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Yo, Dom here bringing you another story. This time it's about the most powerful trainer returning to reclaim his title. Well it really, it's more of a thing that I wrote since most of the Red stories I follow are kinda dead. Well yeah, that's that. Let's a go.

Requisition - Chapter 1

Mt. Silver, located in Johto, west of Victory Road and the Indigo Plateau. The mountain had a reputation for being dangerous, a literal death sentence for those who were foolhardy, inexperienced or overconfident. It was not just that the weather was a hazard to anything not accustomed to or evolved to deal with the blade-like hail, soul freezing cold or all-erasing whiteouts. The labyrinth-like inner structure of the mountain would confuse and consume those who lost their way. Its unstable and crumbling paths that would suddenly appear and steal away those unaware or uncaring of their existence.

The overbearing danger laid with the wild Pokemon that claimed the various sections of the mountain as their territory. The roars, cries and shrieks of their territorial disputes could be heard from even the foot of the mountain, the residents of Silver Town being able to testify their vicious and terrifying battles. Whether it be a pack of Sneasel led by a dominant Weavile, a herd of Ursaring or Donphan rearing their young to the rare Steelix or Tyranitar clashing for dominance; the Pokemon that inhabited the mountain were among the most powerful and vicious that could be found naturally in the wild.

So, as for the question that one may ask upon hearing about such a hazardous location, why would one even care to visit let alone try and explore the mountain? There were many that simply wished to say with pride that they reached the summit. Others came to try their hand at catching the powerful Pokemon that inhabited the mountain. But for a very select few, a few that could be called Legends or Champions, they tried reaching the summit to confirm the existence and to challenge a soul that was said to be the spirit of the mountain. A soul that was said to be the strongest trainer in existence.

Though many tried; Lance of Kanto, Steven of Hoenn, Cynthia of Sinnoh, Alder of Unova, Diantha of Kalos, they were forced to descend as the elements and Pokemon of the mountain assaulted them mercilessly and without reprieve. They could attest to the power and ferocity of the Pokemon that called the mountain their home, but as Lance, Steven and Alder had noted; for some reason, the higher they ascended the more powerful and ferocious they became.

Some believed that it was just natural as the higher one descended the harsher the conditions were. Others rebuked that claim as the strongest would be ruling at the foot of the mountain, where resources would be most plentiful. But for those Champions, they came to the conclusion that they had become powerful from suffering defeat and continuing to challenge the soul that ruled over the mountain, based on the varying scars that they carried. With those words, the number of aspiring climbers dimished to almost no one.

A lone figure could be seen standing at the precipice of the Johto and Kanto regions' largest mountain, Mt. Silver, staring down the cloud covered peak with an empty gaze in his eyes. How long had it been since he stepped down this mountain? He had to estimate that it had to have been at least a decade, judging from how he looked in the reflections the ice and water showed him. A sign leaving his mouth, he slowly trudged back towards the cave that had become the home of him and his Pokemon, who were undoubtedly his family.

When was the last time he had even seen another person? He had to have guessed it was roughly five years, the young lady who declared herself as the new Champion of the Johto region, what was her name? Lyra? And before that it would have to have been that young man who also declared himself the Champion of Johto, Ethan, if he remembered correctly a few minutes prior. At the memory, he couldn't help the small ghost of a smirk that crossed his face at the battles he had with the two.

(Flashback - Six Years Ago)

"Ha! I finally made it! Hell yeah!" A young man shouted in triumph as he held his arms above his head, whooping loudly as he scanned the pristine and untouched white that laid around him.

Ethan was a young man around the age of fourteen, his bright gray eyes shining as he took in the snowscape around him. Currently, he had his signature black and gold hat sitting proudly on his head, a heavy brown coat covering the red hoodie that he normally wore along with his black capris pants. Ensuring that his silver pack was still securely sitting on his back, he grinned as the sound of panting came from the cave he originated from.

"H-Hey! That is totally unfair, Ethan! You said that we'd both step out to the summit together!" An irritated voice called out to the capped young man as he turned to face his partner in crime, Lyra coming into view as she shot a heated and annoyed glare at him.

Lyra was a brunette with two curled twintails hidding under her baggy white hat with its signature red ribbon. A heavy brown coat was covering her usual outfit of a red hoodie and blue coveralls. Along with her bright red shoes, thigh high white stockings and gold bag; she huffed when she saw him grin in an apologetic manner.

Her brow twitching in irritation, she marched up to him as he shrunk a bit in terror, though that verbal onslaught failed to arrive when a heavy gust of frigid wind cut through their winter gear like it was nonexistent. Heavy shivers wracking their bodies, they shared looks before nodding and moving to explore the peak. A few steps in, they felt their senses as trainers flare to life; hands racing towards the Pokeballs that laid on their hips. While they would have been more comfortable with a full party for each of them, the Pokemon that they had encountered earlier made some of the Pokemon they had faced during their journeys as Champions look like babies, having reduced their number of teammates.

A lone Tyranitar took down three of their Pokemon between them; a Golem, Machamp and Steelix managed to reduce them to three Pokemon each. While they were a bit worried, their competitive spirit and the knowledge that they had their best still remaining helped bolster their confidence. As they scanned the area, they felt their eyes widen and jaws drop when they saw a lone person standing at the edge of the summit, seemingly unaffected by the frigid and biting wind currently plaguing the duo.

"I-Is that a person?" Lyra asked in an incredulous tone, Ethan gulping a bit as he nodded his head.

"T-Then I guess the rumors of Mt. Silver were true." Ethan said as Lyra and himself slowly moved towards the figure, freezing when they saw him turn around and stare at them with a pair of crimson colored eyes.

The person, if it was one, looked like a wild man of sorts. Long, shaggy black locks framed their face, running down his shoulders. His clothes were torn and ripped in various places, seemingly having been sewn again and again based on the wear and tear they were showing. A pair of brown shoes with holes could be seen on their feet as a vaguely familiar brown had was laying in tatters on their head. As soon as they locked eyes, there was a glint of something in his, though that faded just as quickly as it came as he pulled a Pokeball of his own from his hip and tossed it wordlessly. A quick flash of light soon showed the small form of a familiar yellow rodent Pokemon. A bit confused at first, the two glanced at each other before agreeing to their usual battle style when it was the two of them together.

"Fine, we'll take you on! Three Pokemon from each of us against your six! Don't you underestimate the former and current Champions of Johto!" Ethan shouted as he readied his Pokeball, Lyra taking the lead as she swiftly let hers loose.

"Ursaring, you're up!" She called out as a bipedal brown haired bear appeared in a flash of light, a powerful roar leaving its mouth as it shivered slightly before focusing on the yellow rodent standing unflinchingly in front of it.

"Ursaring, get in close and use Hammer Arm!" Lyra called out as a roar of affirmation sounded in response, Ursaring started forward while a glow shrouded it's arm.

But before it could take its second step it was face to face with the opposing Pikachu with its own arm drawn back. Ursaring was sent crashing into the ground as a brutal Thunder Punch connected, a bright flash of yellow and an ear splitting crack of thunder signaling the defeat of the Hibernation Pokemon. Eyes wide as they saw the unbelievable scene of one of Lyra's heaviest hitters being knock out with a single move, the brunette snapped out of her daze before recalling her fallen companion.

"What is this guy..." Lyra muttered as a bead of sweat slid down the side of her face, taking a breath before sending out her next partner.

"Mismagius, I need your help!" She shouted as she released the Magical Pokemon, Mismagius letting an eerie cry sound as she appeared before the yellow rodent.

