Jin the Wind Master

"No hard feelings then?" The lively, well-known smirk spread across Yusuke Urameshi's face. He shared the unique expression with one other creature.

"Ah, nay, just a wee bit o' embarrassment when your team beat me, thas all." Jin smiled in return, matching his friend's almost devious lips as his eyes curved into half moons. Yusuke couldn't help but laugh in amusement. Jin's accent was entertaining and brightening, able to pull him out of almost any slump. The red head's quirky personality and vibrant eyes combined with his continually fascinated expressions made him an all-around interesting demon. There was no doubt the Wind Master was friendly compared to the others Yusuke fought in the Dark Tournament; he was unique, and he had been missed when they parted ways.

Yusuke sighed. Since the tournament's end he'd thought about the spry demon quite often. More so than expected. Sure, the battles of the Dark Tournament were memorable, but Jin was a guy Yusuke could live with. The two of them bonded near instantly and their unusual traits contained an original flare no one else could quite understand.

"Hey Jin," Yusuke paused as realization hit him, "I thought you weren't allowed here." Jin froze, back and shoulders stiffening as his ears trembled lightly. His blue eyes darted about as his body remained stationary. He appeared suspicious and cautious, like a child that feared someone was watching him as he entered the kitchen to steal a cookie. After a few moments Jin's contagious smile returned and he leaned down to Yusuke's ear.

"Aye, I'm not, but don't tell." He chuckled to himself, his defined white teeth flashing for a few moments. They both shared a knowing laugh, slapping their hands together in a high-five. Yusuke snuck out of school and Jin snuck out demon world. Oh yes, they were a pair.

Throwing a casual hand over his shoulder, Yusuke jerked his thumb toward a café several shops away, "My idiot friend and I were just going to get some lunch. Why don't you join us?"

"Eh!" Jin's eyes lit up once again, "Eh!" His ears wiggled spastically and Yusuke leaned back in case the man couldn't contain his excitement and literally blasted into the air.

"I'll take that as a yes." The detective patted the Wind Master on the shoulder to silently calm his newest string of exuberance.

"Urameshi!" The angry voice that called out wasn't a new one. Yusuke had heard it every day for weeks now. With a groan he slumped forward to express his frustration before straightening to meet the beast.

"What do you think you're doing, running off like that?" Kuwabara skidded to a stop in front of the two. His narrow eyes were nearly on fire, and for a moment Yusuke was reminded of Hiei and his hard glares.

"Cool it Kuwabara, I was just looking for something and I ran into Jin here, remember him?"

"Uh," Kuwabara blinked and studied Jin briefly, "Isn't he that Wind Guy?"

"Ah so you remember me," Jin stepped over and looked up at the tall student, leaning close and examining him, "Aren't you that lad who was injured and beat when the pretty fox boy was o' fighting? Eh! Yes that was it!"

"Hey," Kuwabara snapped, but his voice soon became low and muffled, "I wasn't hurt that bad." Jin merely grinned, hands stuffed casually in his pockets. However, his easy-going posture quickly reverted back to his impersonation of a stiff board at the sound of a new voice.

"Listen Kurama, he thinks you're... pretty." The newest guest couldn't be mistaken. The cool tone and deadpan seriousness belonged to one demon alone. Yusuke's brown eyes shifted skyward, followed by Kuwabara's. Balancing easily on the bar of an awning, were two good friend of the Spirit Detective's. Kurama and Hiei. The two demons weren't a shred alike in terms of manners, but they knew each other and worked as a fierce team.

Jin didn't need to look. His mind knew why there were here and was currently forming an escape route, which started by hiding behind his trusty shield, named Yusuke. He crouched down a little, making himself the same height as his dark-haired friend, and held onto the jean jacket Yusuke was wearing.

"Hey, it's been awhile! Why don't you two get down here and join us." Yusuke waved his arm for them to approach, a familiar smile on his face. As though linked through their thoughts, and perhaps they were, both fox and fire demon jumped at the same instant. They landed between Kuwabara and the Spirit Detective, ignoring the taller high school student.

