the summer break but our meeting was unplanned and so he offered me a job. Apparently, some things of his were lost, stolen apparently, and he knew they were all across Remnant. Seeing as I had nothing else to do and he was offering a good deal I accepted the job." Jaune pulled the Avenger card from his pocket, showing the couple the card.

"That is a good cover story." Ozpin states.

"Just enough truth to make it not even a lie." Qrow says a bit impressed. Wondering if the kid could make a decent Agent in a few years. Might be able to take a vacation in a few years if that is the case. Not likely though.

"He has you running around the Kingdoms; to track down cards?" Jaune didn't blame his sister for not believing him, it did sound rather farfetched.

"Someone important to him apparently made them, Zelretch cares a lot for them." Technically not a lie. Zelretch did think the Ainsworths were important; just not in a positive sense.

Duskrider chuckles, "That's an understatement."

"How so?" Ozpin asks wanting to know more.

"Let me put it like this." Duskrider states before grinning psychopathically making others shiver, "There are beings like me that know just what they did/do/plan to do and are on the list of beings that we have absolutely no issue with them being tortured to death till the heat of the universe's death." Then his face returns to it's normal blank look. "Or simply erase them and be done with it."

"Erase?" Penny asks a bit afraid of how inhuman Duskrider behaves. Still remembering that cat. And trying not to remember that copy of herself.

"Like how one erases a pencil mark." Duskrider states, "Quick, easy, and a bit boring so many of us do not do that."

"Then what do you do?" Ironwood questions afraid about how this person talks about killing and tormenting other being like one would when ordering a glass of water at a restraint.

Duskrider takes a sip of his tea. "We let the stories play out and stack the odds in some cases. A pebble here. A brick there. Leading to a suddenly trip and snap goes the neck." He really hates how that family planned to survive the end of the world. He may be a lot of things, but sacrificing or harming children crosses several lines he made in the sand. His core incarnation plans to be an elementary school teacher and hates the idea of children being harmed due to the manipulations of a old man who does not know when to just accept the end of their story.

And if he must play up his writing persona a bit more to get the point across than more fun for him.

This makes many shivers at the thought of how he casually talks about making a murder seem like an accident. And for him it is one. Just one he stacked the odds for.

"It's been fun: seen some neat places, made some friends, helped some people out. I'm sorry for not getting in contact but we know how everyone would react."

"Yes, they'd want you home. Where its safe and you wouldn't be sticking your neck out. If these cards are worth stealing what if they're worth killing for." Jaune gritted his teeth, reminding himself that those were valid concerns.

"I can handle myself and Penny is incredibly skilled herself." Penny smiled as the couple's gaze went her way, giving the two women a little salute.

"I am combat and travel ready."

"You know this suddenly makes more sense." Yang says remembering how she meet Penny and she said she was 'combat ready.'

Weiss and Blake nod in agreement.

Penny looks confused at this not understanding what was wrong.

"I'll explain later." Ruby says knowing that Penny was around the military all her life.

Jaune smirked at Saphron and Terra's reactions to Penny's words, it was funny to hear such a militaristic term in Penny's voice. The cheer and pep in it not fitting with the words.

"I still do not understand what is unusual here." Penny states.

Ruby says, "I'll explain later." Penny only looks more puzzled.

Ironwood looks away from Qrow's knowing look. He may have made a mistake with leaving Penny's vocabulary to the military standards for all occasions.

"Ummm what happened?" A confused Dusk groans out as he wakes up.

"Who hit me?" Rider asks waking up.

Duskrider nods with his chair starting to sink in the ground with him. "My work here is done." He says before vanishing.

"Was that the Boss?" Dusk asks nervously.

"It was Duskrider." Penny answers.

Rider facepalms, "Just keep reading please." Then winces still feeling a bit tender up there.

Qrow shrugs and starts reading again.

Saphron shook her head, her attention turning back to her brother.

"No, that doesn't matter. I understood and supported your wish to be a Huntsman, even when I thought you should find a different way to help people, because you'd would have people to watch your back. Not this, not running around by yourself because some asshole wants his pretty cards back. You should go home, see the family, and get a regular job. It doesn't have to be there; it can be anywhere in the more protected areas in the kingdoms. Just somewhere safe."

"She might have a point."

"Weiss!" Ruby exclaims.

"I'm just saying from her point of view her brother is going off on the orders of some guy to collect some cards." Weiss starts, "It makes sense that she wants Jaune to be safe."

"Still to give up your dreams it is something hard to do for many people." Blake states knowing how many in the White Fang that would never have given up on that dream. She still believes in Faunus and Human equality even if she left the Fang.

"I just cannot understand a dream worth giving up all your family for." Weiss says.

"I can." Qrow states.

"Uncle Qrow?" Ruby asks hurt.

"My other family." Qrow starts, "They were not good people and we wanted different things. Let's leave it at that."

"What about Raven? I mean she left for a time." Yang asks not sure how to feel about her wanting at least one redeeming quality to her.

Qrow starts reading again which was all the answer that she needed looking down.

Terra spoke up for the first time, deciding she had let her wife say her piece and now was a good time for hers.

"I agree with Saphron on this one Jaune, you could stay here if you'd like. There is plenty of room and we know a lot of people that could use a hard worker like yourself. I remember you had a knack for programing, I could put in a good word for you at the Base."

"Jaune is a programmer?" Ruby questions having never heard about this.

"He was a gamer and got interested." Bleiss says.

"How do you know?" Pyrrha asks jealous about how much this crazy bitch knew about Jaune she does not.

Bleiss shrugs, "I didn't know it at the time, but Beacon was not were we meet originally." This surprises everyone.

"Where did you meet Jaune than?" Weiss asks trying to connect the dots.

"Online." Bleiss says, "We are part of the same guild in a few games. It was a big surprise for him to find out I was BlickedQueen. It was nice to find out my DarcNight was the same both VR and RL."

"Wait how did you know about-wait are you a gamer?" Yang asks surprised.

"I have fucking hobbies." Bleiss doesn't explain she got into gaming to help deal with the stress her family gave her before she finally gave up on them.

"BlickedQueen?" Penny questions.

Bleiss shrugs, "Wicked Queen and Black Queen were both taken." At the looks she blushes, "I was 10 okay!"

"Seriously what kind of reasoning is that?" Weiss asks.

"Oh, like your name is clever your uptight bitch. Let me guess WiceQueen, maybe FrostyCunt, CountStickupYourAZZ?" Bleiss asks.

"NO!" Weiss denies. "How dare you accuse me of using such names!" Weiss does not want the others to know she gamed as a hobby much less finding out her gamer tag. Though she wonders if Jaune would know ArcKnight of her world if he is a gamer.

Bleiss shrugs; "They are accurate descriptions of your personality."

Rider sighs, "You may want to start reading this might turn very ugly. Very fast."

Qrow agrees seeing the signs that Winter gets when she is pissed off at him. Must run in the family.

Jaune's eyes widened as he remembered Terra was a computer engineer, she was freelance but apparently good enough that the Atlas base decided to hire her. He needed to leave quickly before the three Cotta-Arcs got dragged into this.

"This is not good." Ironwood says getting nervous.

"What is Jimmy it's not like you would actually target his family." Qrow says knowing him well enough to know that this was the case.

"I mean he does not know that Atlas is not targeting him." Ironwood says not liking how things are going.

"It makes sense." Ozpin starts getting some looks from the others, "I mean isn't it already shown that Jaune has not communicated with other people since leaving Beacon outside of Zelretch and now Penny he has not told anyone what he really is doing."

"Still this only means that things will be getting more complicated." Ironwood says.

"It is true neither knows just how deep the rabbit hole goes." Rider starts, "This does not mean that things will end in complete understanding. This is life. Things are complicated."

"He has a point." Ozpin says taking a sip of his coffee, "While it will not be a easy path it is the path that they are on. We need to see it to the end." This brings shivers to the backs of many.

"I can take care of myself and I like my job. It's actually rather thrilling and fulfilling to find these things and return them to Zelretch." Jaune didn't have to fake the excitement in his voice. He wouldn't consider himself an adrenaline junky but fighting corrupted Spirits backed up by the Heroic Spirits in his Class Cards was the single greatest thing he had ever experienced.

"Interesting." Saber says under her breath.

"What is?" Ruby questions.

"He has become a warrior." Saber states looking into the eyes of this Jaune Arc.

"Wasn't he already back at Beacon?" Nora asks not seeing what Saber meant.

"I mean he has walked the path of a true warrior rather than a squire training to become a knight." Saber says having seen this change happen many times in her time. "There comes a point where people stop becoming boys becoming to be knights and men that become warriors." This line strikes others in different ways thoughtful among others.

Ozpin sees the same but says nothing frowning not liking how Jaune is forced to grow here. Remembering the times where everyone men, women, and children were armed for war at a moments notice. And the best training they could hopeful was that they survived the first taste of conflict. It was a time of cruelty, battle, and death.

Dusk frowns at the look in Ozpin's eyes. He can tell that the old man has been around far too long for a mortal. He has no bout seen and been apart of many of history's greatest atrocities to Remnant. A glance at Salem shows a similar look in her eyes. While she may be humanities greatest enemy, she also has had many allies and those she can respect die for hopes of a foolish dream. He wonders if they will ever figure out the other wants to die in peace just as much as they do on their worst days.

"I see what you mean." Qrow states having watched this boy gain the look he has in his eyes at least that he once had. Back when he was part of a team and they were together. For what he thought would be forever.

He could look back at each fight with excitement, the knowledge of how dangerous the Spirits were and what they could do reminding him each time he was helping people. No, he couldn't stop now. Not while his dream was being fulfilled and not while people were still in danger.

Rin sighs putting her head on her hands, "He's becoming like you."

"Like who?" Glynda questions not seeing who she was referring to.

"Him." She points at Shirou how while a bit surprised can see it.

"She does have a point." Shirou admits.

"How so?" Ironwood asks wanting to know more about their fellow audience member.

"The desire to help people. Not seeing what it can cost them." Rin states bluntly making Shirou wince.

"I'm not that obsessed." Shirou referring to losing contact with his family for months at a time.

"Not yet." Rin counters bitterly.

"Not ever." Shirou states firmly holding Rin's hand in his own.

"We will not let him." Saber says holding Rin's other hand. "Remember."

Rin nods noting Sakura hovering nearby unsure how to help with this. Rin rolls her eyes knowing they will need to talk.

Some of those from Remnant are a bit uncomfortable seeing just how intimate these four are connected. Closer than the Teams they are/were apart of at least.

Qrow starts reading.

"Besides, I gave Zelretch my word. An Arc can't go back on their word, perhaps the only advice I got from Dad that isn't absolute crap."

"OK that is harsh." Yang says wincing.

"It is fair though." Ruby says remembering some of the advice that his Dad gave Jaune she heard about.

"Little Red has a point." Bleiss says checking her nails, "The whole 'ladies care about confidence only' thing was not all that well thought out."

"How do you know this information!" Pyrrha asks to feed up with her.

Bleiss shrugs, "I overheard him talking and may have skimmed his diary and texts."

"You hacked his scroll." Winter deadpans.

"I wanted to check the rivals that I did not know about. I already had to deal with Champion here." She says pointing at Pyrrha, "I needed to make sure that I didn't have some childhood sweetheart to compete against."

"Worried about the competition?" Pyrrha grits out.

"No." Bleiss says, "I already know you stand no chance. Though you do get pretty fucking annoying at times." She says remembering just how often she must make sure that Pyrrha cannot get in her way of getting her hubby and some fucking alone time with him. Wait didn't they say something about a dimension hopping ship. Hmm idea for later.

They ignore Pyrrha's glare at Bleiss and keep reading the story.

Duskrider deadpans at this part. Knowing that he will have to make sure that Rider and Dusk take Bleiss back to her home world before she gets the chance to steal the ship they use. Sure, they have a couple of backs up but none of them are as nice or as roomy as the main one. He sets a timed text to be sent to them as soon as the chapter ends with order to take Bleiss home.

"Jaune!" Said person was the one to glare at his sister this time, the fact she was surprised hurt him. The fact she wasn't on his side did so as well; the man at one point was one signature away from disowning her while he had been supportive every single step of the way when she and Terra started their own family and she was taking their father's side?!

"Oh, this is getting pretty ugly." Yang states.

Qrow snorts, "Getting?"

"OK I see your point." She says.

Ruby is getting very uncomfortable with this. This is getting worse and it feels like they are watching a private family moment.

"Ruby are you alright?" Penny asks seeing Ruby's expression giving away her discomfort with this.

"Not really." Ruby admits, "I just hope things do not go too badly."

"I am not sure how they can get worse." Penny states not fully understanding the situation.

"Oh, it can get worse trust me." Bleiss states bluntly taking a sip of her Sex on the Beach.

"What?! I finally realized how much my childhood sucked. I finally decided I didn't want to live my life as the family doll and butler! What's so wrong about that?! I decided to follow my dream and after it crashed and burned, I bounced back decently. I can take care of myself, you all certainly made sure I had the skills to do so. So why is it you act like I can't handle five minutes alone without getting myself killed?"


Many are stunned silent at this.

"Wow his own family…." Weiss mutters under her breath surprised.

"This is fucked up." Bleiss states.

Pyrrha has a pained expression not liking how her crush's family dismisses him like this. Like her alternative is doing.

"I see this is how it can get worse." Penny states stunned.

Ruby does not look happy about this either.

Qrow takes a sip of gin before he starts reading knowing the others will need to process this. Agreeing to a level that the kid seems too thin and scrawny, but he assumes this is more due to a lack of training than anything else.

Shirou frowns thinking about how many others did not take his dream seriously. Thinking it was all a joke.

Saber compares her own childhood having to give up being a woman to be a king. She wonders if Jaune will give up being part of his family to be a warrior.

Saphron paled as soon as the words left her mouth while Jaune's eyes erupted in anger. Penny shrank into her seat and Terra looked at both Arcs in worry. Jaune stood up, gesturing to Penny that she does the same.

"We're leaving, thank you for the hospitality Terra. It was great to finally meet my Nephew, hopefully he doesn't take after his Uncle." His eyes bore into Saphron at that last sentence; he had been the one to donate sperm so that her child could be related to her. He had been happy to help his favorite sister and his new sister-in-law, eager to help bring a niece or nephew into the world. The elder sibling tearing up as her mouth opened and closed; no words coming out.

This gets many wide eyes.

"WHAT!?" Bleiss exclaims in shock.

"You didn't know?" Pyrrha asks thinking she would have found out considering how she hacked his texts to find a possible childhood sweetheart. She felt shock herself.

"NO, I DID NOT FUCKING KNOW!" Bleiss turns to the hosts who shiver at her gaze. "Explain!"

Dusk rolls his eyes. "It really depends on the universe with some it is possible for Women with an active Aura to impregnate each other."

"What!?" Ruby and many others exclaim.

"I said some!" Dusk says, "Not this one or any of yours. Though it would explain just why Beacon stuffs 4 hormonal mixed gendered teenagers in a room rather than having some method to separate the genders in at least the living space."

Ozpin states at the questioning looks; "If someone is old enough to be a huntsmen or huntress than they must learn that in the field they will not have such accommodations. And it is hopeful that by using this method it would prevent couples form doing any sexual activities in the dorms."

Rider deadpans at this; "It does not stop them from all hooking up in some verses."

"WHAT!?" Teams RWBY, Bleiss, Winter, and NRP exclaim. Qrow spits out his gin in surprise at this.

Rider nodes, "For some reason Team JNRP ends up in a polyamory relationship more often than not. Though there are others where this happens." He pulls up an image of a much closer Team JNPR as they hang around their room sneaking little touches and kisses. Causing NRP to blush at this.

"That is kind of hot." Bleiss admits taking a few pictures though even more worried about the competition in her own world.

Pyrrha blushes but ends up nodding.

"Though there have been a few different mixes through out the multiverse." Rider says having waved this Team JNRP flag changes it to different shots. A few notable ones include Team RWBY, Team JNRP with Emerald included, a mixed Teams RWBY JNRP, and even one where Bleiss and Weiss are in a relationship with Jaune of their world being twins.

This last world causes Bleiss and Weiss to turn green hating the though of being romantically involved with each other.

"Though usual they are just friends close enough to be famil-." Dusk is cut off from explaining more.

"Wait!" Bleiss cuts off, "You are distracting us. Just how was Adrian conceived."

Dusk and Rider look at each other and say at the same time, "In-virto fertilization." Having heard this bit of information form Jauneforever when checking out some of the background information.

"What?" Ruby asks.

"It is a medical procedure where the egg is fertilized with the sperm outside of the body in a test tube or elsewhere." Ozpin explains.

"That's possible?" Saber asks.

"It is a more recent medical procedure." Ozpin explains knowing that it only really got researched following the Great War due to the ratio of men to women being changed due to the deaths of many men during the war.

"Oh. So, no fucking happened." Bleiss states crudely, "That's good." 'Kufufu your virginity is mine Jaune.'

"Bleiss!" Winter exclaims as the others blush.

"What!?" Bleiss replies. "We were all thinking it."

Qrow starts reading the chapter.

"Okay I think we all need to calm down. Penny, while I'm checking on Adrian why don't you go make a pot of tea. Everything you need is already laid out." Penny nodded vigorously and shot out of the room while Terra did so more subdued, kissing her wife on the cheek before heading upstairs. Jaune sat back down, unwilling to walk out as his favorite sister looked ready to break down any second.

A few sighs in relief at this but others can feel the tension mounting still.

Ozpin takes a sip of his coffee wondering why. Just why? There is more going on than he knows about here.

Salem hides her relief at Jaune being willing to give his family a second chance. After what happened with her own family, she hates seeing them break apart form one another.

"Jaune… I'm sorry. That… that came out wrong."

"No shit it came out wrong." Bleiss mutters under her breath.

"Shush. I want to hear where this goes." Blake says.

Bleiss glares, "Don't you dare shush me Bellbooty."

"Bell-what!?" Blake exclaims.

"If the fantastic ass fits." Bleiss points at Blake's rear.

Blake blushes at this, "Just keep reading." She orders Qrow.

Jaune clenched his teeth, unwilling to speak for fear of saying something he couldn't take back. "You… you were a premature baby. You were born three weeks early and with a low birthweight; somewhere just under four pounds."

Pyrrha, Ruby, Penny, and Bleiss freeze. For most of them it felt like ice in their blood.

"Oh no." Nora says holding on to Ren who looks on with a forcibly blank look on his face.

"That-shit this makes sense." Yang says.

Rin frowns not liking where this is going.

Shirou tries to not react though he knows the risks of this better than most. While he has not gone months at a time with no contact, he has spent time with the Enforcers and seen many things. Among them he saw premature children die of horrible illnesses. Never able to open their eyes to the world. He clenches his teeth.

Saber frowns not liking this any more than the others having lived in a time where childbirth was just as likely to kill a mother as a sword strike would.

Sakura frowns not liking where this is going.

Ozpin clenches his mug while Salem looks on trying to not react. Remembering a certain child of their own. The littlest though magic helped it was not a solution to all of life's problems.

"Did you know about this?" Glynda asks Ozpin.

"It was not on his medical record." Ozpin states.

Jaune froze as he watched his sister barely hold herself together. "At first everything seemed fine, you built up enough weight to come home and got out of the incubator quickly enough. You didn't have any breathing problems and you could feed easily but then you got sick; a lot. I remember you spending weeks at a time in the hospital because you caught something mundane. Every time I didn't know if my little brother was going to come back or not; Dad had a coffin prepared at one point. He tried to hide it, but I saw it once."

"OK seriously what the fuck!" Bleiss exclaims.

"I know what you mean." Weiss says feeling sick.

Ruby holds on to Penny tightly not liking to hear how close her friend was to death.

"At least they decided not to deal with this ol' yellower style." Dusk says.

"Dude!" Rider exclaims shocked.

"What they had what 7 kids. There is bound to be at least one that dies in childhood." Dusk ignores the looks he is given.

"What the literal hell is wrong with you!" Sakura exclaims.

Dusk shrugs, "What part of aloofness do you people not understand. It is literally part of the core of my being."

Rider facepalms; "Just keep reading."

Qrow tries to hide his disgust and starts reading again.


"You spent the majority of your first few years in the hospital for one thing or another. Then you got better, your immune system was finally able to fight off infections. We were so happy the first time you came back and stayed. Yet you were still so small, you know as well as I do you only really grew during the past year and a half."

"Wait in the last year and half!" Ruby exclaims.

"Yep." Dusk nods making a image of Jaune from before his growth spirit appear.

"Oh god." Rin says.

"He's even smaller than Ruby was back then." Yang says not liking this at all.

Bleiss makes a note to investigate this as soon as she gets back to her Remnant. Her stud may need her.

Dusk nods his head at this; "Makes sense to me. Usually Jaunes grow at least a half a foot after some serious training. Sometimes a good foot."

Rider deadpans; "Those are variants and not always true."

"Variants?" Ruby questions having not heard the term before.

