Well seeing as how none of you, my faithful readers, know what on earth is going on, so here is an intro for the intro, yet strategically placed after the 8th chapter.

Well to begin with, here is something that just might help, perhaps...

"Once upon a time in the 9th year of our schooling, a teacher called the class to do a history project. There started out two groups, the girls, and the guys. The two groups merged and became the one group, the original eight. They became friends. The cult of the Otherside had begun. They all sat on one side of the class room, segregated from the.Prep-side. They had every class together, torturing Chris between each hour. They ate lunch together and cheated..Hrmph..observed one another's homework.

See now they were not complete strangers. Kendra knew Landon, Alex, and Andrew from a previous schooling year in the famed, Mr. Snyder's class. Amanda knew Kendra from gymnastics. Amanda also knew The Manda because of the shared name. Kendra knew The Manda from drama class. Last but not least, The Manda knew Chris from their previous years of schooling at Cerbat Elementary. Nikki hadn't been there long enough to be known through previous schooling, for she had moved to Kingman that very year.

This group became very close, so close that in order to enter into it, one would have to be initiated. They did this to a few select people. Only one of them had to be kicked out for exasperating behavior. They went about maddening business owners, like Wal-Mart and Uncle King's. They even infuriated a few teachers to the point of claiming that these bright minds would never reach college. They were a group of normal teens..."

Well this is how we became friends and started our own cult, not really but its fun to tell people that we belong to a cult. Anyhoo, one day in summer school, a plot to take the world formed.

As normal children grow, their expectations and goals for life are lowered, but seeing as how we are anything but normal, our dreams get higher and higher.

Well we devised a way that cannot be said for we, you and I alike, are being watched by the cameras and telescoping magnifying hearing aids about the rooms in the building we call the world. The moral of the story is that we divided up the world with two leaders, Amanda and Alex, then with their minions/slaves/govoners/spies/whatever the rest of us Othersiders are.

Is this enough of an explanation? Well is it, cuz I don't know cuz I know all of it already. Fine then don't answer me!!! I am leaving you alone in the void of the internet now.


Your Humble Narrator, Nacchi