"Neh," Jin ducker further despite the fact he was already found, "You two are persistent, that you are, drawn to me like a moth to flame. Eh, not good." Yusuke looked over his shoulder at the Wind Master before observing his friendly fox buddy and the short protrusion of the fox's side, which happened to be Hiei. He rarely saw Hiei without Kurama. In fact, now that he thought about it, he didn't see Hiei without Kurama. At least not anymore. There must have been a problem, since the 'team' had been sent out. The pieces of the puzzle soon fell into place.

"Let me give it a guess here," Yusuke put his hand under his chin and thought for a moment, "We all know Jin isn't supposed to be here and taking into account his terrified reaction to you, and doubting it was because of your looks, I'd say Koenma sent out a team. And I'm guessing he sent the Fox and Fire brigade." Brown eyes turned to Hiei with haughty lights. Hiei was somewhat amused by the fact he knew what Yusuke was thinking without reading the teen's mind. The teen's eyes were beaming a message plain as day; Well, am I right, Hiei?

A small smile, unnoticeable to anyone that didn't know the demon, appeared on Hiei's lips as he closed his eyes and turned his face to the side.

"Yusuke, have you been attending school lately," Kurama cut in, "Or was that what a person would call, 'dumb luck'?" Not missing a beat, Yusuke took the opportunity to ignore Kurama's stab at his intellect.

"The three of us were just going to grab some chow. How about it, you two want to join?"

"Sorry to ruin your fun, but the sooner I take your friend back, the less time I have to waste here." Hiei's cold voice contained a tiny hint of an apologetic edge. Kurama was the one who noticed, having spent the most time with the fiery demon.

Jin found the courage to step into the open, "Ah, I was just havin' a wee bit o' fun! I've done nothin' wrong. Staying in the shadows is nowt as fun as being' owt' in all this beautiful sun and space. Why must I leave so soon?"

"Yeah guys," the detective threw a hand behind his head and scratched his hair sheepishly, "Jin hasn't done anything wrong and, besides, we've got plans already." Kuwabara watched the conversing go back and forth, patience wearing thin. Was he the only one that thought Jin's appearance was unusual? He was tired of waiting for a break in their words. He'd have to butt in.

"Uh guys," he held up a finger until he had three out of four of the group's attention and then pointed to Jin, "Don't mind me and all, but... if he's here, wouldn't people notice the fangs and horn?" Hiei, whose back was faced to the teen, scoffed at the ridiculousness of the words. Kuwabara, about to snap at Hiei, was interrupted by Jin.

"No need to fret over something so wee and tiny. They cannot see em'." The Wind Master stuffed his hands back in his pockets.

"What do you say, Hiei?" Kurama asked, his gentle voice softening the icy intentions of his friend, even if it wasn't much.

"I'll pass." The fire demon stepped several feet away, glancing at Kurama with the final thought, If we're caught for this, you're taking the blame. Kurama nodded in understanding before Hiei disappeared in a blur.

"Well I suppose that's one less." The fox sighed and turned to Yusuke, "I'll join you."

Jin suddenly discovered Hiei was gone, "Eh, he's a fast little snooper isn't he?" He looked around, hand over his eyes to block the sun while he searched for Hiei.

"Snoop...er?" Kuwabara stood in confusion, unsure if that was a word Jin had used or an expression.

"Did you not 'ear me?" The tall red-haired demon perked up from his hunched over state and approached Kuwabara, "Snooper. The two o' them 'ave been followin' me around all day now, snooping on me and watching me move as if I were all that interestin'. Sounds rather borin' to me." It sounded like Jin was about to ramble off some of his undecipherable babble. Yusuke thought it wise to stop him by changing the subject.

"Well let's get going! I'm hungry and tired of waiting." The Detective threw an arm around Jin's shoulders and turned away, leading his twin in personality down the sidewalk. It wasn't ten seconds and the two were talking and laughing as if they had been best friends all their lives. Kurama's smile deepened and he stepped in their direction.

