"Archangel, who is this guy?" Havok asked as the other X-Men exited the X-Jet

"But how can he be alive" Beast said shocked

"We saw him" Storm said

"Yeah, he saw him get turned to ash" Wolverine said "SO HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!" he shouted as Archangel descended glaring at his old teammates

"Oh man he's creepy" Shadowcat said forcing Archangel's gaze onto her "Eep" she squeaked hiding behind Havok and Colossus who looked anrgy

"You think that was all it took to kill me, I bit you didn't look for me" Archangel said

"I did, I returned to the site of that fight and all I found was charred feathers" Wolverine said

"You ever think that they were decoys?" Archangel asked

"Either way there was no evidence that you were alive, but plenty you were dead, after all that was a Sentinel beam" Wolverine said as he glared at the mutant

"And now I have your team, the team we served on" Archangel said

"Don't remind me" Wolverine said drawing his claws

"Logan you can't be serious" Storm said

"I am" Wolverine said

"Why?" Storm asked

"ENOUGH OF THIS!" Archangel shouted as he shot out several bladed feathers at the group, forcing them to scatter. Gambit saw the feathers in the ground and ran at Archangel, before sliding to grab the feathers; fanning them like a hand of cards and charging them up before returning them to Archangel before they exploded in his face. Gambit smirked before Archangel emerged from the smoke like an angry hawk before he shot some more feathers at Gambit who dodged out of the way as one of the feathers bounced off of

"We have to bring him down" Colossus said

"Yeah, but how are we going to do that?" Gambit asked as he threw another card

"Iceman!" Colossus said

"Yeah?" the ice user said

"Think you can freeze his wings?" Colossus said

"That could work" Iceman said "But I would have to get above him" Iceman said

"Leave that to me" Nightcrawler said teleporting next to him

"Do it" Colossus said as Nightcrawler placed his hand on Iceman's shoulder and looked up, teleporting them into the sky above Archangel who was targeting Rogue and Shadowcat. Gritting his teeth Iceman created an ice slide so he could stay above Archangel

"HEY BIRDBRAIN, CHILL!" Iceman shouted as he froze the metallic wings of Archangel

"NO!" Archangel roared as he pummelled towards the ground

"Got him!" Iceman cheered before he saw the impact broke the ice

"Nice try" Archangel said getting up

"Try this" Jubilee said using her power to blind Archangel making him cover his eyes before he felt something puncture his arm, look him saw a wolf gnawing at it "Begone beast!" he said flicking her away

"I've got you" Psylokce said catching Wolfsbane

"Watch the birdie" Warpath said slugging Archangel as he was getting up

"Warren, please tell us you're in there' Beast said as he jumped in front of his friend

"Hank?" Archangel asked "What do you think" he said slashing at beast with his wings, only they were blocked by Wolverine who was snarling

"We have to knock him out" Wolverine said

"But how are we going to do that" Beast said

"I've got an idea" Shadowcat said

"KITTY!" Magick said as she raced towards Archangel

"We've got your back" Siryn said as she and Magma raced after her

Archangel looked at the girls charging at him and prepared his wings to cut them down when he felt someone tap his shoulders

"Hey there, nice wings mind in I borrow them to cut my Chorizo?" Deadpool asked suddenly appearing

"What?" Archangel asked before stabbing the red wearing mercenary

"Tastes like metal and coconut...hehe MCU callback" Deadpool said collapsing backwards

"NO!" the girls said

"Eat this" Magma shouted drawing her namesake from the ground and threw it at Archangel while Siryn inhaled to unleash a powerful sonic scream making Archangel slowly move backwards

"You can't be me" Archangel said

"They can't but I can" Deadpool said getting "And the music's playing asshole" Deadpool said drawing his twin katanas before stabbing one of them into Archangel's side before drawing his gun and shooting him in the knee bringing him to the ground "X gon' give it to ya, X gon' give it to ya, X gon' give it to ya" Deadpool sang before doing some dance move. Then he suddenly looked down to see some of the feathers Archangel fired at the X-Men, so he walked over and grabbed one, Archangel glared at him and moved his wings to lift himself off the ground before Deadpool just missed shoving the feather into Archangel's back to prevent the wings from work

"Oh come down here you gigantic flying smurf" Deadpool said shaking his fist

"I don't think so" Archangel said as he looked over and saw Storm helping up Beast. "But you could save them" he smirked firing weathers the two he spied before. Deadpool saw this and quickly went over to Shadowcat and teleported her to Beast and Storm

"Power, now!' Deadpool said

"What why?" Shadowcat asked before doing so as the feathers hit the ground behind them

"That's why" Deadpool said wiping the sweat from his brow before realising he was wearing a mask

