A/N here's my last chapter everyone! Thank you so much for rating commenting and following! This story takes place a year after they escae Austria and they come to New York and stay with the Warbucks family Oliver Grace Annie and Molly! Enjoy!

The von Trapp family successfully escaped one of the scariest moments of their lives. None of them have ever bene so scared but Father was able to get his family across the mountains and into freedom in Switzerland.

But unfortunately they were left with literally nothing and lived in a hotel for a while ans gave concerts to make money to survive. They were all getting on fine when unfortunately the Nazis discovered that they were singing in Switzerland and were in the hunt for them. Luckily they had the money to get on a boat and move to America where they could finally be free.

None of the children or Maria have ever bene on a ship before and loved hearing Father tell stories of his life on th ships during his time fighting in the war. It was a long voyage to America but finally they made it! They were so excited to be in a whole new land and be free of danger. Father was telling them if a business contact he knew of who lived in New York named Oliver Warbucks who would probably let them stay at his mansion while they found a permsnate home.

When the family was settled into a hotel Georg made the call to Oliver.

"Oliver it's captain Georg von Trapp we met in business a few years ago and I don't know if you heard but there was a terrible war in Europe that my family and I had to escape and we were wondering if you would be willing to open your home for us?"

"Yes I heard so many stories of the war starting and yes I do remember you Captain. Such a brace mam yes your family is ore than welcome in our home my secretary now wife Grace have two adopted daughters Annie age 11 and Molly is 6 why don't you come tomorro morning."

Georg has never been called brave in his life and liked hearing it. He told his wife and children of the wonderful news and they were delighted to meet the Warbucks family and the younger children were excited to meet Annie and Molly since they weee all around th same age.

The rest of the day Georg showed his family the wonderful city of New York.

"Smell that children ans Maria? Bus fumes. There's no air like the air of New York and when you're away from it so long you rally miss it."

Brigitta always the curious one asked her father.

"Father what's New York City like?"

Georg got a dreamy far awa look in his face as he began to sing,

"NYC what is it about you? You're big you're loud you're tough

NYC is gi years without you then I can't get enough

Enough of cab drivers answering back

I'm a language far from pure

Enough of frankfurters answering back brother you know you're


NYC too busy too crazy

Too hot too cold too late I'm sold

Again for NYC

NYC th shadows at sundown the roofs that scrape the sky

NYC the rich and the rundown

The big parade goes by

What other town has the Empire State

And a mayor 5 foot 2

What other town in the whole 48 can half compare to you

NYC you make em all postcards

NYC you're standing room only

you crowd you cramp

You're still the champ

amen for NYC"

As the family sang they went into a hug movie theater called the Roxy as they finished singing.

"The shimmer of Times Square

The coast the beat the drive

NYC the city's bright as a penny arcade

It blinks it tilts it rings "

All of the children's eyes lit up in awe of th huge theater they were in.

"To think that we've lived here all of our lives and never seen these things

NYC just got here this morning two bucks two bags one me

NYC I give you fair warning

Up there in lights I'll be

Go ask the gershwins and caughmens ans heart

The place they love the best

Though California pays big for their arts

Their fans mail comes addresses to NYC

NYC tonight

The y

why not

It's NYC

NYC you're standing room only

You crowd you cramp

You're still the champ

Amen for

N. Y. C"

The night finished in a horse drawn carriage that took them back to the hotel and everyone was exhausted and Marta and Gretl were asleep in each of Georg's arms and he and Maria carried them up to their rooms and put them gently to bed.

The next morning Georg and Maria checked out of the hotel and headed for Oliver's 5th avenue mansion. All of the children weee in awe at the size of Oliver's mansion and for a second thought they were back in their old house in Austria because it looked almost identical. Grace greater her guests warmly.

"Oh hello! We're so excited to have you all as guests you are welcome to stay as long as you want I'm grace Farrell and you already know Oliver and these are our kids Annie and Molly."

Grace pointed to the two little girls standing behind them who looked unbelievably shocked to see a family of 9! The children know that they were adopted by Oliver and Grace so there were no looks of surprise at the huge contrasts of faces. The older of the girls spoke up first.

"Hello I'm Annie I'm 11 and this is Molly she's 6 are you all really brothers and sisters?"

Annie's eyes lit up in awe and so did little Molly's. Liesl spoke up for her younger siblings and laughed at the amount of surprise Annie had.

"Yes we are all brothers and sisters from the same mother and father I'm Liesl I'm 17 Fredrich is 15 Louisa is 14 Kurt I'd 12 but he thinks he's 30 Brigitta is 11 Marta is 8 and Gretl is 6. I know lots of names and ages but you'll get used to it."

Annie gave her famous "leapin lizards! I mean there were that many kids in the orphanage but I can't even imagine having 6 other siblings!"

Molly then shyly came our from Grace's side and decided that she was comfortable with the new guests because they were all the same age.

"Hi I'm Molly do you like to play with dolls?"

Marta and Gretl's faces instantly lit up. Even though they didn't speak much English they knew they would all become fast friends because they liked th same things!

The rest of the day was spent getting to know each other and all of th children played together. Annie and Molly loved showing their guests all their toys and games. Many were new to them but they all learned fast and caught on.

Brigitta noticed that Annie had s ton of books in her bedroom.

"Do you like to read?"

"Leapin lizards! I love to read! It's the best thing ever! Do you?"

Brigitta s eye lit up at this and knew she had an instant first friend in America.

"I love to read too! Oh why do you say leaping lizards? Lizards don't jump do they?"

Annie giggled at how Brigitta was confused at her expressions but she remembered that they were from a different country and probably didn't get American jokes.

"Oh it's just a saying I like to use and you can borrow my books if you want!"

"Thanks Annie I can't wait to have a new fiend!"

The rest of the night was spent together laughing and talking and sharing stories of their far away home in Austria. Maria noticed th piano sitting in the hall near ththe stairs and instantly smiled and Grace noticed.

"I haven't played in years Annie is just getting into piano lessons along with tap and ballet. I played the piano as a girl myself I really enjoyed it."

"My husband and his wife who died used to play the piano with the children all the time we mainly play the guitar and sing now. Would you like to hear us sing?"

"Oh that's a wonderful idea! Annie would live to play the piano for you too!"

So then Maria and Grace went to get Oliver Georg and the children and asked them to sing and Annie could play. They all jumped up excitedly and said yes. For the rest of thof night the von Trapp and Warbucks family accompanied each other in song and Annie showed them her tap dancing. They all had the most fun together.

Lucky enough Oliver was able to get the Von Trapps an agent and signed them up for a year of concert touring which will begin in the summer and will return after concert season is over. The von Trapp family spent a year on tour and the agent told them on a farm house in Vermont that was on sale and was just the right size for their huge family to stay at while they were not on concert tours. Georg loved the idea and so did Maria and the children but they were sad to leave their new friends Annie and Molly but they promised to write each other and Annie and Brigitta would exchange books and get together for birthdays and holidays.

The von Trapps were so excited to begin their new journey as a singing family on tour and a new life in Vermont.