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Into the Cold Night.

"Why are you staying in your damn time?!" Inu-Yasha screamed on one of his visits to take Kagome back to his time. She was in her room all cuddled up in a large and thick blanket. She looked up at him and frowned. Then sneezed.

"Why do you always come at a bad time?" she asked wrapping herself even tighter than before. He always had this way of coming whenever she was sick, had tests, and other miscellaneous school goings on. Along with whenever she decided to get a life, and finally, when she was mad at him.

"Every time for you is a bad time, wench!" he growled.


"Damn! Ow!"

"Heh, serves you right!" she smirked.

Inu-Yasha got up and growled at her. What can make her come out of that bed…He had gotten a sudden idea in his head and smirked evilly. That sent shivers up and down Kagome's spine.

He took a few steps closer and leaned down ever so slightly. This is going to be good, Inu-Yasha thought. He could practically smell her fear growing.

He leaned in closer still, their noses touched, his smirk turning into a grin. Her eyes turning into the size of dinner plates. Just before Kagome thought he was going to kiss her, Inu-Yasha placed his hands on the blanket and pulled.

Kagome screeched as the blanket went tumbling, along with her. She landed on top of Inu-Yasha with the blanket at their side.

"Uhm…" Kagome blinked. This was an odd position…

A Slight blush came to both of their faces. This wasn't part of the plan. Her face is so close… Inu-Yasha thought. He could smell her sweet and intoxicating smell and he was fighting his instincts to keep her there and not take her as his.

Kagome looked down at Inu-Yasha. His face is so close… she thought. His eyes are even prettier when they are this close. All Kagome wished was that her mother wouldn't walk in on the two.

She certainly hoped that Inu-Yasha knew that a giant storm was coming their way. And it was coming fast. Early that morning, the news said that there was to be a snow storm in the early afternoon. Snow was falling softly when Inu-Yasha came…

As if on cue, Inu-Yasha's ears perked up and he shot up. He forgot Kagome was on top of him and she fell flat on her face. He hurriedly picked her up and righted her.

"Uh, Inu-Yasha, where are you going? I hope you know that a storm will be starting soon. The news reported one heading for this town and that we were to have a snow storm…"

Inu-Yasha looked down at her then up at the window. It was snowing… How in the seven hells were people able to predict the weather? He walked over to the window in her room and saw that there was at least three feet of snow already.

"Let's hurry back to my time, Kagome." Inu-Yasha stated. He grabbed her hand and went straight to the downstairs back door. As she were walking down the stairs, the lights went out. Kagome screamed.

"Shit!" Inu-Yasha missed a step and fell with Kagome down the rest of the stairs. "Kagome! Are you okay?"

"Ow… I'm fine…" Kagome said rubbing her butt. She got up and darted around her house in search of Grandpa, Sota, or Mother. No sign of them. On the table in the dining room though, was a note. It said that the three were out to buy new clothes, linins, and other necessities.

Inu-Yasha walked up behind her and she turned. Her life is a living hell! She thought. Was she ever going to have a normal life? That was the first time she was scared about the lights going out. Also, she had so much stuff on her plate at the moment that this one incident broke her. She started to cry her eyes out as she pressed her head against Inu-Yasha's chest for support.

Inu-Yasha blinked and smiled slightly as Kagome rested her head on his chest. For some reason, this felt so right. But why was she crying so hard?

"Are, are you okay, Kagome?" Inu-Yasha said softly. He felt her nod, then after a while, shake her head in a negative.

"This… this is too much…" she began as she wept softly. Inu-Yasha, not being able to stand her tears, instantly pulled her closer to him and began to rub her back reassuringly.

"What is too much?" he whispered.

"Everything… school, the jewel, my family, you…" that last statement came like a shock to Inu-Yasha. He was the cause to all this? Why?

The snowy wind outside blew hard against the house. Inside was total silence. The only thing that could be heard was the harsh blizzard winds. They both stood there, not moving, Kagome's head rested on his chest, and Inu-Yasha had his arms around her.

