Hidden Place

Epilogue: I Miss You

Pairing: Future: Kurt x Pietro

Part: 1/5

Warnings: I don't own X-men or any of the characters, so there. A phenomenal song inspired this fic by Bjork called "I miss you". Future chapters will include yaoi/shounen ai.

A ball of blue fuzz huddled under the green linen pile on the bed listening to the voices outside of the door. He was alone in the dark haunted by those voices. Those voices of his friends that plagued him with their happy, sappy covering for their own angst; if they held any. His fur itched. He wanted to scratch it all off and appear before them like he did without the hologram-watch. Instead he held his breath as they banged on the door again.

"Are you sure you don't want to come to the club with us, Kurt?" kitty yelled at the locked door.

"Yeah, I have to train!" he yelled remembering his healing ankle he had injured during their last mission. It still ached every so often but he was still jumping around and being rowdy, until yesterday. But no one seemed to notice Kurt's recent withdrawn nature.

"Last chance!" she yelled.

"Go without me!" he yelled, almost becoming angry.

He heard feet patter away from him room to which he gave a long mournful sigh. No one had ever broken down his door in worry before. He was beginning to think no one ever would.

No one would ever yell his name in happiness or smile when he touched them. What hurt most of all was that even with all the positive reinforcement around he still found himself hideous. He sincerely worried that no one would ever be physically attracted to his real form.

To counter that worry however was his seemingly unending well of hope. This hope drove provoked his sense of longing for another to hold and belong to. Somehow he remembered this person. Though he hadn't met this person yet, he missed them. Even though the distance between them could be a lifetime or a mile, he would wait as patiently as he could beneath the forest sheets.

As a tear painted his fur, he uttered with the voice of a small child, "I miss you."

Part 2