Hello. To celebrate Season 2 for OPM for the new year, I decided to make this battle. Enjoy!

Long ago in a Chinese tale, there was a merchant, no relation, who sold spears and shields in the market. He claimed his shield was unpierceable by any spear, and that his spear could pierce any shield. However when someone asked him what would happen when the all mighty spear tried to pierce the unpierceable shield. The merchant only had no answer and left. This was the origin for the word contradiction, meaning "spear and shield," and today we're going to have someone who wins every fight in one punch against a warrior who can come back from death every time they die.

Chara, the first and very determined fallen human child.

Saitama, the undefeated One Punch Man.

I'm The Winged Merchant, and today/tonight it's my job to analyze their weapons, armors, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Saitama (Bio by CrashRexez)

Aliases: Caped Baldy, Sensei.

Age: 25.

Height: 5'9.

Occupation: Hero.

In Z-City on a very different Earth, lived an average man named Saitama. He was just going home after failing a job interview, making him borderline suicidal which is why he wasn't running from Crablante.

Crablante decided to spare Saitama, saying that he has lifeless eyes like himself and leaves, but not before stating that his real prey is a child with a butt looking chin because he drew nipples on his shell.

Saitama then finds said butt chin and debates on whether or not he should even try to save him, but once Crablante is in sights and attempts to attack the child, Saitama jumps in and saves the child from his attack.

During the battle Saitama tells Crablante that he always wanted to be a hero, one who could defeat monsters in a single punch. He then kills the crab monster by yanking it's eye out like a boss.

But after 3 years of training, he soon regrets this as he became strong, too strong and started winning fight after fight boring him.


-Trained his body to peak condition where he broke his limiter and gained a massive power boost.

-Has defeated countless monsters before the series started.

-The results of his feats made King look like the strongest man on Earth, cause he claimed them.

-Killed Tiger level Monster, Crablante before he even got his strength boost.

-Killed Monster Fish of Darkness.

-Killed Demon level Monster, 170,000-Year Magicicada Nymph.

-Killed Tiger level Monster, Octopus Claw Man.

-Killed Dragon level Monster, Vaccine Man.

-Killed Dragon level Monster, Beefcake.

-Killed Monster Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II.

-Killed Tiger level Monster, Kamakyuri.

-Killed Tiger level Monster, Ground Dragon.

-Killed Demon level Monster, Beast King.

-Killed Dragon level Monster, Carnage Kabuto who had powered up to Carnage Mode.

-Carnage Kabuto in base form had thrashed Genos around like nothing.

-Defeated A-Class Hero, Sneck.

-Defeated S-Class Hero, Genos with the mere wind pressure from his punch.

-Defeated S-Class Criminal Speed of Sound Sonic.

-Defeated Tiger level Monster, Kombu Infinity.

-Destroyed a giant meteor that was going to annihilate all of Z-City.

-Defeated B-Class Hero Tanktop Black Hole and C-Class Hero Tanktop Tiger casually.

-Killed Demon class Monster, Deep Sea King.

-The Deep Sea King had defeated A-Class Heroes Sneck and Lightning Max, and S-Class Heroes Puri Puri Prisoner and Genos by then.

-Killed Dragon level Monster Groribas.

-Killed Dragon level Monster, Geryuganshoop.

-Defeated and killed Dragon level Monster, Lord Boros after he had powered up to Meteoric Burst with three punches.

-It's confirmed that Saitama was going incredibly easy on Boros so that he could fulfill Boros' wish of having a good fight and very well could have annihilated Boros with, one punch.

-Killed Dragon level Monster, Pluton: King of the Underworld.

-Killed Demon level monster, Giant Crow with one punch.

-Defeated B-Class Heroes, Fubuki known as her hero name Blizzard of Hell, Eyelashes, and Mountain Ape with ease.

-Defeated Hero Hunter Garou.

-Defeated martial artist, Zako.

-Defeated martial artist champion Bakuzan.

-Defeated martial artist Sourface.

-Defeated martial artist champion Suiryu, with one booty hit. (I am not joking.)

-Killed Dragon level monster, Bakuzan.

