Upcoming Confrontation

If there was one thing that Accelerator could describe as the silver lining of the whole situation they were in, was that this strange world was less shitty than Academy City.

OK, that might be being too optimistic. It was very likely that he hadn't dug deep enough yet. In any case, so far, the only dark side that he encountered was your run-of-the-mill criminal world. One that was full of murder, theft, organized crime, and things like bad. Was it bad? Sure. But it was nothing compared to cloning people by tens of thousand only to be killed, blackmailing people and forced them to become your personal hit squad, mad experiments that gave no result in the end, and many more.

As he entered the living room with a cup of coffee in hand, the albino noticed that the TV was still on but not so much with the viewers; on the sofa, Last Order and Eri had fallen asleep, leaning on each other for support.

He simply rolled his eyes and sighed. He went to the table, where the remote was, to pick it up. After switching his cup with the remote, he was about to turn the TV off when he noticed that it currently displayed a news channel and the topic of it.

"They're still looking?" Accelerator commented, sounding a little bit surprised. "I suppose that's the difference between the Academy City and the government who has to at least pretend of caring about their people."

He had to admit that he had been so used to heinous acts being sweep under the rug that the authority still searching for the culprit of one took him by surprise if only a little. A part of him approved of it. After all, with him being appointed as the new Board Chairman by Aleister himself, he had…plans regarding how to deal with the Board of Directors.

Another part of him was annoyed since it would cause problems for them.

Thanks to Qliphah, it was possible for Eri to walk in public without anyone noticing that she was the girl that the authority has been searching for. However, there was a limit to her ability and if someone was determined enough in finding the little girl, they could potentially look beneath the illusion.

Accelerator clicked his tongue as he pressed the "Turn On" button, turning off the TV. He tossed the device into the sofa before picking up his cup. Just as he sipped his coffee, the front door of the apartment was opened before being closed, followed by Misaka Worst entering the room.

"So, what's the situation?" He asked without looking at her.

"If not for Misaka's experience, she won't be able to notice the out-of-uniform cops and comic book characters." The clone replied. "Get Misaka a drink, will you?"

"Go get one yourself." The albino grumbled.

As she went to the kitchen while grumbling – which sounded like "ungrateful bastard" – Accelerator thought about the information that he had just received. His mind couldn't help but go back to an event that occurred months ago.

It was when the League of Villains kidnapped a student from the hero school UA. From what he heard, while the teachers of the school – who were also heroes – were busy dealing with the press and acted as if they were still searching for the kidnapped kid, the police and heroes actually already discovered the location and the conference was simply a way to hide the closing-in task force.

So, what he had just heard from the news and what happened could be two different things. He couldn't help but wonder if they had actually been discovered and the authority was simply waiting for the right moment.

He needed to check this out.

"Oi, brat! I am going out!" Accelerator shouted as he walked towards the door. "If something funny happens, you know what to do."

"Yeah, yeah." Despite the way she said it, her tone indicated that she took it seriously.

As he exited the apartment and walked into the street, the albino man couldn't help but scowl. That man was willing to give him some time off until the heat dissipated and to make sure that Eri adapted well to her new environment.

And now, he was returning to work.

"What a shitty day…" He commented.

Naomasa wondered if the time has come for the cases that he was working on to be declared as "cold."

It has been weeks since a case that shared any similarity with the cases related to the serial killer. The trail has – to put it simply – gone cold. As if there was no lack of clue when the killings occurred, all that he could do now was staring at the files about the cases to no avail.

Plus, he had been contacted by Sir Nighteye about the possibility of All for One's lieutenant being involved in the destruction of Shie Hassaikai destruction. According to the former sidekick of All Might, the Yakuza group was in the process of creating a quirk-erasing bullet. While so far it was only temporary, there was the possibility of it being upgraded into one that can make quirk permanently disappear.

Such a weapon would be devastating if used against the heroes, who relied a lot on their quirk to do their jobs. If Endeavor, who was about to become the new No. 1 Hero in Japan, got hit by that bullet…

He didn't even want to think about the fallout.

The detective stopped his thought when his phone made a certain voice, alerting him that he received a message. He took it and read from who it came from; it was none other than Nighteye himself.

Naomasa took one look at the files on his table before sighing. He would join the investigation in searching for the possible All for One's lieutenant. However, he would do so with a heavy heart, for he knew what it meant by choosing to do that.

A villain would escape justice.

"What a lousy drink! People actually pay for this?"

"In case you forgotten, I make that in a hurry." He sighed. "Besides, that's not why you're here."