Watching the mystery trainer and his Pikachu closely, they saw the faint look of curiosity and slight recognition that shone in their eyes at the sight of the ghost Pokemon. A bit confused, she soon came to the conclusion that he had never seen the fully evolved form of Misdreavus. A smirk crossing Lyra's face, she figured that her opponent had no knowledge of the various new discoveries that had been made in recent years, intent on taking full advantage of his lack of knowledge.

"Mismagius, keep your distance and use Shadow Ball!" Lyra's commanded as another cry sounded in affirmation, the ghost Pokemon levitating out of reach as it charged a blackish purple orb of ghostly energy.

With a cry, it sent it flying towards the motionless rodent, the orb connecting as an explosion of ice, snow and rubble clouded the area. Watching with stunned eyes that he hadn't made the effort to order his Pikachu to dodge, Lyra was about to reprimand him for his callous attitude only to freeze when the yellow rodent was standing beneath Mismagius, sparks flying from its cheek pouches.

"Quick, Mismagius use Protect!" Lyra called out in desperation, her ghostly friend being far slower then the veritable storm of electricity that was loosed by Pikachu.

A shrill cry leaving the mouth of her Mismagius as the Thunderbolt connected with and brought it to the ground, Lyra watched with a slightly bitter expression before recalling her ghostly friend. Staring at the Pokeball held in her hand, she turned to look at the opposing Pikachu as it calmly walked back towards its trainer. A bit miffed that she was being steamrolled by a single Pokemon, one that was generally seen as a pet or family Pokemon, began to damage her pride as the current Champion of Johto. Gritting her teeth, she reached for her friend who had been with her through thick and thin, fire in her eyes as she pulled the Pokeball back.

"Meganium, you're my last hope!" Lyra declared as she released her long time friend, the sauropod-like Pokemon letting a determined cry leave its mouth as it stared down the yellow mouse in defiance.

"Alright, Leech Seed!" Lyra shouted as Meganium cried in confirmation, ejecting a seed-like pod from the flower the shrouded its neck.

The eyes of their opponents widening a bit, Lyra grinned when she realized her previous hypothesis was proven to be true. Her beloved Meganium had been given to her by Professor Elm, the kind professor having had bred a few more unorthodox attacks into the tiny Chikorita she had left on her journey with. One such move was the Leech Seed that connected with and quickly wrapped around the tiny rodent Pokemon. Her grin quickly turned into a stunned expression when Pikachu had a flash of something fierce cross its eyes, appearing before her starter in an instant with its tail glowing with a metallic look.

Then a bone shattering Iron Tail connected with Meganium's jaw, a garbled cry leaving the mouth of her partner as it's entire body shuttered and wobbled from the blow. About to think that it was over with another single attack, her starter proved her wrong as it left out a defiant cry and righted its shaky body; glaring at the Pikachu gazing at it with a calculating expression, which turned to a slight wince as the Leech Seed that afflicted it robbed it of some of its energy.

"Meganium, I know it's going to be hard but use Frenzy Plant!" Lyra cried as her partner followed with one of its own, its body glowing a deep forest green as it raised onto its hind legs before slamming its forelegs into the ground.

A deep rumble emanating through the area, a number of large roots with spikes soon emerged from the ground as Pikachu narrowed its eyes in response. Gritting its teeth as it felt more energy get sapped, it expertly evaded the oncoming roots before jumping and running along the outgrowth. It's own eyes wide, Meganium found itself in an extremely vulnerable position as the last of the summoned roots failed to make direct contact with the advancing rodent. Gritting its teeth, Meganium tried to force itself through the exhaustion the came with using the most powerful grass type attack, a frustrated cry leaving its mouth as Pikachu descended down on it with electricity crackling from its paw.

Then, like Ursaring, Meganium was sent to the earth in an unconscious heap as the Thunder Punch connected with and knocked it out. Staring in disbelief, Lyra slowly raised her Pokeball and recalled her fallen friend. Trembling slightly, Lyra was overtaken by an irate and angered looking Ethan, a concerned gaze in his eyes as he watched childhood and best friend's confidence and pride her stamped out by the duo before them. Pulling out his own Pokeball, he wouldn't give his opponent a chance to catch their breath, seeing that the Leech Seed was still affecting Pikachu.

"Crobat, you're on!" He shouted as a four winged bat appeared, chattering slightly before focusing on the seeded mouse in front of it.

"Don't let it have a chance to breathe, Toxic!" He shouted as Crobat glowed purple before it released a stream of purple energy at the grimacing rodent.

The stream nearing Pikachu, it was easily evaded as the yellow mouse side stepped and rushed the bat down. But a smirk appeared on Ethan and Crobat's faces; the steady stream soon inflating before exploding in a thick smog of toxic gas. Pikachu inhaling the fumes, it started coughing as a purple hue shrouded it's body, shuddering as an increasingly agonizing pain wracked it small form. But to the horror and shock of its opponents, it let out a defiant cry before unleashing a powerful stream of electricity on the airborne Pokemon. The Thunderbolt connecting before it could evade, Crobat was felled by the stream of electricity as Ethan quickly recalled it.

"We gotta win this, Typhlosion!" He shouted as he released his ace, the signature roar of his partner echoing as it flared its flaming mane.

"Eruption!" Ethan ordered as the already roaring mane of the Volcano Pokemon intensified, Typhlosion lowering its body and aiming its flaming mane towards an exhausted looking Pikachu.

A roar leaving its mouth, a heavy burst of fire streamed towards the grimacing mouse Pokemon. Pikachu lowering itself to the close before crying out a bit when its back was scorched by the blaze. Gritting its teeth, he surged forward before slamming into Typhlosion's face with a brutal Quick Attack. The Volcano Pokemon letting a pained cry leave its mouth, it stumbled back before unleashing a stream of fire from its mouth. Pikachu managing to avoid the flames by rushing forward before slamming an electrified fist into the abdomen of the fire type.

A garbled cry leaving the mouth of his partner, Ethan grit his teeth before recalling his starter, thanking it for its work. Turning his gaze back to the Pikachu, both Lyra and himself were completely blown away by both the tenacity and power the small Pokemon had showcased. Taking a breath to calm himself, he stared at the trump card that he only recently received to take back his former title as Champion from his best friend, nodding his head as he readied his final Pokeball.

"Ampharos let's show em something good!" Ethan declared as he sent out his trump card, Lyra raising a brow in question as she looked at the familiar Pokemon.

"Ethan, what're you planning?" Lyra asked as he grinned at her, holding his arm out in front of him.

"I wanted to use this against you when I take back the title of Champion, but looks like I have to pull out the big guns! Ampharos, Mega Evolve!" Ethan shouted as Lyra had her eyes in disbelief, Ethan tapping a multicolored stone embedded in the bracket he had on.

Upon tapping the Keystone, a number of tendrils made of energy emanated from it before connecting with the Light Pokemon; Ampharos crying loudly with increasing energy before it suddenly surged and erupted in a brilliant sphere of energy, the symbol that his Keystone had appearing briefly on the form of the now Mega Ampharos, the Mega Evolved Pokemon exuding a powerful presence as all eyes were on its new form. Lyra was completely floored seeing the fabled 'Extra Evolution' that Professor Elm had hinted at being more then myth was actual fact.

"No way... How...!?" She shouted at Ethan in a jealous and disbelieving tone, Ethan merely grinning at her before focusing on the titan still in front of him.

"Quick Ampharos, Cotton Guard!" Ethan ordered when he saw the smaller electric Pokemon move, thanking Lyra and his partners when he noticed how drastically its speed was reduced over the course of its battles.

