Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once for all! It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEE!

Z City was under attack... again.

Saitama was currently in the supermarket trying to take advantage of a sale, only to find out the store was crushed under a huge monster's foot.

He then saw the monster in question and he also saw someone was fighting it. Deciding to end the fight in a single punch, he attacked the monster as it exploded into millions of pieces. He then turned to the one who fought it, only to see a tan child with brown hair, wearing a blue and purple sweater and blue pants with a bandage on their cheek. They pointed the knife they held in their hand at Saitama. Their name was Chara and they had successfully possessed Frisk after they were given their SOUL.

After doing a true pacifist run, they double crossed every single monster, getting them to LV 20 in no time. They were about to slay this walking pile of EXP only for some bald man to one shot the monster and nabbing they're EXP from them.

But how did he kill that monster? It still had plenty of HP left.

The first fallen human then stared at the man closely for a moment, trying to get a read on his stats using their CHECK ability


The Caped Baldy. He looks incredibly bored.

Saitama then tilted his head, "Hey kid, you alright? You're kinda looking at me funny, and not in the 'Wow you're so strong,' kinda way."

Chara smiles with a very creepy smile as they quickly SAVED in front of this man, they then looked Saitama dead in the eyes, they're smile never faltering.

*1 LEFT.

The unkillable demon child of a western video game vs the unstoppable adult hero of an eastern anime/manga series.

Only one of these two will walk away alive...


Chara went right out of the gate by rushing at Saitama with incredible speed, preparing to slash him, only for Saitama to counter with a simple punch to the face.

The next thing they knew….


You cannot give up just yet...

CHARA! Stay determined…

Chara looked completely confused, before they then thought that what happened was a fluke.

The human once again found themselves face to face with the hero.

Chara then rushed at Saitama once more, only to fake him out as they dodge the attack before countering the counterattack by getting attempting to hit Saitama, who jumped around it and gave Chara a light chop to their neck, killing them.


You cannot give up just yet...

CHARA! Stay determined...

As the human stared at these words they facepalmed with a deep inhale followed by a large sigh, it was that Smiley Trashbag all over again.

As the human reloaded their file once again, they looked at Saitama with a face of pure annoyance.

The Caped Baldy didn't fail to see that they went from smiling creepily to a face of pure annoyance before the fight even began, as if he frustrated them somehow? His head tilted to the side in confusion as he raised an eyebrow, confused as to why the child looked at him angrily.

The caped baldy then saw the kid rush towards him as they jumped over a punch, as if they expected it. Chara then jumped away from him as they drew an old antique gun.

They then give it some focus before they fired a blast of some unknown energy, which hit Saitama.


Chara was shocked, they fired the attack at full power, yet they barely even scratched him.

The One Punch Man then looked at Chara with another face of confusion before he saw them pull out a Frying Pan and get into a defensive position before they attempted to block his next attack.

The punch went through the Pan and cracked their skull wide open.


Chara loaded their SAVE, groaning.

In all honesty they were enjoying the thrill of a new challenge, but it was starting to get a little hair-pulling, even moreso than Sans.

As the first human to fall underground reloaded, they looked at Saitama.

The Caped Baldy didn't fail to see that they went from smiling creepily to a face of pure annoyance before the fight even began, as if he frustrated them someho- 'Wait this seems a bit familiar, why am I having so much Deja Vu right now,' Saitama suddenly thought to himself.

Chara, this time, decided to use the Sans strategy and wear Saitama down… hopefully.

To make a short battle, even shorter… it didn't work.

As Chara kept reloading, Saitama kept getting more and more Deja Vu, to the point where he actually remembered an attack Chara did to him, which he countered it.

After a while, Chara then got fed up with Saitama, eventually when they reloaded for lord knows how many times, they ripped off the bandage and put on a golden heart locket, it was THE LOCKET and their knife was charged up with determination, turning it into the REAL KNIFE.