"It happens mostly when elements that are usually limited to one other world start to crossover with another world or worlds. It happens a fair number of times." Rider says.

Glynda looks over at Ozpin who says, "We need to make some changes."

"Understatement of the year." Qrow says knowing that they will have to change up some diet plans to make sure that the students are growing correctly in the case of Jaune. Maybe make up for years without growth.

Jaune's grimace matched his sister's at that, remembering how much of a target his lack of height had made him growing up.

"People bullied him as well." Blake says disgusted that people would make fun of him for being small.

Ruby sees Bleiss writing a message in ketchup to herself on a napkin. "What are you doing."

"Making a reminder to hunt down these brats and remove their balls when I get back." This blunt statement makes the guys wince in fear and cross their legs. "And in the case of the girls I'll give them a reason to smile." This makes Dusk and Rider wince as this sounds something the Joker would say. Only even more sinister.

"So, then we all saw this tiny boy that we remember almost dying so often, our baby brother and mom and dad's baby boy, saying he wants to become a huntsman. That he wants to grow up and go to a school where he could die just to make a career out of throwing himself at the Grimm." Saphron couldn't look Jaune in the eye any longer, pulling her knees to her chest and resting her forehead on them. "So, we did everything we could to stop you. We made sure you didn't learn to fight, I'll admit I think Mom went a bit far with no self-defense courses on that one, we made sure you didn't get access to weapons and armor, we tried to teach you any skill we could that would show you a different path. Cooking, sewing, even being a masseuse; anything that didn't have you risking your life day in and day out."

"It all makes sense." Rin says under her breath.

Saber frowns at this thinking about how the opposite was applied to her as a child to make sure she would want to become a knight. Then later lead as a king.

"Is this the same?"

Rider turns to Bleiss. "Is what the same?"

"Is this history the same in my world. In our worlds?" Bleiss asks getting the others attention seeing her refer to the Remnant they are from.

"I honestly don't know with you." Rider starts.

"Why not!" She exclaims.

"Because finding worlds with Bleiss like yourself is rare at the best of times. I never even heard of your dimension before. While I have seen similar there are differences." Rider says.

"Like what?" She asks.

"Usually Bleiss that we could compare to you tends to be cruder and a bit more sadistic and flirtier." Rider admits seeing her as one of the more moderate Bleiss.

"Wait cruder? Her?" Weiss questions stunned.

"And while there are other Bleiss their histories and your own are very different." Rider says.

"Such as?" Bleiss asks.

Dusk pulls out a list; "Let's see Grimm possession tend to be common, experimental dust exposure, I'm not sure if Alter Weiss could count but she's on the list."

"Wait you mean I'm prissy princess in those other worlds and not have my own rocking bod!?" Bleiss explains.

"I think that this would bother me far more than you!" Weiss shouts understandable freaked out by the idea of becoming like this crud Jaune obsessed bitch.

Bleiss snorts, "Please like you would argue with gaining a cup size flatty." She jesters to her own chest and rear and Weiss looks to see she was right. She sits down in despair with a cloud over her head.

They do not notice the others looking at them to find out that in many universes they are the same person when Bleiss does appear.

Salem smirks as an idea starts to form more in her head.

"What about our world." Pyrrha asks.

"Spoilers." Rider says.

"WHAT!?" She exclaims.

Rider shrugs; "Hey if you cannot bother to get to know the Jaune of your world yourself than you have no right to find out from us."


"Read the story please Qrow." Rider says and Qrow starts reading wanting to know more for what he can look out for when they return to remnant. Many of the others thinking the same way.

Jaune stood up and walked over to the couch, sitting beside Saphron after removing his armor and pulling her into a hug as his sister bawled into his hoodie. Of all the spirits to chime at that moment in Kiritsugu was the last one Jaune expected to do so.

"Kiritsugu?" Saber questions in surprise.

"Father?" Shirou wonders knowing that Kiritsugu was not one for talking about emotions. The Kiritsugu he knows having opened up about his thoughts and feelings the most to him right before his death.

"You're lucky."

"I know, why do you think so?" Jaune split his attention between his sister, rubbing her back as she cried into his chest and the Assassin. Jaune understood enough to know Counter Guardians weren't exactly paragons of sanity or empathy so the fact Kiritsugu display signs of either interested him.

"That's very true." Rin says giving Shirou a sideways glance making him wince knowing she was thinking about Archer.

Saber just focuses on what is going to happen. Wanting to know more about the man who was once her Master. Even if he is not the same man here.

"I never knew my birth mother; my Father said the Clocktower killed her and while he was a bastard, I don't think he lied about that.

"What? Why?" Ruby asks wanting to know why she was killed by Clocktower.

Rider and Dusk look at each other and agree that somethings are better left unsaid.

"It could be any number of reasons." Rin says. "A spell gone wrong, challenge to a duel, or she was experimenting into things that she should not have."

"What kind of things?" Ironwood questions.

"They most likely will say it soon." Shirou answers having looked a little into the Emiya Family after he went with Rin to Clocktower. It was not pretty.

This makes the others nervous.

I don't know if that's what started it or if she was as much a monster as he was, but he went on to try and create a potion that would make him a Dead Apostle." Jaune broke into a sweat thinking about those; Zelretch was the only one that wasn't a rampaging beast. He remembered the memories of Kiritsugu's Apostle hunts, the devastation they left in their wake, the towns filled with walking corpses and the stench of death everywhere.

"Dead Apostles!" Nora exclaims in shock.

"Like what Zelretch is?" Ruby asks.

"That was the goal, but most are not like him." Dusk states.

"Goal?" Shirou questions having never investigated just what he was planning.

"He wanted to create a way to skip the more mindless nature that many Dead Apostles have and control the bloodthirsty part that drives them." Dusk answers. "And absolutely insane idea that he came up with to try to allow a better focus on the family craft and reach the root."

"What is the family craft if you do not mind me asking." Weiss questions.

"Time. The manipulation of time though it is limited to the acceleration of living beings and put a great strain on them." Dusk said thinking of what he found out of Emiya's Magecraft. "It was the hope of that man that by becoming a Dead Apostle he would be able to master the riskier applications of Time Manipulation that would kill him."

"Riskier applications?" Ruby questions not knowing what that means.

"It could stop people's hearts and lead to a heart attack." Dusk states which makes the others pale around him. "Of course, the man was an absolute nut job that cared for himself only."

Qrow starts reading again as everyone is processing that.

"Is this why you killed him?"

"I killed him after the only friend I ever made, my first and only love, his apprentice, drank the potion in an, admittedly stupid, bout of curiosity and became a Dead Apostle. I was weak, I didn't listen to her pleas to kill her while she still had some grasp on her humanity or her sanity.

Everyone is stunned silent more so as the scene plays on the screen of his memories. Of Shirley begging for death.

Even Saber is quiet seeing how this young boy would become the emotionally dead man that was her master.

Shirou looks on and thinks of a similar event. Only he was lucky enough to have the tools needed to make it so that she did not die. He grips Sakura's hand and tells himself that she is still here. That he saved her. From Avenger, the Shadow, and herself.

Because of my hesitation she went on to turn the island we lived on into a land of the dead.

"Oh, my Oum…" Winter breaths out seeing so many people biting and clawing and tearing into each other. Only to rise again and track down the others. As friends and family devoured one another in a feeding frenzy.

Many turns pale and others turn green. Some try to look away but there are a few that can. It was like watching a car crash every second in morbid clarity that you cannot look away from.

The Clocktower sent people in and they were going to kill my father; I tricked one of them into letting me do it.

"What…" Ruby says under her breath.

They look over those from the Type Moon verse.

"Does this…?" Ruby asks just why.

"Not all Magus are good people. It is the minority as far as Magus go." Rin says.

Shirou nods, "It is true. There comes a time when you must put the monsters that pray on people down. Permanently." This brings a shiver to the spins of the students who never seen death. Though others are firmer in the face of this.

Qrow starts reading again before they can say any more seeing that he is not even finished the paragraph and looked it over while they were talking.

No, that's not it; she let me do it. I found him packing his stuff, ready to run and leave me.

"Just as bad as dad." Bleiss says bitterly remembering how her own family left her behind after a certain event. One that almost killed her and caused her to lose faith in her Father.

Weiss says nothing able to tell that something happened to Bleiss.

He didn't care about what happened; he was pleased at all the data he gathered." It was faint, almost non-existent, but Jaune could hear the faint bit of rage in the Spirit's tone.

"I cannot blame him." Salem says under her breath remembering her own father. Magic was never something meant to improve the world. Only to twist it.

Ozpin takes a sip of coffee remembering many similar scenes. While during his time as Ozma has seen events like this one. Trying to save a woman from a tower was not anywhere near the first of his deeds. While his world did not have Dead Apostils they had many other monsters born of magic and the thoughts of mankind.

"He wasn't going search for me, he didn't care. I was already going to kill him, that just removed any regret I had, and I wasn't the worst example of what magi considered 'parental/familial love'.

Sakura looks down and is surprised to feel Shirou's hand tighten around her. Looking up she sees him looking at her from the corner of his eye. She smiles faintly at her sempai.

Others notice and make no comment with most knowing what she has been through in her world.

I don't agree with the way your family went about it, but they care about you, they want you safe, don't let your anger permanently end things."

"Yeah." Jaune looked down at Saphron, the woman having stopped crying but still held him close. "I suppose you're right."

"He is." Saber says under her breath.

It was so quiet Jaune barely heard Mordred speak but he did.

"He is."

This causes Saber's eyes to widen. Having said the same thing as her son.

Fate/ Deck of Heroes

They ended up spending the night at the Cotta-Arcs' residence, buying train tickets out of Argus for the next morning. Jaune had forgiven Saphron, unable to leave their relationship in pieces. True; he wouldn't forgive them right off the bat and he didn't plan on getting back in regular contact with the rest of their family, but he wrote another letter for Saphron to send. In it he let them know all was well and described his new job; nothing more and nothing less.

"At least he is trying to stay connected." Yang says.

"Some wounds are too fresh to forgive." Ozpin says.

"Still there can be more that he can do rather than send a letter." Yang says.

"Don't put your own issues onto this situation Yang." Dusk states bluntly, "Jaune is not you or your mother."

"What did you say!" She growls out.

"Yang." Ruby cuts off her rage. "He does have a point. Just sit down and listen."

Yang breaths out a sigh. "Fine."

He would continue to send letters that let them know he was alive but for now he didn't plan on doing more; he might not want to cut ties with them but that didn't mean he was willing to overlook everything they did.

"That's good at least." Blake says trying to not feel guilty for having cut her own family off for so long. When she returns home, she needs to give her family a call. To let them know how she is doing and is no longer apart of the current White Fang.

"Fine." Yang says knowing that Jaune is not going to let his relationship with his family be destoried like her mother has.

As he lay on the guest bed Jaune's thoughts turned to Penny.

Penny sits up paying attention to this part along with Ruby wanting to know what he thought.

They do not notice Pyrrha and Bleiss also perking up at this part for different reasons.

Everyone else that sees this deadpan.

The former robot had practically melted when she tasted the Arc family cooking at dinner, and she went absolutely nuts over Adrian; holding him close and nuzzling him for an hour. The little tyke had in turn been more than happy to bask in her attention and affections.

"Oh sooo cute!~"

"Wow Weiss did not know you had an addition to cute." Bleiss snarks.

"Shut it. And let me enjoy this." Weiss says with sparkling eyes seeing the image of Penny playing with Adrian on screen.

The others melt at this as well. Though Bleiss refuses to admit it.

It was good to see she was adapting and taking to her new body well; barring that incident from last night. He could have done without their hosts' suggestive looks however, but he expected them. A young man and women traveling together with no-one else; of course, some people are going to think the duo were a couple.

If Penny could blush, she would. Though she looks at this scene considering the possibility. A glance at Ruby, possibilities.

Rider smiles at this pulling out his shipping flags only for Dusk to take them away.

'Not the time for that. Not with the next scene to come.' Dusk says mentally to his co-host who agrees reductively.

Pyrrha tries to not be jealous of Penny on screen.

Bleiss mentally says to herself that this is not her Jaune, this is not her Jaune repeatedly.

Closing his eyes Jaune got comfortable and prepared to sleep, wondering whose memories he would see this time.

"No! No! Stop!"

This catches everyone's attention.

"What's wrong!?" Ruby shoots up. The others worried as well.

"Well if you all would let me read the story than you would know!" Qrow exclaims sick and tired of constant interruptions.

Jaune was up and out of the room in an instant when he heard Penny's screams. He snatched Mordred's card from the bedside as he ran out and down the hall to Penny's room; half expecting to find some Black Ops unit or some such group from Atlas trying to kidnap the girl. Slamming the door open Jaune dashed in, hearing people coming up the stairs behind him.

"Insta…" the words died on his lips as he only saw Penny in the room, no signs of anyone entering and nowhere they could hide. Penny was twisting on her bed, crying and lashing out in her sleep.

"It's just a nightmare." Ruby sighs out before straightening it. "It's a nightmare."

"I never had a nightmare before." Penny says worried. This gets the others worried as well. What kind of experience would it be for a person that never had a nightmare to suddenly have one especially after what has happened recently?

As bad as it sounded Jaune was grateful it was just a nightmare; a bad dream was much more preferable to what he expected to find. Leaning down Jaune avoided her swings and began to shake her.

"Penny come on and wake up. It's just a nightmare; you're safe." Penny's eyes shot open, terror filling them as she took in Jaune and realized where she was. "There you go; it's alright." Jaune sat down on the side of her bed and to his shock she curled up into his side.

"I… I was back in the lab and you didn't show up." Jaune looked up from Penny to see Saphron and Terra in the doorway; both looking concerned but Jaune shook his head and they understood the message to not ask. Seeing everything was alright the two went to check on Adrian while Jaune took care of Penny. "Piece by piece, he ripped me apart and tore away at what made me 'me'." Jaune place a hand on the girl's head and began to stroke her hair as her breathing slowed down. Once she was calm Jaune made to get up only for her grip to tighten; her superior strength making itself known. "Please don't leave." Jaune didn't have it in him to refuse; Saphron would make him regret it in the morning but Penny needed him now.

Everyone is quiet not saying anything as Penny and the others think back to what happened to this version of her.

About how truly horrify that this was.

The idea of having someone rip apart what made them themselves is a horrifying one.

Bleiss cannot even feel anything other than pity for the robotic girl. People like her do not deserve to experience such horror.

"Okay, scoot over a bit." Penny did so and Jaune lay out on the bed, setting the Class Card on the bedside table. Jaune looked at his companion, the girl wrapping his arm up in hers as she turned his shoulder into a pillow. "Night Penny."

"Night Jaune." Sleep came surprisingly easy despite the weight on his shoulder and Penny breathing in his ear.

"That's so cute." Ruby says under her breath with a faint blush.

"Did you say something Ruby?" Yang questions.

"Oh nothing." Ruby blushes before seeing Penny looking at her knowingly with her blush growing deeper. "Nothing at all." She squeaks out.

"OK." Yang says looking in disbelief.

What came after he entered the realm of dreams surprised him, however. It wasn't the first time he found himself in the field that the held the Sword in the Stone but this time it felt so much more real; some unseen aspect making it different from the other memories he had seen.

This causes the other (former) Master(s) and Servant to pay more attention.

"That is strange." Rin says.

"What is?" Ren asks.

"This is not a normal dream cycle." Rin states firmly having seen enough from both her time as Master of Archer and as the Master of Saber to know that the clarity is different. Clearer about what is going on around him. It is less of a memory and more of a simulation.

"She's right this is nothing like how it was for me with Rider." Sakura says paying attention. Even with the link between them having been distorted due to the false command seal in the end Rider was linked to her directly. Not that worm that called itself her brother.

"Agreed." Shirou says even with his link to Saber having been the most unstable due to how she was summoned.

"So, Master; looks like I got you first." Jaune turned around to see Mordred sitting on a large rock.

"Mordred?" Saber questions.

"Is this a feature of the class cards?" Rin asks wanting to know if the difference of method could result in this.

"Spoilers." Rider says.

"And now she is his literal dream girl!" Bleiss exclaims and is struck by red lighting knocking her off her chair. "What the fuck!"

"Mordred hates the feminine pronouns being used with him." Dusk explains trying to avoid another strike of lightning by a certain Saber from the Throne itself.

Bleiss shrugs it off, "To each their own but why the lightning?"

Dusk shrugs. "I think it is more due to personal preference."

"Personal preference?" Penny questions not understanding how lightning was personal preference.

Dusk tries to explain; "For Mordred this is equative to his father's Invisible Air which both coats her weapon and can be used as a form of attack. Takes less power than her other noble phantasm. Most Servants of a high rank have something along those lines as well."

Her armor was nowhere to be seen, leaving her in the clothes she preferred when out of battle and alone. The Knight wore what Jaune guessed was the medieval equivalent of a sports bra or a tube top, red, Jaune was guessing something similar to arm warmers, covered her arms from the wrist to bicep, a red, armored skirt and cloth covered her from the waist down, black leggings and red boots covered the lower limbs. Jaune honestly wasn't meaning to but when she stood up something became clear, the piece of cloth made sure he didn't see anything, but he could easily tell what article of clothing was not present.

"Oh my." Pyrrha blushes.

The other students blush.

"Renny don't look!" Nora covers Ren's eyes.

Bleiss takes a photo with her scroll. Inspiration for late designs.

Ozpin and James cover their eyes.

Qrow focuses on the book.

Glynda and Winter blushes at how indecent Mordred is.

Salem does not understand why this is an issue. Remembering a time where humans did not remember what clothing was and she needed to teach them again to protect them from the elements. It was an interesting decade.

Ruby blushes while Penny takes some pictures for later study seeing the reaction to Ruby and Jaune.

"Put some underwear on!" Saber exclaims red faced at seeing her daughter in such a state!

Shirou looks away quickly knowing that Saber would not approve of him looking at her daughter in that state.

Rin grins taking a mental image to remember for later. It gives her ideas for date night.

Shirou and Saber shiver briefly and do not know why. Saber worries for a moment if Medea was back from the dead having felt similar dread while under her control.

"Oh my." Sakura says not really caring but not liking how Sempai saw what was under Mordred's skirt.

Duskrider bangs his head on his desk repeatedly having forgotten to install a filter or censorship feature still!

"Puts some underwear on!" He covered his eyes and looked away, he knew Mordred may not care and he had been flashed enough by his sisters, but he was not going to make a habit of looking at dangerous women when they were in a state of extreme undress.

Saber nods her head in approval. "Good he is trained at least." Remembering some of the more indecent positions she caught her knights in. And Merlin. Oh, Merlin just why?

Rin gives her look with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

Saber flushes having lost her composer and sits down trying to ignore the looks she is given. The others making notes of how complicated her relationship with Mordred is.

"Jeez, right little gentleman you are. There, we're good?" Mordred decided to humor Jaune and his modern sense of shame. Jaune looked back to see Mordred holding the cloth up and smirking at him, a pair of red panties covering the knight's groin.

"Yeah." If she was hoping to embarrass Jaune more Mordred was to be disappointed; seven sisters and a co-ed dorm had made seeing a girl in her underwear a common sight for Jaune, more so thanks to the former. Nudity was another matter entirely however; his questionable education aside Jaune had been taught how to treat a woman by the female Arcs. Unfortunately, his dad taught him how to flirt and those were lessons that clearly were worthless. "So, is this what Zelretch did to me?" Mordred nodded and rested her blade on her shoulder.

"Of course, that vampire troll did." Rin facepalms having forgot about that.

"It's aright Onee-chan this happens to everyone." Sakura tries to comfort her sister.

"But I'm not everyone!" She says in despair as Sakura sweet drops. "How could I forget about that."

Dusk comments to the Rider, 'Might be a side effect of the time freeze?' Who just shrugs in turn having no ideas about that.

"Got it in one; I think Merlin did something similar once. Something along the lines of making an area where a second being could reside in one's Inner World; I guess since my card was the closest to you, I'm the one that gets to greet you first. Once we're all together I'd say this place gets divided between us or maybe grows? I'm not going to try and guess what that bloodsucker's plan are." Jaune looked around, taking in the sights and recognizing he was dressed in his usual wear minus the armor.

"What was it like before?" Mordred grimaced at that, looking away while a chill swept through the area around them.

"That is not a good sign." Weiss comments.

"Thank you, Captain Observation. Any other brilliant observations. Like water being wet?" Bleiss says sarcastically.

"You are a bitch." Weiss says.

"Again, anything else new?" Bleiss shrugs this off easily having been called far worse.

Saber grabs Shirou and Rin's hands not liking where this is going.

"It's going to be alright Saber." Shirou tries to comfort her. "According to her things are changing meaning that the worse is over."

"Shirou has a point. With the changes made here this will not be anything too bad since they never complained about it before." Rin tries to use logic to reassure Saber.

Saber smiles at her lovers loosening her grip a little bit.

"For me at least, it was like I was back in that beaker. It didn't hurt like then, but that's to be expected when you aren't forced to age a dozen or so years in a fourth of the time, instead it was nice, pretty peaceful and soothing but the feeling of being submerged was still the same."