With Pikachu rushing down the Mega Pokemon, Ampharos let a cry as its body began to glow white, lowering its head as the wooly mane that cascaded down its back quickly grew before enveloping it. Seeing that, Pikachu narrowed its eyes as electricity began to build up around its form. Soon enough it let loose a devestating Thunderbolt as Ampharos let out a stunned cry at the sudden foreign current dancing through its body. Another cry soon followed when it was sent skidding backwards when a heavy Iron Tail slammed into the cotton wall it had erected.

"Use Dragon Pulse now!" Ethan cried as Pikachu had a much heavier grimace cross its features, Ampharos shedding the wool it had grown before opening its maw.

Quickly, Ampharos charged a small multicolored sphere in its mouth before letting lose a dragon shaped beam of the same multicolored draconic energy. As the beam surged towards Pikachu, it forced itself to try and evade the attack, crying out slightly as the compounded effects of Meganium's Leech Seed and Crobat's Toxic finally caught up with it. Having only enough energy to move slightly to the side, the oncoming Dragon Pulse connected cleanly with the exhausted Pokemon; Pikachu crying as it was sent flying by the subsequent explosion. Ethan, Lyra and Ampharos letting a victorious shout when they saw the sight of the prone Pikachu, they quieted when the mystery trainer made his way over before kneeling and picking up its defeated form.

"Pika..." It whispered with what they felt was tears and self-depreciation thick in its tone, feeling a bit guilty that they had caused such a change in the seemingly indomitable Pokemon.

At its tone, the opposing trainer merely smiled softly before nodding their head as Pikachu let out a quieter cry as sleep took it. Pulling out it's Pokeball, he recalled it before staring down the Mega Pokemon while securing his next battler. Seeing that, Ethan knew instinctively that Lyra and himself were in way over their heads when they accepted his challenge. Looking over the simple facts that were laid out before them, the odds of them winning were just as likely as Whitney turning down ice cream sundae, impossible. Despite knowing that, he still had his pride as a former Champion to uphold.

That pride did quiver a bit when the next Pokemon that was released seemed to dwarf even the beast that Lance commanded, having to be at least double the average height of one of its species if not larger. The snow and ice that rested around the feet of the titan instantly evaporating as it spread its wings and let loose an ear splitting roar, the Charizard leveling a cold gaze towards the Mega Ampharos before it. But before Ethan even had a chance to give an order, he saw his Ampharos being engulfed in a hellish inferno, the Flamethrower that was loosed melting and evaporating all traces of moisture that its heat touched.

Once the flames that were unleashed finally quelled, the burned form of Ampharos could be seen standing on wobbly legs, the Mega Evolved Pokemon falling from its powered state as unconsciousness took it. Staring with wide eyes, Ethan and Lyra felt like they were in a dream of some kind; unable to comprehend the power that the Pokemon they were facing had, a single attack overwhelming and defeating a majority of their partners. His head dropping a bit, Ethan recalled his Ampharos before Lyra made her way over to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. Lifting his head, he offered her a wry smile that was returned, the two turning towards the mystery trainer before slowly making their way over when they saw him petting his Charizard.

"W-Who are you...?" Ethan asked in a slightly nervous tone, knowing full well that if he was someone dangerous that they'd probably be sitting ducks.

"...Red..." The trainer said in a soft tone, the two having to strain their ears to catch it.

"Red? Is that you-wait, what!?" Lyra asked only to shout in disbelief as she stared with wide eyes at the young man before her, Ethan giving her a curious look as he turned look at the other trainer.

"You know him, Lyra?" He asked in an equally curious tone, though Lyra quickly forced his head into a bowing gesture as she followed suit.

"W-We aren't worthy to be i-in the presence of someone as great as you!" Lyra stammered in a tone of heavy respect and awe, Ethan managing to free his head as he shot her a dirty glare.

"What's the big idea Lyra?! Is he really someone that great!?" Ethan shouted in anger as he rubbed his slightly aching neck, Lyra soon staring at him like he was the biggest idiot she had ever seen.

"Ethan, that's Red. As in the 'Red'. The world's youngest Champion! The one who's battles we would watch over and over again before we started our journeys! That Red!" Lyra snapped at him as Ethan froze, stiffly turning to face the crimson eyed trainer as a cold sweat soon dropped down his face.

"I-I'm so sorry, Pokemon Champion Red! P-Please forgive me for my lack of respect! I-I'm actually your biggest fan! I've rewatched every one of your battles from when you went through the Indigo League! You were my inspiration when I was a kid!" Ethan gushed as he bowed his head in apology, Lyra making a noise of surprise when she heard the latter part of his statement.

"H-He's lying! I'm actually your biggest fan! Ethan didn't even know how long it took you to get to the Indigo League! What kind of fan wouldn't even know that!" She declared as she stepped out before him, Ethan feeling his brow twitch when he her throwing him under the bus.

Soon, they fell into a small squabble as they butted their foreheads together. Lightning dancing between their eyes as they started listing off random trivia about the raven haired youth before them, Red felt a bit overwhelmed by their excess praise but smiled slightly when he saw how close they were and the energy that they brought to such a dreary place. About to run into another arguement with each other, they found themselves staring at the raven haired trainer as he stared back at them with a small smile.

"A-Ahem! Sorry about that, he just gets worked up over nothing!" Lyra said with a wry laugh, Ethan glowering at her in turn.

"Do not! Don't believe her, Red! She always gets like this around 'cute and hot' guys." Ethan sighed in an exasperated tone, Lyra feeling her face burn hotter then his partner's flames as they fell into another heated arguement.

"...You two are close, aren't you." Red said softly with a small smirk on his face, the two freezing as they turned to look at him.

"W-What!? I-I mean, well yeah! We're childhood friends and all!" Lyra rebuked as a different kind of heat began to spread through her, staring with terrified eyes at Ethan.

"T-That's right! We're as close as any normal childhood friends could be! Nothing more! Definitely wouldn't want to be anything more!" Ethan added as Lyra felt her heart drop little by little, Red seeing it as he moved to tap Ethan on the head gently as he continued to ramble on to her dismay.

"Be nice." Was all he said as the younger trainer snapped his mouth shut, a bit confused before snapping to look at a disheartened Lyra.

"S-Sorry, Lyra." He apologized as she offered him a small smile in turn, the two reconciling as Red smiled softly at the scene.

(Flashback - End)

That was that last that he had seen the pair, the two departing after failing to get an answer as to why he had vanished from the competitive battling scene. When they saw that he wouldn't talk, not that he had even spoken more then a few sentences, they returned from whence they came. After those battles, his team pushed themselves to the absolute limit, Pikachu in particular seemed intent on rectifying the shameful defeat that he had suffered; though it was only shameful on the yellow rodent's behalf.

Defeat was not something that existed in the mental dictionary that belonged to his team. A foreign concept that they never had the displeasure of facing, when they had heard of Pikachu's defeat at the hands of a 'Mega Evolved' Pokemon, they tirelessly poured their collective frustration and shame into hammering their remaining weaknesses out, polishing their already peerless skills and pushing their strengths to the breaking point.

As he watched their practice, offering pointers and suggestions where he saw fit, he had a small smile on his face as his partners decimated and terraformed the landscape around them. While it would have seemed chaotic, wild and seemingly out of Red's control, the fierce smiles and smirks that crossed their faces as they launched attack after attack at each other spoke of something vastly different. Though, that smile thinned when the realization of what he was observing came to his mind.

"It's been so long." He whispered as he gazed across the cloud covered skies, his partners pausing in their training as they made their way over.