"Warren" Storm said flying up into the sky, her eyes glowing white "ENOUGH!" she shouted as the sky rumbled with thunder

"You think some thunder will scare me?" Archangel sneered

"no, but hopefully the lightning will show you how wrong you are" Storm said calling forth the lightning from the sky and like everyone else in that battle had targeted his metallic wing causing the lightning to travel up his wing and into his body making him plummet to the ground, Iceman quickly made a slide to make sure Archangel softly got to the gone

"Big mistake" Archangel said as he got up and flexed his wings again looking around with a sneer on his face

"I'm sorry about this" Psylocke said as she deployed her psychic knife

"Like that will stop me" Archangel said going to strike with his wing, only to find that Colossus and Warpath had them pulled back. Havok and Jubilee used their powers to make sure he couldn't get a good look at where Psylocke was

"NOW" Wolverine shouted

"You got it" Psylocke said as she stabbed Archangel's mind with her knife

"No, no, no, no, no" Archangel raged before he slumped over

"Secure him" Beast said

"I've got it" Iceman said covering Iceman in a thick blanket of ice

"We'll put him in the cargo hold" Wolverine said

"understand, but you better have a way to fix this" Beast snarled

"Like I caused it" Wolverine said as the group entered the X-Jet; most of them collapsing in their seats while Beast and Storm could the piloting seats and flew back to the institute

"What is he doing?" Shaw snarled

"What do you mean?" Victor asked meeting him in secret

"Stryker, Trask any of those stupid humans?!" Shaw snapped

"Again what do you mean?"

"The X-Men just got three of their members back, including the one on loan to us by the Essex corporation!" Shaw said "We needed him to protect the Master Mold until we were ready to wipe out the human after killing any mutants that could get in our way!" Shaw said

"I have no idea, but I haven't seen Stryker or Trask since your club blew up in our faces because of you keeping a proto-sentinel in the bloody basement with the child of the Phoenix!" Victor snarled "Either way the X-men will not stop us"

"And what if they discover where Stryker is" Shaw asked

"There is only one way they will do that and I doubt they can" Victor said

"How can you be sure?" Shaw said sipping some Brandy

"You can't locate something you forgot" Victor smirked

"How can you be sure he's truly forgotten everything?" Shaw asked

"How did you think he forgot" Victor said sliding his claws out while smirking evilly

"My word" Emma said

"What is it?" Beast asked

"He's mind. It's been fragmented, possibly shattered" Emma said checking Archangel's mind

"Can you fix it?" Storm asked

"I could, but not as easily if I was the Professor" Emma said

"I have serious doubt we'll easily find Charles" Wolverine said

"Like I said it would be easier if I was the professor but I can still do it" Emma said "I just need all of my concentration to complete this task meaning you won't have Cerebro" Emma said

"That will be a problem" Beast said

"Hopefully Elizabeth can use it in my stead" Emma said

"No, she's not ready" Wolverine said

"I agree with you Logan, but now there may be no other options" Beast said

"Quiet now, I'm about to work" Emma said "So if you could please leave that will be fine" Emma said

"So if Emma is healing Archangel's mind then there won't be a way to use Cerebro" Rogue said

"Meaning that the only other psychic that could hand that much power is you Betsy" Kitty said

"But it's too dangerous for her to do so" Teresa said

"There could be one more, and they could survive the psychic backlash, only thing is I don't know where she is" Betsy said

"So you need to use Cerebro to find her huh?" Kitty asked

"Yes" Betsy said as the girls made their way down to Cerebro. once inside Betsy made herself comfortable

"We'll be outside" Rogue said

"Okay, here goes nothing" She said as she placed the helmet on and started to machine "I'm sorry Logan" she said as she felt it working trying to find the one they needed

'Betsy' a voice said

"Professor?" she mentally asked before she found who said was looking for "that you are D' she started to think before collapsing from the strain.

"ELIZABETH! PSYLOCKE! BETSY...what have you done?" was all she heard as she was overcome by black.

G'day Guys Grizz here So this chapter was always planned to be the battle to get Archangel back on the X-Men side after all of this time, don't worry we will learn what happened to him in the future since we're now about half way done. But I have to say I wasn't going to included Deadpool in this chapter until I just added him for some reason probably to add some humour and yes Psylocke will be out of action until they find who she was looking for and I'll tell you how I decided on that character next time.

Now onto something a bit sombre. A couple of days ago it was the one year anniversary of something that rocked every realm of geekdom and that was the death of Stan Lee, and in a year that had Avengers Endgame basically run riot at the box office including Stan Lee's last cameo so it was bittersweet when I saw that, but I hope it would have made Stan smile.

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