Chapter 12- Recovery and Loss

The eyes of the beast opened to look around, wondering what was wrong. There was a noise -however faint- there was a noise. Turning, it laid one side of its head against the wall. Yup, there was a tapping. With a growl of frustration, he burst from the metal bonds that held him, giving him more strength whilst he slept. It was dark out, and he didn't even need to see outside the windowless room to know that fact, he just did. Taking a step forwards, the tapping stopped, and started again. More like a banging really.

Huh? Someone yelling something not understandable. Something was wrong, something was very wrong. Taking a few swift steps forward, the cautious walk turned to a heavy, desperate run. The banging had ceased now, but there was a soft... talking? was it talking? well, it was coming from over that way. Charging towards the wall, the metal shoulder slid down, and rammed straight through concrete and brick.

Three shadowed figures stood there -it seemed they had been about to knock on the door again, as they had received no answer so far, until of course… 'it' had barged through-, and something floated near one of their heads. One had funny hair pointing to one side, the other had strange little squinty eyes. That thing it was… a pokémon. A roar erupted from the demons throat and it launched itself at the floating form, only to be blasted backwards by a ferocious force and into the wall that was already seriously damaged.

"Well, well, well" A chuckle announced Giovanni's entrance as he approached the group, grinning. The black metal pokémon walked to its master, who grinned at the humans as he patted his newest addition in gloating. The female one seemed to know what was going on, the pink cat was talking to her.

"Ash! It's Ash! He's that… that…?" Misty stuttered to Mew in confusion.

"Pokémon?" Giovanni supplied cruelly, a twisted smirk on his face. "You should never have come for him. You see…  he doesn't remember you. He is mine now, and nothing can stop my and it rising to rule over the entire pokémon world! Muhahahaha" ((o.O'''))

Misty looked a little distraught, but Tracey put a hand on her shoulder as Brock stepped forward. They hadn't come all this way out here to not get their friend back. He was their friend, their HUMAN friend. Giovanni was NOT going to steal Ash from them, not after all they'd been through together. "You monster!" Tracey hollered, and they all looked at him, even Mew and Misty, surprised that he could be so fierce.

Giovanni laughed, tipping his head back and just laughing. "No, I'm not the monster… this is!" With that, he pointed at them "Destroy them all Ash! Attack!" And it did. Lunging towards the group of his friends, those he'd never be able to forget, the pokémon who shared his heart, his good friends, the girl he loved.


Ash… Ash I believe in you. I always have, and I always will. Don't forget what we mean to each other… You may no longer even remember me, but I love the you that is still down there, somewhere. They boy who trusts everyone, who's so warm and friendly. That's who I love Ash… 'Mist… Misty…? '


The thing stopped in its tracks, and seemed to be thinking. It glanced at Giovanni, who frowned and pointed at the group, and he charged forward again, metal claws crunching onto the ground. Misty's eyes sprung open as she stared at her oncoming doom. "Ash! No!"


"Pikapi!" A golden blur darted from the side of the shadows, maybe from inside, and jumped in front of the creature's path. Ash connected with Pikachu and stumbled backwards as an electrical surge coursed through him. Roaring, he ran forward again, already plotting how to eat that rat… sleepy… … very sleepy…

Pikachu held a gray stone in his paws, an eye. Waves of purple washed from it towards the sliver of gleaming red and the metal Ash dropped to its knees, eyes drooping under the mask.

"CCCCCCCHHHHHUUUUUUU!!!!" Impervious to all when he'd had a good nights sleep maybe. Impervious to all when he could dodge through the universal planes, impervious to when he'd been powered and had defensive moves all set up. Impervious to all when half asleep? Not really. The strong current shocked the armored pokémon and the metal began to split in places. Giovanni all but screamed as it exploded into dust and Ash's limp form was left lying on the ground.

"Ash!" Mew called out, Pikachu's attack stopped and it dropped to the ground, panting, and ran to join Mew beside his trainer. Misty had tears in her eyes as she took the few steps towards him. "A-A-Ash…?" They all stared at the unmoving boy, no one making a move until Mew darted up.