The thrill of battle and the adrenaline of a challenge had all but eluded the crimson eyed young man as he gained a melancholy look in his eyes. The path to his newfound home was both treacherous and tedious, and because of that the number of possible challengers were always limited. He had originally taken this as his home because of its secluded location and due to the strength of the wild Pokemon. They had given him and his partners the greatest challenge of their lives, especially the Tyranitar that had set itself as his Charizard's rival.

But over time, those challenges faded to minor inconveniences with how much his team had grown. While he had already expected few challengers with how dangerous it was to climb the mountain, to only have two in ten years was something he could have never predicted. Due to that, Lyra and Ethan had spread the tale of their legendary battles with the phantom trainer of the mountain, being the only two to have reached the summit successfully. While they complied with Red's request to keep his identity hidden, he never said anything about keeping their battles secret. Something the two were ecstatic for as they knew that the only reason they even reached the top was because they worked together, so being able to talk about their battle with their idol made their hearts soar.

Due to their stories, which they proudly broadcasted over Mary's talk show in the Goldenrod Radio Tower, the lore of the young man soon spread across the various other regions. Because of the mystery that surrounded the mountain, it's known dangers and the firsthand accounts by credible sources, he was now hailed as a legend of sorts; a ghost, phantom that no one but the two who spread his legend knew the truth of.

A soft sigh leaving the mouth of the young man, he gazed towards his team as they offered him comforting looks, moving to nuzzle affectionately against him as he smiled softly. This choice had truly come be a curse of sorts to the young man, at the age of twenty one, when he should have been in the prime of his youth he was here alone. That thought resonated within the soul of the crimson eyed young man. He had lived here, at the summit of his homeland's most dangerous mountain, devoid of any human interaction with only his beloved Pokemon to keep him company. It was somewhat ironic, the summit of the mountain was akin to a throne of sorts and him an emperor of that throne. But in doing so, this mountain not only served as his domain but also a prison. A place where he both ruled and was kept isolated.

"Pika! Pikachu!" Pikachu suddenly said as he pulled on the raven haired young man's tattered jacket, Red turning to look at the mouse Pokemon.

Once he laid eyes on the yellow mouse, Pikachu nodded its head and pointed towards a familiar looking scene. A break in the clouds showing the distant but nostalgic view of his home of Pallet Town. His eyes widening a bit, he heard his team roar in agreement with Pikachu, their eyes following his as Red gained a fond smile. Nodding his head, he was about to move to recall his friends only for a roar to draw the attention of the seven. Turning, they saw the familiar scarred hide of a certain Tyranitar as it moved towards the group. Meeting Red's gaze, it scanned the faces of the gathered Pokemon before focusing on Charizard.

A deep growl leaving its maw, it charged towards the fire type as the others readied themselves for another battle against the resident persistent battler. But their worries quickly melted and turned to disbelief when they saw Charizard grab Tyranitar and hug it, their eyes widening even more when they heard what sounded like a pleased growl leave the mouth of the green titan. Red's eyes soon softened as a warm smile crossed his face, Charizard doing its best to ignore the snickers and cat calls that his teammates were giving him. Unfortunately for the fire type, Tyranitar continued to nuzzle affectionately against its chest. An irritated growl leaving his maw, Charizard spat out a small flame in contempt as his teammates just snickered harder, though Red approached the two as Tyranitar gained an uncharacteristically worried expression.

"Do you want to come with us? I'm sure Charizard would want you to." He said as the eyes of the green titan widened, a cheeeful bellow resounding as she nodes her head enthusiastically.

"Once I catch you, you'll be sent to Professor Oak's laboratory. I know it may seem scary at first, but we'll be there to get you ok?" Red told the smiling titan, her enthusiasm meting to anxiety until a comforting nuzzle from Charizard quelled it and calmed her.

Smiling at the sight, Red was a bit stunned when Tyranitar moved to nuzzle against himself. But as quickly as it came, he smiled again and rubbed her cheek in an equally affectionate manner, a rumble of content leaving her as he pulled out a Pokeball. Seeing the device brought a few unwanted memories of lesser trainers attempting to catch her, but to be caught by the trainer that commanded such respect from the Charizard that had shattered and warmed her stoney heart, it was nothing but an honor.

Gently tapping it with a claw, she was bathed in red light before being sucked in. And without any resistance, three small shakes later indicated that she was caught. Red saw the ball soon shine white before hearing a strange click as it shrunk and retained a red shine. The raven haired youth blinked before recalling his team besides Pikachu and Charizard. Seeing the Pokeball 'lock' was probably due to the lack of connectivity between his Pokedex and the main system, seeing as his Pokédex was nothing but scrap metal currently. Moving to mount his winged friend, Pikachu followed suit as the reddish orange titan let a deafening roar before parting from the place they had called home for the past decade.

His roar resounding down the mountain, it was mirrored by the roars and cries of the mountain's inhabitants, akin to the masses stating their farewells to their departing king. The residents of Silver Town came to know that day as 'The Day of Parting' as many swore that they saw a winged shadow depart from the summit of Mt. Silver, the cries of the mountain's Pokemon bidding a fond farewell to its strongest.

(Scene Change - Pallet Town)

A fond smile appearing across his face as the homely and familiar sight of his home came into view. Scanning the quaint and quiet town that he grew up in, he blinked in surprise when he saw unfamiliar development happening near the edge of town, a slight frown marring his face at what looked like multistory buildings. Shaking his head, he focused on the nostalgic house with a red colored roof, just now noticing that beneath his joy and nostalgic was anxiety and fear.

Shaking slightly as he neared his home, seeing the garden that his mother no doubt continued to tend to with the aide of her own Pokemon, Charizard landed softly as per the instructions of his trainer. Quickly recalling his friend, he glanced at Pikachu who pouted but nodded as he allowed himself to be recalled as well. Scanning the vicinity, he sighed in relief when he saw that no one noticed him flying in on his Charizard. Taking a breath, he steeled his nerves before stiffly walking to the door of his house, shakily raising a hand and knocking on the door as a warm and nostalgic voice nearly stopped his heart.

"Coming!" The angelic and warm voice of his mother called out as the hurried sound of her footsteps made it to his ears, sweat beginning to run down the sides of his face as the lock to the door was unlatched.

Opening the door, Scarlet was quite surprised to see that her visitor wasn't Samuel, Leaf, Daisy or the mothers of the aforementioned young ladies. Blinking a bit, she was admittedly unnerved by the ragged and tattered young man before her. Offering him a slightly strained smile, she glanced around before focusing on his person with her ruby red eyes.

"U-Umm, hello! I'm Scarlet, did you perhaps get the wrong house? If so I can lead you to where you need to go." She offered in a slightly nervous tone, Red internally cursing as he noticed his mother's rising anxiety.

She looked like she hasn't aged a single day, the same beautiful and youthful face with a full head of healthy and silky raven colored hair; or was like he had grown while she remained untouched by time. Moving to speak, he opened his mouth but a pitiful sounding noise made it out instead. A bit startled at what she heard, Scarlet was growing more anxious as she moved to hold her necklace, her oldest friend resting in the Pokeball that hung from it. Seeing her hands move to the Pokeball that contained the Pokemon that he played with as a child, Red acted without thinking and bowed deeply, startling Scarlet as she took a hesitant step back. About to ask what it was the man wanted once more, she froze when she heard him speak.

"I-I'm... Sorry..." He said softly with a waver in his voice, Scarlet feeling her heart begin to hammer in her chest as the voice that she heard sounded eerily like that of her treasure.