"Coming Kuwabara?" The fox asked, stopping only for a moment before proceeding to make his way down the concrete path.

"Uh... why not? Someone has to help you keep them out of trouble."

Kurama, though silent, was rather grateful.


Yusuke slapped a hand down on the table in front of him and follow with his forehead as he laughed at Jin's innocent and baffled eyes. The demon was attempting to free a straw from its paper container. He hadn't had this much fun in months. Jin leaned against him, nudging his ribs with an elbow and trying to show his partner in crime the task was a serious affair.

Kurama sat calmly with his legs crossed, facing the two friends on the opposite side of the booth. Kuwabara wasn't sure what to make of the hyenas as he sat uneasily next to a once famous demon thief. The voices filled with laughter died out as a young girl delivered their food. Yusuke rubbed his eyes, removing the tears and gave a few final laughs.

"I 'aven't been so happy in a long time, makes me wonder why I chose nowt to come 'ere sooner." Jin said merrily, investigating his food with rapt fascination. Yusuke didn't waste any time and tore into his hamburger. Ah, breakfast at four in the afternoon. Food always tasted better when he was starving.

Kurama lifted his tea and sipped silently from it before he spoke, "Yusuke, what have you been up to? No cases recently... and I haven't seen you in quite some time now."

"Ah the usual, wandering around, avoiding class, you know..." He waved a carefree hand around before his attention went back to his food.

"Hey Kuwabara," Yusuke swept his eyes over the unmoving teen, "Aren't you going to eat anything?"

"Nah, I already ate." Kuwabara shrugged, dismissing the topic. Yusuke wasn't letting him off that easy.

"Since when does already eating stop you from making a pig of yourself?" Yusuke's eyes fell half shut - he was unimpressed.

"Hey, come on, I'm just not hungry, okay?" Kuwabara nearly growled at the shorter male, clearly not in the mood for teasing.

"Right, right, right, probably too busy taking care of your kitten." Yusuke laughed to himself.

"A kitten!" Jin suddenly stood, "Ah, I've 'eard of em', but never 'ave I seen one. About yay big I hear." Jin held his hands out half a foot apart to show the length.

"Yeah, that's about right," Kuwabara agreed, "But she's not a kitten any more, she's a cat."

"I 'ear they're such sweet little wee ones. Kitten or cat, down't matter." Jin's eyes were glossy with excitement and joy, "May I see your kitten later then?"

"Well I don't see why not." Kuwabara scratched the side of his head with a finger as he thought of the many possible outcomes of this. Most of them didn't seem too great.

"Sit down Jin," Yusuke sniggered as he grabbed the back of the demon's belt and pulled him back to the seat, "I've never seen a demon get so excited about seeing a kitten."

"Eh, but this place you live in is so amazin' and everything is so bright and wonderful." Jin's ears commenced to twitch yet again.

"Yusuke Urameshi!" the snarl was Keiko's, "Skipping school again!" She stopped in front of their table, holding her bag in front of her with both hands. Jin had a French fry sticking out of his mouth as he looked her up and down.

"Keiko, what are you doing here?" Yusuke was more than surprised as he attempted to scoot as far into the booth as possible without managing to sit on Jin's lap.

"Take a look at the time! Schools over, and you didn't even show up for first hour." She glared at him. Yusuke brought his wrist up and looked at his nonexistent watch.

"Hey what do you know, time flies when you're having fun." He laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head. Keiko growled in frustration.

"Eh," Jin opened his mouth and flipped the fry in and swallowed before continuing, "Such a wee skirt she's wearin'. Does she always dress in such wimpy clothing?" Yusuke muffled a laugh as Keiko's mouth dropped open in shock.

"Go ahead and laugh, Yusuke, but I see your friend isn't much different from you." Keiko scowled at him for good measure, so he knew she was business, before walking off.

"Keiko, don't go, we were just joking!" Yusuke turned around in the booth and called after her, but she didn't even spare him another glare. He sunk down and rested his chin on the back of the seat.