-Killed Dragon level monster, Gouketsu.

-Defeated a snowman monster the size of a mountain.

-Killed Dragon level monster, Elder Centipede.

-He only used a serious punch so that he could completely destroy Elder Centipede and not send the body flying to the city behind it so that it wouldn't cause massive damage.

-Killed Demon level monster, Demonic Fan.

-Killed Demon level Monster, Grizzly Nyah.

-Killed Demon level monster, Game-Berus.

-Defeated S-Class Criminal, Speed of Sound Sonic.

-Killed Demon level monster, Jumping Spider.

-Killed Demon level monster, Scaledon.

-Killed Dragon level monster, Withered Sprout.

-Put SOME SLIGHT effort into defeating Dragon level monster, Overgrown Rover.

-Defeated S-Class Hero, Flashy Flash.

-Defeated Dragon level monster, Awakened Garou with several punches.

-However was going extremely easy on him due to knowing full well that Garou was still human.

-Defeated S-Class Hero, Tatsumaki.

-Resisted her psychic abilities as well due to his willpower and strength.

-All of his feats are currently extremely casual with him barely putting any effort into them.

He's defeated foes like Speed of Sound Sonic, Jumping Spider, Awakened Garou, Lord Boros, etc WITHOUT going all out.


-Physically strongest character in the series.

-All of his foes besides Lord Boros and Awakened Garou have been defeated and/or killed in one punch.

-Despite this, could easily have killed both of them in one punch.

-Destroyed the Hero Association's equipment meant for testing physical strength.

-Destroyed Speed of Sound Sonic's sword by biting it.

-Destroyed a meteor that was capable of destroying all of City Z, and the explosion could be seen from space.

-The shockwave from one of his punches annihilated several mountains.

-His Serious Series Punch nullified Boros' Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon which is stated to be Multi Continental in the Manga and Planet level in the Anime and One-Punch Man Official Databook.

-Also split clouds on a continental scale along with nullifying the attack.

-Lifted the entire Monster Association base with one giant table flip.

-ONE and Murata stated that if Saitama wanted to destroy the Earth he could.


-Completed a 1500 meter dash instantly.

-Vastly superior to heroes such as Flashy Flash and Atomic Samurai.

-Effortlessly destroys Speed of Sound Sonic in every fight they have.

-Can create an immense amount of afterimages in seconds.

-Got behind Genos before he could even begin the second round.

-Dodged numerous attacks from Genos, all of them being laser like attacks.

-Jumped from the Moon back to Earth in a matter of seconds.

-Blitzed Awakened Garou who could fly from space to Earth in a matter of seconds.

-Reacted to attacks from Flashy Flash who is considered to be the fastest S-Class Hero.


-Has survived countless hits from high tier Monsters and Heroes.

-Unfazed by being tossed around by Carnage Kabuto, more focused on the fact he thought he missed the Supermarket Bargain Sale.

-Showed little response to a city sized blast from Genos.

-Destroyed Speed of Sound Sonic's sword with his teeth.

-Didn't feel anything when Geryuganshoop used his powers to create the effect of a black hole in the room.

-A punch from the Hydrated form of the Deep Sea King barely made his head bobble.

-Was flung through a city by Tatsumaki and didn't care in the slightest.

-Was flung around by Awakened Garou for a while with little care.

-Survived numerous attacks from Lord Boros including being kicked to the moon.

Saitama is crazy powerful able to jump from the moon back to Earth, destroy a Meteorite capable of destroying Z City, survive being sent flying through buildings ect.



-Lacks martial art training.

-Simple minded most of the time.

-Did so bad on the Hero Association Exam Test that he was automatically assigned to be a C-Class Hero despite doing perfect on the physical exam.


-A very laid back and bored person.

-Commonly forgets people's names.

-Mastered at holding back his punches.

-All of his opponents so far have been no challenge to him.

-Longs for the feeling of a good fight, so his boredom has pretty much controlled his life.

-To others Saitama is seen as a mostly emotionless person who cares little for his surroundings.

-Which is semi true.

-Will just flat out let his opponents monologue and power up so that they can get to their strongest forms.