Shakily, she stepped forward and held her hands clasped in front of her chest. Her eyes wide and misty, a noticeable tremble rocked her body as she willed herself to not jump to conclusions before they were reality. Reaching out a hand, she touched his shoulder as the man in front of her jumped at her touch. Then, acting on the instincts that she developed as a mother, she voiced the one thing that had haunted her since her treasure departed without a proper goodbye all those years ago.

"R-Red...?" She asked with hope drowning her voice, Red feeling his own eyes moisten as he raised his face to meet hers.

"I-I'm home..." He said softly with a tremble in his voice, Scarlet losing all restraint as she rushed to embrace her treasure.

"R-Red! It's really my Red! It's... It's really my little Charmander...!" She sobbed as she tightened her grip on him, Red doing everything in his power to break down as he returned her embrace with tears falling from his eyes.

Spending a few minutes locked into a warm embrace, Scarlet quickly ushered him inside before they caused a scene. Almost immediately, she angrily demanded that he shower and clean up, Red smiling fondly as he headed to the bathroom. Watching him go, her anger melted to utter bliss as she rushed to her room when the sound of the shower met her ears. Pulling out one of the many outfits that she had made yearly for her beloved boy, she smiled fondly as she removed the one she had just finished sewing, taking it and placing it in her son's room.

(Time Skip - Twenty Five Minutes Later)

A sigh of content leaving his mouth as he exited the shower, Red paused as he realized that he lacked any clothes. Slowly, he made his way to his room and saw a neatly folded pile of clothes resting on his bed. Looking around, he smiled softly when he took in the nostalgic scene before him, quickly getting dressed when he heard his mother call out that lunch was ready. Looking at himself in the mirror, he smiled when he saw that his mother's needlework was as impressive as ever. Making his way down, he saw that his mother had prepared all of his childhood favorites, the loving and bright smile on her face causing him to look down in shame.

"Red? What's wrong, sweetie?" Scarlet asked in a concerned tone, Red shaking his head as he made his way to the table.

"I'm sorry... For not saying goodbye properly..." He said in a guilty tone, Scarlet smiling as she moved to embrace him in a loving manner.

"All that matters is that you're here now, Red. That my little Charmander is back safe and sound. And after you finish eating, you are going directly to the barbershop!" She declared in a jovial and smiling tone, Red laughing softly as he helped himself to his mother's famous home cooking.

Finishing with a more polite manner then she remembered him having, she smiled when he picked up the plates and carried them to wash in the sink. Falling into a nostalgic and familiar pattern, where one would cook and the other clean, Scarlet just let herself watch her treasure smile and hum to himself as he cleaned up after their meal. Finishing in a few minutes, he was given a handful of Pokedollars before he could say anything, his mother smiling in a mischievous manner before shooing him out of the house to get a proper haircut and shave. Smiling wryly, he turned and took a breath before visiting the town barber.

Walking through town brought nostalgic memories for the young man, Red seeing a few new houses that weren't there previously. Slowing his pace as he passed two familiar houses, he gained a small smile when he saw Blue and Leaf's houses. A part of him wanting to visit them, he decided against it seeing as he failed to give them a notice of his departure. As his mind wandered, he was keenly aware of the lack of people, even by the afternoon's standard. Shrugging, he soon reached the familiar scene of the barber he had visited since he was a child, the familiar but aged face of Rogan smiling as he read the paper. Opening the door to the shop, he directed a bright smile at the young man as he offered him a wave.

"Afternoon sir! Looking for a bit of service, eh?" He asked with a good natured chuckle, Red nodding as he followed the man to a seat.

"So, what'll it be sir?" Rogan asked as he sharpened his straight razor, Red mulling over the question before nodding.

"Clean shaven with a 'Charmander Special'." He said with embarrassment clearly evident during the latter part of his statement, Rogan's eyes widening as he snapped to stare at the young man.

"'C-Charmander Special'? Y-You know what that is? You a friend of Scarlet?" Rogan asked in a curious tone, Red nodding his head as the man smiled.

"Well, if you know what that is, you gotta be a good kid! Sorry bout that, son, just glad that there was someone else that she was comfortable enough to share that cut with." Rogan said with a chuckle, applying shaving cream to Red's face before working with swift and precise motions.

"Umm... Where is everyone?" Red asked after a few seconds of silence, remembering that the older man hated silence.

"Ah, you noticed huh! Haha, well the week has been kind of quiet lately with old Oak having the town's kids play with the Pokemon at his lab. Should be about two to three hours before you'll see the kids playing like normal!" He replied with a chuckle, Red smiling as Rogan started cutting his hair.

Working fast, Rogan smiled as he brushed the remaining hair off of the young man. When he finished and got a good look at the man, he nearly dropped his razor when he realized just who it was that he was looking at. Red seeing that expression, he offered Rogan a small and wry smile before a pair of hands slammed onto his shoulders.

"Red my boy, is that really you!?" He shouted in disbelief, Red nodding his head as Rogan let a heartfelt chuckle leave his mouth.

"Ahaha! No wonder you would know that cut, it's your signature cut after all, haha!" Rogan said with a grin, the two spending a few minutes to catch up as Red learned that the man's daughter had gotten married recently with one of the Professor's aides.

"Grr... I don't want to believe that my little angel is actually married to that runt, but alas, she's happy and I'll be a grandpa in no time, ha... Red, when you get married make sure you tell your mother who the lucky lady is, knowing you you'll get one heck of a girl!" Rogan said with a hearty laugh, Red flushing slightly as the man shook his head.

"But don't rush into it, son. You'll know who it is when you meet her, might even have to make a choice if there is more then one. But that's enough of me taking up your day, don't worry about paying you hear? I still owe Scarlet big time for when she helped me and my wife with that Diglet problem so don't think about it!" He declared in a jovial manner as Red smiled softly, thanking the man as he exited the shop.

Feeling freed from his excess hair and beard, he finally felt like he was a proper member of human society once again. The thought causing a slight chuckle to leave him, he returned home to see his mother tending to the garden with her own Pokemon released. Her Vileplume was helping with weeding the garden, her Nidoqueen was sunbathing along with her Ninetales, her Clefable was helping her Vaporeon water the flowers while her ever loyal Dragonite stood protectively by her side as she checked the berry trees for any ripe specimens.

At the sound of his approaching footsteps, Dragonite narrowed its eyes before facing the young man. Huffing in a threatening manner, it gained a confused look as the human in front of it looked unaffected by its threat. Growing more curious and slightly more agitated, it was about to let out a threatening roar only to purr as he stroked a certain spot that turned it to mush. The sound drawing Scarlet's attention, she quickly turned and let a sigh of relief leave when she saw it was her Red petting her Dragonite.

"Ufufufu, it seems like you remember Dragonite's favorite place to be pet, huh!" She said with a smile, quickly calling over the rest of her team as they hustled to see the what the commotion was.

"Everyone, I want you to guess who that handsome young man over there is!" She chirped as they gained confused looks, moving to Red who didn't seem intimidated or afraid of them to their surprise.

Moving his hand from petting Dragonite, who let a soft groan of disappointment, he proceeded to pet and stroke each of them as they instantly melted in a manner that only their trainer and her family had ever been able to do. At that notion, Nidoqueen let a sudden squeal and embraced the raven haired man, continuing to cry happily as it swung him around. The act stunning the group as the normally laidback and uninterested Pokemon avoided humans besides Scarlet's family, they soon connected the dots as the dog piled onto the duo.

Excited and happy cries resounding, Scarlet watched the scene with a melting smile on her face, watching her beloved Red get peppered with kisses and licks. Soon enough, she managed to reel in her team to their disappointment, Red giving each of them a long and comforting hug that they returned wholeheartedly.