"That's right." She put down her glass. "You have it, didn't you?"

Rather than answering immediately, he crouched to reach a cabinet. He opened it and took out a brown envelope that he had put in earlier. He stood up and gave it to her, which was accepted.

The woman opened the envelope and took out the papers inside. She inspected them carefully for several minutes before putting them back inside. Satisfied, her left hand when into her pocket to retrieve something inside; a bundle of US Dollars.

"Consider this a tip." She stated as she threw it into the table before standing up.

"Wait, before you go," He told her as he picked up the tip. "Please try to make sure that it doesn't evolve into an international incident. That's way beyond my pay grade."

"No promise." She uncaringly replied.

Once she exited the room, he let out a sigh, trying to relax at the possibility of future disaster.

"I swear to god, they will be the death of me, those ma…"

He immediately closed his mouth when the door was opened. His eyes widened upon recognizing the one who had just entered the bar.

"Accelerator?" He raised an eyebrow. "Is there something wrong?"

"I need you to do some confirmation." The boy spoke to him.

"Of what?"

"Eri." He didn't beat around the bushes. "I need to make sure that the heat has minimized. The last thing I need is to end up like the LoV – seriously, who the fuck think that's a good name – because I let down my guard."

It took him a while to figure out what the albino meant. Once he did, he nodded his head.

"I see. I'll look up for it, then." He then remembered what had just happened earlier. "Ah, that's right. There's a...well, not exactly a warning. More of, just in case things do indeed go south."

"Huh? Speak clearly, will you?"

"There might be or might not be an international incident in the making."

The room became silent after he said that. It was broken when Accelerator spoke up three appropriate words.

"What the fuck?!"

Eri looked at the Gekota stuffed toy that she currently held in her hands. It smiled back at her with its tongue sticking out from the tip of its mouth.

She admitted to having no idea what to do with it as she moved one of its arms. Her time before meeting Accelerator was…not a normal one. She had toys, yes, but more often than not, she was too terrified to even touch them, afraid that it would offend her previous caretaker if he could be called that.

Well, he could. Being a caretaker didn't mean that he had to be a good one.

Anyway, playing with a doll was something that she was very unfamiliar with.

She had seen how Last Order played with her dolls. She seemed to consider them to be alive, often talking to them and acting as if they could talk back to her. She had also seen her eating with the dolls, though they had imaginary or toy food instead.

Thus, she decided to do what she did.

"Hello," She greeted the doll. "I am Eri. Who are you?"

"I am Gekota!"

The girl imagined that that would be what the doll said if it could talk. What it would say after that, however, was something that she had a hard time thinking of. In the end, she sighed as she walked towards the kitchen, carrying the doll with her.

"Something wrong, brat?"

Eri noticed – upon arriving at the kitchen – that Misaka Worst was already there before her. She was leaning on the counter, a bottle of drink (she didn't know the content) in her hand. The brunette was looking at her curiously and perhaps somewhat gleefully.

She admitted that the family that had practically adopted her kind of make her confused. The only words that came out from Accelerator's words indicated that his greatest dream would be for them to disappear yet he always took care of her and Last Order. Misaka Worst seemed to find pleasure in tormenting the youngest members of the family yet has no problem if she received retaliation. Speaking about her, Last Order – while the sanest one – has a…let's just say interesting way to talk.

If she had to give them the familial position, then Accelerator would be the single father, Misaka Worst the annoying big sister, and Last Order the adorable younger sister.

"Oi!" Worst called her again. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?"

"Ah, no…" She replied. "I just…I am still trying to…think how to live normally."

"Well, too bad. You won't be able to learn that from any of us." The brunette stated. "I am sure it's obvious, but we aren't what most would call 'normal.'"

The little girl thought back about what happened back in "that place" before nodding. While she was not sure exactly what Accelerator did, it was definitely not something one would call normal.

"If you really need someone to take as an example, just look at Last Order. Or hell, any other kid on street." Worst continued. "Don't copy her speech, however. Gods, it would be so cringy if you do."

"About her," Eri decided to ask it. "Why does she speak like that?"

"So that those who listen won't get confused, Misaka says as Misaka enters the kitchen."

Just as she said, Last Order entered the kitchen, heading straight towards the refrigerator.

"W-What do you mean by confused?" Eri asked more. "Who will get confused?"

"You see, Misaka, along with Worst and other Sisters, created the Misaka Network where we could share our thought. Because of that, however, it becomes confusing if we use single-person pronouncement, having to figure out who says what. That's why every time we speak we also speak our identity, Misaka explains as Misaka hopes the explanation is simple enough."