Saber frowns at this. Knowing that Mordred was not conceived in a normal way it is rather horrifying to hear that she was forced to never have a childhood.

"Is this what always happens to..?" Ruby trails off.

"Mostly." Dusk says, "though that bitch was much better than most modern Magus at this."

"Was that what it was like of Illya?" Shirou questions with a frown remembering the girl from before her death. While she may have tried to kill him, she did not deserve that.

"In some ways it was better for her as she was only half. In other ways far worse as she did not age for at least a decade and was slowly dying by the time the war started." Dusk says not liking this bit. Not knowing for sure if Shirou knew that Illya was his sister or not having forgotten to investigate it.

Saber frowns deeper thinking of a certain friend of hers. While they may have not been on the best of terms by the end of the war prior to her death she did not deserve that.

Jaune tried to hide his frown, knowing Mordred would take it as a sign of pity. Jaune kept an eye on Mordred as she let out a sigh and then grinned at Jaune. She swung Clarent out and pointed the silver sword at him. "Now enough of the past, lets focus on the future. I want to fight you." Jaune took a step back in shock as the absence of Crocea Mors became more pronounced in his mind.

"What is she doing!" Pyrrha exclaims seeing Jaune defenseless against a Servant in his own mind.

"She has a plan." Saber says.

"And how would you know!?" Pyrrha exclaims in worry.

"She would never fight such an easy battle. If he has no way to defend himself than this would be pointless." Saber says watching her son as he took his stance.

"She has a point." Ozpin says sipping his coffee.

"It is like how I was trained." Shirou says having a flashback to pain. Lots of pain.

"How so?" Ruby asks.

"While there are those that spend years training one form the best way to gain experience in combat is a real fight." Dusk says, "Or at least a practice one close enough to the real thing."

Qrow nods in silent agreement as the others think on this statement starting to read once more.

"Mordred I'm unarmed." Jaune froze as he said that; for a moment he forgot that Mordred didn't hold the same code of chivalry as most from her time. Out of battle she followed most of its tenets but when it came to battle, she threw them to the side; not that he blamed her. True some lines should never be crossed, even on the field of battle, but to Jaune chivalry seemed more like a noose around one's neck when in combat.

"At least one of your students gets it." Salem says.

"I prefer for my students to be taught in a controlled environment." Ozpin says with Glynda agreeing.

"And just how often is it a fair environment in a real fight?" Shirou questions knowing that if he followed the rules of chivalry to the letter, he would have died fighting Gilgamesh. Assuming he made it past Archer at all.

"I can see your point, but I am not trying to traumatize the children too much. There is a reason why Port does not teach Combat Classes." Ozpin says.

"Port? How bad can he be?" Yang asks.

(Back on Remnant)

Jaune screams ducking and diving out of the way of a Boarbatusk.

"Dodge!" Port shouts throwing grenades! "If you can dodge a grenade you can dodge a car!"

"Why would I need to!" Jaune shouts.

"Because that is tomorrow's lesson. A true huntsman must never be blindsided by unexpected environmental factors!"

"I'M GOING TO DIE!" Jaune exclaims taking a swing at a Beowolf cutting it's arm off before diving out of the way of another grenade.

(Back to Viewing)

"Let's just say there is a reason why it is not uncommon for Port to capture Grimm and have students fight them." Ozpin says hopping that he can return soon to prevent any more maiming that is bound to have happened.

"Hold out your hand and say Include: Clarent." Jaune did so, trusting Mordred to not steer him wrong.

"Include: Clarent!" A copy of the Nobel Phantasm appeared in his hand, an exact replica of the one pointed at him. Mordred smirk only grew as her Master examined the blade.

"Wow!" Ruby exclaims seeing the sword in action.

"Interesting so this feature in the cards to summon Noble Phantasm." Rin says finding more and more information about the cards as time went on to be interesting.

"Why did he not use this feature before?" Weiss asks. "It likely takes less power than merging with the spirits."

"Spoilers for what is about to be explained." Rider says before gesturing for Qrow to read.

"Interesting there is no degrade with that copy." Shirou says able to copy both versions and they are the same weapon.

"That makes sense as rather than a projection this is a weapon born of the powers of a Servant." Sakura says following the logic of just how easily.

"There is also the fact that they are inside of Jaune's mindscape reducing any outside influence." Rin says.

"Before it was safer for you to simply Install everyone but now that you've acclimated to us and your base state as grown, I decided you should learn this technique as well. You won't be throwing around any Nobel Phantasms like my trump card but the weapons themselves are far beyond anything this world is capable of." Jaune turned back to Mordred; smiling at his Servant.

"So, does this make me your squire?"

Saber freezes at the thought of Mordred having a squire. There was a reason why Mordred did not have a squire before his rebellion. The fear that other knights would follow his wilder behaviors and example was only one of them. The other was fear that any squire trained under Mordred would die to the extreme training methods that he would employ.

Mordred froze for a second before laughing, planting the sword in the ground and bending over to clutch her stomach. When her amusement subsided, she got back into a ready stance; her excitement practically radiating from her.

"We'll see Master; now come and show me that potential I see in you! No armor, no lightning, and no Mana Burst; just you, me, and the weapons in our hands. Show me everything you got; give me another reason to know I was right to swear my allegiance to you!" Jaune's grin matched Mordred as he took up a stance similar to hers, a few aspects differing here and there due to their different body types. An unspoken signal passed between them and they rushed each other, the sound of their weapons clashing against each other filling the field.

Everyone is on the edge of their seat seeing Jaune Mordred about to fight. To see how much he has improved since Beacon without the Install.

Without the instincts that bleed over from the Servants but his own hard work without any boosts.

Fate/ Deck of Heroes

Neither was sure how long they had fought as they sat on the ground, backs resting against each other as they breathed heavily.

"WHAT!? That was suck a fucking cop out!" Bleiss exclaims having wanted to see her hubby fight.

"Are they alright?" Penny asks worried turning everyone's attention back to the screen as Qrow starts to read again.

Saber was paying the most attention wanting to know just how this fight went.

Shirou was curious as well wanting to know just how strong Jaune really is. While he knows some people could beat Servants it depends more on who they face as well as their own specialties. While he doubts Shirou was at the level needed yet it would be interesting to see how far he has come.

Jaune was the more battered, bruised, and bloody of the two, his breaths deeper and more ragged but he had left his mark on Mordred. The knight was forced to keep one eye closed as blood ran down from a cut on her head, one hand pressed against a nasty gash on her side from where she didn't manage to fully dodge an attack.

"Wow…" Bleiss says under her breath, "I'm touching myself tonight."

Dusk and Rider turn and looked panicked at that line before noticing that Deadpool has not appeared nor was a Deadpool Version of Weiss in the audience.

"Impressive…" Saber trails off not sure how to feel about this. On one hand Mordred clearly is showing that she is helping Jaune become a warrior worthy of her alliance and on the other it shows a rate of growth that is rare in most humans. There is only one she could think of that could grow so much to be able to match a Servant even at only a fragment of their true power. She glances and Shirou and Jaune comparing the two together.

"Impressive." Shirou says smiling liking how Jaune is growing.

"And you consider him cannon fiddle?" James asked having never seen such growth in a student.

Ozpin is surprised as the others though not by much. There is a reason why he let Mr. Arc enter his school as he knew the transcripts were fake from the state. How did they think he got them in the first place? Transcripts for huntsmen schools are regulated to ensure that people cannot simply walk in without so much as a background check.


Cinder, Emerald, Mercury, and Neo sneeze.

(Back to Viewing Room)

That would be a ridiculous plot hole.

"Wait how is that possible?" Weiss asks, "Jaune has not even unlocked his semblance here." She turns to the hosts.

Rider shrugs, "If you have not caught on yet it means that the cards are bleeding over their stats and power to a suitable host. The greater the compatibility the greater the effect that this will have. For example." He shows an image of Shirou Fate/Oath Under Snow, "Shirou here is using an alternative version of himself leading to the bleeding effect having a more extreme effect despite him being linked to the card for a lesser amount of time. Where as Jaune is linked to multiple Servants leading to a kind of tug of war with their energies." He shows an image of Jaune surrounded by all the cards with the active ones having far greater energy moving in their link. "As you can see rather than linking to only one card and possibly becoming an incarnation of that Servant like how that Shirou was becoming he is linked to multiple with even the more inactive ones sharing a small link of energy between each other. It is more stable and helping Jaune as the base of how he is."

"So, he is able to keep up with this Servant at partial strength due to the bond with his Class Cards." Yang states.

"Pretty much." Rider says, "Though unless they are installed, he is not gaining any more experience with the true power even as his body adapts."

"Ha… ha… That's what I'm talking about Master." Mordred leaned back, looking up at the eternal sunset that dominated the sky. "Keep at it and I might actually have to use more than a quarter of my strength..." Jaune smiled at the complement, knowing that a fourth of her strength, even with the restrictions she placed on herself, was more than most could ever hope to reach.

"Is that true?" Ruby asks.

"Sounds about right to me." Qrow says having seen and fought many powerful foes and has real doubts he could beat Mordred even if she was using a fourth of her strength.

"But you could beat her at a fourth of her strength right Uncle Qrow?" Ruby asks

"You're damn right I could!" Qrow lies through his teeth for his niece's sake. Not wanting her to lose complete faith in his abilities.

"Could he?" Dusk whispers to Rider who shrugs.

"Depends on the terrain and just what counts as a fourth of her strength. If any of her Noble Phantasms are included, I know he would lose." Rider whispers backs. Knowing that this would have been heard by a few in the room.

Qrow smiles with gritted teeth knowing he will need to train after this. He will need to find out if there is a training room around here or something. No way can he back down from the challenge now.

Duskrider notice this and smirk knowing that the plan is starting to bare fruit. They will need all the strength they can get to truly make a difference in this war.

Saber smiles at the thought of her son's squire being able to keep up with him. Though it is a bittersweet mix of pride and regret.

Shirou nods in agreement knowing fully well just how strong Servants are compared to other people from the current era and what little he has seen of this world's champions. Though he has yet to see a huntsmen or huntress truly fight their weapons tell many stories and gives him a good idea of how strong they are.

"Mordred, why did you agree with Kiritsugu earlier." Mordred tensed before letting it go and closing her eyes.

Shirou and Saber both lean forward wanting to know why she agreed with his father/her former master. Though they have a feeling about why.

Both Rin and Sakura notice this and lean closer to their lovers/friends knowing that this may not be a kind thing to hear.

"Isn't it obvious, I let my anger control me and brought about Camelot's demise, ending whatever chance I had of being accepted by Father." Mordred frowned as she thought back to the memories of her rebellion; phantom pain radiating from the Spirit's stomach as she recalled her Father running her through. Mordred didn't blame him; her Father was perfect and therefore what he did was right.

"That is twisted." Bleiss states disgusted by the thought of how she is excusing her murder.

"It was the view of the people of my time." Saber says seeing the glances thrown her way. "To unit the Kingdom I believed that a perfect King was needed." She looks away. "I was wrong."

"How so?" Salem asks, "A perfect King by definition is the best being to rule." Other than a Queen she silently adds.

"It dehumanized her." Dusk states.

"What?" Penny asks.

Dusk looks over at Penny, "Let me give a little lesson young one. First every human has flaws. The seconds is that people are not comfortable with how inhuman the idea of perfection is." Penny skill looks confused. "It is the quirks and faults of a people that allows them to connect with one another. Therefore, both me and Rider were made to be flawed beings. We were designed to show two different viewpoints of humanity. Order and Chaos. Stagnation and Change. Organization and Disorder. Each has their set of flaws and each has their set of virtues."

"And you are ok with it?" Penny asks wanting to know more about these fellow artificial beings.

Dusk shrugs, "It does not matter. The third part of the lesson is that nothing is perfect. In search for the idea of a Perfect King, Artoria made many sacrifices. Not just her gender but also her ability to connect with other people and even accept the idea that she cannot be King forever."

Saber looks down knowing that he is right. Her ideal of a perfect King came at the cost of her ability to connect with the people of her land. It is no wonder how Mordred was able to gather like minded people to aide in her attack on the Kingdom. All to see change come to the land. While at first, she could not accept this having long since lived in the modern era she has seen that this change was a necessary one to allow the people to grow. The age of Kings has long since passed. Though their stories and ideals still live. That is how she is here rather than forgotten to the sands of time like many other heroes and villains.

Salem and Ozpin both consider this and think back on their time as rules of humanity. They each had their faults and specialties. That is how and why they were able to lead as well as they had.

So, lost in memories Mordred almost missed it when Jaune began to talk again.

"Yeah, you did. The rebellion was overkill, no two ways about it, but your anger was just." Mordred froze, almost unable to believe what she was hearing.

The others are not far from Mordred's reaction.

"What?" Pyrrha questions.

"How is her anger just?" Saber wonders about Jaune's reasoning behind it.

Bleiss rolls her eyes, "He'll explain if you let the Old Man read the story."

"I'm not an old man!" Qrow shouts.

Bleiss deadpans, "You're old enough to be my sister's daddy. Might be why you hang around each other actually. She gets to live out her daddy fetish and you pretend to be yo-."

Qrow starts reading loudly while Winter blushes and looks like she might vomit. Bleiss just smirks while Ruby and Yang turn start gagging along with Weiss and the others turn green at the mental image.

"Your father blamed you for everything Morgana did. You suffered for her crimes, for existing, no-one could blame you for being angry, for leaving, sadly you inherited both your parent's policy of go big or go home and decided a rebellion was the best course of action."

Saber frowns, "That is not true." She does not have such a policy.

Rin raises an eyebrow.

Saber looks away with a faint blush on her face looks at Shirou for support. He just looks away not saying anything. If anything he has no room to speak remembering how many of his fights ended in a fight to the end and accept any risk type of way.

"I'm sorry Saber but we are your friends and cannot lie to you about your…issues." Sakura says.


"No buts." Sakura says putting a finger to her lip stopping the King of Knights from defending herself.

"How; how can you say that? My Rebellion destroyed the kingdom; I didn't want that. I wanted to rule it, I wanted to take up that burden for Father yet instead I brought an end to everything he worked to build." Jaune frowned at Mordred's words; at the extreme amount of self-hatred that was present her voice.

"I feel a bit bad for her." Ruby says seeing that Mordred just wanted to make his dad proud. Mordred just went about it the wrong way.

Many of the others agree with this statement to different degrees seeing how much self-hate he is going through.

Saber frowns seeing how much Mordred regretted what happened. Maybe they are more alike than she would like to think. She hopes that Jaune can help her here.

"You seem to forget we're the same."

"What? How!" Weiss exclaims not seeing it.

"Honey is a rebel in his own way." Bleiss says.

"Because he went against his family's wishes?" Ruby asks.

"That and he looks very hot in leather pants and a tube top." Bleiss says with a wide grin making others blush imagining the look.

"How do you know that?" Blake asks as the others wonder this as well.

Bleiss grins, "An Arc never breaks their word. Or backs out of a bet that was ridged against them."

"OK…I'll believe it when I see it." Yang says. Bleiss hands her a photo and Yang starts blushing. "Damn…I believe."

"Yang!" Ruby exclaims.

"What she does have a point!" Yang says passing the photo back to Bleiss who tucks it into her jacket pocket, even as Ruby pouts at not seeing it while Pyrrha was green with envy. Penny was thankful she can not blush having used her bionic vision to copy the image into her hard drive.

Shirou thinks of how he is in a way similar as well. He constantly rebels against the order of the world due to his nature as his reality marble shows. Unable to truly fit into the world he has been forging his own world within his soul. He wonders if he could have ended up summoning Mordred if things played out differently. Though the way that things ended was the best way he can think of.

Jaune paused for a few seconds, letting the Spirit take in his words. "I rebelled against my family's wishes, I rebelled against the life they had planned for me, and I'll continue to do so." Jaune shakily stood up, despite his body being a construct he could still feel the soreness the spar had brought about. "So then, why wouldn't I want the ultimate rebel by my side. I know you've made your vows before, but I have to ask; will you stand by me in this rebellion of mine." Jaune held his hand out to Mordred, the knight looking up at him in surprise before a wide grin overtook her face. Reaching out and grasping his hand Mordred stood up and kept up the grip on his hand.

"Of course, Master; I'll stand by you until the end."

"You may now kiss the bride!"

"Yang!" Ruby exclaims.

"What? We were all thinking it." Yang shrugs off not noticing some of the others glaring at her.

Bleiss glares at Yang and makes note to make sure that Mordred does not get close to Jaune if she ever appears in her world.

Saber blushes at the thought of her son getting married. Imaging what kind of wedding it would be. Then she deadpans at the thought.

"Wait if Saber is Mordred's father would this make Shirou Mordred's Mother-in-law?" Bleiss questions having the idea pop into her head.

"Mother-in-law!?" Shirou exclaims turning red in embarrassment at the though.

"Well he is a househusband." Rin thinks on it.

Saber just blushes while Sakura glares at the thought of another woman marrying her Sempai. Leaving her alone.

"Just read the story." Shirou sighs out seeing the others thinking on the topic.

Jaune's smirk matched Mordred's. "Now then, time to wake up Master." Jaune nodded as his body began to fade out as he began to wake; in seconds he was gone, and Mordred was alone in the field. Mordred smirked as she fell back to the ground, a content look coming over her face as she made herself comfortable.

"Heh, such an odd master but one I'm glad to serve."

"And that's it for this chapter." Qrow says rubbing his throat feeling parched.

"Before we do anything else, we have an announcement to make." Rider states prepared for the worst.

"It's time to go Bleiss." Dusk says already having his shadows in place expecting a-

"OK." Bleiss stands up peacefully.

Fight…" What?" Dusk says dumfounded.

"I agree that it is time for me to return to my stud. See you bitches peace!" Bleiss struts out of the room leaving everyone in disbelief.

"I'm going to miss her." Salem says.

Dusk and Rider look at each other and at the door before running after her.

As everyone stands up and starts to leave the room stretching for many planning what to do for the rest of the day.

Penny is stopped by Ruby who gives her a look. "We need to talk."

She does not notice Rin dragging Sakura and Shirou out saying that, "We need to talk in private." With Saber following looking distracted by her train of though.

Penny is not sure why, but those words inspire a sense of dread in her coding.

Qrow stops by them on his way to talk with Ozpin and the others of the Inner Circle giving her a pat on the shoulder. "Good luck your going to need it."

That is not a good sign at all. Penny cannot help but laminate as she is pulled out of the room to a more private location.

(Author Corner)

Duskrider checks and double checks to make sure that this was the end of the chapter. He smiles and waves his hand making a cup of tea appear in his hand.

Duskrider is sitting back trying to relax after everything today. "Oh, lemon tea take me away."

Right before he takes a sip an alarm rings! He spills his tea on his crouch and screams in pain! "HOT!HOT!HOT!~"

After using his power to remove the hot tea from his lap his eyes narrow and opens a channel.


Summoner is looking at Rider and Dusk knocked out and tied up in the loading bay where they kept the ships. "Bad news sir she escaped."

"Who escaped!" Duskrider shouts wanting to just relax.

"Bleiss and she took the main ship." Summoner states.

Duskrider pales at the thought of her free in the multiverse with a dimensional ship. Able to go any where in the multiverse that she can see. "Those poor Jaunes."

"Sir what are we going to do?" Summoner asks a bit worried.

Duskrider stands up and pulls a copy of the Script of this Story out of a shelf. Opening up the hallowed-out book to get a bottle of Hard Lemonade. He sits down and opens the bottle. "She is someone else's problem now. Make sure that this cannot happen again."

"Understood sir." Summoner salutes. "But what about these two?"

Duskrider sighs, "I'm removing some of the limiters."

"Sir?" Summoner questions.

"We cannot have this keep happening." Duskrider says tired, "They are literal concepts of Order/Editor and Chaos/Penname they should be so easy to knock out if I remove the limiter that leaves them at the human max in this location." He starts drinking the liquor from the bottle. "Now leave me alone for the rest of the day." He closes the channel before Summoner could say more.

Duskrider sighs than smirks at the audience. "Didn't see this coming, did you?"

(End Chapter)

Servant States created by thegoldenboy2188, I would recommend looking up his work as it is some good stuff. If you like his work here than you will love his custom servant's fanfic.

Basic Information

Name: Mordred

Alternate Titles: Saber of "Red"
The Knight of Treachery
Knight of Londinium
Guerilla Knight

Servant Class: Saber

Alternate Classes: Berserker,Rider

Height: 154cm or 60.62992in

Weight: 42kg or 92.5942 lbs.

Source: Arthurian Legend

Country of Origin: England

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Female (But likes being referred as male)

Three Sizes: B73/W53/H76

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Addresses self as: He

Likes: Victory, Glory, Honor, Father

Dislikes: Defeat, Abasement, Being disregarded, Father

Talents: Surprise attacks

Natural enemy: King Arthur

Image Color: Red


Strength: B+

Endurance: A

Agility: B

Mana: B

Luck: D



Saber's True Name is Mordred, The Knight of Treachery, and the "son" of King Arthur, but she is actually female despite being raised as the secret male heir to the throne. She became known as a "rare villain" who managed to tarnish a glorious legend at the end of her life.