Saitama however was staring at the human, who's face had changed.

Their eyes opened to show their brown eyes, they now had blushes on their cheeks, and they now smiled.

They then pulled up a SAVE point and saved in front of Saitama who finally caught on to what the child was doing, why he felt so much deja vu, why they were annoyed with him, why Chara was able to dodge most of his attacks with ease.

"You… you're screwing with time aren't you?"

This caused Chara to look surprised for a moment, but the hero continues, "Every time you die, you just keep coming back, so no matter how many times I kill you, I can't truly ever KILL you, right?"

Saitama then finished his conclusions with, "Because if that's the case, then that explains all this Deja Vu I've been having and why you looked so annoyed all the sudden. "

The human child looked at Saitama eventually gave a small chuckle with a smile, which slowly evolved into a nightmarish laughter, their eyes and mouth looked melted as they continued laughing.

"So if you can't die. Then do you mind if I…."

His head and face went from an egg with a cartoony expression, to a very menacing expression and a fire in his eyes, he has finally someone who can give him a run for his money, and that thrilled the hero as blood pumped through his veins, a smile on his face as he no longer cared about saving the city, he was now only fighting this demon for the sake of a fight.

"...get serious?" Saitama finished.

Chara then saved once more as the two stood face to face.

(A hollow darkness covers this void.)

(Fire is burning within Saitama's eyes.)

(It seems this battle is almost over.)

(You're filled with… D-E-T-I-R-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N.)

Saitama began this final round with a quick punch, only for Chara to dodge it and stabbed the bald hero across the chest, that kid hurt him.

...That kid hurt him…


As Saitama saw a small wound as some blood began leaking out, surprised by this turn in events.

Chara seemed satisfied and even enjoyed the shocked expression Saitama had as he began to cry.

However he then began to smile, making the genocidal child realize that his tears were not ones of sadness and pain….

...but of joy and happiness.

He truly was giving this his all.

Saitama then rushed at Chara ready to give it his all. As the attack sent Chara flying, however, this time they didn't die thanks to their Locket, but they were at only 1 HP, a second hit would do them in, they pulled out a legendary hero and sea tea and recovered 50 HP as their attack and speed increased. They then eat a rectangular steak with Mettaton's face on it, getting their HP back to maximum.

The One Punch Man then uppercutted Chara into the "sky" as Chara was then forced to dodge a barrage of punches from him.

The young child then went into a slash that actually managed to cut Saitama's left arm off which Saitama cried out in pain from. The hero then quickly counterattacked them with a mighty uppercut which the human avoided by leaning back very quickly, as they felt the intense huricane in front of them from the sheer speed and power of Saitama push them back. When they stopped, Chara got into a defensive stance before they rushed at the one armed hero ready to slash him from the side the knife preparing to enter Saitama's body...


A massive hole in Chara's stomach appeared as they only said one thing.


Saitama meanwhile looked confused. So the human then explained.

"How did you kill me, I could withstand a punch of yours earlier and I was still at max HP?"

Saitama then asked, "How did you do it the first time?"

"You idiot my locket... increased my... defense..." Chara started before realization hit them like a firetruck to a demon surrounded by fire.

Namely because Chara then looked and realized the Locket was gone.

They then remembered Saitama'a uppercut that forced them to lean back.

The hurricane sent the heart locket flying up and off of Chara, forcing it to be unequip without them even knowing.

Chara then fainted from blood loss before they could grab an item.

Meanwhile Saitama collapsed as blood continued to flow from his arm and cut.

Saitama then felt something as time once again reloaded, he still had his memories, but his entire body was fixed, only to see he was in some kind of dark void looking at darkness as far as they eye can see before he saw the child once more... but something about them was... different.

They were now much paler in comparison, their hair also become a brighter shade of brown. Their Sweater's two purple stripes became a single yellow stripe while the blue sweater itself became a green one while their pants went from blue to brown. To top it all off, their brown eyes became a shining royal crimson.


