Prologue: Tuning In

. . . . . . Fires erupting all across the border between the Capellan Confederation and the Free Worlds League this week, as the CCAF strikes out at key holdings all across their spinward border with the holdings of League. The attacks have been lightning fast and highly coordinated, leaving very little time to respond before the next front lights up. Though the other Houses have sounded off against the actions of House Liao, the leadership of the House itself has remained suspiciously silent, with its current chancellor, Daoshen Liao, refusing to make any comment on the actions of his military. House Marik, currently still recovering from its devastating fracturing, is struggling to formulate a response to this attack, and some analysts believe that, by the time the FWLM finally deploy, it will be too late . . . .

. . . . . . Reporting live from the FWLM DropShip Flame of Liberation, in orbit above the planet of Andurien V, capital world of the Duchy of Andurien. This now contested province of the Free Worlds League has become the central battleground of the Capellan Confederation's invasion, and the rulers of House Marik have sworn to the people of the formerly independent duchy that the aggressions of House Liao will end here and now, and that they will begin retaking their fallen worlds once the advance of the Confederation has been halted. To this end, this dropship, and many like it, are now deploying masses of troops, mechs, combat vehicles, and supplies to the surface of Andurien, in numbers not seen since the Clan Invasions. Officers on board have refused to comment . . . .

. . . . . . Thank you, Steven. I'm standing here with Captain Devlin Carmack of the 8th Legionnaires Aerospace Wing, outside the FWLM Command Center here in Jojoken, capital city of Andurien. Captain Carmack, thank you for joining me.

You're welcome. And please, sweetheart, call me Dev.

Well, thank you Dev. Now, the viewers at home want to know, what sort of plan does the FWLM have to combat the Capellan advance?

Well Sally, I can't discuss too much, as many aspects of the plan are above my paygrade.

Can you give us any sort of insight into what the military is doing.

I can tell you that the Free Worlds League Military has the situation well in hand.

So we have nothing to worry about.

Of course. FWLM High Command has a plan in place to kick the Capellans off the planet before a galactic standard week is out. The Anduriens will have their planet back before they can even blink.

Bold words indeed. So tell me, what role does an Aerospace wing play in all this fighting?

Well, when it comes to combat, we usually play support rolls.

So you don't do any direct fighting then?

Of course we do, if you'll allow me to continue. Our wing plays a direct role in intercepting Capellan DropShips, preventing them from landing any more troops on the continent of Zahle. Considering we're better equipped than most Capellan conventional fighters, our presence allows the boys on the ground to focus on the enemy.

Does that mean Capellan aerospace wings are no threat.

No, but we have other wings equipped for aerospace combat.

Excellent. Now, one more thing, before we cut to break.

Of course.

Sightings have been reported of a DropShip landing in the FWLM Staging Area, outside Jojoken, one bearing the markings of Clan Ghost Bear. Are the FWLM contracting mercenaries from the Clans? Or are these elements acting independently.

No Comment.


This interview is over, shut that camera off . . . .

. . . . . . Hello, this is Kianna Marisel, live from Teravin's Reach, a village on the front lines of the Capellan advance. The situation here has turned desperate, as more and more Capellan DropShips make landfall on the continent. THe FWLM has managed to establish a battle line, and are attempting to fortify it, but as of right now, lightning strikes and concentrated fire from Capellan units in the field are making it quite a harrowing task. We've received word that . . . Wait, hold on . . . What do you mean, they're advancing? Now? Alright, shut the camera off, we need to . . . . wait do you hear that . . . Missile fire, get down! Get-

Attention, passengers. This is Captain Ahab of the Ardent Star. I'd like to inform you that we will be completing our jump to the Andurien system within the next five minutes. Please report to your transports and prepare to disembark. A reminder: the Andurien system is currently an active war zone, and you have travelled here at your own risk. Know that the crew of this JumpShip are not responsible for any injuries received once you have disembarked. If any transportation crews are on opposite sides of this conflict, we ask that you wait until you have travelled the prerequisite one hundred and twenty-five miles before opening fire, so as the JumpShip is not caught in the fray. Thank you for travelling with us, and we hope you consider the Ardent Star for your return journey.