She was conceived between Artoria and her sister, Morgan le Fay, through unorthodox circumstances. Artoria, normally female, was a pseudo-male at the time due to Merlin's magecraft, so Morgan enchanted her with a spell to extract sperm from her. Morgan developed it within her own ovary, and made the child into a homunculus clone of Artoria. Due to her status as a homunculus, she was given a much faster growth period than a regular human being, and her life span was far shorter.[4] She was raised in secret and told to hide her status and obey the king until the time was right.[8]

Told that it is her right to inherit the throne, Morgan bid her to one day defeat the King of Knights and take "his" place. She did bear that same obsession as her mother, but before all that was her adoration for King Arthur. She felt ashamed of her twisted birth, unconsciously acting jealous of normal people, and, with the special innocence that children possess, she worshipped the "perfect king." Given a helmet she was told never to remove in front of others, she was eventually sent to Camelot under Morgan's recommendation, and through a presentation of her own superb swordsmanship, became one of the Knights of the Round Table. She was given her sword despite her unknown origins because of her abilities and straightforward mental chivalry.

She protected the way of the knights much like that which could only be found in picture books, working hard daily in being the ideal knight, all while hiding her dislike of others. In the end, even that innocence was shattered by Morgan, who revealed the secrets of her birth. She learned of her parentage and was told that the King didn't know either. Morgan tried to instill that the King would never accept such a filthy child, but she was, while shocked, wrapped in joy. While not a proper human being, sharing the same blood as the King, being the "son" of a superior king, she was proud of the fact that she was not human. She felt that in name, reality, mind, and body that she was fit to be the true successor of the King of Knights.

She went without having the slightest feelings of rebellion, spurred on by the truth, and approached the King with delight. Raised without a father, the King was the very form of a godlike "father" to her, but Artoria rejected her very clearly. She said that, while Mordred is certainly born from her and her sister's plotting, that she will not recognize Mordred as her "son" or give her the throne. Mordred believed that it was all due to the King's hatred for Morgan, that it would be impossible for her "son" to be accepted. Thinking that was the reason her title was the weakest, believing that no matter how hard she tried, even if she excelled over everyone, that the King would forever view her as a dirtied child from the moment she was born from Morgan, her great love for the king up until then made her hatred burn.

Resulting from that, the distrust of the Round Table towards the King spread, and the reigns of power in Camelot were seized once the King departed for the Rome expedition. Mordred became the leader of the rebellion, representing the national discontent towards Arthur. After the King finally returned from a long and tiresome battle, Mordred raged, claiming that she hated the King and that only she was fit for the throne. The truth of the matter was that she only wanted to be accepted by Artoria and wanted to be called "son" by her. The conflict eventually led towards a final fight, the Battle of Camlann, where both armies were dying in heated battle. The few knights that stayed with the King soon died off, leaving only the two of them standing.

The two faced each other on a hill of swords in the middle of a blazing battlefield, where Mordred pointed out that the country had ended and that the victor no longer mattered because everything was gone. Blaming the situation on the King for not giving her the crown, she asked if the King hated the "son of Morgan" that much. Artoria emotionlessly replied, "Not once did I despise you. There was only one reason I would not give you the throne. You didn't have the capacity of a King." Mordred charged forward while driven on by passion, and was eventually defeated in single combat, collapsing while still pierced by the holy spear Rhongomyniad. Freed of the mask forced upon her, with a face identical to her "father", she said "...Father", all while reaching out to touch the King with blood-soaked hands at least once, but was not even granted that wish as she fell. Due to being bound by a strong curse, Mordred still swung her sword after her death, leaving a fatal wound on Artoria who later died of her wounds.

Class Skills

Riding (localized as "Dragoon") is a Class Skill of Rider and Saber class Servants, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. Rider-class Servants will typically possess a high rank. It is said that dragon type mounts are an exception, requiring a different ability other than Riding.

Riding: B

Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, even vehicles that did not exist in the time period she was alive in, for they are no exception. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.

Magic Resistance (localized as "Anti-Magic") grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether.

Magic Resistance: B

Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for her to be affected.

Personal Skills

Instinct is the ability to instantly identify "the best personal course of action" during combat. Because this Skill allows for the prediction of trajectory, it is possible to avoid attacks from firearms.

Instinct: B

Because she is constantly suppressing her rage, her senses are dulled. On the other hand, Mordred in this state may be rather more likely to take action due to her behavior being distanced away from that of a hero's.

Mana Burst is the increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons and body with Magical Energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts of Magical Energy.

Mana Burst: A

With this, she is able to fight equally with the King of Knights.

Battle Continuation ( localized as "Marshall") is a Skill that allows for the continuation of combat after sustaining mortal wounds. It will also reduce mortality rate from injury. This Skill represents the ability to survive and/or the mentality of one who doesn't know when to give up, consisting of one's strength of vitality in predicaments. It is also one of the powers of a vampire. The best result is achieved when a resilient body is combined with this Skill.

Battle Continuation: B

Did not give up even when pierced with a Holy Spear and ended up giving the King of Knights a mortal wound.

Charisma is a composite Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A rare talent, and an ability inherent to Servants of the Saver class.

Charisma: C-

Mordred's Charisma fully shows itself during a rebellion.

Noble Phantasms

Name: Secret of Pedigree: Helm of Hidden Infidelity

Stats: Secret of Pedigree: Anti-Unit (Self), C

Information: is the helmet of Mordred given to her by Morgan along with the words "You must not remove", told to wear it at all times in order to keep her identity and lineage a secret. Manifesting from the fact that it was never once removed in public until her final fight with King Arthur, it hides certain sections of her parameters, even from her own Master, making it hard to discern even her gender when coupled with her full body armor. Her basic parameters and Class Skills can be seen, but status information pertaining to her personality and True Name as a Heroic Spirit, innate Skills, and data on her Noble Phantasms are hidden and cannot be read. Masking anything related to her True Name. Her statistics and data are only released upon "taking off" the helmet while it is "set" in her armor. She can remove both the helmet and her armor and clothe herself in modern attire while still hiding her identity. The concealment will continue to function even without the helmet so long as she does not hold her weapon. The helmet can be removed at will when utilized in battle, splitting in two down the middle and merging into her armor. Removal of the helmet is required for the use of Clarent Blood Arthur, so she must reveal her face should she wish to utilize it. She can also remove the helmet to improve her Mana Burst even further, allowing the utilization of her Crimson Lightning attack, or explosively accelerate herself by releasing all her mana in an instant.

Name: Clarent: Radiant and Brilliant Royal Sword

Stats: Clarent: Anti-Unit, C

Information: Mordred's sword, originally stored away by King Arthur in the armory of Camelot. Described as "more dazzling than any silver", it is an ornate, sparkling white silver sword adorned with splendid decorations, acting as a symbol of kingship denoting the right of succession of the throne. It is a treasured sword that has worth equal to, if not, exceeding Caliburn, that amplifies the authority of the king, the "king's royal aura." It thus raises the owner's physical parameters by one rank and grants and raises the rank of the Skill Charisma.

It is normally a B-rank sword bestowed during the succession of kingship, but Mordred stole it without acknowledgement. She obtained it by breaking into the vaults of Camelot upon temporarily claiming the throne during her rebellion after inciting the incidents that drove her father to lead an expedition after the traitorous Lancelot. Due to this action, she was never acknowledged as a king, so the rank of the sword is lowered by one rank to C and does not grant her any of the normal bonuses while she wields still came to favor utilizing it due to it being a "sword that symbolizes royalty" and can still utilize its ability of "amplification". As an application of Mana Burst, she is able to drive her excessive hatred into the sword and amplify it to utilize Clarent Blood Arthur. In Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver, it is revealed that the sword Florent, wielded by Lucius Tiberius, is a brother sword to Clarent. It is also said to indicate the King's rule over Gallia in contrast to Florent indicating the Emperor's rule over all the people of the continent.

Chant: « Ah, trample that down then?!"
"This for sure will be the wicked blade that will destroy my father!"
"Clarent Blood Arthur! »


Name: Clarent Blood Arthur: Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father

Stats: Clarent Blood Arthur: Anti-Army, A+

Information: is the full power, released form of Clarent utilized by Mordred, a transformation into an evil sword of hatred upon the condition of her holding it. It is not the proper nature of the sword, but an effect of the episode in Mordred's legend where she had stolen the sword from King Arthur's armory and then later used it to deal a fatal blow to her father. It is an application of Mana Burst that allows her to force her excessive hatred for her father into the sword in the form of magical energy, and then the sword amplifies it and allows it to be launched as an attack. It manifests red lightning, her twisted feelings for her father that have been amplified by the sword, and directs it at the opponent. Mordred feels the weapon possesses a "curse‐like glory", not allowing herself to be defeated by anyone who is not her father, and even more so, not permitting for the sword that delivered a fatal blow to her father to fail in killing an opponent. Compared to the pride felt by other Heroic Spirits, it being crowned with the name of her father makes it more akin to a grudge in Mordred's case. Should she make peace with her discord towards her father, even one-sidedly as in the Great Holy Grail War, she can still launch the attack regardless of her feelings towards her father as an innate talent inherited from the blood of the King of Knights.

Upon utilizing it, she takes a stance, while at the same time, her helmet, Secret of Pedigree, is removed due to the requirement of it being released before she can use the attack. The space around her and the sword becomes stained with dark red blood, and the blade of the sword, enveloped by the radiance of blood, gives off strange, violent and furious sounds and begins to transform. Changing from Clarent's normally pure and beautiful form, her great hatred transfigures the sword into that of a sinister and wicked blade befitting a demon, a "demonic sword of calamity". Transformed into a grotesque and unsightly form, red lightning flickers through the surroundings as it is clad in her wanton hatred. Upon raising the sword, she releases the blood radiance upon the enemy as a flash of light, a surging wave with the simple purpose of destruction. It releases a straight line of crimson lightning from the tip of her sword, destroying all in its path. Utilizing it takes a great deal of energy, giving her intense pain throughout her body, but her Master's competency allows her the strength to move immediately after utilizing it.


Saber is an exceptional Servant befitting her class, taking a large amount of energy as payment for her great strength. She possesses Mana Burst like her "father", allowing her to release magic energy carried in one's arms or one's flesh to move with sudden speed or strength. She displays the ability to jump to the top of a building with a single leap, the force of her jumping is great enough to blow away a multitude of warriors and pulverize a battle tank with ease, and her augmented physical strength is enough to overwhelm fighters of much greater stature. She also uses an attack called Crimson Lightning, where she unleashes all her mana stored in her sword as crimson colored lightning.[19]

Saber's Noble Phantasms are Secret of Pedigree, her helmet that conceals her true name, Noble Phantasms, and Personal Skills, and Clarent, her silver sword capable of an Anti-Army attack, Clarent Blood Arthur. She does not move with the elegance of a knight or display the beauty of swordsmanship, but instead fights with abandon like a wild beast. This trait allows her to be summoned as Berserker. She uses her two-handed sword with a single hand, and rather than simply doing so as to punch an opponent, she will even go as far as throwing her sword should it grant her victory over her opponent. Normally the very heart and soul of the knight, she views swordsmanship as only another means of victory, and she is willing to punch, kick, or bite to win over her opponent.

Mordred received the Gift "Rampage" from the Lion King. It allows her to unleash her sword as she wishes by burning out her soul. The Gift requires her to shed away her helm to be properly utilized, as it was used for rebellion against King Arthur.


Saber is small in stature, covered completely in thick armor that entirely wraps her small frame. The single mass of steel and her face-covering helm conceal both her race and gender, so those seeing her face are often surprised by her being female. She needs to remove her helm to use her Noble Phantasm, so she cannot help revealing her appearance when utilizing it.


Saber is extremely prideful and haughty, boasting herself to be equal or better than her father in the ways of ruling and swordsmanship, and believes only her status as the child of Morgan caused her to be rejected. Rather than simply wish on the Grail to become king, she instead wishes to use it to challenge the sword of appointment as a method of proving kingship that even her father could not deny. She does not even think of failure, boasting overpowering words from a clear and unclouded voice that shows dignity befitting of a king. She abhors any discussion of her gender, displaying clear killing intent even towards her own Master. She says with no uncertainty that the topic is never to be brought up before her. She does not display any issue in wearing clothing that shows off her body.

While she has the face of a fair, young girl, that does nothing to hide her brutal nature. She is filled with pure rage over the events of her life, and she does not bother to conceal it in the first place. She can be likened to a Berserker during battle, her glaring eyes displaying a mix of joy for battle and cruelty. While Noble Phantasms are normally a source of pride, hers, crowned with the name of her father, it is closer to a sort of grudge. While there were many Knights of the Round Table who were divided into allies and enemies towards the end of their country, it had been a place of lively discussion for them all. It was not by design that those events had transpired, so it would be odd for most of them to hate it. Saber, who rebelled against the king, is likely the only one to revile it, hating it with such a passion that even a shard of it brings out rage in her.

Saber both envied and despised humans due in part to her short lifespan as a homunculus. She compares humans to livestock whose only saving grace is their ability to speak. Slighty intelligent beasts that can become either good or bad depending on the situation, who abandon all manners and virtue when faced with poverty. She hates how humans uphold grudges while also forgetting their debts to others. They'll do good deeds when it's convenient, but overlook great evil when it's too troublesome to them. They act out selfishness, and if they fail, they'll blame it something else besides themselves. Saber doesn't consider humans worth protecting, not caring for neither those who followed in her rebellion against King Arthur nor those who remained loyal. She found her followers foolish for claiming she was more human than the cold and rational King Arthur, as she only care for herself. She found them strange for praising her as the opposite of the inhuman King Arthur, who tried to save as many lives as possible, even though she thought nothing of saving anyone. It was vexing to her that others thought she rebelled for their sake, when she only rebelled for her own. She also found it vexing that her followers would abandon King Arthur who was fully devoted to them.

Basic Information

Name: Diarmuid Ua Duibne

Alternate Titles: Diarmuid of the Love Spot

Servant Class: Lancer

Alternate Classes: Saber,Rider

Height: 184cm or 72.4409in

Weight: 85kg or 187.393lbs.

Source: Irish Mythology

Country of Origin: Ireland

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Gender: male

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Addresses self as: He

Likes: Friendship, codes of honor

Dislikes: Smitten maidens, extremely jealous men

Talents: Outdoor cooking, welcoming guests

Natural enemy: Kayneth, Sola-Ui

Image Color: Emerald


Strength: B

Endurance: C

Agility: A+

Mana: D

Luck: E



Lancer's True Name is Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (ディルムッド・オディナ, Dirumuddo Odina?), the son of Donn, foster son of Aengus Óg, and first warrior of the knights of Fianna. He is known as Diarmuid of the Love Spot (ディルムッドの愛の黒子?), due to a magical love spot granted to him by a young girl. Any woman who gazes upon the spot instantly falls in love with him, which eventually leads to an encounter with Grainne, the bride of Fionn mac Cumhaill. Gráinne, having fallen in love with Diarmuid at her wedding party, placed a geis upon him to run away with her.

It has been said that, even while at large, Diarmuid stuck to his fidelity to Fionn and did not lay a finger on Grainne. They were pursued relentlessly by Fionn, but after much blood was shed, he decided to recognize their marriage, granted Diarmuid a proper title and land, and welcomed them back as subjects.

Sometime later while hunting with Fionn, Diarmuid was fatally injured by a Demon Boar, the reincarnation of his half-brother. Fionn, who had the ability to transform spring water in to a powerful healing agent was with him, so he had no fear of death. Fionn only needed to walk a few steps to the nearby spring, but with jealousy and hatred towards Diarmuid on his mind, he spilled the water twice. By the third time he went to scoop water, Diarmuid had already succumbed to his wound.

The story of his tragic love affair with Grainne would later become the model for the story of Lancelot and Guinevere.

Class Skills

Magic Resistance (対魔力, Tai-Maryoku?, localized as "Anti-Magic") grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether.

Magic Resistance: B

Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for him to be affected.

Personal Skills

Eye of the Mind (True) (心眼(真), Shingan (Shin)?) is a heightened capacity for observation, refined through training, discipline and experience. A danger-avoidance ability that utilizes the intelligence collected up to the current time as the basis in order to predict the opponent's activity and change the current situation. This is not a result of talent, but an overwhelming amount of combat experience. A weapon wielded by none other than a mortal, gained through tenacious training. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning.

Eye of the Mind (True): B

Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament.

Love Spot (愛の黒子, Ai no Kuroko?) is a spell (curse) inherent of one's facial features which is cast as soon as the target looks at the user's face; a Mystic Face. Enchants those of the user's opposite sex with magical energy.

Love Spot: C

It is because of this curse that he is known as 'Diarmuid of the Love Spot'. A woman who confronts Diarmuid gains a strong love affection for him. Effects are similar to those of Charm-type Mystic Eyes. Avoidable with the Magic Resistance Skill.

Noble Phantasms

Chant: « A little display of my special move."
"Drill! Gáe Dearg! Gáe Buidhe! »

Name: Gáe Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality (必滅の黄薔薇ゲイ・ボウ, Hitsumetsu no KibaraGei Bou?, also translated as The Golden Rose of Mortality)

Gae Buidhe: Anti-Unit, B

A cursed spear 1.4 meters long that inflicts wounds that cannot be healed naturally or with magecraft. It was a gift given to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne by Manannán mac Lir, the king of fairies, and he normally keeps it wrapped in a talisman cloth to seal its abilities and keep it from revealing his identity.

Unlike most other Noble Phantasms, the abilities of the spear are passive in nature. It does not require its name to be called upon in order to be utilized, allowing it to instantly actualize its curse of mortality upon striking the enemy. The spear lowers the opponent's maximum health limit, thus limiting healing and regeneration abilities to the point where the opponent received the injury. When Saber receives a light wound on her left arm that severs her tendons, Irisviel is unable to heal it with magecraft due to her being considered in a state of full health. It is a dangerous spear, but only its owner, Diarmuid, can stand up to the tip of Gáe Buidhe and stay uninjured while stepping into it.

The effect cannot be normally dispelled, and canceling the curse requires the destruction of the spear or the death of its owner. While Saber's wound is shallow, it seals off her ability to use Excalibur properly until Lancer forcefully destroys the lance on his own. The enormous curse contained within gushes out in a whirlwind, scattering into nothingness and allowing Saber to return to full health instantly.[1] It is just a spear if used in a short-term decisive battle, but thinking based on the assumption that one can fight the same opponent several times over a long period of time, it can be something like a really effective body blow that slowly yet surely works. If the target is not a Servant, it can be expected that the affected wound is fatal as one will bleed to death over time. Like Gáe Dearg, although it is lacking in flashiness, it is a really useful Noble Phantasm that is very user-friendly.

When danger was scarce, Diarmuid would carry Gáe Buidhe along with the demonic sword Beagalltach. In his last moments where he was battling the Demon Boar, a battle brought upon by a curse, he brought with him Gáe Buidhe instead of Gáe Dearg, which proved to be his fatal mistake.

Chant: « Revealing Noble Phantasm."
"Drill! Gáe Dearg! Gáe Buidhe! »

Name: Gáe Dearg: Crimson Rose of Exorcism (破魔の紅薔薇ゲイ・ジャルグ, Hama no BenibaraGei Jarugu?)

Gae Dearg: Anti-Unit, B

Information: A demonic scarlet spear two meter long that renders magical enhancements and projections useless by severing all ties with magical energy. It was passed down to the Heroic Spirit Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, given as a gift from his foster father, the druid Aengus Óg, and he normally keeps it wrapped in a talisman cloth to seal its abilities and keep it from revealing his identity. "Dearg" means red. Unlike most other Noble Phantasms, the abilities of the spear are passive in nature. It does not require its name to be called upon in order to be utilized, allowing it to instantly affect whatever it strikes.

The spear will pierce directly through any projection made of magical energy, such as Saber's summoned armor; Bounded Fields, such as Invisible Air, will have small fissures created that slowly chip away at them with each strike; any weapon that is magically enhanced, such as those enhanced by Knight of Owner, will have its enhancements and ability boosts rendered useless when struck by the spear; and any item that acts as a magical energy source, such as Prelati's Spellbook, will have all to its recipients connections severed.

The nullification is not strong enough to cancel or break the source of the magecraft, making it unable to sever completed magecraft such as contracts exchanged in the past or curses in the way that Rule Breaker can completely nullify them. The spear is not suitable for defensive usage because its effects only last while the tip of Gáe Dearg is in contact with the object, and it allows the object to function as normal after the spear is lifted away. While it is not a weapon one can pride on its destructive power, it can be considered a threatening "Anti-Noble Phantasm" and "Noble Phantasm killer" to those that find pride in the power of their armaments, forcing them to defend only by physical means; however, the effect of this demonic spear alone cannot destroy Noble Phantasms. Although it is just a spear to one who does not use magic, it is unlikely for one to not use something magical in a battle between Servants. While not really flashy, it is a really useful Noble Phantasm.