I am Chara."

Saitama looked at Chara as he prepared to attack, only for Chara's next words confuse him.

"But I really must thank you."

Your power had made me understand something.

My "SOUL"...


They were not enough to stop you.

At first, I was so confused.

My genocide had been halted.

All because of you.


While I fought you, I slowly realized something."

Saitama meanwhile was getting really bored and was about to punch Chara before he got curious at what Chara realized.

"I realized you and I craved something together.


We both eradicated oue enemies and became strong.


Every time a number increases, that feeling...

That'll be me.



Now we have both reached the absolute.

There is nothing left to gain from this battle of ours.

Let us become partners and erase this pointless world, and then move on to the next?"

Saitama stared at this child who was clearly offering him power.

Power so he can become even stronger.

Power so he can destory more monsters.

...That sounds...

...That sounds...

...even more boring than fighting with the power he has now.

He decided to shake his head side to side with a frown.

"Sorry kid, that offers sounds fine but that also sounds incredibly boring and I'm bored enough as it is with my own power. If I did accept it, there surely wouldn't be any more challenges left for me to overcome," The hero said sternly.

Chara seemed to have taken it as well as one would expect.



How curious.

You must have misunderstood."

Their eyes then widened and their face looked melted. Before Saitama heard something he'd never forget.


Chara then rushed at Saitama and all Saitama could see is that red knife about to hit him.

Saitama meanwhile prepared his most serious punch.

The two attacks collided and...


Outside it showed Saitama and Chara laying on the ground as both just immediately fainted after they just looked at each other as everyone stared at him and the child, the latter had been recognized for killing people, heroes, and monsters left and right.

Saitama then got up finally breathing heavily. He looked around and smiled happily. Proud of the massive challenge he had finally overcome.

He then walked off and saw Genos who said, "Ah sensei, I was wondering where you were."

Saitama then started to walk towards Genos, who was confused.

"Sensei? Is everything alright?"

The hero kept walking.

"Sensei!? What are you doing!? D-don't come any closer!"

He then realized this man was no longer his Sensei when he saw a smile on Saitama's face before said hero then rushed forwards at insane speeds and punched Genos, killing him instantly.

He then saw something.

He then held the body of Chara before throwing it up and destroying it in one punch, and left, only taking one thing.

A heart locket.

He then turned to a yellow star and stared at it.


Saitama's now red eyes and endless smile with his recent addition of blush revealed themselves as he laughed.

"This shall be fun, with this power, nobody will be able to stop me."


Shows Saitama with Chara's face killing various monsters and heroes / Meanwhile Saitama wakes up in a dark void to see a Skeleton with a glitch covering a fractured skull like an eyepatch. His white hoodie contrasted by the red slash across his chest and the long red scarf he wore. He also sees a human that resembled Chara when they first fought.

Ok, I know there's going to be a bunch of OPM fans and UT fans debating in the reviews and sending me death threats but in all honesty, This might've been somehow both the easiest and hardest fight to decide a victor for.

First off, let's discuss power, which is rather tricky right now.

For this fight, I decided to use the most reliable source I had for VS Debates, the INTERNET, because if it's online, I'll believe it like the sap I am.

But for real though, I used VS BATTLE WIKI.

Saitama's most powerful feat right now is him breaking that meteor which would be able to be able to destroy Z City. Keep in mind, it's incredibly likely he isn't going all out. However I don't want to be the poor sap who's forced to truly estimate his feats and what, which as so insane that it's better to stay out of it, trust me I'm painting a big enough target as it is. So instead according to VS BATTLE WIKI, Which puts him at Wall Level to Multi-Continent Level, which, just to appeal to you salty crybabies in the comments, we will put him at Multi-Continent.

Chara meanwhile according to EXACT SAME WIKI, is put at, AND I QUOTE, "At least Low Multiverse level, likely Multiverse level ," mainly because of their game/reality destruction feat from the end of the genocide route. Which I don't think Saitama could actually live.