-If they go on for too long he just punches them.

-Said that ever since he was a little kid, he wanted to be a hero that could stop all monsters and villains with a single punch, which came true, and came back to bite him in the ass really quick.

-Before his massive power boost he was borderline suicidal, failing with life he said he didn't even care if Crablante killed him.

-However Saitama is still a humble and good person, allowing the masses to hate him so that other heroes could get recognition for their hard efforts, dressed up as a police officer to defeat a monster so that the police officers could get recognition due to them being out shined by heroes, and didn't care that King claimed Saitama's feats for his own.

Saitama is a good person as he doesn't care about fame or glory, even letting someone claim his feats as his own. He also is very bored and wasn't exactly a stable person before he became a hero.

Moveset Normal Series

-This fighting style consists of him using basic punches and kicks that have barely any effort or just no effort at all put into them.

Normal Punch

-The name tells you what it is.

-Usually one shots every opponent.

Consecutivue Normal Punches

-Throws a barrage of normal punches.

-Turned Meteoric Burst Boros into bloody paste.

Two Handed Consecutive Normal Punches

-Throws a barrage of punches with both of his hands that are twice as fast.

-Overwhelmed Awakened Garou.

Serious Series

-Fighting style consists of him putting some effort into his attacks.

Serious Punch

-Normal punch with some slight effort put into it.

-Nullified Boros Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon and completely annihilated Elder Centipede.

Serious Side Hops Does side hops so fast that he creates an immense amount of afterimages. Overwhelmed Speed of Sound Table Flip

-Grabs the ground and lifts it up.

-Strong and powerful enough to lift the entire Monster Association base which is the size of a city.

Serious Headbutt

-Headbutts the opponent with some slight effort put into it.

-Blew off half of Awakened Garou's torso.

His attacks are overall basic, punching, punch barrage, double punch, punch able to nullify Lord Boros's Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, you know, normal stuff.


-Is very bored with his life and will let his opponents monologue or hit him first.

-Is never serious at first.

His overall boredom is his greatest weakness, fight after fight has made him less and less serious, never even going all out right at the beginning. However we haven't really seen anything this One Punch Man can't defeat yet.

Saitama: You won't survive. You don't get what hero means. There's a lot of incredibly strong bad guys in the world. Those who oppose them are called heroes. Even if they are alone. You, who gathers weaker subordinates to feel strong, won't make it. At this rate, you are gonna cry sooner or later. When a monster stronger than you shows up, none of your subordinates will save you. Factions? Newbie crushing? Keeping your ranks? They have nothing to do with anything! Do not look down on heroes, you moron!

Chara (Chara Bio by YellowFlash1234)

Species: Formerly Human, Currently Living Embodiment of Bloodlust

Age: Young

Classification: Manifestation of the Player's Murderous Intent

Once upon a time, there lived two races, humans and monsters. You know the story, they go to war and of course the monsters lose and are sealed underground by a magic barrier that only a human and monster can cross together, or destroyed by 7 SOULS.

After an unspecified amount of time, a human who fell underground, most likely to kill themselves either by falling or desth by monsters, which would be awesome to put on a tombstone. However they were found and was adopted by the kind and gentle Dreemurr family, who also happened to be the leading monarchs of the Underground. They were found specifically by Asriel, the prince of the underground.

Chara lived with their new adopted goat bro and they lived happily ever after...


All was fine until Chara and Asriel accidentally used buttercups instead of cups of butter in a butterscotch pie and accidentally poisoned Asgore, the kind of the Underground, luckily he survived

After that, this kid had a plan so insane, it just might work and free all of monster-kind from the Underground. They poisoned themselves with buttercups and, like they planned, Asriel would absorb Chara's SOUL when they died and cross the Barrier with Chara's body.

Chara and Asriel encountered humans, who thought that Asriel killed Chara and attacked him. Chara begged Asriel to fight back, but he refused. He left with Chara's body and some golden flower seeds and died inside the Underground.

This angered Asgore greatly and he declared any human who fell underground to be given to him so they may be executed, which distanced him and Toriel, who ran away and buried Chara at the beginning of the Ruins, where they fell down.