"HOW COULD YOU?!" She screamed, before flying straight at Giovanni. A ball of pink fire shimmered into existence as she slammed into the rocket, and he squealed in pain. Had it been a normal time, that pitch would have been fairly amusing. Dust raced up into the sky, the wall or what was left of it, crumbled and fell, Mew's screams of fury could be heard for a few more moments after she and her foe had disappeared into the cloud of floating debris, 'til it all ceased. There was deathly quite. The dust began to clear. Giovanni lay crumpled, and Mew was lying down also, not far away from Ash's hand. Misty and Brock stared at the pair, before Pikachu's soft sobs caught their attention. Pikachu seemed worried that he'd caused his master pain. Tracey was trying to comfort the rodent, when a voice spoke up.

"You're scratching in the wrong place Tracey…"

All eyes darted up too see Ash's eyes staring rather blindly at them, but a smile on his face. Mew sat on his shoulder, heavily panting but also smiling. Her recovery power was an ultimate lifesaver, literally. The pair where still visibly wounded, but they where alive. Misty could not conceal her joy as she sprung forwards and grabbed Ash around the neck and hugged him.

"You're ok, you're ok!"

Ash groaned, "No, you're choking me…"


That night Ash was leaned up against a wall in the professor's lab. So much had happened so quickly. He couldn't remember very much of what had happened, while he remembered screams and pain, that was about all. Misty and Brock had tried hard to pry more from him, but at Professor Oaks call that Ash needed rest, the teen was granted a room free.

"Ash?" Mew floated into the room, and sat on the window ledge, the breeze from the open window rippling her soft pelt. Ash stood straight and walked over to the small pink pokémon, and became even more enthralled at his new life. He had half a Mew's heart! He smiled down at Mew before picking her up, but as she glared, he replaced her on the ledge worriedly.

"Ash, I must go…" Ash's face dropped from a mindless smile, to a frown of upset, as he looked at her in confusion. "Why? Why must you go? Stay here…" Ash all but pleaded, barely feeling the tears that sprung to his eyes. Mew shook her head, as footsteps came up the hall slowly; Pikachu -who was currently snoring quietly on the pillows- stirred.

"You won't understand… I cannot stay. Maybe one day you will learn, but I am not welcome here. I do not wish to become a test subject, and you have had your fair share of it…" Brown eyes looked hurt and confused as Ash stared at Mew desperately, before shaking his head.

'No, you can't go, you just can't! What will happen if team rocket comes again? If Giovanni comes to take me under his control again?'

"Then I'll be there Ash… but not now… You can fend for yourself. Besides, I feel you are going to be doing a lot of personal training to get your powers under control"

'Who else better to teach me than you Mew?' Ash countered, wondering what he could possibly have done to have earned this. He'd grown attached to Mew. They'd become good friends and a good team. While Ash had been under Giovanni's strange armor spell, Mew had been in his dreams, keeping him sane and under control. If she hadn't been…

"Ash?" Misty's voice came through the door, and the boy turned from the window ledge for a moment as he blinked stupidly at the wood which Misty's voice had floated through, before turning back to Mew…-

"Bye Ash. I'll be there when you need me" Mew was no longer on the ledge. Sighing, the boy walked to the door to see Misty's worried face looking at him.

"I heard you talking, and then even Tracey heard you let out that cry…" Misty's face became even more sincere as Ash gave her nothing but a confused look, but touched his cheek, to feel something wet and cold on his fingers. "Are… you alright Ash?"

Brown eyes warmed up as Ash turned his head to the side, glancing out the window. He hadn't even realized he'd been talking so loud, and the tears hadn't been felt. Somehow though, despite all this, he smiled. "I wonder if she'll be back, or if I'll never need her again…" Misty looked confused at Ash's words, but nodded as if she understood. Ash had changed so much after his 'episode' with Giovanni, and with Mew and all… it was almost frightening.


Once Misty had gone though, Ash had sat down on the bed, and was still looking out the window, stroking Pikachu's ears fondly, yet absent-mindedly. I wonder…


The End