"Where were they this morning?" Red asked as he wiped the slober and drool off of him, Scarlet smiling as she wiped a smudge that he wouldn't be able to reach.

"At Professor Oak's lab, sweetie. They're usually here but there is a Pokemon event there this week and he needed a few veterans to help keep the peace. Only Dragonite was with me, but you know how she is with strangers, especially when I'm alone." She said with a giggle, Dragonite flushing slightly as she let a slightly embarrassed rumble leave her mouth.

"Ah! That reminds me Red, why don't you go visit! I'm sure that you Pokemon have gotten much stronger then I last saw them in the Indigo League. Say, why don't you let them out for a bit!" She said before gleefully suggesting as Red nodded, collecting his six partners before releasing them.

At the sight of him releasing his team, Scarlet's shifted a bit closer to her, not that they concerned that they would attack the mother of their trainer. Soon enough, the forms of Red's Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Snorlax and Espeon came into view as they focused their eyes on the opposing Pokemon in front of them. A challenging roar coming from Blastoise and Venusaur, they were cut off when Charizard and Pikachu moved towards Scarlet, her team bristling slightly but stilled when she walked calmly towards them. Stopping in front of each other, Charizard lowered its head in a respectful manner as Pikachu jumped onto her shoulder and nuzzled her affectionately against her cheek, startling the rest of their team as they were only respectful to those who held immense power.

"My, you two have sure grown, haven't you..." She whispered in a soft and nostalgic tone, rubbing Charizard under his jaw as he growled in bliss.

"Thank you, all of you for protecting my Red all these years." She said in a tone of absolute gratitude as she bowed towards his team, many of them instantly knowing and feeling what Charizard and Pikachu felt as the lowered themselves and prostrated in absolute respect towards the one who raised their trainer.

"Ufufufu! I'm so glad to see that you are all so well behaved, I wish my Pokemon could be the same way." She teased as her team grumbled in embarrassment, glaring at the opposing team as they snickered at their faces.

Falling into a comfortable atmosphere, the two teams slowly got to know each other, Charizard being the most respectful as he lowered his head towards the older Pokemon in front of him, his teammates looking at him as if he was a completely foreign being. Growling at them, he huffed as Pikachu patted him on the shoulder. Espeon and Vaporeon got along instantly, the two female Pokemon enjoying the company of the other as Vaporeon told her younger counterpart stories of her and her trainer's travels, something completely foreign to the lavender colored Pokemon who was picked up at the foot of Mt. Silver.

Venusaur and Vileplume enjoyed bathing in the sun's rays, talking about things only grass types could understand. Blastoise retired to the pond that laid beside the large tree in the back of the garden, a content sound emanating from the giant as Clefable laid on top of his shell. Nidoqueen was sunbathing with Ninetales once again, though they were disappointed that Red wasn't snuggling with them like he did when he was younger. Charizard and Pikachu were listening to Dragonite recount the battles that she had, the two listening intently to draw more knowledge from the veteran battler.

Seeing their Pokemon get along, Red and Scarlet shared smiles as they took a seat on the garden bench, falling into a fit of fond memories themselves. After what seemed like an hour, their Pokemon suddenly tensed, turning their attention to the sound of oncoming footsteps. Tuning their heads as well, Red and Scarlet were surprised to see Professor Oak leading a large group of children, teens and adults; the Pokemon Professor blinking when he saw the unfamiliar her vaguely familiar man beside his neighbor.

"Samuel! What brings you out here?" Scarlet asked with a smile as the group stopped outside her home's fence, the Professor smiling as he waved at her.

"It's good to see you as well, Scarlet! And I was hoping to get your help and deal with a rather rowdy group of young trainers causing problems for the others here. I'd do it myself but I doubt that it would do much as they know of my history as a trainer." Oak explained as Scarlet sighed, shaking her head at the youth these days before an idea crossed her mind.

"Actually Samuel, I have a better idea! Why don't you let this young man deal with them! I can guarantee you that he can deal with those naughty children as easily as me!" She declared as Red snapped to look at her with wide eyes, Scarlet smiling brightly as he sighed and sagged his shoulders.

"Hmm... Are you up to it young man? I don't want to trouble you with something if you aren't comfortable with it." Oak said in a soft and understanding tone, Red vehemently shaking his head as he waved his hands in front of him.

"Is that so? Haha, well I thank you young man! I'll go get those youngsters ready for you, if you could please get him to my lab in a few minutes that would be grand, Scarlet." Oak said with a grin, Scarlet smiling as she confirmed his statement.

Watching them leave, Red let a soft sigh leave as his mother giggled. Getting a small pout in turn, she simply moved into the house as Red called his Pokemon over to explain the situation. A scoff leaving the mouth of his team at the thought of troubling themselves with disciplining children, they quickly agreed when they heard that it was his mother that put him up to it. Snickering at the raven haired teen as he recalled them, only Pikachu remained as he took his prized position on his shoulder. About to leave, his mother stopped him as she held out something that stunned him, an exact replica of his beloved hat that she had made all those years ago. Staring at it, she offered him a fond smile as she gently placed it on his head.

"There. Now my little Charmander is all set. Now, let's go and show those kids how a real trainer battles." Scarlet said in a soft tone as she recalled her own team, the two heading to the lab while Red seemed to have more power and confidence in his step.

(Scene Change - Pallet Town: Professor Oak's Laboratory)

"Come'on Professor! Just let us do our own thing already! We're obviously better then those guys!"

"Yeah! I was ranked number one in my class at the Pokemon Academy!"

"Sheesh, if they're just gonna cry then let them! I wanna battle this so called 'ace' you said lives in this place!"

"I'm seriously bored right now. You said we'd be battling, right?"

"Ugh, can I just go home! If there's no battles I don't have anything else I want to do!"

As the numerous groans and complaints sounded from the battleground, five youthful faces could be seen lounging about as Professor Oak and his group of parents and young trainers awaited the arrival of Scarlet and her recommended trainer. Their wait was for naught as the sound of footsteps soon made it to their ears, the Professor's eyes nearly bugging from their sockets when he finally realized who exactly it was that was accompanying Scarlet. His signature outfit, his raven hair and those crimson eyes; there was no way the one who had given him his first Pokemon could forget such a talented young man. About to shout, he saw Scarlet place a finger to her lips and wink, the man sighing as she truly hadn't lost her mischievous nature. He could only pray that she knew what she was doing. When they finally arrived, the group of five stared with disinterested eyes at the raven haired trainer with a Pikachu on his shoulder. Snorting when they saw the sight, they turned to the beautiful woman standing next to him and shook their heads.

"That's them? A try hard and an old lady?" A young trainer with purple hair named Jess asked in a deadpanned manner, Scarlet wincing as she gloomed at the jab.

"Pfft, lame. I expected someone actually cool like Leaf or Blue, not an edgy looking guy and his grandma." Another trainer with brown hair named Kaz jeered as Scarlet's shoulders sagged at the insult, Oak began to panic inwardly as the lid on a certain Champion was no doubt about to blow.

"Yeah, I'm just wasting my time here." A trainer with beige hair named Jason drawled as he stretched, sighing as he turned to his friends to gauge their interests.

"Can you call Leaf or Blue instead Professor? They look so lame." A trainer with black hair named Alex moaned as she laid on the ground, idly kicking her legs around as she stared at the pair with bored eyes.

"This was a waste of time, Professor. Please excuse me." A trainer with blonde hair named Chloe lamented as she moved to leave, though they all paused when Red stepped onto the field with his eyes shadowed by his bangs and hat.