"Not having much luck with her today I see." Kurama tilted his head to the side and watched Keiko storm down the sidewalk. Jin was enjoying his food with a smile despite the fact he had infuriated Keiko. He appeared not to notice her fuming.


"Okay, but just be careful with her." Kuwabara held out his cat for the red haired demon. Jin was sitting on Kuwabara's bed and waiting impatiently to hold the cute creature.

"Oh," Jin took the cat gently in his hands, "She's a soft one." The cat took one look at Jin and froze. The Wind-Master's paused all movement as he seemed to realize what the face meant. The golden-green eyes grew from their nearly shut state until they rivaled golf balls in size. Jin blinked right before a yowl and hiss escaped the cat and she slashed him across the cheek. She quickly jumped out of his arms and rocketed out of the room and down the hall.

Jin stood in the middle of the room, unmoving, and arms held out in front of him where the cat had been. Yusuke wasn't sure what to make of the situation, and Kuwabara yelped a little and called after his terrified cat before running to 'save her'.

Yusuke, sitting backward on a chair with his arms resting on the support, decided he'd throw out some advice, "Maybe... you'd be better off... with dogs."

"Neh, it stings." Jin cringed.

"And you were expecting?"

"I was expectin' it to be nice! It 'as no manners!"

Yusuke smirked, "Look who's talking. You already insulted Keiko."

"It wasn't an insult. It was an observation." Jin looked in a mirror on the wall and poked the three fine slashes.

"Sometimes they're the same thing." Yusuke turned his head to find Shizura, Kuwabara's sister, standing in the doorway.

"Judging from the howl of terror that came from here I thought you could use this," the woman threw a first aide kit onto the floor, "I keep it handy. Just in case."

"Hey, thanks," Yusuke waved a hand to her, "I doubt those cuts were the souvenir he was hoping to take back home with him."

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" Jin hissed in pain. He had touched the small gash and rubbed salt into the blood.

Shizura, not wishing to witness any more of Jin's tricks, raised an eyebrow and spoke in a somewhat concerned voice, "Excuse me, but I need to go check on my baby brother." She walked off hastily. Yusuke snickered.

"Hm...'Ey, what are you laughing at?" Jin demanded, scowling at his partner in crime.

"You! You're such a strong guy, yet you look as if that little cut is going to kill you." Yusuke laughed on. A wooden box Jin had found sitting on a table near the bed went flying through the air and smashed Yusuke right over the head.

"Heh! Then why down't you join me in the pain and laughin'?" Jin propped his hands on his hips as Yusuke blinked at him. The detective was still processing the demon's words, thoughts still slightly scrambled from the hit.

Yusuke scowled, thoroughly confused, "No, I don't want to go campin'."

"What?" Jin cocked his head in confusion.


"Stop wiggling Jin!" Yusuke groaned in frustration as he paused his ministrations.

"Eh, I can't 'elp it... that stuff stings like a kick to the ribs." Jin squirmed to the side to avoid the disinfectant.

"Jin!" Yusuke wrapped an arm around the Wind Master to hold him down, "Sit still!"

"Ah!" The Wind Master fell forward on the bed, good cheek plowing into the mattress, "This is nothin'."

"And it can be nothing after I'm done." Yusuke continued, his left arm still pinning both of Jin's unpredictable limbs to his sides.

The red haired demon laughed softly, "I still think it impressive how you handled the rest of the tournament that year. Voom! Swept right through the competition, you did." Jin had stilled himself, seeing as there was no escape.

Yusuke scoffed, "If that's what you want to call it. I had a hell of a time dealing with them."

"You know... all my freedom left along with my loss to your team." Jin sighed deeply and closed his eyes.

"Yeah... Sorry about that Jin." Yusuke swallowed. Bright blue eyes flashed open with surprise and pointy ears shot up in alertness.

"Now don't you go apologizing on me, Urameshi! I said I had nowt a bit o' hard feelin's, and I meant it," Jin laughed merrily, "Yet I do wish I could get away and be here more often."