When going into life-threatening adventures, Diarmuid would carry Gáe Dearg along with the demonic sword Moralltach. On the request of his leader Fionn to instigate the "Three Brave Men of the Sea" and to battle the "Immortal Ferocious Poison Dog", and in the interception of the "Hand Mill Flying in the Sky" spurred on by Fionn's wet nursing witch, Diarmuid was able to demonstrate the spear's full might.


Lancer is an extremely accomplished spearman, capable of skillfully using two spears of different lengths with blinding speed and agility. His amazing warrior prowess is seen when he, despite having his back turned to Saber and not seeing her, is able to put her completely on the defensive, with no opening for a counterattack. Even when he resorts to utilizing just one spear, which is not his preferred style, he is still able to fight Saber without being at a disadvantage. His Noble Phantasms are his twin spears, Gae Buidhe, a spear that makes any wounds caused by it unhealable, and Gae Dearg, a spear that pierces through mana. He keeps them tightly wrapped in amulet cloths from their tips to the handles, sealing their abilities and acting as a counter-measure to avoid revealing their names by hiding the shafts of the weapons. Their abilities begin working immediately after undoing them from their bindings. He also qualifies for Saber. He is extremely calm and perceptive during battle, and with his Eye of the Mind (True) skill, he will always have a much greater possibility of winning or properly escaping from battle. He is extremely insightful, as he is capable of leading Saber, whose Instinct skill allows her to avoid danger, into a well thought out trap. By utilizing her lack of knowledge of Gáe Buidhe, he made Saber believe that he had simply abandoned it, and later managed to lure her into a position where he could freely kick it towards her. He obtains no geographical boosts from the cultural sphere around Japan, and due to his greater mana supply from his Master, he has a greater advantage against Cú Chulainn in terms of pure firepower. Cú Chulainn would gain an edge over him should they fight in Ireland.[

Lancer has exceptional speed, the highest rank possible for a Servant and a high Strength rank, though the rest of his statistics are much lower. His Magic Resistance renders only high level magic a threat to him. He can easily defeat Servants who rely heavily on their Noble Phantasms. In addition to his close quarters combat prowess, he is confident that he is able to hit Caster's grimoire from the shore of the river with his lance if he can glimpse it for just a moment. This is a throwback to his legend, where he used the same lance to strike down a flying witch after he was in great pain from having been hit with poisonous darts.

He has a good chance of genuinely winning the Grail if a sound tactic is used, but his failure mainly resides in the poor Master-Servant dynamic between him and Kayneth. It is noted that Assassin could potentially defeat him quickly, but no explanation is given as to the reason.[6] He possesses a curse of the Mystic Face variety, not unlike the Mystic Eyes exhibited by Medusa. The curse takes the form of a beauty spot on his face, and causes any woman who looks upon his face to instantly fall in love with him. It can be overcome by individuals with high magical resistance, such as accomplished magi and Servants.

While he follows the codes of chivalry during the War, it would be possible to have him to use underhanded tactics to have a better chance at claiming the Grail. Convincing him that Heaven's Feel is filled with filth instead of an honorable battleground with other heroes and avoiding contact with Saber to keep him from awakening his Chivalric Pride would allow him to utilize Gae Buidhe in a hit and run strategy. Briefly engaging opponents in order to land precise hits with the spear and then retreat would become the main form of attack. He would not directly engage them, allowing him to cripple his opponents one by one by repeatedly attacking them. The other tactic would involve manipulating or taking advantage of Team Berserker in order to let Berserker defeat other Servants and fight him in the final battle.


Lancer is regarded as a remarkably handsome man with quirky long hair combed backward in a rough fashion that has a strand hanging down his face. He wears a dark teal outfit, similar to that of Cú Chulainn's. due to their shared Celtic mythology.

Irisviel instantly notes that his features are capable of sweeping a woman's heart at a glance. It is described that the bold features of his face are the high bridge of his nose and his valiant eyebrow. His hard cut mouth marks him with a stoic air, but his eyes seem make his gaze even more brilliant. Takeuchi considers his charm point to be his droopy eyes and button of a mouth. He has a strong, attractive manly scent that rises from him.

She soon realizes his elegant air of beauty is somewhat unnatural. Even though his features are considered handsome, much of it comes from his spiritual power charming women due to the curse of his beauty spot.


Lancer is an extremely proud and noble knight who wishes to serve his lord to the best of his abilities. The geis laid upon him by Gráinne was taken by Lancer as a test of his pride. He never once blamed her for forcing it upon him, and he truly admired her ability to throw away her pride, title, and future for the sake of her love. He was constantly distressed by the fact that he betrayed his lord, and even as he died while Fionn did nothing, he did not blame his lord for his actions. Lancer believed that despite the cruel twist of fate that led him down this path, the days spent with his lord and his love were used to the fullest.

Lancer sees the Grail War as a miracle that will allow him to regain his pride as a knight by fighting noble battles and delivering the Grail to his Master. He sees no use in wishing upon the Grail, as simply being summoned has already half-fulfilled his greatest desire. If Diarmuid appreciated Kayneth's talents and experience, then Kayneth would have treated him with a much softer attitude. To Lancer's disappointment, Kayneth doesn't believe him in the slightest and constantly looks down on his pride as a knight. He constantly berates Lancer, believing that Lancer plans to betray him and take his fiancee, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, by using his magical spot. He is also a coward who constantly make demands that would have Lancer betray his code and win by all cost. Despite his Master's distrust and lack of character, Lancer remains extremely loyal, though he fears that Sola-Ui's attraction to him will eventually cause him to betray his Master once more. He happens to be a submissive man as he constantly took abuse from his Master while offering little resistance to stop it.

Lancer adheres strictly to the codes of chivalry and upholds his pride as a knight to the fullest, steadfastly believing in honor during battle. While being pursued by the knights of Fionn, he refused to fight against his former comrades. Despite having been presented with several chances to kill either Saber and Kiritsugu, he refuses to do so due to the circumstances with which he can do so are against his code. During his battles with Saber, he attempts to provide for the fairest conditions possible. His code and pride also forbids him to ignore evil. During the Caster crisis, he even goes as far as to fight alongside Saber, acting as her "left hand", after she suffers the crippling wound from Gáe Buidhe in order to be able to face her in battle again in the future. He is willing to go so far as to destroy Gae Buidhe, so as to allow Saber to use her Noble Phantasm to destroy Caster, simply because Caster himself is a great evil that has to be wiped out, despite the fact that he himself has nothing to gain from it.

Basic Information

Name: Atalanta

Alternate Titles: Chaste Huntress

Servant Class: Archer

Alternate Classes: None

Height: 166cm or 65.3543in

Weight: 57kg or 125.663lbs

Source: Greek Mythology

Country of Origin: Greece, Europe

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Female

Three Sizes: B78/W59/H75

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Addresses self as: She

Likes: Forests

Dislikes: Sly men, Apples

Talents: Sprinting

Natural enemy: Ruler

Image Color: Dark Green


Strength: D

Endurance: E

Agility: A

Mana: B

Luck: C



Atalanta was born as the daughter of King Iasus of Arcadia. However, although she was born in and as the princess of the natural paradise, Atalanta ended up being abandoned in the forests and on the mountains immediately she was born as she was shunned by her father - who desired a son. But she survived thanks to the divine protection from Artemis, a virgin goddess who felt pity for her. Artemis sent and made a female bear, a sacred beast of the goddess, nurture the girl by giving her milk and raising her up. In gratitude, Atalanta is a fervent follower of Artemis.

Thereafter, after being brought up by the female bear sent by Artemis, and later was discovered and adopted by hunters who treaded into the mountains, Atalanta has developed her skills conspicuously, perhaps due to her latent talent, and also became a huntress. Upon reaching adulthood, Atalanta grows into and becomes an excellent and peerless huntress, and she accomplishes many adventures.

There are three tales that Atalanta is famous for. The first tale is about how she was chosen, accompanies and participates as a member of the Argonauts led by Jason. Atalanta boasts to be the fastest among humans, and right after becoming one of the few female crewmembers on the Argo, she happened to meet the hero Meleager.

Meleager was charmed by Atalanta, and he invited her to the extermination of the Calydonian Magical Beast. The second tale is about the extermination of the Calydonian Boar where Atalanta is most known for her participation in this hunt, but this resulted in giving rise to a tragedy right after this event. For the sake of exterminating this Magical Beast that was dispatched by Artemis, who got angry with a king that was being negligent in offering her a sacrifice, Atalanta and the others exhausted their efforts in a desperate attempt to hunt down the boar. However, although Meleager pierced the finishing blow, he handed over the achievement to Atalanta, who was the first one to hit her arrow onto the boar, this being an act of good will towards Atalanta, or Meleager having thought that it is something that should be simply followed as a hero.

Concerning the males, they held displeasure towards that, where they cannot grow to be simply tolerant and were saying that they possess skills greater than Atalanta, who is a female. A fight suddenly occured between Meleager and his relatives, and Meleager was inflicted with a deadly curse.

The third tale is about the dispute over Atalanta's marriage. After the hunt of the Calydonian Boar, Atalanta then returned to her birthland, but her father, who never had a son, commanded her to get married.[4] When suitors began to rush for her hand, the troubled Atalanta decided to turn it into a footrace contest. As she had pledged a vow of virginity to the goddess, she proclaimed "I will only marry one who can beat me in a footrace. Those who lose will be killed." She tore through a great number of challengers. Although Atalanta would not lose to any man in a footrace, she fell on the cowardly schemes of a man who borrowed the help of a goddess and ended up getting married half-forcibly. She lost when she was tricked into picking up irresistible golden apples thrown in front of her, and she had to break her vow. Afterwards, it has been told that she was turned into a lion as a punishment, but that is unsure.

Regarding Meleager, it is uncertain what kind of feelings Atalanta had embraced for him. However, she seemed to have watched the outcome of a man who loved her get dragged into a tragedy, while regarding her father's persuasion to marry, she tried to escape the unreasonable demand thrusted at her, but she could not accomplish that either. In the end, none of these tales had a particularly happy ending for her, and her distrust of men became extremely strong due to the third tale in particular as well.

As far as she is concerned, Atalanta is an existence that projected her former self while simultaneously, she exists as a symbol of purity for children. Although she was saved by the hands of the gods, it is nearly beyond redemption for the rest of the children. She, who materialized as a Servant, entrusts the salvation of the children to the Holy Grail. All children throughout the world, far and wide. That quest is without any reward, and yet, even if she is aware that it is a difficult challenge that is close to impossible to accomplish, she will chase after that dream for eternity.

Class Skills

Independent Action (localized as "Independence") is the ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master; the ability that allows for action even in the absence of the Master. At higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. It is both useful and troublesome depending on the disposition of the Servant and the rank of Independent Action. Acting in autonomy from the Master's Magical Energy supply, the Master can concentrate their own Magical Energy on large spells, or the Servant will be fine even in the case they cannot supply Magical Energy due to injury. The downside is that they can be harder to control and keep by their side, making the only true way to command them is by utilizing Command Spells.

Independent Action: A

Magic Resistance (localized as "Anti-Magic") grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether.

Magic Resistance: D

Cancels Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.

Personal Skills

Crossing Arcadia: B

Aesthetics of the Last Spurt: C

Noble Phantasms

Chant: « With my bow and arrows, I respectfully ask for the divine protection of the sun god Apollo and the moon goddess Artemis."
"I offer thee this calamity — Phoebus Catastrophe! »

Name: Phoebus Catastrophe: Complaint Message on the Arrow

Stats: Phoebus Catastrophe: Anti-Army, B

Information: Is the Noble Phantasm of Atalanta. She sends complaint letter affixed to an arrow sent by to seek divine protection from Sun God Apollo, god of the bow and arrow, and Moon Goddess Artemis, goddess of the hunt, with the "Tauropolos: Bow of Heaven" that she received from her Guardian Deity, Artemis. It is associated with the episode in which Artemis and Apollo shot to death all the children of the fertile woman Niobe after she boasted that she was greater than their mother, Leto, because "Leto had fewer children." In seeking their divine protection, they desire a calamity in compensation, so it is equated to their protection being a calamity for the enemy. Rather than her bow or arrows acting as the Noble Phantasm, it is instead the technique itself of nocking and shooting arrows with her bow.

Nocking two arrows, a complaint to the gods, she aims them at the sky as they begin to shine, before releasing them at a great enough speed that they pierce through the clouds while leaving behind a glittering trail. Shortly after, there comes a faint light filling the sky and a sound similar to falling rain, but instead of it being a rain of water, it is a rain of arrows of light falling onto the enemies like a downpour. As the malevolent gods seek a sacrifice, they scatter down a "torrential rain under the name of catastrophe" on the next turn after it is invoked, carrying out an attack on all enemies. It is possible to set the range of the downpour, letting it spread over the battlefield or focusing it all onto a single enemy. The single arrows are powerful but are able to be evaded and blocked by Servants. Though the damage dealt by each individual arrow is small, they attack in great numbers, so the Noble Phantasm is strong against Servants who have low Endurance and high Agility. Concentrated targeting to purify a single enemy is much stronger. The option to switch between raining arrows over a wide area or a narrow area makes it a very convenient Noble Phantasm.

Name: Agrius Metamorphosis: Boar of Divine Punishment

Stats: Agrius Metamorphosis: Anti-Unit(Self), B+

Information: The pelt of the Calydonian Boar, the Magical Beast of Calydon that was let loose upon the earth by Artemis and was brought down by Atalanta. Dispatched as a divine punishment by the angry goddess when the king of the city-state of Calydon forgot offerings to her in a harvest festival, it was a large and brutal beast that completely destroyed the crops of Calydon. During the Calydonian Boar Hunt, it rampaged without pause, killing many Greek heroes who came from all over the country. The hero Meleager, in love with Atalanta, was the one who finished it off, but surrendered the merit to Atalanta and brought great discord to the country in doing such. While it looked like a wild boar, the life-form used as its basis just happened to be a boar.

It is a cursed Noble Phantasm where Atalanta possesses the power of the Magical Beast by wearing the pelt on her body. Rather than becoming a Monstrous Beast herself, wearing the pelt causes Atalanta to become a Monstrous Human. In exchange for sealing Tauropolos, all parameters except for Luck rises, and she gets a condition almost equivalent to a Berserker that possesses A Rank Mad Enhancement and an A Rank Transformation Skill, able to bestow various characteristics depending on the environment. She shows the ability to transform the pelt into bird wings and fuse with her bow to shoot arrows weaved from magical energy. The power is gained in exchange for losing her reason, and it can be possible to even become unable to discern the identity of her Master in certain situations. It can be said to equal self-destruction of the Servant if it is used, so, as it is impossible to utilize in a regular Holy Grail War, it can be said Phoebus Catastrophe is her only practical Noble Phantasm. Within all the Subcategory Holy Grail Wars, its usage by Atalanta was never once confirmed. She only utilizes it during the Great Holy Grail War after a number of circumstances drive her to use it.


Atalanta is a peerless huntress skilled in the ways of the forest, easily traversing through it by leaping between branches, having knowledge in restraining wild beasts, and displaying the capability to easily become one with the forest to easily disappear from the sight of someone actively watching her. She is more animal than human, and her senses are far greater than others. She is able to sense enemies far before Achilles with her great sense of smell, and her sight is great enough to pinpoint targets in conditions of near zero visibility at night from an extreme distance.

As one of the world's most famous archers, Atalanta wields Tauropolos: Bow of Heaven (天穹の弓タウロポロス, Tenkō no YumiTauroporosu?), the boar-killer, a celestial bow that can be called a "rare gem befitting such an archer." A large bow she received from the gods, it is her general armament, her weapon of choice that received the blessings of the goddess Artemis. It is a jet black, Western-style weapon larger than her own height, granted to her by Artemis and named after one of the goddess' titles. There is nothing its arrows cannot pierce, and drawn to its limit, it is able to perform a pure physical attack exceeding A-rank in power. With no trace of magecraft, she displays the ability to surprise other Servants by attacking from a great distance with extreme destructive power, using her great eyesight to aim through dense and thick trees at night at the target that is no more than a moving dot at that distance, and hitting them with the supreme precision required to make such a succinct attack. Although there are bowmen skilled enough to accomplish each requirement for the shot, there are not many capable of performing all of them simultaneously.

Atalanta has two Noble Phantasms, Phoebus Catastrophe and Agrius Metamorphosis. By offering a prayer to Artemis and her brother, the Sun God Apollo, this powerful Anti-Army Noble Phantasm can be invoked. But regarding Agrius Metamorphosis, it would normally be impossible to use it in a regular Holy Grail War, so practically speaking, her only Noble Phantasm is "Phoebus Catastrophe".


Atalanta is a huntress who wears beautiful green clothing, clad in verdant green with her cold, sharp eyes containing a beastly glint. Her hair is stretched out long and unkempt, and it is completely lacking in the silkiness that would be found amongst those of noble birth. As one who can be called a beautiful beast in human form, it befits her appearance.

Atalanta's charm points consists of those things on her head that look like animal ears and that thing on her lower back that looks like a tail. Her animal ears and tail seem to be the symbols and after-effects of a curse told of in her legend... or so they should have been, but she actually seems to like them.


Born in the natural paradise of Arcadia, Atalanta speaks in an old fashion manner. She has the same egotism and view on life and death as a wild animal, so it is natural to her to steal food to live. However, she will help any child left behind as much as she can, as gratitude for the care she received reason she is obsessed over children is due to her own origins. The despair she felt as a baby was just that strong. She would happily throw away her own life to become a stepping stone to realizing a world where all children are saved. Her wish to the Holy Grail is for a world where every child can be raised with love. Because it concerns her previous established wish of "saving all children", she will probably cooperate with her Master in an assertive manner. Her favorite dishes are apples and meat. It is suggested for one to sometimes try to earn her good mood with an apple pie.

Atalanta is fundamentally stubborn because of her wish for the salvation of all children in the world. Due to her nature of being brought up together with animals, she is an extreme realist except when against children. Her outlook on life and death is more severe than a human being's, basically not showing any mercy towards the weak... provided that, children are excluded. Obviously, she likes children, including their smiles, and she would dislike those who hurts children the most. While she does not really have any regrets, she finds it a shame that she was not gifted with children due to swearing a vow of chastity, as well as the fact that she wasn't cherished much by others.

Atalanta embraces the grand desire of saving all children in the world. Because of that, taking an unsparing attitude towards her Master, in the situation where she does not catch sight of her Master having a zeal in obtaining the Holy Grail, she will even slay her Master. Nonetheless, if one goes along with her entirely and properly while respecting her dream, she will even probably hand over a golden apple... Well, speaking of faults, regarding unfaithfulness in comparison with other Greek heroes, she deals with that fault in a strict manner.

Concerning the golden apple, the forbidden fruit of the gods that promises immortality, it was once used on Atalanta during her race in her third tale she was famous for, and she had stopped as a result, losing control over herself. If this is used, any human being would stop in their tracks, reach for the fruit, and try to eat it, causing their rationality to fade. It is a conditioned response, similar to how one will retract their hand when touching something hot, a response carved deeply into their bodies. And the same goes for Atalanta, where she forgot about the race and stopped completely. That is precisely why she will hold onto this golden apple and not give it to anyone unless they have a need of something like this, such as mentioning that her Master is free to use the golden apple against her during a footrace. She would then ask if they are prepared as they should know the "consequences" for defeating her.

Atalanta's distrust of men became extremely strong due to her third tale in particular. After all, to Greek warriors at the time, battle was both an offering to the gods and a way of trampling over others. Atalanta liked none of these warriors since they acted more violent than necessary when they hunted. However, there was one man named Peleus who she was fond of, for he was the only one who approached her with a humble attitude. In addition, when she became an Argonaut, she had interactions with this companion, who was the father of Achilles. A modest young man who cannot look at the egoism of the heroes in Greek Mythology. It was, among other things, an aspect to think about all right.

Atalanta has no reaction to Achilles' advances, showing nothing of embarrassment, surprise, or even anger. Without reacting at all, such words of courtship have no meaning after having lived in the wild alongside beasts; however, Atalanta does seem to be affected with the view of others, such as how Shakespeare had suggested in writing a love poem for her and Achilles, which she scowled unpleasantly at the idea as opposed to how Achilles was quick to joyfully agree to the offer. Despite this, Achilles had seemed to at least formed a bond of some level with Atalanta where the two are usually found together while passing time, or when they exchanged glances as a way to convey each other's thoughts; aside from romantic subjects, they seem to agree in other matters.