About to speak, they quieted when Pikachu hopped off his shoulder and onto the field as they stared with incredulous eyes at the sight. The five sharing glances, they started laughing while pointing at the calm but calculating Pokemon. A few seconds later, they wiped their eyes as Kaz stepped forward with a grin on his face.

"Fine, fine; I'll humor ya for the laugh pal! Let's end this quick Rhydon!" Kaz called out as the horned Pokemon let a roar upon release, some of those in the audience shivering as they recalled facing the monster.

"I'll let you have the first move, so go ahead and do your worst." Kaz drawled as he looked at his Pokegear for any new messages, though he snapped his attention back when a pained groan left the mouth of his Rhydon.

Everyone who watched the scene had wide eyes, the sight of a Pikachu defeating a behemoth like a Rhydon with a single attack baffling them. After hearing the prideful words of the opposing trainer, Pikachu appeared before the once uncaring and now stunned Rhydon before a bone shattering Iron Tail shattered its stone-like hide when it connected with its jaw. Instantly the beast was unconscious and in need of medical attention with the small pool of crimson that started to form beneath its mouth. Stunned at what they had just witnessed, they were broken from their trance by the capped trainer who caused it.

"Next." Was all Red said without a hint of respect, his tone frigid and sharp as the young trainers before him unconsciously shuddered at his voice.

Recalling Rhydon, Raz felt himself shaking slightly as he was stared down by the monster before him. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he released his Donphan and ordered it to use Rollout. The tusked Pokemon letting a crying, it spun its body before racing towards the motionless Pikachu. But once again, Donphan was sent flying back with a pained cry as another brutal Iron Tail ended its time in the conscious realm. Watching as his second Pokemon laid prone, he quickly sent out his Heracross as the same one-move knock out occurred.

After his sixth was beaten without a simple scratch being made on the opposing Pikachu, he simply recalled it and slumped down in shock. His friends staring fearfully and with disbelieving expression at the trainer responsible for breaking the second strongest of their group, as they were forced to partake in the battle by the terrifying trainer, they were beaten down and their team and pride broken like glass. One by one, they fell to him as Chloe watched with wide eyes. Her body shaking, seeing the friends and Pokemon she had spent countless hours playing, grooming, eating, sleeping and training with get their hardwork and pride shattered and trampled on both infuriated and terrified her as the man responsible turned to face her.

"Next." The order was something akin to a death knell, Chloe feeling her mouth go dry as the Pokeball held in her hand shook madly with fear.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she released the Pokemon held in her hand as it roared in defiance. Before she could call an attack, that roar turned to a gurgle of defeat as a Thunder Punch from Pikachu buried itself into the abdomen of her Aggron. The steel beast falling, she recalled it and released her next battler. Again, it was a fruitless effort as the small rodent defeated the rest of her team while giving them a look of pure contempt, as if they were a complete and utter waste of its time. When her Zangoose fell, so did she as Chloe dropped to her knees. For those watching they felt a pang of pity when they looked at the five with their once fierce and proud spirits broken, though Oak nodded his head as he made his way over.

"You all did well, considering it was him you were facing." He told them as they rose their empty eyes to look at the Professor, Oak smiling softly as he gestured to the man who had crushed them as easily as they did the others behind him.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked in a soft tone, Oak grinning as he turned to look at Red.

"To have faced the Champion of Kanto, this was to be expected don't you think?" He said loud enough to catch the attention of everyone present, their eyes widening as they snapped to look at the young man being lightly scolded by his mother.

"That's..." Jess whispers with shining eyes, jumping up as her friends followed suit.

"Mhmm, that my young trainers is the youngest Champion in the history of the world himself, also known as the 'Forgotten Champion', Red. Oh, and the reason he seemed so angry at you all was because the woman you had insulted earlier was his mother. He has quite a soft spot for her you know." He said with a chuckle, moving to greet his young friend as the five slowly accepted the humbling defeat they had experienced first hand.

(Time Skip - Half an Hour Later)

After the beating that Red gave them, the five trainers who unbalanced the events for day openly apologized for their unbecoming behavior. Once things were settled and blown over, Red not lessening his glare until they personally apologized to his mother, Oak dismissed the rest of the day's activities in order to catch up with the young man. Once he was assured that he was indeed well both physically and mentally, next came the most exciting part for the Professor as he asked to examine the young man's Pokemon.

"My word..." Was all that he could offered as he took in the forms of the titans that appeared before him, almost not trusting his own eyes until he saw the same disbelieving expressions on the faces of his aides.

If the Pokémon owned by the current reigning Champions were considered monsters, then Red's collection of Pokemon could only be described as biological aberrations of the most extreme.

Charizard was nearly two and a half times larger then average, with hyper developed wings and forelimbs. It's internal flame seemed to burn nearly thrice as hot as the norm and that was without the adrenaline from battle. It's hide was a much deeper orange, bordering on the red that it's pre-evolution had. It's skin was littered with discolored patches from frostbite and scars from the various battles it had to endure on the summit of Mt. Silver.

His Blastoise was larger then normal and had a shell four times harder then the norm, its cannons able to produce water with triple the power of the standard species. It's hide was a deeper blue, bordering navy with splotches of discolored skin from exposure to the extreme cold. It's shell bearing the horrific scars of battle as it was chipped and gouged in certain areas, its cannons being a faded gray with a number of scars lining the barrels.

His Venusaur was a behemoth of its kind, it's trunk and flower being twice as large and nearly four times as effective at gathering, absorbing and releasing solar energy. It's hide being a dark blue-green with a number of light discolored patches from the killing cold of the mountain, its trunk, body and flower bearing the scars of countless battles.

His Snorlax was physically the same size if not a bit larger then the norm, but it was its accelerated metabolism and ability to release its stored energy in a successive manner that made it an absolute irregularly in comparison to its slothful brethren, seemingly awake and ready for battle despite its bulk. It's body was littered with scars that showed the muscle of the beast beneath its surprising soft fur, a few discolored patches of skin littering it's body from the biting cold.

His Espeon was physically the same but in terms of psychic power was almost maddening to comprehend, being far more potent and powerful then that of an Alakazam that had years of training. It's body was free of any scars but the small patches of frost bitten skin could be seen beneath her beautiful coat.

As for his Pikachu, monstrosity couldn't even describe what the small rodent was. In terms of electric power, it would dwarf even fully evolved electric types like Electivire, Eelektross and perhaps even a Mega Ampharos if he had gone toe to toe with it. The small rodent was not free from any scars, the mouse Pokemon bearing a surprisingly large number of them though you would have to part his fur to clearly see them. His ears and tail were slightly discolored from the frigid winds that tormented them the past decade.

Even the Tyranitar that he had recently acquired was a phenomenal specimen, without proper training it was even able to stand toe to toe with the other titans the young man owned. If he put in the same amount of care into her, she would no doubt be another anomaly in his possession.

Simply put, the small number of pokemon that he owned were in a completely different dimension from any other of their species. The scars, discolored skin, steel-like hide and unimaginable power that they held were a testament to the inhospitable and harsh location that they chose to live and train in. Even the scars that littered Red's arms spoke of the harshness of their lives that they endured the past decade, a tempering of their minds and bodies to the absolute maximum. Truly, what Oak was seeing before him were the pinnacle of their respective species. He even doubted his own Charizard's odds against the titan before him.