After 6 SOULS are collected, the 8th human, Frisk falls down and their own Detirmination awakens them from death and they possess Frisk giving them information and guidance throughout the Underground.

However, something wasn't right with Frisk and they began to kill monsters and not by accident, they grinded until they liberated the ruins, saving Toriel for last.

This begin the long list of Genocide the two would go on throughout the Underground.


-Chara caused the death of their adoptive brother Asriel

-The driving reason behind Asgore's murder of the other six fallen humans

-During the Genocide Route, slowly possessed Frisk as their willingness to kill increased

-When they fully possessed Frisk, defeated Sans

-Killed both Asgore and Flowey with ease

-Slaughtered every monster in the Underground

-Killed most of them in single hits

-Chara destroyed reality itself with a single strike and then restored reality in exchange for Frisk's soul

Overtime as the duo killed, they gained LV, or LOVE, LOVE is an acronym for Level Of ViolencE.

Eventually, they defeated their most deadly opponents, Undyne The Undying, who relied on brute force to win and played hyper aggressive against them, and Sans, who, despite his 1 Hit Point, Attack, and Defense, managed to defeat them multiple times thanks to his speed and ability to dodge as well as his Karmic Retribution, which turned their own sins against themselves.

However, Chara eventually, thanks to all the power and Detirmination Frisk obtained, possessed them and killed Sans.


Immense Strength

-Destroyed the game's multiverse in one blow

-Besides Undyne, killed every monster in the game with one strike

-Killed Frisk with one attack

Immense Speed and Reflexes

-While possessing Frisk, can dodge lightning and rays of light

-Exists outside of the normal timeline, due to being a conceptual entity

Immense Durability

-Tanked the destruction of reality

-Can take Karmic Retribution-powered hits from Sans

-Can easily survive blows from most monsters in the game

They are incredibly high in many statistical ways, they are strong enough to destroy and restore the entire reality of the game's multiverse, able to survive in said destroyed reality, and they are capable of dodging lightning and light based attacks.


High Intellect

-Planned out their own death and Asriel's death to cause a second war between humans and monsters

-Nearly succeeded in causing a second war between humans and monsters

Skilled Fighter

-Slaughtered every monster in the Underground

-Defeated Sans


Real Knife

-Chara's main weapon

-An ordinary knife

-Gives a 99 boost in attack power when used

The Locket

-Chara's main defensive item

-A heart-shaped locket

-Gives a 99 boost in defense when worn

-Likely belonged to Chara before their death

Of course, Chara and Frisk wouldn't have gotten far easily without their trusty weapons and armor.

If you want to know more about those, you're better off checking Frisk vs Baldi, however we will talk about their Genocide exclusive weapon and armor, the Real Knife, which, unlike most weapons, gives them no special bonus, however it more than makes up for it with the bonus of 99 ATK. The Locket, similar to the Real Knife, gives no specific bonus, however it gives Chara 99 DEF.



-Can possess living beings

-Their power over their host depends on the host's killing intent

The more killing intent the host has, the more control Chara has over them

Conceptual Existence

-After their death, exists as a conceptual manifestation of murderous intent


-Acts like a save feature in a video game, letting Frisk and Chara save a certain point in time and return to that point in time at will

-Only usable by beings with the highest determination


-The more determined they get, the stronger the two becomes

Chara's most powerful ability however is DETERMINATION, which gives them their ability to SAVE LOAD as well the power to RESET. This power also allows them to resist death itself and brings them back to their last SAVE.


Can only possess people with enough determination and a certain amount of killing intent

-Before gaining enough power, could only interact with the world through a host

Chara however is not perfect, they're only able to possess beings with Determination and a high amount of killing intent like Frisk (and maybe Kris, but that is still up in the air and Deltarune is still only a demo meaning anything can change). They also could only interact with the world though a host prior to getting enough power.

Chara: "Chara." The demon that comes when people call its name. It doesn't matter when. It doesn't matter where. Time after time, I will appear. And, with your help, we will eradicate the enemy and become strong. HP. ATK. DEF. GOLD. EXP. LV. Every time a number increases, that feeling... That's me. "Chara."