Basic Information

Name: Medea

Alternate Titles: Magus from the Age of the Gods
Witch of Colchis
Witch of Betrayal

Servant Class: Caster

Alternate Classes: Assassin, Berserker

Height: 163cm or 64.1732in

Weight: 51kg or 112.436in

Source: Greek Mythology

Country of Origin: Greece

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Female

Three Sizes: B82/W57/H84

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Addresses self as: She

Likes: Men of few words and sincerity, girls in cute clothes

Dislikes: Muscles

Talents: Plotting, crafting

Natural enemy: Beserker

Image Color: Purple


Strength: E

Endurance: D

Agility: C

Mana: A+

Luck: B



Caster's True Name is Medea (メデイア, Medeia?), an unfortunate princess who was labeled as a witch in Greek mythology. She was the princess of Colchis who possessed the Golden Fleece. Her father, King Aeëtes of Colchis, excelled at magic, and as his daughter, she was also practiced in such ways. Her personality at the time was far from what would be called a witch, and her fate became confounded after the hero famous from the Argo Expedition, Jason, appeared before her.

Jason argued with King Pelias, the usurper of his father's country Iolcos, and eventually made him promise to return the country upon traveling far east to Colchis and returning with the Golden Fleece. He was supported by the Goddess Aphrodite, and upon realizing that the King of Colchis was unshakable, she decided to control Medea's mind to help Jason. Medea was made to blindly love Jason, which resulted in her betraying her father and her country for a foreigner she had never seen. Her abilities allowed her to nullify her father's magic and the enchanted fire-breathing oxen, which gave Jason the chance to obtain the Golden Fleece.

King Aeetes was infuriated, and decided to personally lead his army to capture Jason before he left the country. Aphrodite once again used Medea to assist Jason's escape by forcing her to kill her own brother, Apsyrtus. While she only knew Jason by name, her forced love caused her to board his ship, the Argo, and slice her brother into pieces right before the eyes of her pursing father. The King, overcome by grief, ordered for the collection of the pieces of his dead son, which allowed for the opportunity for the Argo to escape its pursuers.

Upon returning to the safety of his native land, Jason asked for the return of his country as promised, but King Pelias refused. He formed a plot to kill Jason, and Jason was forced to rely on Medea's magic three times to escape from the danger. She eventually came up with a plan for Jason, where they invited Pelias to visit and displayed her magic. They killed his servant in front of him and revived him with her magic to display a spell of immortality. She offered to cast the same spell on the King, who was overjoyed at the prospect. He willingly gave his body to her, which was left in pieces and thrown in the sea.

Jason became the king afterward, but his fellow Argonauts did not approve of his conduct, and most of all, they disapproved of Medea's very existence. They denounced her as a witch who betrayed her country for a man, killed her brother to save herself, and now had taken the throne by deceit. They were both chased out of the country, and fled to Corinth where they were welcomed by the king. She finally found a peaceful rest in this land after her abduction and denouncement, but it did not last long.

The King of Corinth took a liking to Jason, and decided to have his daughter marry him. Jason also decided to choose the young daughter over Medea, which led to her exile. Her actions afterward were those that have truly marked her as a witch. She appeared at Jason's wedding, and burned all who attended with her magic. Everyone except for Jason was killed, including the King of Corinth and his daughter, and Medea's fate after she left Corinth is unknown. As her life was filled only with betrayal, it is said that the princess became a true witch and continued to roam the Greek lands.

While Medea is not a proper Heroic Spirit, she does not truly fall under the category of Anti-Hero.

Class Skills

Item Construction (道具作成, Dōgu Sakusei?) is a Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items.

Item Construction: A

Medea is capable of making healing potions that grants limited immortality.

Territory Creation (陣地作成, Jinchi Sakusei?, alternately localized as "Area Creation") is a Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana.

Territory Creation: A

A witch from the Age of Gods, she can create a 'Temple', which is superior to a 'Workshop'.

Personal Skills

High-Speed Divine Words (高速神言, Kōsoku-Shingon?) is a Skill that assists with magical incantations via a power to activate Thaumaturgy without the use of Magic Circuits. The language of the Age of Gods, back when words played a heavy role in spellcasting. As such, it is a power long lost by modern magi. It is particularly useful for direct attack magic

High-Speed Divine Words: A

High-Thaumaturgy-level Magecraft can be cast at the speed of Single-Action spells.

Golden Fleece (金羊の皮, Kin'yōnokawa?) is a very valuable item that can summon a dragon when utilized properly. The pelt of the golden-furred winged ram of Colchis. It contains the legend, "if thrown on the earth, a dragon will appear." Though it is classified as a Noble Phantasm normally, it functions as a Skill in this case.

Golden Fleece: EX

It is a treasure that the Argonauts, led by Jason, was looking for, but the legitimate owner was in Medea's bloodline. It allows the user to summon a dragon by throwing it to the ground with the proper knowledge to summon a Phantasmal Beast. Medea lacks the knowledge, so she is unable to utilize it. However, one can recover by loving the skin. "Fluffy! The healing of the spirit has surpassed the body!"

Noble Phantasms

Chant: « This is a sword of negation and betrayal, that nullifies every kind of magecraft in the world. »

Name: Rule Breaker: All Spells Must Be Broken

Stats: Rule Breaker: Anti-Thaumaturgy, C

Information: A weapon that materializes and embodies the Divinity of the Witch of Betrayal. It is an iridescent and jagged dagger that is thin, brittle, and blunt. Its effectively nonexistent in its capacity as a weapon, comparable to that of a regular dagger at most, and it would not be suitable for even killing a single person. Caster is able to use it against normal humans. Shown by the complex shape of the blade, its actual purpose is that of a key used for rituals that is described by Caster as an "indulgence from the Age of Gods that has forgiven anything for one purpose." Such ceremonial knives are designed as mere decoration, and like those, Rule Breaker was created under the school of thought that it was never to be used as a weapon. Greatly differing from other Noble Phantasms, the conceptual ritual tool's unique ability is that it is the ultimate anti-magic Noble Phantasm capable of dispelling and destroying any kind of thaumaturgy, an effect suitable to the Noble Phantasm that is a manifestation of Caster's nature as the "Witch of Betrayal". It "transgresses" on all the magecraft of the targets it pierces, contracts made from magical energy, and life born from magical energy. Once it comes into contact with the ensorcelled item or person, enchantments, connections bounded through contracts, and creatures created and maintained by magical energy, they will all be returned to their original components in a state "before they were made." Contracts will be wiped clean and those with life will immediately cease to exist. There is a limit to what it is able to dispel, meaning artifacts on the rank of Noble Phantasms will never be returned to their original state no matter how low their rank.


Caster is a magus from the Age of Gods that far surpasses modern magi. She is something from the divine era that shouldn't exist in the Age of Man, so her abilities in magecraft are on an entirely different level than any living magus can produce. While something "solid" like completed spells cannot normally be overcome by a "liquid" such as magical energy, Caster compares modern magecraft to mud buildings that, while solid, can easily be washed away by the violent water current of her superior spells. Even though she is considered a witch, the magecraft she utilizes during the Holy Grail War is forbidden magic she has never before used in her life. Without a proper Master to provide her with magical energy and being the weakest of the Servants, she feels she must abuse such abilities to match her opponents. Dr. Roman claims that Medea's skill in magecraft is among the top 5 in the entire world.

She has a large amount of magical energy at her disposal, and at normal levels, she is capable of staying in the world for up to two days without an active contract with a Master even though she lacks the Independent Action skill of the Archer class. She does not need to cast her magecraft like modern magi, as incantations are unnecessary to connect herself with the world. She is always surrounded by divine mysteries of ancient lore, so magic is just something she commands like ordering her guard dog to attack. This stems from her High-Speed Divine Words (高速神言, Kōsoku Shingon?), which allows for the activation of magecraft without connecting to Magic Circuits or using the normal incantations for the spells. Divine Words (神言, Shingon?) are a Thaumaturgical Theory and language from the Age of Gods that modern humans can no longer pronounce. They are fundamentally different from modern incantations, the divine words were a Thaumaturgical language which brought forth Phenomina by simply asking for it to happen, while modern incantations are mainly just a means of self-hypnosis to work one's circuits. Caster's use is advanced enough that spells are activated with just a single action, allowing for High Thaumaturgy in an instant.

Her main offensive spell is Rain of Light (光弾雨, Kōdan'u?): Machia Hecatia Graea, which is a volley of rapidly fired beams of light each with an A rank power of attack. Each beam is a deadly spell on the level of High Thaumaturgy, capable of destroying the body of a Servant with a direct hit. Just the use of one single beam would normally require a magic circle, ten count aria, and one minute of casting for a normal magus, and still thirty seconds with a High-Speed Aria. Caster's Divine Words allow her to shoot them in rapid succession without any preparation after simply targeting the enemy with her wand. She can fire them without pause when she has a supply of stored magical energy, and the result is something that resembles a bombing raid that leaves the ground scorching red.

The speed of Caster's spells cannot be exceeded by anyone because she can bring forth divine mysteries from a single word. Rin Tohsaka, someone who will eventually be among the top one hundred modern magi, is able to match her on a single spell basis by releasing magic directly from her jewels. Equal in speed, it is a battle of power without a "first move" that will end only when one runs out of energy. Caster's spells are strong enough that the only way Rin is able to nullify a single one is by utilizing years worth of magical energy. Even that level of magecraft is simple to Caster, as three full powered jewels from Rin capable of destroying Caster's temple and the entire Fuyuki church are easily nullified after the magical energy is sucked into Caster's robe.

She also uses Αερο (Aero) (病風アエロー, ShippūAerō?), which is a plague wind spell that easily minces part of Shirou's chest as if it were sent through an enormous fan. She also makes use of an electrical attack and Κεραινο (Celaeno) (疾風ケライノー, ShippūKerainō?).

She also has various support spells like Ατλας (Atlas) (圧迫アトラス, AppakuAtorasu?), which freezes the target in place by altering the pressure of the atmosphere to anchor a region of space. Everything in the surrounding is frozen, and it is potent enough to hold even Servants in place. She is able to easily cast it even while using Rain of Light, allowing her to freeze the target before destroying them. Archer and Saber are able to break free by surging their magical energy.

She has a constant protection over her, and she can further shield herself with Μαρδοξ (Argos) (盾アルゴス, TateArugosu?), a protective spell that borrows the concept of the Argos. It is a glass-like barrier that has the same toughness as Berserker's skin. Just one of Gilgamesh's swords is able to shatter it like glass. She has a great amount of natural healing like Saber, which keeps her alive upon being skewered by the Gate of Babylon. She can also direct all of her magical energy into healing herself. If she is too damaged, she will be unable to manipulate the external energy, no matter how much is present.

She can also use an extremely strong version of Reinforcement on regular humans, greatly strengthening them and allowing them to harm spiritual bodies like Servants. She cannot utilize a Reality Marble, but she can potentially construct "another world" of the same scale by precisely constructing small magecraft and large magecraft. The time and expenses required to do so would be very vast.

While she is from the Age of Gods when True Magic was common, she is incompatible with the "Five True Magics of the Modern Era", and she would be unable to learn them. She does display Tροψα (Trofa) (空間転移トロイア, Kūkan Ten'iToroia?), a Spatial Transportation spell that is an imitation of the True Magic governing teleportation much like the teleportation granted by Command Spells. She can use it while in her territory, but she also displays the ability to teleport throughout the rest of the town as she wishes. She can also transport other people to her from far away.

She is able to manipulate her figure and her robe in a number of ways. She can control the magical energy in the air to become a dense fog that covers her entire body. This allows her to manipulate her appearance by covering herself in darkness like a mirage. She can show herself as she wishes or remain hidden from sight. She can create solid images of herself that will fade away as if she were actually killed upon being attacked. She can control them from a long distance in order to manipulate her Warriors, or she can do it while in battle to create a diversion for her attacks. Upon being skewered by Gilgamesh, it seems she has died, but she is able to hide herself in her floating cape in an attempt to escape. She can extend her cape as wings for flight, which allows her to maximize her destructive potential with the Rain of Light.

Caster has a high rank in Item Construction, allowing her to manufacture a variety of magical items. She can make Mystic Codes for combat, but she thought it would be too time consuming and instead focused on fortifying her Temple. The difference in quality between Mystic Codes forged by her and those of normal magi is like heaven and earth. Her rank makes her capable of creating healing potions that grant limited immortality, and she is capable of turning humans into formal tools to support her magic. Typically, Heroic Spirits of an evil nature like Caster are not eligible for participation in the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars; however, after the Holy Grail was tainted in the third war, most of the restrictions against such spirits were lifted.

She can create Dragon Tooth Warriors to act as basic soldiers to attack enemy Masters and Servants.


Caster's appearance is much like a witch that would be seen in a fairy tale. She wears a hooded bluish-purple robe throughout Fate/stay night, and her appearance remains hidden for most of the story. She is noted to be an incredibly beautiful woman. Her noticeable facial features are her knife shaped ears.


As she began to betray her original Master, Atrum Galliasta, Caster was shown to possess a surprising amount of morality as she freed the children that Atram had planned to sacrifice, before completely destroying his workshop. While she was about to disappear after killing her first Master, she lamented that she would disappear before being able to fight. She would disappear unable to do anything as a pitiful Servant summoned only to be trampled upon. While such a situation was vexing, it was not out of the ordinary for her. It had always been that way for her, as she has always been used as a tool by others. She had always been treated unreasonably, and she was never once understood by anyone. Her life was always controlled by someone else, and her mind was destroyed at a young age to save a hero chosen by the gods. She was cursed to blindly love a man she had never seen just because he was favored by the goddess of beauty, which led to her being forced to betray her own father and country. She was originally an innocent person, but after suffering from repeated betrayal, she thought "Hmmm, fine, I might as well sink to rock bottom". Because of this, she was tainted by evil.

She has no true memory after that point. She was brought to an unfamiliar country after betraying her father for a man, and made into a witch that cut apart her own brother and threw the pieces into the sea to escape her native country. After all that happened, even the man who had wanted it done cast her aside in order to become king after saying he could not marry a witch. Her origin is that she was controlled and taken to an unknown country, marked as a witch, and thrown away by the only person on which she could rely. There is nothing people can blame her for, and while the people around her were aware of that fact, they still demanded for her to be a witch.

People wanted a convenient scapegoat that they could blame for any disaster, whether it is an evil to protect the king or an evil to be on the end of evil superstitions. She was part of an unchanging pattern where people demand easily understandable evil to reassure themselves of the own goodness. She was considered the perfect sacrifice in that regard with the only person she could rely on, her father, in a distant country. Nobody defended her, and they gladly blamed her for all the ugly things in the world. They decided every ugliness was the witch's doing, from being poor, to hating others, the fact that humans are ugly, or even that people die.

She merely accepted that fact, and she decided because she can only live as a witch, that she would act as a witch. She imposed such a reason of existence on herself as it is the only role people gave to the girl called a witch who never had a free will. She swore to show them the ugliness of their wishes that they demanded of her. If they do not know their own ugliness, they can stay ignorant, go to hell for their own crimes, and suffer forever. They won't be able to get out of hell, where they will suffer forever as criminals because they do not know what crimes they have committed.

Nobody actually wished for such a thing, and neither did she wish for it. She seeks revenge against her will, without having any wish for herself. Her entire outlook changed upon meeting Kuzuki.

Her main talents lie in plotting and crafting plans. She likes reticent men of sincerity and girls in adorable clothes, and she dislikes muscles. She's merciless against mature women. She doesn't like to be called a "witch", and while she will forgive someone once, she will prepare an appropriate punishment for those who call her a "witch" twice. In the mangaadaptation, it is revealed that, Caster has gone psychologically insane at one point in her life, and she did so again following Kuzuki's death.

She enjoys playing cooking lessons simulations on the NDS. While she is still a novice when it comes to actual cooking, the Grand Order storyline revealed that Caster possesses remarkable skills when it comes to building models, especially model ships and diorama of locations, which she also enchants.

Basic Information

Name: Frankenstein

Alternate Titles: None

Servant Class: Berserker

Alternate Classes: Saber

Height: 172cm or 67.7165in

Weight: 48kg or 105.822lbs

Source: Literary Work

Country of Origin: Europe

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Female

Three Sizes: B74/W53/H71

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: "A dreary night in November"

Addresses self as: She

Likes: Conserving electricity

Dislikes: Wasting electricity

Talents: Self-generation of electricity

Natural enemy: Saber of Red

Image Color: Ivory Color


Strength: C

Endurance: B

Agility: D

Mana: D

Luck: B



Berserker's True Name is Frankenstein (フランケンシュタイン, Furankenshutain?), the Frankenstein's monster (フランケンシュタインの怪物, Furankenshutain no Kaibutsu ?). Based upon the artificial life created by Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein: or the Modern Prometheus". Victor sought to recreate the original couple described in the bible - Adam and Eve. Due to the limitations of man, he first built Eve, intending for her to give birth to the counterpart. What started as a patchwork of lifeless flesh was given life by the energy harnessed from lightning. Unfortunately, what awoke was not the ideal woman that Victor envisioned, but an abomination with the mind of an infant. Having no developed capacity for expression, her sense of morality was completely absent. After presenting the entrails of a slain dog as a gift for the master, she was branded a failure and disassembled, before being abandoned completely.

Though still in pieces, she still lived, and over a period of time, was able to reconnect and repair herself. In her former master's absence, she came into contact with the outside world, and developed the emotions and feelings that could never be created in the first place. Thus she realized a great anger towards the one who abandoned her, but also admiration for the one who was effectively her father.[3] She doggedly pursued the man until finding him in Geneva, Switzerland, where she made the following appeal:

« I never wanted to trouble you... but when you created me, you made me as only me. I am all alone, and it's painful... it's agonizing... it hurts. So, please, just one more. Please, create one more of me. If anyone can, it is you. Please... give me a mate. »

However, he flatly refused. Believing himself to have birthed of a hideous creature, it seemed unthinkable to even consider creating another. Though she pleaded, he denied her again and again, causing her to realize the truth and fall into deep despair. She decided that she must have him create another no matter what, so she killed those acquainted with him, those with no relation at all, and even his fiancee. He continued to flee from her despite that, denying her request to the end.

Getting tired of her persistent chase, Victor fled to the South Pole, choosing to die over granting her one wish. Dying in madness, he regretted her creation until his last breath. With the man she had looked up to gone and without anyone to hate, she parted from Walton, the man who watched over Frankenstein's final moment, and traveled to the uttermost north. She built herself a pyre, allowing herself to be consumed by the flames while thinking, "May my ashes be scattered across the seas..." That was the end of the monster born from the delusions of Frankenstein.

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement (狂化, Kyōka?, localized as "Blind Rage") is the Class Skill that characterizes a Berserker, raising basic parameters and strengthens one's physical abilities in exchange of hindering mental capacities and/or in exchange for their sense of reason. In some cases, it also affects and/or seals away some techniques, Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms.

Mad Enhancement: D

Strength and Endurance parameters are up. Language ability is simple. Continuing complex thoughts over long periods of time are difficult.

Personal Skills

Galvanism (ガルバニズム, Garubanizumu?) is a Skill that allows unrestricted conversion and accumulation of magical energy and any form of electricity. Like Phlogiston and Ether, the concept of Galvanism, which explains organic activity as a bio-electric process, falls under the domain of Alchemy.

Galvanism: B

Thaumaturgical attacks involving no material existence—wind manipulation, energy bullets, beam attacks—are converted to electricity and rendered without effect, discharged into the environment. Absorbed electricity may be used to implement rapid self-repair and physical attribute reinforcement.

Hollow Lament of the Falsely Living: D

Noble Phantasms

Name: Bridal Chest: A Maiden's Chastity

Stats: Bridal Chest: Anti-Unit, C

Information: Frankenstein's large war hammer (battle mace) that discharges electricity with the appearance of tree branches when used as a striking weapon. Kept on her at all times even while not in battle to power her, the large, spherical orb on the top contains her reactor core, her heart. Although used as a bludgeoning weapon against enemies, particularly effective against armored enemies, it can be considered only a secondary use to its primary function of absorbing excess magical energy from the environment. The "fin" on the opposite end of the mace remotely transfers electrical energy to her main body by means of the similar fin on the side of her head. It is a high-efficiency implement that continuously gathers and recycles energy wasted by her and gathers energy present in her surroundings to continuously power her by flowing it through her heart and into her Magic Circuits. Able to use Galvanism (ガルバニズム, Garubanizumu?), the unrestricted conversion and accumulation of magical energy and bio-electric energy, thaumaturgical attacks involving no material existence, such as wind manipulation, energy bullets and beam attacks, can be converted into electricity and rendered without effect upon her, discharged into the environment. It falls under the domain of Alchemy, like Phlogiston and Ether, that explains organic activity as a bio-electric process.

If she should be exposed to an environment with a high-magical energy content, such as in combat where the dispersed converted magical energy discharged by Servants and magi and dissipated into the atmosphere is abundant, the function of Galvanism and the Bridal Chest combine to qualify the Noble Phantasm as a "pseudo-Type II Perpetual Motion Engine." Galvanism allows absorbed electricity to be used to implement rapid self-repair and physical attribute reinforcement, allowing her to emulate a Mana Burst to some extent. It is not an all powerful ability, unable to fill the gulf in speed between her and Archer of Red even with it enhancing her, but it is extremely convenient for her as a Berserker-class Servant whose regular supply of energy can barely last five minutes without the support of her Master's homunculi replacements. Able to fight perpetually at full power without any outside support, the need to rest, or even the need to breathe until the death of the enemy, losing the weapon would put her into a great crisis, but losing her heart would mean her loss almost immediately as well. It also acts as the means of using her sacrificial Blasted Tree ability.