As he watched the young man interact with his Pokemon, he saw none of the power that they oozed nor any of the innate confidence that came with such unbelievable power. All he saw was Pokemon and trainer, all of them laughing and playing with each other as Red got the rest of the team used to their newest addition, though Tyranitar was essentially already a member of their little family by the sheer number of times she challenged them when she was still wild. Seeing that, the fact he was still able to laugh and smile with them brought a smile to the Professor, an idea soon forming as he grinned slightly.

"Say Red, what would you say about joining a little tournament?" He asked as he quickly gained the attention of not only Red but his Pokemon as well, the Professor sweatdropping a bit at their expectant stares.

"There is going to be a certain tournament, one held every two and a half years, where the best of the best enter and battle for the title of 'Pokemon Master'. Not only that but it is also a way to gauge the power that each region has in regards to each other, and it just so happens that Kanto may be needing a bit of help based on the previous years results. Normally you would have to qualify via the usual battles with the Elite Four and Champion but seeing as you were a Champion, though it was revoked when you missed your first challenger, I could vouch for you and have you enter under my name. I hear that both Leaf and Blue are finally entering this year so it will be an interesting one if you were to also join." He explained with a large grin crossing his face, Red blinking before a smile crossed his face.

Turning to face his team, he needn't ask their opinions as they all roared and cried in agreement. Seeing that the raven haired youth turned to look at the Professor as Oak simply chuckled in turn. Nodding his head, he simply filled out a 'Black Writ of Challenge' before handing it to the crimson eyed young man to keep.

"Just show that to the receptionist and they'll let you in no doubt. Haha, I had better pack my things! There are three months until the tournament begins Red, so you had better inform your mother and get ready to head to Unova. The tournament will take place in Driftviel City, be sure to confirm your participation before the day of the tournament ok?" He explained as Red nodded, recalling his Pokemon before pausing as he pointed at Tyranitar as Oak chuckled and nodded.

"Right my boy, just give me one second." He said before rushing to the back of his lab, Red rubbing the green titan as she growled in absolute delight at his coddling.

"Here you are Red, an updated Pokédex seeing a yours is well... Scrapmetal. It's updated with data of Pokemon from Kanto to Kalos, with my associate Professor Kukui still gathering data from Alola to add later on. With this particular model, I've authorized a release for the 'On Hold' limit of six; you'll be able to carry as many Pokemon as you physically can, though I set the release limit at twelve, you are also able to manually swap out the Pokemon you can release on hand with a function in your new Pokédex. There is also an emergency override that will allow you to release all the Pokemon you have on hand if it exceeds twelve but if that is activated it will alert both myself and the Pokemon League and there had better be a valid reason for doing so." Oak explained as he handed Red something that looked like a earpiece and glove, the young man looking at it in curiosity as the older man chuckled.

"It looks quite different doesn't it? It was specifically made to not interfere with veteran trainers when in the heat of battle. It simply goes into your ear and when needed you just tap it or gesture opening your old Pokédex, which I added since it might be muscle memory for you at this point. Once you do a virtual array will appear before your eyes and link with that glove which will give manual control by just moving your fingers and tapping. But it would be better to experience it then be told how to use it by a technologically inept man like me." Oak explained with a chuckle before Red nodded and equipped the devices, doing as the Professor said and miming the action of opening his old Pokédex.

Instantly as transparent light blue screen appeared as the young man flinched, seeing the screen follow the path of his gaze as he looked around. A bit excited, he looked at the various symbols that lined the screen, seeing it display time, temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and speed, his current location via latitude and longitude. Those were only the overlaying symbols, Red seeing an 'Advanced' tab he could open should he desire.

Opting to get familiar with it later, he turned to look at Professor Oak as a reticule surrounded his head before various pieces of information appeared about the Professor revolving Pokemon that was either publicly known or could be found online in a database or accesible domain. Turning to look at a Pidgey that was being examined by a nearby aide, he saw a number of logs about its species, typing, height, weight, national dex number, attacks and status. Smiling, he gestured closing his old Pokédex as the screen faded from view. Seeing that he had grasped the basics of it, Oak smiled as he patted the young man on the shoulder.

"Well, that is all there I have to give you, Red. Ah, you can also change the color of that screen and of the letters and symbols, I do know how fond you are of your namesake, haha! Now go! I am expecting great things my boy!" Oak chuckled as Red offered in a grateful and polite bow, exiting the lab as he rushed to inform his mother of what was to come.

(Time Skip - An Hour Later)

(Scene Change - Pallet Town: Red's Home)

"So... You're going to be leaving again, huh." Scarlet said with a soft and somber tone, Red's eyes softening as he moved to gently hold his mother's hands.

"I'll be back after the tournament ends. Promise." He assured her as she offered him a loving smile, moving to kiss him on the forehead as he felt his cheeks redden.

"Ha... I couldn't expect that my little Charmander would stay when a tournament as grand as the Pokemon World Tournament was happening. Just promise that you and your Pokemon eat properly and get plenty of sleep ok?" She asked as he nodded adamantly, Scarlet giggling as she ushered him to pack while she made him lunch.

Within a few minutes, she saw him emerge with a new sleek red backpack with white lining it. Seeing him outfitted in his new clothes, hat and backpack, she couldn't help but offer him a fond and somber smile as he returned it. Moving over, she embraced him and let her head fall against his chest, shaking her head as she turned to look up at him.

"Honestly, I guess I can't call you my little Charmander anymore, huh sweetie?" Scarlet giggled as Red frowned slightly, shaking his head as she paused to look at him.

"Umm... I-I'll always be your little Charmander... Just like how you'll always be my mother." He told her with pink coloring his cheeks, Scarlet smiling loving as she tiptoed to kiss him on the forehead.

"That's enough flattery from you, Red! Now go, go and show everyone who the most powerful trainer in the world is!" She declared with a grin on her face, Red returning it as he moved to leave the house.

"Ah, just one second Red!" Scarlet called out as she rushed to her room, Red obediently listening to his mother as the sound of boxes being shuffled could be heard before she came rushing back out.

"I almost forgot to give this to you! It's an import from Unova, a Xtransceiver! I got a matching pair from an old friend of mine, so now I can call you whenever I want!" She chirped in a cheerful tone, Red smiling softly as he equipped the white and crimson device.

"Now you're all set to go. Please call me when you reach Unova ok sweetie? Love you." She asked before giving him one more kiss on the forehead, Red smiling as he released his Charizard.

Making her way over to the titan, she gently held its head and asked him to watch over him. Getting a gentle and affirmative rumble in turn, she hugged the head of the fire type before bidding the pair farewell. Watching them leave, she let a sad smile grace her features before a sigh left her mouth. Placing her hands on her hip, she shook her head before snapping it forward. Turning, she saw her beloved team staring at her with knowing eyes as Dragonite let a small 'coo' of conformation. Seeing that, a very familiar smile graced her features as she pulled out her Xtransciever and dialed a certain number.

"Hello, Nicole? It's Scarlet! I know, it's been quite some time hasn't it! I was just hoping that you could do a small favor for me! Mhmm... Yes... Yes I remember and I said sorry didn't I! Well, someone still owes me for helping them reclaim Moltres' flame after they 'lost' it, but I guess I could just go ahead and ask their father but... Ah, I knew I could count on you, Nicole! Mhmm, it'll be a rematch then alright, goodbye!" Scarlet said as she spoke to a silver haired woman, obviously getting under the skin of the woman based on the red of her face and sighs that escaped.

"Alright ladies, I think it's time for a bit of catching up, don't you all think?" She asked her team as she turned to face them, getting fierce smiles in turn she headed inside her home to prepare to reveal another legend thought lost to the world.

And that's a wrap. Thanks for reading, stay awesome.