"Umm…" The girl tilted her head before deciding to simply nod. "I guess I understand. A bit."

"To put it even simpler, every time we talk, there's always our Sisters listening to us. Since we all have the name 'Misaka,' we always add who speaks what." Worst added.

"Oh, I see." She finally understood.

"Misaka should've thought about that, Misaka mutters as Misaka slaps her forehead."

Eri couldn't help but giggle at that.

The day has not been a good one for Accelerator.

First, there was a possibility of a fucking international incident, which would bring so much heat that it might even become literal by the end of it. Second, on his way back, there was a villain causing destruction, forcing him to take a long detour.

Now it was almost dark. He just knew it; Last Order would be nagging him until sleep time for coming home late. He was thinking of finding a supermarket or at least a vending machine and buy some canned coffee. Unfortunately, he found no store and none of the machines that he encountered sell the brand that he liked.

It simply made his day worse.

"N-No! Let me go!"

"I will! Just give me your purse!"

And now there was a burglary attempt.

"Ah, fuck it." He scratched the back of his head before entering the alley.

Considering the things that he had seen, he wondered if a magician or two put a curse on him.

Ms. Joke let out a yawn as she walked through the street. A hero from a nearby office got wounded during a clash with a villain and had to recover. Because of their relation, she received an extra task of covering some of his patrol routes with the rest being taken care of by others.

Usually, that wouldn't be a hassle for her. Thing is, she was kind of busy with the soon-to-be-cold cases that she investigated. She was by no mean a dedicated investigation hero, like say Endeavor, but she nonetheless has some skills.

"Still, if there's no more lead, then there's no choice to put the cases on the shelf." She talked to herself. "Better to chase something that could…"

She was interrupted by a man who – from an alley - crashed into a lamppost, causing the hero to go on alert. The man was, without any doubt, being thrown away by someone else and that person was still in the alley. Without making any noise, she quickly approached the alley, and when she was close…

"Oh, thank you! Thank you so much, young man!"

"That…that's not expected…" Ms. Joke thought in her head.

When she entered the alley, she saw an old woman grabbing the hand of an albino man with both of hers, repeatedly telling him how thankful she was. The man, on the other hand, seemed to be annoyed by the action but just silently accept it. He also had a crutch on his other hand.

"Hello there," She greeted them. "Can you tell me what is happening?"

"Ah, Miss Hero!" The old lady went towards her. "You see, it was terrible! That man dragged me into the alley, took out a knife, and threatened me to give up my purse. I was so scared! Then, this kindly young man appeared and told him to go away, though in a very foul language. So the man decided to stab him. But, the knife snapped when it touched him! He then finished the mugger by slapping him away."

She laughed a bit at how the event was described. At least it was comprehensible enough for her to understand. Ms. Joke turned her attention to the albino man, who was still standing where he was. Though judging from how he tapped his foot, it seemed that he was in a hurry to go somewhere.

"Thanks for that, Ma'am." She told the granny before walking towards him. "Can you confirm what she said?"

"Yeah." He gave a simple reply. "Nothing more to add."

"I see." Ms. Joke nodded. "May I ask for your ID? Don't worry, you're not in trouble. It's just for the report."

The man clicked his tongue but nonetheless took out his wallet and gave her his ID. She smiled a bit as she put out her phone to take the picture of the card. She was just about to do it when her thumb stopped just before pushing the button.

There was something…incorrect about the card. Like, she had seen something similar and knew that it should not be there.

Realizing how strange it was that she didn't immediately take the picture, Ms. Joke pushed the button, followed by a flash and sound of the camera.

"Here you go." She gave the card back. "Thank you for your cooperation."

He silently accepted the ID and put it back into his wallet before he walked away. She kept her eyes on him until he disappeared into the corner. After that, the green-haired woman approached the old lady once more.

"Do you want me to escort you until you reach your home, Ma'am?" She asked.

"O-Oh, no need, Miss Hero. I don't want to be a bother." She tried to reject it.

"No, it won't be. It won't be a bother at all."

"If that's the case, then I suppose…"

"Ah, that's right!" Ms. Joke remembered something. "Please wait here for a moment!"

She went towards the mugger, who was unconscious due to hitting the lamppost and tied his hand to the post with a zip. After that, she took out her communicator and contacted her office.

"…one should be enough to bring him in." She stated. "Oh, and in the meanwhile, can you contact someone who works in the counterfeit department?"

And it's finally done!

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