Chant: « With me, together, come..."Blasted Tree"! »

Name: Blasted Tree: The Lightning Tree of Crucifixion

Stats: Blasted Tree: Anti-Army,D~B

Information: is a technique used by Frankenstein, activated by planting the fin of Bridal Chest into the ground as her reactor's limiters are completely released. As an enormous amount of magical energy begins to swell up from within her, creating a twister of energy with her at the center, the fins on the tail end of Bridal Chest begin to spin at high speeds. All the electricity is discharged into the surrounding environment as an area of effect attack, taking on the silhouette of a towering tree that "rains down like a waterfall" and scatters homing thunder throughout the surrounding area as everything within a one hundred meter radius is completely destroyed. If the opponent is a single enemy at close range, it can be activated from her body rather than Bridal Chest. It is normally a suicide move that involves using tremendous power that she cannot normally handle, causing permanent deactivation, essentially death, as all her functions halt. She can also use her body to bind the opponent as the technique is unleashed. It can be used without releasing the limiters, but the power output is greatly lowered. It reaches C-rank at its absolute best and D-rank at its worst, destroying Caster of Black's golems at close range, while weakening in power as it hits golems farther away.

« This lightning attack is not simply lightning, but rather a power that has Frankenstein's will imbedded within it. As long as it exists, she will never perish. »

(Frankenstein's blueprints)

While able to kill most Servants at full power at close range, it is a hard-to-utilize ability that would require losing her in order to kill only one enemy Servant. While not of use to Caules were he in a regular Holy Grail War, Darnic finds it to be worthwhile plan to eventually have her kill herself to bring about great destruction on the battlefield. Although its usage means her death, the ability has a hidden function mentioned in the blueprints; the fact that the attack is not simply lightning but rather a power with her very will imbued within it. So long as the will exists, she will never truly perish. This allows for the low possibility of a second Frankenstein to be materialized in the attack's wake, but with her death, it will be impossible for her to witness the result of her actions. The ability revives the dying homunculus Sieg as the lightning is absorbed into him, shocks his heart, and causes his blood to circulate throughout his body once more. He later gains some of her abilities during his final fight against Shirou Kotomine as a piece of her is reborn within him, granting him the Perpetual Motion Engine ability of Bridal Chest and a weakened version of Blasted Tree.


Berserker is a relatively new mystery who does not stand out even with the raised parameters provided by Mad Enhancement, making her a suitable Servant for the low-aptitude Caules.[6] Her true worth instead lies in a unique, innate skill. As she is a Berserker meant to rage on the battlefield in madness without accepting orders and eventually fall, Darnic has little expectations of her in the battle plan of the Black Faction. He plans to use her to bring about massive destruction on the battlefield by having Caules use his Command Spells at the right time to strike up confusion in the Red Faction. Normally slow to respond in interpersonal interaction, she exhibits surprising agility and toughness in combat; in Berserk Mode, she executes commands with extreme faithfulness. Her Noble Phantasms are Bridal Chest and Blasted Tree.

Due to her unique skill "Galvanism", she has the big advantage of efficiently replenishing her Magical energy supply at an abnormally high rate, but since her Magical energy supply is being taken care of by the homunculi in the Great Holy Grail War, that advantage is made useless. Her Noble Phantasm also only reaches B rank by making a suicide attack, while the rest of the time its destructive power is at best C~D rank. Most likely, she would be incapable of winning in either a normal Holy Grail War or the Great Holy Grail War unless she had great luck and her Master had excellent judgment.


Berserker is a lovely young girl clad in a white dress with empty eyes, carrying a giant mace. Her eyes are normally covered by her long hair and only peek between the gaps. While Frankenstein is known for being a tall man over two meters tall, reminiscent of the portrayals of Boris Karloff and Robert de Niro, she resembles the Bride of Frankenstein at first glance. Due to her appearance, Caules is confused as to whether Victor Frankenstein had a twisted sense of beauty when looking upon her and calling her repulsive, or if she possesses an inconcealable foulness despite her external beauty.

She gives off the image of a large-breed dog that, despite never wagging her tail and always making a bored expression, desperately approaches people. Like how she always kept close to Caules when she walked behind him.


Mad Enhancement has robbed her of most of her linguistic ability, limiting her responses to head-shaking and grunts; the only time she was able to speak was when she was summoned and when she was trying to kill herself along with Saber of Red using her Blasted Tree. She can differentiate friend and foe, and she is able to communicate simple ideas. Due to a lack of skill in expression, and fearful of her own monstrous nature, she maintains a shy silence that conceals her high intelligence and empathetic capabilities, except for the emotion of sorrow. She prefers to remain in material form, and she sullenly moans when forced by Caules to remain in spiritual form. Rather than running wild, she prefers to pick flowers in the castle's courtyard garden or stare at the sky. She dislikes the overly-friendly Rider of Black, only rarely responding to his inquisitive attempts to speak with her out of annoyance. Extremely mindful of energy conservation, she will turn off the lights in the bathroom if her Master leaves them on after use and directly unplug the PC's power plug.

Her wish is to bring forth a mate that is the same kind of being as her. Beings like the homunculi of Yggdmillennia, although similar, are not good enough for her, showing lines that she refuses to cross in her own way. The reason why she seeks a pair is not an instinctive desire, but a logical reason because she seeks a way of being a proper human. If her master succeeds in making her open her heart, there is a possibility of the Master being chosen as the "bridegroom of Frankenstein".

Basic Information

Name: Medusa

Alternate Titles: Bewitching Black Serpent

Servant Class: Rider

Alternate Classes: Lancer, Avenger, Archer, Caster, Berserker

Height: 172cm or 67.7165in

Weight: 57kg or 125.663lbs

Source: Greek Mythology

Country of Origin: Greece, Shapeless Isle

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Female

Three Sizes: B88/W56/H84

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Addresses self as: She

Likes: Alcohol, reading, snakes

Dislikes: Mirrors, measuring her height

Talents: Machine riding, Horse riding, acrobats, stalking

Natural enemy: Artoria, Sasaki Kojirou, Souichirou Kuzuki, Altera, Li Shuwen

Image Color: Black


Strength: B

Endurance: D

Agility: A

Mana: B

Luck: B

NP: A+


Rider's True Name is Medusa, the Gorgon from Greek mythology. Rather than being a regular Heroic Spirit, she is an existence closer to a Divine Spirit, but her actions have made it better to categorize her as an "anti-hero closer to a monster." With her older sisters Stheno and Euryale, they made up the three Gorgon Sisters who inhabited the Shapeless Isle. She was known as the "woman who dominates", an anti-hero who became as such due to the dark thoughts of humans. Differing from someone like Hassan-i-Sabbah who was a hero who actually existed, she is said to be one of legends born by the gathering of belief.

The legend of Medusa is different than her actual life. She was said to be a half-human, half-god female beast often portrayed with the form of a snake. Originally she was an Earth Goddess (大地の女神, Daichi no Megami?). While all originally beautiful women, she and her sisters were hated by Poseidon's wife because of his love for them. Athena, jealous of their beautiful hair, transformed them into demons. Secluding themselves in a lightless temple on the Shapeless Isle, they only attacked humans with a reason. Eventually, as a victim of the gods' unreasonable actions, she was to have her head cut off on their whim. Defeated by Perseus by reflecting her petrification back at her with his mirror-like shield, Pegasus, the son of Poseidon, was said to have sprung from the blood of her headless neck.

Medusa and her sisters were born from the wishes of mankind for ideal idols, the embodiment of the yearning hearts of men. As "perfect goddesses", their "divine essence" was to remain the same from the moment of their creation to their destruction. Medusa was an exception who was a failure from birth, growing older over time. Though they should have all been copies, or even as close as clones, resulting from the deification of the same phenomenon, a mistake in her birth or something of deeper significance caused her to be copied imperfectly. While she did not embody "forever young and immortal", she gained abilities in compensation compared to her sisters' inability to even care for themselves. With divine powers, her Mystic Eyes, indispensable in protecting her sisters who could not live in the world on their own, this caused the previously united sisters to become three separate individuals. Although Medusa was different from the start, even the other two showed irregularities, their sadistic nature, from interacting with her.

She was originally considered to be a princess loved by humans, but Athena, jealous of their beauty, cursed Medusa alone, taking away her "faith from each and every person" and exiling her to the Shapeless Isle. Their love for her turned to hatred, and she was banished by those who had adored her. The island had nothing to offer compared to her days of luxury, and she prayed that none of the humans that now frightened her with their unwarranted resentment would tread on the island. Weeping in loneliness, she had no idea as to her sin that forced her to be exiled. Although her sisters were not affected and still greatly loved, they too accompanied her there out of caring for their younger sister. She was happy even on the barren island due to their company, and only had to fear the coming humans.

While they became rumored as monsters, her sisters were still revered by nearby men, while she was feared as a monster. Humans sought to kill that which had been branded as a monster and take away the goddesses, and after they began to also target her sisters, she decided to protect them while taking her revenge on the humans. Although littered with statues that had been warriors, they were harmonious for a time on the island, at one point receiving her Pegasus from Poseidon. Though bullied by her sisters daily, she simply moved about the island on days humans did not appear, hoping for the peace to continue. Repaying them in the same manner as they treated her, she killed many humans, simply hoping to be left alone on the only place she could exist with the company of her sisters.

Though she was protecting them from the foolish humans who sought their own deaths, her sisters warned her not to take pleasure in killing them. Using her eyes that were only a deterrent to sow terror in humans, she began to experiment in ways of killing them more quickly. Deciding to become a trap against those who would take her sisters, even they who had always been full of joy began to fear her after she started drinking their blood instead of simply petrifying them. The humans continued to journey the island no matter the infamy surrounding her, and she eventually became too ashamed of her slowly disfiguring self to appear before her sisters. Leaving them, she once again found herself alone, hungering for new sacrifices to replace her sadness and loneliness.

She grew into the Gorgon each day as her body, heart, and very being decayed, all backed by the thought of becoming stronger for the sake of protecting her sisters. Even that reached a point where her sisters instead became nuisances who were intruding upon her lair. They appeared before her after her full descent into a monster, lamenting that they had not asked for her protection and were just letting her enjoy what had seemed fun to her. Saddened by her state, they sacrificed themselves to the Gorgon because the sister who protected them was no longer there. Consumed by countless snakes without any trace of joy or sadness, they were ground into pulp and absorbed into the beast while still alive. Without leaving a trace, they became its flesh and blood, and it continued to thrive as the Gorgon sisters became monsters of nightmares and legends.

The Gorgon's notoriety continued until Perseus decided to bring back its head for his own fame. Granted five Noble Phantasms, he boldly traveled to the Shapeless Isle without any hesitation, only realizing his folly upon seeing the state of the island. He despaired upon encountering it, having decided that there is no victory to be found against the demon god, with his Noble Phantasms only acting as lifesaving equipment in the best scenario. Avoiding her gaze by focusing on his Mirror shield, he desperately fought to survive. Tired of toying with him, it used Breaker Gorgon, and he used the only possible method of defeating it, using Kibisis to have it encage itself.

Reversing the nightmare of the Bounded Field upon it, it suffered as Medusa as the nightmare reflected upon it instead of Perseus. While it was a "nightmare beyond nightmares", it was not an evil vision that caused excruciating pain, but a pleasant dream of her sisters, paralyzing her with the joy of seeing those she thought she would never again meet. Despairing upon the reflection of itself from when it was still self-aware, this allowed Perseus to have his single counterattack, severing its head with Harpe. The monster, out of its own will, became Medusa again and let itself be struck down. Perseus used Kibisis to hold its head, later going on to become a successful hero.

Class Skills

Riding (騎乗, Kijō?, localized as "Dragoon") is a Class Skill of Rider and Saber class Servants, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. Rider-class Servants will typically possess a high rank. It is said that dragon type mounts are an exception, requiring a different ability other than Riding.[1]

Riding: A+

All vehicles and all creatures up to the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind.

Magic Resistance (対魔力, Tai-Maryoku?, localized as "Anti-Magic") grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether.

Magic Resistance: B

Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.

Personal Skills

Divinity (神性, Shinsei?) is the measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels, one is treated as a mixed race of a Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster or Demonic Beastraises. It can also decrease due to one's dislike for the gods. Those who have A Rank Divinity or above have reached the Throne of Gods. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called 'purge defense' in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. It can break through Skills such as Protection of the Faith and Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig.

Divinity: E-

Medusa was once a beautiful goddess, so she originally has very high Divinity. However, because she later became a monster, she is an unusual being possessing the 'monstrous' attribute that is antithetical to normal Heroic Spirits. Thanks to this, Medusa manifests as both a goddess with Riding, and a monster possessing Mystic Eyes, Monstrous Strength and so forth. Nonetheless, her aptitude as a goddess Divine Spirit is mostly degraded. However, her Divinity has not been completely eliminated, and it appears that she still has it.

Independent Action (単独行動, Tandoku Kōdō?, localized as "Independence") is the ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master; the ability that allows for action even in the absence of the Master. At higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. It is both useful and troublesome depending on the disposition of the Servant and the rank of Independent Action. Acting in autonomy from the Master's Magical Energy supply, the Master can concentrate their own Magical Energy on large spells, or the Servant will be fine even in the case they cannot supply Magical Energy due to injury. The downside is that they can be harder to control and keep by their side, making the only true way to command them is by utilizing Command Spells.

Independent Action: C

Since Medusa can also obtain mana by drinking blood, she can prey on humans as the situation demands and extend this duration.

Monstrous Strength (怪力, Kairiki?) is a Skill that temporarily grants a rank-up to one's Strength parameter for a time limit determined by the ranking of this Skill. This Skill is borne from the holder's nature as a monster or Demonic Beast.

Monstrous Strength: B

Medusa has this Skill due to her property as a monster despite being a Heroic Spirit. This is a necessary Skill to Medusa, who does not fight with Noble Phantasms in close combat. It has many uses with her chained daggers, such as forcibly dragging an impaled opponent around. However, the longer she is under the influence of this Skill, the more she turns into the legendary monster Gorgon.

Mystic Eyes (魔眼, Magan?, lit. Demon Eye, localized as "Demonic Eye") is a Skill where one has possession of Mystic Eyes, capable of imparting magical effects upon a subject and interfering with the outside world.

Mystic Eyes: A+

Medusa has possession of Mystic Eyes of the highest level, 'Cybele'. Unconditionally petrifies those with Rank C Mana or lower and even those with B Rank Mana can be petrified if they are negligent. Those with Rank A or higher won't be petrified, but will sustain 'pressure' from the Eyes and receive one Rank-Down to all parameters.

Noble Phantasms

Chant: « As you command."
"I'll destroy you gently."
"Bellerophon! »

Name: Bellerophon: Bridle of Chivalry

Stats: Bellerophon: Anti-Army, A+

Information: a shining golden bridle and whip paired as a set that is capable of fully controlling a Divine Beast, and it is Medusa's most powerful attack. It is not a Noble Phantasm to be used in a one-on-one fight, but rather an "Anti-Army Noble Phantasm" that can cut down enemies in a wide area. It is an oddity even among Noble Phantasms, having no effect without a mount. Its power is great, providing extraordinary offensive and defensive capabilities of the highest level. While Medusa alone is not able to match Saber in battle, she is confident in its ability to defeat any opponent without them stopping her charge. It can rapidly augment the abilities of a Phantasmal Species. In battle, the strengthened Phantasmal Beast and Medusa fight as one. Sharing its name with Bellerophon, the young man who tamed and rode the Pegasus in Greek Mythology, she uses it with her Pegasus, allowing it to display its full power even with its normally docile nature.

Pegasus is already an exceptional beast, and directing it with Bellerophon removes its limiters, causing it to rage under Medusa's command. All of its abilities are increased by one rank, and its defensive power, already on the level of a dragon, is improved several times due to the protection provided by its massive amount of magical energy and divine protection. The "Armor Class" rank is raised by one hundred, and the maximum speed that the charge of the beast can reach is between four hundred and five hundred kilometers per hour. Once fastened, it allows for the mounted beast to use its most powerful charge to physically destroy the target, and it must be fastened after the mount is summoned or simultaneously as it emerges from the summoning circle. Compared to the golden flare of Excalibur, this arrow of light can be called a white comet.

As it is a powerful ability, it is not suited for ground combat in normal situations. Although Medusa can fasten and mount it immediately after it leaves the summoning circle, she prefers to utilize it in the air away from onlookers. She has the Pegasus fly high into the air, before descending down like divine lightning. It grows large enough to engulf the Center Building's rooftop and destroy the building itself. With assistance from Shirou's Rho Aias, it is capable of overcoming Excalibur Morgan after ninety percent of Bellerophon's light is offset.

Name: Blood Fort Andromeda: Outer-Seal, Blood Temple

Stats: Blood Fort Andromeda: Anti-Army, B

Information: is the Temple of Blood that surrounded the Shapeless Isle which was the home of Medusa and her sisters, turning it into a palace of darkness, dyed crimson from blood, where the sun didn't shine.
The temple, known to petrify those who embark on the island and devour them, was a boundary field constructed by the Mystic Eyes Medusa possessed. By magnification of the Mystic Eyes' projection, a fixed conceptualfield is substituted into "the inside of her eyes", and the life force of those inside it is plundered. An absorption power that literally "dissolves the body" of ordinary persons without any Magic Resistance. Even Heroic Spirits will have their life force plundered as long as they are inside the is able to implement it as a Bounded Field of blood that she uses to primarily absorb magical energy by dissolving any caught live humans and reducing them into red blood and organic ooze. Using her blood as a material component, she sets up a number of sources around an area, taking the form of magic circles placed as predetermined points, to slowly build up energy without leaving a single trace of her existence. It is impossible for Rin to completely destroy it as new circles constantly appear and old ones are restored. She can only delay its operation date by constantly removing as many circles as possible. It takes over ten days to completely store enough energy to activate the full power of the field, but it can still be activated at any time once the foundations are complete. It damages the leylines of the area once it is completely set up, so it cannot be reactivated on the same land twice in succession. It leaves a general listless feeling around the area, and Shirou senses the barrier by seeing an image of the area covered with membranes and the people looking like empty dolls while smelling the sweet scent of honey from an insectivorous plant.

Immediately following the placement of these circles, people within the affected area will only have their life force sapped slightly. Once activated, it forms an advanced Bounded Field almost on the level of Magic. It creates a crimson dome-shaped Bounded Field resembling a gigantic red eyeball around the area of operation, and it tints the area in crimson red that makes a person think that blood is seeping into their eyes. The barrier acts like a separate plane that completely cuts the affected area from the rest of the World, cuts off all escape routes for fleeing enemies, and Rin is left unable to contact Archer. As the barrier is conceptual, if it's pushed too far it will actually transform into the Shapeless Isle itself, which would be ironic for Shinji to invoke the place Perseus escaped.[4]Naturally, from outside the Bounded Field, the area appears normal as usual and the red sky and dome cannot be seen at all, but the interior is stained with blood, as its name suggests. Victims within the barrier are quickly dissolved into blood as if they were inside a stomach upon activation, and its magical energy is given to either Medusa or her Master. Those with a proper amount of magical energy or with knowledge of thaumaturgy are able to resist the Bounded Field, such as a Servant or a magus respectively, but those without any are instantly drained. Even then magus can only resist Blood Fort Andromeda for a short amount of time. Thus, it is not a Noble Phantasm to be used for combat, but rather a Bounded Field created by Medusa to efficiently gather blood to drink for mana. If the Bounded Field is activated without the proper energy, it can take up to a number of minutes to completely dissolve the victims. If Medusa has a stronger master, such as when switching from Shinji to Sakura, the effect of the field will also become stronger. It is completely controlled by Medusa, and it will continue to stay active even after she dies. It will only be deactivated through her own will or once her body dissipates.

Those under the effect of the weakened barrier almost instantly collapse unconscious and begin to convulse and foam at the mouth due to the dense air. Stronger people can resist it for a small amount of time, while weaker people will instantly have their skin start to melt, have inflammation resembling a keloid, and their eyes will look like those of a dead fish. Those closest to the origin of the barrier will suffer the most severe effects, such as their blood being instantly vaporized and having the look of pale wax dolls piled like corpses. Someone with a slight resistance, such as Shirou, will feel nausea, dizziness, a sensation of being extremely hot, and instant discomfort as if their senses were revered. They will have trouble breathing as if the oxygen had suddenly dissipated. If the barrier is removed quickly enough, those furthest away from the origin will wake up as if they were sleeping and get away with a stay in the hospital for what amounts to severe malnutrition and slight memory loss. Those closer to the source however will suffer from side effects from having their life force drained, including scars and necrosis on the tips of their limbs from the melted skin, physical disabilities such as being on the verge of blindness, and mental scars from oxygen deprivation.

