***Ok juss so I don't get sued: I don't own all of the characters in this story, but parts of them, maybe if you put them together, you'd get Mearle, but I doubt it.***
As I sat in the van, I listened intently to the argument of my queen and the tyrant. Needless to say my queen won, my employer lost. The queen's slave was taking us to Mearle. We began discussing the matter at hand.

I was the mediator, since I worked for both of them. They knew I was a double agent, they had even told me that I was.

Brief Explanation:

Lexy the Tyrant rules the world minus Rhode Island now called the Land of Guyanaschtick, which was owned by Mandy. Topher is her slave, Nikki is her high lady, and I am her mistress, spy, and hubby. To Lexy, Nikki is the ruler of California, and the Duchess of the Black Queen of New America (she is also on Lexy's side), I am his spy, agent 450, and father.

Back to the matter at hand:

They were hammering out the details of my spymanship. They agreed to share me, but they were forced to make a new schedule. The doing of that would make all owners of me come together and (dun dun DUN!! Dramatic Reverb) Agree! **GASP**

The meeting was held in the great MSNM room. Lexy and Mandy were arguing as they always do, and Mandy winning, as she always does. Nikki was staring into space thinking *deep* thoughts. The Great Manda and I were ignoring each other yet having a conversation on the fact that we are separated because of the night at the bowling alley where.sorry got off track.

Everyone had their own schedule worked out, but one really almost worked except the fact that Lexy only got one day, but he's Alex, what more can I say? The new schedule went: Manda-Monday/Tuesday, Mandy- Wednesday/Thursday, Nikki-Friday/Saturday, and Alex-Sunday.

P.S. If you need additional help, go to chapter eight. --Your Humble Narrator.