Nonetheless, Chara, with their True Knife, might be able to still hurt Saitama, though it is pretty debatable.

Durability meanwhile is a bit easier to talk about, salt wise.

Chara is still at least Low Multiverse level or Multiverse level as they were completely unaffected by their own destruction of the game/multiverse.

Saitama in the other hand can survive being kicked to the moon by Boros as well as being sent flying though a city by Tatsumaki.

With speed, Saitama is at least Relativistic (10%-50% Speed of Light), likely higher as he effortlessly threw a rock faster than Geryuganshoop could. It was also stated by Murata that Geryuganshoop's near light speed attacks are "nothing" compared to Saitama and "a bad joke" in his eyes.

Chara meanwhile is labelled at least Massively Hypersonic+, likely much higher while possessing Frisk as they're capable of dodging lasers fired from Sans' Gasterblasters, as well as Vulkin's lightning. Meaning Saitama is likely faster.

Statima is hard to say as Saitama has never been shown to be worn out and Chara's determination just gives them infinite statima, so it's hard to say.

When it comes to intelligence, Saitama might be smarter, I mean Chara's just a kid who fell underground. They did come up with a plan to sacrifice themselves so Asriel can cross the barrier to kill other humans. So it's somewhat as debatable as power.

When it comes to being strategic, Chara takes this as they have planned out their own death and Asriel absorbing their SOUL. Saitama meanwhile is mostly just brute force without much thought.

Weapons and Armor obviously go to Chara, as they're the only one of these to two to have any. However most of them, if not all of them, might be useless in physical combat and might be overwhelmed by Saitama's strength or can't even hurt him though the passive buffs they supply could be potentially useful. Though the Real Knife and Locket might be the most likely to make Chara able to hurt and take being hurt by him.

Recovery also goes to Chara as they're various healing items could help them in the rare chance they survive a punch from the One Punch Man. The passive buffs of increase speed and power the Sea Tea and Legendary Hero also might help.

Now comes down to the meat of this fight.

Saitama's raw power to one shot nearly anyone VS Chara's SAVE and LOAD.

Now let me say this, in a one round battle, Saitama takes this easily. Chara wouldn't expect the overwhelming power that the One Punch Man has. It's basically Sans all over again, most people don't expect to die right out of the gate.

However in a more realistic battle where we give Chara their SAVE and LOAD, Chara can just keep coming back, slowly learning Saitama more and more. Removing all elements of surprise Saitama can throw at them.

Now a lot of you may be wondering if Saitama could counter this. Unfortunately anime fans, he actually can't, despite him being a gag character has yet to show any 4th wall awareness. However it is still potentially possible to become aware.

Think about Sans, he could just read Chara's expression like he did when he recognized Sonic's smile and realize that Chara is a bit mad at him or even furious with him, considering this would always be his first fight with them would confuse him. However combine that with Chara dodging his attacks like they've seen them all before and he might be able to put the pieces together, true it's extremely unlikely he'd understand how it works but he'd recognize them messing with time. There have also been various cases of characters in Undertale having Deja Vu thanks to Frisk/Chara's SAVING and LOADING meaning the more they do it the more it might happen.

Now some of you may argue that Saitama could just kill them enough to eventually erase them like Asriel tells you during his fight. But unfortunately, we don't know how much is... well much, making it extremely hard to quantify just how much killing one would have to do. Not to mention they keep dying to Sans and yet that never stopped them from eventually killing him. Man bald guys and guys who's names start with Sa- just don't stand a chance against this kid.

Now since Chara could keep coming back from the dead and Saitama could just keep killing them. They have reached what is virtually a stalemate where the fight could potentially last forever until Saitama killed them enough times to erase them, Chara gets bored or frustrated enough and Resets the Timeline, or Chara finally kills Saitama.