"I was going to ask if you two were done playing," Hiei's voice broke in, "But from here... it looks like you're just starting." Both boys looked over their shoulders, Jin's neck straining to see from his awkward position.

"Neh!" They glanced at each other and turned a light shade of pink as the meaning became clear. They laughed nervously.

"See, persistent, just like I said." Jin thought out loud, nodding his head a few times. Yusuke drew himself up, releasing Jin and turning to face Hiei while he dug through the tiny first aide kit once more.

"I suppose I should go," Jin sighed once more in defeat, "The day shall be over soon anyway and I down't give a damn abowt the dark." He looked out the window at the fading sun. Kurama had appeared behind Hiei a few moments before Jin had spoken his thoughts. Yusuke put a small patch of gauze on the Wind Master's cheek, covering the red cuts.

"I suppose I'll be in a wee bit o' trouble then?" Jin focused on the fox and fire demon standing in the doorway.

"We'll see..." Kurama bowed his head as he exited. Hiei's fiery eyes slowly dragged away from the red head in the room. He silently followed Kurama. As Yusuke had thought, Hiei was a protrusion of Kurama's side.

"Ah, Urameshi, I would just like to thank you for all the fun I 'ad today." He picked up Yusuke's hand and shook it, his ears not as high as they had been, but still showing he was pleased with his day.

"Sure no problem. Come back again sometime, maybe we can have a friendly fight." Yusuke knew Jin understood his offer would remain open as long as it needed to.

The two walked side by side as they went down the stairs and headed for the door. Kuwabara was still off tending his cat, trying to coax it down from the top of an old washing machine.

"Well," Jin stood between Kurama and Hiei, "Best be off now." He winked at Yusuke with a friendly laugh. The Spirit Detective returned the gesture, but added his trademark thumbs-up.


"Whew," Yusuke sighed as his mind ran over the events of his day, "I'll be glad to sleep for a change." He opened the door to his home and stepped in, noticing his mother passed out on the table, the usual sight. Walking to his room, he stretched and released a long yawn before his brown eyes fell upon the lump in his bed. He approached the simple sleeping mattress and looked down in confusion. As he drew back the covers slowly, he noticed the red hair, the horn, and a contented little smile upon thin lips. Yusuke blinked and soon sweat-dropped with an exasperated sigh...

"Jin you sneak," Yusuke slapped his bare shoulder, "Do you ever plan on going back?" Those wonderfully cerulean eyes flashed open, and Jin sat up with a hearty laugh.

"I was on me way back when I 'ad a thought," He stood up with Yusuke, "I said to myself, "Eh, Jin you silly, you can't wait for the next time, you may never know when that will be." and 'ere I am!" He held his arms out as if presenting himself.

"Uh..." The black haired teen was confused, and it was apparent.

"Did you not understand me?" Jin placed his hands on his hips and leaned forward as he asked, "I mean I 'ave something to tell ye."

"Oh, well... why didn't you just say so?" Yusuke stood up straight, his bewilderment gone, for the moment.

"I was doin' fine, cooperatin' on the way back an all, but when the pretty fox mentioned something about you and your friendship, I made a thought. Didn't realize it at first, wasn't sure what to make of it really, but I sorted it out."


"Aye," Jin set his hands on both of Yusuke's shoulders and smiled, "I thought; how lucky these humans and demons must be, to 'ave such a great friend as Yusuke. Nowtin' about him is dull or uninterestin', he's just himself, maybe that's why his friends are so willing to help him owt in a fight, he's just himself, and that sure is enough."

Yusuke smiled, eyes brightening.

"Stop it Jin, you're making me blush." He brushed the demon's hands off his shoulders.

"Eh! I am, well what do you know!" He exclaimed, "Ah, indeed, a little pink in the face now, I see it." With a long and thin finger, he pointed at Yusuke's cheeks. They shared another laugh; it seemed the day had been made of nothing but their laughter. A day that would be remembered by both demon, and human...


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