His eyes had the look of surprise. Why was he the cause of her tears? Finally aware that Kagome had stopped crying and was trying to get out of his hold. Blinking, he released her.

"Let's get some fire wood. Since I know where it is, I'll go get it." Kagome blushed and tried not to make eye contact with the haynou. Stupefied, Inu-Yasha stood there and let her walk past him and out into the cold storm.

Inu-Yasha walked around the house until he found the living room. In there, there was a nice couch, a few chairs, a coffee table, and a little fireplace at the opposite side of the room.

After a few minutes, Kagome staggered into the room, her arms full of wood and kindling. She sneezed and dropped some wood, in which she ignored and kept going.

"Kagome, you're sick! Why didn't you just let me know where the wood was? You're so damn stubborn!" Inu-Yasha ran up to her, picked up all the wood out of her arms and on the floor. He was mentally cussing himself out for being so stupid and not smelling it on her.

"I'm fine… really…" Kagome said staggering to the couch and plopping down. Inu-Yasha went t a cupboard and got out some blankets. He then wrapped Kagome snuggly in them, then started a fire.

"Stupid wench…" Inu-Yasha cursed under his breath. She could have killed herself. Inu-Yasha was just glad that she was in his sight again. He still wasn't too sure on this time.

Over the course of a couple of hours, Inu-Yasha took care of everything, making sure Kagome got better, getting firewood, making food… Now it was almost midnight. Kagome was waking up herself with a sneeze or shivers.

Inu-Yasha looked up from tending the fire after Kagome sneezed loudly then whimpered. He walked up to her then kneeled, he pressed his lips to her forehead. She was burning up. He cursed them both under his breath as he went to another cupboard and got out a futon, then placed it close to the fire.

"Kagome… We're gonna get some sleep now. Do you think you could come here by yourself?" Inu-Yasha said over his shoulder while he got the futon ready. When no one answered, he turned to see she was getting undressed.

All he could do until she was done and walking over to the futon was stare. He shook his head. It must be the fever… her thought.

"Inu-Yasha…" Kagome said slowly.


"Thank you for staying with me. I love you…" She said the last thing before passing out right after she got under the covers. That made Inu-Yasha freeze. Did she just say… she loved him? But… she told him earlier that he was the cause of her suffering…

A bit tired himself, he crawled under the warm blankets next to her and fell asleep. Before he finally dozed off, she whispered, "I love you too… My Kagome…"

The next day Kagome woke up screaming. Why was she naked and in the arms of Inu-Yasha? Some time in the night, he was dreaming about them together, no Kikyo, no one jewel, just them, living a normal life, together. Now, his arm was around her possessively.

Inu-Yasha woke up and blinked. Why was his arm around her?

"Inu-Yasha… SIT!"

"Damn it all to Hell!"

"Why was I undressed, in… bed with you, and your arm around my waist?" she screeched.

"You got yourself undressed, you had a fever and was delusional… this was the closed place to the fire… I have no idea why my arm is around you…" he answered trying to calm her down.

"Inu-Yasha… thanks." Kagome said smiling weakly. "I know you took care of me all day yesterday. Thanks."

"Yea, sure." Inu-Yasha said blushing. "Do you uh… really love me?"

What… how does he know? Kagome thought. Oh, shit… what did I do when I had my fever? Aw well…

"Kagome… do you?" he persisted.

"Yes. I do love you… even though you love Kikyo…"

"No… I don't love her."

"But I say you kiss her."

Oh, shit…

"You don't understand… she made me…" Inu-Yasha staggered.

Kagome stared at him, she made him? What?

"The truth is… I l-love you…" Inu-Yasha blushed. There he said it.

Kagome blinked. Did he just say… he loved her?

"Uh… um… you…" She staggered.

Inu-Yasha watched her facial expressions. They were so… cute. He couldn't take it anymore. After a minute of her incomprehensible mumbling, he leaned over her and kissed her.

That night, the two slept in each other's arms, waiting for the storm to stop.


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