But considering Chara's strength it's likely the latter would happen first, yeah yeah Chara wasn't killing Saitama with a slice from their knife and Saitama kept killing them despite their , but the battle animations of the REAL Death Battle and others or the written fight of others, my included, isn't always an accurate display of the fight, it's meant to be entertaining, it's meant to tell a story, it's meant to give your eyes a treat instead of just listening to people talk, talk, and talk about statistics and calculations.

So this comes down to one question, who wins.

Surprisingly, the answer is far more simple, Chara.

Chara could easily possess Saitama taking control of his body because he can show a lot of killing intent and determination when he gets truly serious while fighting. Also Saitama hasn't fought anyone who tried to possess his body yet or even someone pulled a Captain Ginyu and swapped bodies with him. However it's incredibly likely he doesn't possess immunity to possession.

I guess Chara just POSSESSED the right means to win and there wasn't a GHOST of a chance Saitama could do anything about it and that led to his (DE)TERMINATION.

The winner is Chara Dreemurr.

Chara (Winner)

+++Stronger especially thanks to their Real Knife and Legendary Heroes (Currently as Saitama lacks any feats capable of rivaling multiverse destruction.)

++Far more durable especially thanks to the Locket


+Larger arsenal of weapons and armor.

+Could possess Saitama if given the chance

+Could recover lost HP with healing items.

+SAVE and LOAD completely ruined any element of surprise.

-/+Potentially could be killed, but could just keep LOADING to come back.

-/+Enough GAME OVERS could erase them, but due to lack of quantified numbers make that extremely unlikely.


Saitama (Loser)


+/-Potentially could kill Chara, but they could just keep LOADING to come back.

+/-Enough GAME OVERS could erase Chara, but due to lack of quantified numbers make that extremely unlikely.

-Weaker especially thanks to their Real Knife and Legendary Heroes (Currently as Saitama lacks any feats capable of rivaling multiverse destruction.)

-Far less durable


-Lacks any real weapons and armor.

-Could be possessed if Chara is given the chance

- Chara could recover lost HP with healing items.

-SAVE and LOAD completely ruined any element of surprise.

Next Time on Death Battle...

Shows Mario jump into an arena and give his friends, like Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, some Toads, Starlow, E Gadd, Bowser, Bowser Jr, (Both of which came to see if Mario would die), ect, all of who were currently in the stands, a thumbs up as they cheered for him.

It then shows a fatter, cross eyed version of Mario crashing his kart as it exploded with him flying out of the wreckage and get up, his friends, which included a white and blue Mario recolor along other recolors, Luigi (who was staring at a Luigi doll he had in a seductive way), Yoshi, Princess Peach (who was screaming at her Mario), a blue haired girl, Bowser, Bowser Jr, (Both are here because they were evil enough to sneak in without paying), and an Inkling girl who held up a sign covering in ink as it read, "Go Mario!", were all having mixed, and some would call it random, responses, some cheered, some were angry, and some didn't give a crap.

After that a more 2D looking Mario walks in with him giving a thumbs up as well to his friends. His stands are filled with various species like Koopas, Boos, Goombas, ect, all wearing clothes. Outside of them, there was also his world's Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Kammy, as well as his other friends.

The next Mario to appear looked a lot like the first only he caused a large crater when he dropped right in from the sky. His friends, which included a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, a black and red anthropomorphic hedgehog, Luigi, Yoshi, Stuffwell, Peach, some Toads, and more. (Their version of Bowser was currently busy plotting his revenge.) They, like the first Mario's friends, cheered for him.

The next Mario to appear looked like the first and last one, if you take away the red eyes, demonic voice, blood covered katana, and evil, red aura. He appeared as he walked in menacingly. His stands were all filled with angry looking Toads with signs that said, "Kill him!", a faded version of Luigi and Peach both had similar glares at Mario, who ignored them all.

It then fades as it shows, "Mario Battle Royale."

"Let's-a go!"