It was shown in the Heaven's Feel route that Blood Fort Andromeda can affect servants as shown when it began to drain mana from Archer. This however mainly ocurred due to his weakened state having been petrified by Rider's eyes. This shows that Blood Fort Andromeda can drain the mana of Servants best when their under a weakened state even though they have the ability to resist the Blood Fort Andromeda with their magical energy. Although it's stated that Servants will be affected by Blood Fort Andromeda after some time even without being in a weakened state. Leaving mainly servants such as Caster or Berserker who both have large stores of mana to be able to resist Blood Fort Andromeda for a long time.

Rider explicitly stated in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia that she's capable of summoning Blood Fort Andromeda on the scale of Fuyuki City.

Pandemonium Cetus is a strengthened version of Blood Fort Andromeda, which does not require a set up time and can be activated with just the release of its True Name. Its effectiveness is lowered somewhat against inorganic-type opponents.

Name: Breaker Gorgon: Self Seal, Dark Temple

Stats: Breaker Gorgon: Anti-Unit, C-

Information: is the blindfold of Medusa's, a type of powerful Bounded Field Noble Phantasm on the scale of another World. It was a complement to the Temple of Blood that "enveloped the World" on the Shapeless Isle, having "sealed the World" instead. It only requires a steady supply of energy from the user to affect a target, unlike Mystic Eyes that requires a direct line of sight.

It has the ability to "seal all magical properties", and if used on others, it will imprison the consciousness of the enemy within her own mind; it can even obstruct the invocations of abilities such as magic, Skills, or Noble Phantasms, before removing any abilities they possessed in the outside World once inside.

Those trapped within are said to see a nightmare mixed with both delight and taboo. When Medusa becomes inadvertently trapped by Shirou reversing it on her, both the abilities of her eyes and her superhuman strength are removed. It is manifested with a magic circle in the same pattern used to summon the Pegasus, and it dyes the affected target's eyes crimson.

This Noble Phantasm is used by Medusa on herself mainly as self-imposed Mystic Eye Killers, sealing her excessively powerful Mystic Eyes of Petrification within the Bounded Field. It completely seals her sight, and it is generally manifested as a physical blindfold. Sealing her eyes also means completely sealing her eyesight, so she instead perceives the world through senses such as hearing, touch, smell, and magic-detection that allow her to acquire more precise information than sight. When she uses it in a makeshift manner on herself through a mirror to seal her magical energy to suppress the effects of her eyes without manifesting the blindfold, she displays a helplessness after accidentally sealing her eyesight as well, but displays the ability to keep her eyesight while sealing her eyes afterward.

Medusa is able to replace its everyday usage with a pair of Mystic Eye Killer glasses at the end of the Heaven's Feel route and contacts in Fate/hollow ataraxia. They do not act on all magical properties like Breaker Gorgon, so they only seal the effects of her Mystic Eyes. Once she releases it, her eyes can be used continuously to affect her enemies.

When Medusa used it as the Gorgon on Perseus, it would have been able to affect him without any recourse or need for the Gorgon to actually focus on the battle, but Kibisis instead caused it to be reflected back upon her like a mirror. It caused her to suffer a "nightmare beyond all nightmares" as Medusa, a reflection of when she had self-awareness. Completely immobilized, she was struck down by Harpe. Discussing the "nightmare" later, a dream where she was harassed by Stheno and Euryale, she states that it was not an evil nightmare that paralyzed her with excruciating pain, but rather the joy of seeing those she thought she could no longer meet. The incident caused her to have a hatred of mirrors, which she believes might be from the fear of reminiscing about those days.

Medusa can use it on a target to capture them for the purpose of taking in blood and semen under the false pretense of a lewd dream. Taken within it during Fate/hollow ataraxia and shown a sexual encounter with Medusa and Sakura, Shirou senses it has an ambiguous nature with no meaning in trying to determine the time or location. The senses felt by his body are ambiguous, only feeling "all-encompassing sweetness of flesh" of Sakura and Medusa. It removes all painful memories and the sense of reality as his memories and normal feelings are washed away. He says the him within it is not real, but rather an illusion shaped in the image of his and Sakura's souls.

Seeing the illusion of Sakura causes a brief sense of realization that the room, and the World, is a mistake. Although he can remember being drawn in, he had not expected to see Sakura. Due to the difference in Sakura's personality, her "true self" helping Shirou better embrace her according to Medusa, he notices that it is an illusion. Somehow reading the memory of Medusa's nightmare as the Gorgon allows him to break the barrier, easily preparing a projection of Kibisis due to it being inside of her spirit rather than reality. He is able to reverse the barrier "like a reproduction of mythology", bringing her in within the "dream" as well. "Sakura" explains that the illusion of Sakura is really just a means to mask Medusa's own feelings for Shirou as she takes in his blood. He has no recollection of it afterwards.

Using the illusion in Heaven's Feel, she has a sexual encounter with Shirou under the guise of Rin Tohsaka, the only difference being her real eyes showing on occasion. In Realta Nua, Shirou is instead compelled to follow "Rin" throughout the town as she enters their school. He comes upon her preying on Ayako Mitsuzuri for her blood, and he is unable to resist as she preys upon him as well, briefly showing her true eyes. The "World" is notably dyed in red in both scenarios.


Rider fights with a low-risk and high-return type of warfare that is not fixated on the methods used to win. She fights mainly with a Nameless Dagger (無銘·短剣, Mumei Tanken?) in close combat that is more likely to be called a "nail" rather than a "dagger." It is attached to a long chain that can restrain and immobilize targets that she pierces. It is not suited to short-range battles, instead best utilized as a thrown weapon from a distance.[16] It is not a Noble Phantasm, and while its origin is unknown, it is thought to be a weapon that reflects her inner character. She boasts outstanding speed, moving like a bullet and racing around the battlefield. She is faster than Lancer in terms of average speed, but he will surpass her in immediate maximum output. Due to her nature as a Gorgon, she has a monster alignment that may make fighting battles against monster exterminators, such as against an expert like Lancer, tough for her. While she is normally blindfolded, she perceives the world through hearing, touch, smell, and magic-detection to have an even more precise outlook than with sight.

She is a unique Heroic Spirit who displays a great variety of skills and Noble Phantasms that are particularly high numbered even amongst other Servants, all of which are traces left from her time as a goddess. Due to her status as a former earth goddess, she has a strong connection to the earth, sensitive enough to its state to be able to sense disturbances in Fuyuki's leyline. Due to her contract being passed to Shinji, her abilities are lowered, and she must seek out alternative means of magical energy. While she takes blood for the most part, she is not a Dead Apostle, but rather a bloodsucker whose most efficient manner of gaining energy is through drinking blood. Her main offensive Noble Phantasm is Bellerophon, which allows the Pegasus to use an extremely powerful charge that resembles an arrow of light. She also has use of Blood Fort Andromeda, a Bounded Field designed to collect life energy from whoever is inside. Once it is set and activated, it can instantly liquify any normal humans inside and convert them into energy. Breaker Gorgon is another Bounded Field that seals the target inside the user's mind. She mainly uses it on herself in the form of a visor to seal her Mystic Eyes.

Cybele (キュベレイ, Kyuberei?), the Mystic Eyes of Petrification (石化の魔眼, Sekika no Magan?), are Rider's Mystic Eyes, said to be a "curse of the gods sealed by the powers of shrines." Though petrification sorcery is no strange thing for modern Thaumaturgy, even if its users are rare and few in numbers, Mystic Eyes capable of petrifying others are something that nobody, human or not, possesses in the present era. They are designated as Jewel under the Noble Colors system, which surpasses the Gold-ranked Eyes of the Dead Apostles and are exclusively possessed by Holy Spiritsand Magical Beasts from the Age of Gods. Their nature is strong enough a mystery that Shirou mistakes the identity of Breaker Gorgon as the eyes themselves.

Blood Fort Andromeda and Pandemonium Cetus are created abilities of the Mystic Eyes developed by Rider. The eyes, almost too abnormal to be called eyeballs, are gray with an appearance similar to crystals. Despite their abnormality, Shirou believes that they are too beautiful for any human to possess, and could either be art the gods admired or a nature they cursed. The corneas do not take in light, and the pupils see the world through a square. The irises are solidified, not allowing the eyes to close, and the millions of cells that make up the retinas are composed of the Sixth Imaginary Element. It affects all targets within the owner's field of vision, regardless of whether said targets are looking at the Eyes physically, or if they have their eyes closed but continue to view her with their mind's eye, as it is a curse to look upon her in any way. The only way Perseus was able to avoid her gaze was by utilizing his mirror shield to find her location without looking upon her at all.

Those who possess Rank C or lower in Mana will be immediately petrified, while those with Rank B may or may not be affected depending of the conditions. Those with Rank A or higher won't be petrified, but will sustain "pressure" from the Eyes and receive a one rank-down to all parameters. The entire body of the target will be affected, including clothing and weaponry, "killing them while alive" as they are turned to stone. The ability is viable in petrifying a group of enemies, but it would not be useful against an infinite number like the horde of shades spawned by Avenger. The amount of energy it uses is comparable to also fighting them off with her Noble Phantasms, so it would quickly drain her faster than simply fighting them off in melee combat.

When Archer, with Rank B Mana, is affected at close range, he instantly feels the effects. He is immediately is frozen in place, unable to close his eyes or cover them with his arms even if he wanted to do so due to being unable to move either in the slightest. He tries to charge at her afterward, but his legs are already petrified up to his knees at that point. He is petrified up to his waist only a moment later before the effect is canceled. Shirou and Rin feel the effects instantly when targeted further away, barely or unable to move as their blood starts thickening. It immediately starts solidifying the flow of Shirou's body and ceasing his senses. If he tries to run at her, his body is instantly turned to stone, and his mind swiftly follows. He is only saved when Sakura acting up causes Rider to cease her activity.

She is unable to control them in any manner on her own, requiring the use of Mystic Eye Killers like Breaker Gorgon or the glasses and contacts she later replaces it with after the Holy Grail War ends. Knowledge of the eyes render further attacks less potent, but it is not enough to allow Rider to go without Breaker Gorgon in their presence. Repeating the initial surprise effect would be impossible, making it possible to act without going completely numb and causing the effect of the petrification to go at a slower rate. The effect will be magnified again should the person's guard be let down. It is possible to cancel the effect if it has not reached a certain point by closing her eyes. In the case of a lessened effect like when Shirou accidentally walks on her bathing, it starts to spread up his legs and is too far gone to simply close her eyes, but she is able to cancel the effect by sealing them with Breaker Gorgon. It takes some time for the petrification to recede, and she mentions that it would have been bad had it affected his heart.

With her Riding skills, she can ride on animals and vehicles, allowing her to mount creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts. She uses an unlisted, innate ability to bring forth the Pegasus given to her by Poseidon, initially thought by Shirou to be her main Noble Phantasm. It actually lacks any sort of name, and it is treated much in the same manner as her dagger. Having remained since the Age of Gods, its abilities are far beyond those of a normal Pegasus that would only be limited to the strength of a several hundred years old Monstrous Beast had it been one of the few remaining Phantasmal Species from the current age. Increasing in strength as it has lived, it has the strength of a Phantasmal Beast far beyond something like Invisible Air that could defeat a normal Pegasus. If left without the ability to readily use a strong Noble Phantasm, it easily overwhelms Saber and leaves her in a position to only bide her time and wait for a mistake on Rider's handling.

Its strength is nearing that of the level of dragons, the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, and its defense has already reached that level. It is made of enough energy to have come from several hundred magi, and constantly emits it while it flies. It is a divine mystery with magical protection even greater than that of Saber, who displays the strongest resistance of the Holy Grail War, allowing it to easily brush past all thaumaturgy without issue. Not needing to halt its charge against anything, it is much like a giant castle wall crashing down on the opponent and leaving them no method of dodging or defending. Too powerful to defend against, even the trail of its charge is enough to damage a Servant. It destroys its surroundings just by moving, scorching the area around it. The buffets from its wings are capable of generating massive shock waves, which raze infrastructures and lacerate the bodies of living beings.

Despite displaying this overwhelming ability, it is a docile being unfit for combat. For it to truly attack, she must use Bellerophon to compel it. It is brought forth by slashing her neck with her dagger, allowing the blood to spray out and stop in the air to form a magic circle. The circle, which displays a creature-like figure, swells with a large amount of magical energy that makes up the Pegasus, far surpassing Blood Fort Andromeda. Pegasus then emerges from a giant eye bound by blood, and she can either immediately mount it to use Bellerophon right out of the summoning circle or have it fight for a time before strategically using it. Once in the air, she can constantly attack the enemy and move from their range without coming close to the ground to leave them bereft of any method of counterattack or form of pursuit, but its speed would make it impossible to catch even with a method to follow it. Preparing her final strike, she can use Bellerophon at any time to cut all of the its limiters.

Rider likes the recreational use of bicycles, but suffers from the fact that she endlessly accelerates to the point of breaking them. Even for a "granny bike" like the one used for shopping at the Emiya household, she could easily ride it at 100 km/h when it is only meant to peak at 20 km/h. She yearns for a racing bike like that belonging to Shirou that can allow her to reach even higher speeds with its gear system, wishing she could use Mana Burst to help with its control. If utilizing a motorcycle, she can match up against Grand Prix motorcycle former champion, Wayne Gardner.


The Medusa materialized in the Fifth Holy Grail War appears differently to her legend. She appears to be in her human form, unlike her legend where she has snake for her hairs, she has long purple hair.

She wears an eye cover that seals her excessively powerful Mystic Eyes of Petrification within the Bounded Field. Her sight is completely sealed. Although Rider perceives the world through senses such as hearing, touch, smell, and magic-detection, she is able to acquire more precise information than sight.

She has a complex about her own height and the way she gets embarrassed when people see her Mystic Eyes, she might actually be pretty ladylike. Because of her outward appearance and primary weapon, a lot of people thought she was going to be an Assassin class Servant.

In her casual attire, she wears a black polo neck top and blue jeans. She wears Touko Aozaki's "Mystic Eye Killer" to disable her Mystic Eyes. It only seals the power of petrification. It does not act like the Breaker Gorgon, which "seals all magical properties".


Rider is silent, sultry, and vigilant, never hesitating to shield her Master from harm. She is always faithful to her Master, even with Shinji acting in that role most of the time. She is not openly talkative, and she prefers to analyze people and their actions. She is very protective of Sakura and willing to sacrifice herself for Sakura's happiness. She is very logical, and she doesn't act out of anger or instinct.

Basic Information

Name: (EMIYA) Kiritsugu Emiya

Alternate Titles: Magus Killer

Servant Class: Assassin

Alternate Classes: None

Height: 175cm or 68.8976in

Weight: 63kg or 138.891lbs.

Source: None

Country of Origin: Far East

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Gender: Male

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Addresses self as: He

Likes: Nothing

Dislikes: Nothing

Talents: None

Natural enemy: None

Image Color: None


Strength: D

Endurance: C

Agility: A+

Mana: B

Luck: E(EX)

NP: B++


Assassin's True Name is EMIYA (エミヤ?), Kiritsugu Emiya.[1][2][3] An assassin who was incarnated as an agent of the Counter Force. Originally, he was not a Heroic Spirit. Although he was an individual who murdered many people as an assassin, his existence has not been engraved in the Throne of Heroes. One of the "imitation Heroic Spirits" also referred to as Counter Guardians, and someone who would have never existed in the proper human history. Yet, this "if that might have been" possibility exists now only due to the threat that attempts to destroy human history itself from its very foundation... in the Grand Order case alone. His soul was called out from the circle of deterrence in response to this threat.

Class Skills

Presence Concealment (気配遮断, Kehai Shadan?, localized as "Obfuscation") is the capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. It is a common Class Skill of the Assassin class.

Presence Concealment: A+

Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. It is possible to disappear completely and become almost impossible to be detected, even against a Servant's perception. However, efficiency will decrease once preparations to attack are taken.

Independent Action (単独行動, Tandoku Kōdō?, localized as "Independence") is the ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master; the ability that allows for action even in the absence of the Master. At higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. It is both useful and troublesome depending on the disposition of the Servant and the rank of Independent Action. Acting in autonomy from the Master's Magical Energy supply, the Master can concentrate their own Magical Energy on large spells, or the Servant will be fine even in the case they cannot supply Magical Energy due to injury. The downside is that they can be harder to control and keep by their side, making the only true way to command them is by utilizing Command Spells.

Independent Action: A

He was accustomed to a life of conducting like a person who was always alone, so he was given this Skill.

Personal Skills

Magecraft (魔術, Majutsu?) is knowledge about modern Thaumaturgy.

Magecraft: B

Capable of using magecraft. In return, because of having knowledge about magecraft, he is good at the art of killing magi, being notoriously known as the 'Magus Killer'. The ranking of this Skill primarily works as a bonus to his various checks when fighting against Casters.

Affections of the Holy Grail (聖杯の寵愛, Seihai no Chōai?) is a Skill for one who is deeply loved by a Holy Grail, in some time and place. One could call it the greatest curse in the world..

Affections of the Holy Grail: A+

This Skill boosts the rank of his LCK. Under special circumstances, he can even break out of enemy Servant abilities that would normally be impossible to escape from. However, this good fortune comes at the merciless expense of others' happiness. He himself is not aware of the existence of this Skill, and he occassionally does not hear the 'voices' whispered from the Holy Grail.

Scapegoat (スケープゴート, Sukēpugōto?) is the accumulation of cunning techniques designed to escape the battlefield in one piece.

Scapegoat: C

Noble Phantasms

Chant: « Let's shuffle the cards."
"Can you keep up with me?"
"Chronos Rose. »

Name: Chronos Rose: Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Chronos Rose: Anti-Unit, B

Information: Chronos Rose: Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (時のある間に薔薇を摘めクロノス・ローズ, Toki no Aru Aida ni Bara wo TsumeKuronosu Rōzu?) is the Noble Phantasm of the Counter Guardian EMIYA based on the unique Innate Time Control (Time Alter) ability of Kiritsugu Emiya that he had possessed in life as a technique improved for combat, sublimated into a Noble Phantasm. Based upon his personal variation of Time Manipulation, his family line's magical research that was transmitted to him, it allows him to control his inner flow of time, utilizing high-speed attacks and maneuvers by accelerating the flow of time, and concealing himself by slowing time to stagnate his biorhythms. With it possessing power as a Noble Phantasm, he is able to utilize extreme consecutive attacks to the point where he can be described as being invincible in anti-personnel combat.

Name: Phantasm Punishment: Mystery Bisection

Phantasm Punishment: Anti-Unit, C+

Information: Phantasm Punishment: Mystery Bisection (神秘轢断ファンタズム・パニッシュメント, Shinpi RekidanFantazumu Panisshumento?) is Kiritsugu Emiya's Origin that has the double attribute of "Severing and Binding", its power put into a knife and sublimated as a Noble Phantasm of the Counter Guardian EMIYA. It is the same knife he uses for his usual time manipulation attacks, his Origin made form and the knife being the embodiment of it. It inflicts fatal damage towards enemies that possesses magic circuits and magic crests or anything similar inside their bodies. The ability is invoked according to its True Name release.


EMIYA's Noble Phantasms are Chronos Rose and Phantasm Punishment. He has been shown using a much more advanced version of his specialized Bounded Field, Time Alter, and wielding various weapons, including Combat Knives, his Calico M950, and as well as his Thompson Contender.

Affections of the Holy Grail (聖杯の寵愛, Seihao no Chōai?) is his Personal Skill, a Skill for one who is deeply loved by a Holy Grail, in some time and place. One could call it the greatest curse in the world. This Skill boosts the rank of his LCK. Under special circumstances, he can even break out of enemy Servant abilities that would normally be impossible to escape from. However, this good fortune comes at the merciless expense of others' happiness. He himself is not aware of the existence of this Skill, and he occassionally hears the 'voices' whispered from the Holy Grail.


Assassin, in contrast with his counterpart, has white hair and tanned skin color just like EMIYA (Archer). It's likely that his change of hair and skin color occurred from the overextended use of Time Alter magecraft. He usually covers his face with bandages and also wears a hood. He carries a M9 bayonet for close-quarters combat.


EMIYA has little emotions, an authentic battle machine. He kills his targets promptly, without hesitation, and without losing his way. His personality is closer to his adolscent years; his way of being is the adolscent Emiya Kiritsugu himself. Speaking of that again, his spirit is close to the time immediately following him having personally killed his mentor Natalia Kaminski as the "Magus Killer". Consequentially, his heart of steel remained as steel, his emotions eventually withering away completely.

EMIYA exists with no personal motive for he exists as an agent of deterrence. Strictly speaking, succeeding in restorating the Human Order is surely the purpose of his actions. Towards the Master, he boldly speaks out that they will be "unable to cooperate", and it may not become known that the reason he says that is because he extremely does not prefer to be on a united front. Although, by any chance that there is a possiblity for them to deepen their bonds, it seems he will express words different from what he usually speaks.