Time to Run


Despite how loud the door was closed, nobody paid much attention to it. When he was in a bad mood, he always closed the door with a bit too much force. And that happened quite often.

Misaka Worst, however, noticed that between opening and closing the door, not even a second passed, which meant they were done in a hurry.

"Pack up!" Accelerator shouted the moment he entered the living room. "We're leaving."

Ah, that answered it.

"What's wrong?" The older clone asked. "Got a job that's far away?"

"We've been discovered." He replied. "Well, will be discovered."

"What?!" Worst jumped from the sofa. "How?"

"I saved an old lady from a mugger. When a contractor approached us, demanding an explanation, I was also ordered to give my ID." The albino explained. "She looked at it too long."

"That's impossible." She retorted. "Our IDs have been checked many times and they passed."

"She likely fucking knew something that we don't. In any case, we're leaving!"

He went into his bedroom. Once inside, he opened the wardrobe and took out a bag, already filled with every necessity. Since they likely still had time, Accelerator picked up another bag - this one was empty – and start filling it up.

The brown-haired woman went back to the living room to find both Last Order and Eri staring at where they had gone.

"Oi, what are you staring at?" She shouted to them. "Go get your stuff packed up!"

The two little girls – after being surprised by the loud voice – immediately ran towards their room. Just like Accelerator, Last Order opened the wardrobe in the room and took out a bag before taking out another empty one.

"W-What's going on, Last Order?" Eri asked, still confused about what happened.

"Well, as you know, we're not exactly following the laws. So, sometimes, we need to move to another place, Misaka explains as Misaka fills the second bag."

"So, where are we going?"

"Don't know. We have several safe houses, so it's up to Accelerator, Misaka says as Misaka tries to remember what else to be packed."

"Um…" The girl looked at the bags, trying to find anything that should be inside, but not. "Food?"

"That's right! We must not get hungry and be forced to buy food until we reach safety, Misaka agrees as Misaka runs towards the kitchen."

Both of them were now running towards the kitchen. Once there, the brown-haired girl opened a cupboard and took out a bag. She opened it and saw that it was filled with canned food. Satisfied, Last Order closed it back before picking up an empty one.

"Here," She gave it to Eri. "Fill it with as many snacks as possible, Misaka says as Misaka gives her the bag."

"O-OK." The girl accepted the bag and walked towards the refrigerator.

As she put the food into the bag, she couldn't help but notice how there were already several bags that have been filled. It didn't take a genius to figure out that in a much dire situation, where there was no time to pack at all, they could just take them and run away in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Hopefully, they indeed had enough time to pack up before whoever chasing them closed in.

There were many things that a hero must do to be considered one. One was very important but often overlooked by the public due to how boring it was. Nevertheless, it was argued to be much more important compared to all the fights against the villains that heroes do.


That was currently the opponent that Miss Joke faced. Fortunately, unlike in the TV shows, she was not faced with a mountain of papers that she had to fill. It was still a large stack though.

She was currently reading a police report about a burglary case that she was involved with several weeks ago. She was unable to capture the culprit when it happened. However, she managed to get a clear sight of the burn mark on his cheek, which led to his arrest not long after that.

Despite how fast the burglar was captured, processing the case took a lot longer, thanks to the increasing crime rate across the nation. That was why it was only now the case could be concluded; no prosecutor would take a case if it had less than a 99% chance of succeeding.

On the report, there was a statement telling her that she might receive a demand to give her statement again. Makes sense, she thought in her mind. The hero was about to pick up another paper when there was suddenly a ring.


Seeing that she received a call, Miss Joke decided to accept it, putting it on speaker.

"Good afternoon." She greeted the caller. "This is Miss Joke herself. To whom am I speaking?"

"It's me, Joke." A high-pitched female voice replied. "Long time not hearing you."

"Ah, Naomi!" The hero stopped doing her paperwork, focusing on the call. "Is it about the photo that I sent you?"

"Yes, it is." She confirmed. "You asked about whether there's something wrong with the ID, right?"

"Yep. I admit it's just a gut feeling, but sometimes you might find something useful following it." She scratched. "Besides, except papers, I don't have anything to do."

"I see. Anyway, back to the ID, there's not much that I can gain from just a simple photo. From what I see, everything seems to be in order…except one."


"According to the card, the ID was released on February 20 this year in Kyoto. That is impossible."

"And that's because…?"

"At February 19, a villain attacked the power grid of the city, causing a blackout that's only solved by February 22," Naomi explained. "While there were backup generators, it wasn't enough and thus the electricity had to be prioritized. Printers were not one of them."

"Yeah, if that's the case, there's no way there could be a legit ID that was released on that date."

"Correct. In fact, thanks to this, we were able to capture a notorious drug dealer; a case where you were involved."

Miss Joke couldn't help but become surprised by that. She went silent for a while as she tried to remember if she ever dealt with a case like that. If she was not wrong.

"Is it the one in the middle of April?" The hero asked for confirmation.

"Correct. The dealer is an expert in disguise thanks to his quirk and his own personal skills." Her colleague confirmed. "It's thanks to that little but significant mistake that we managed to get him."

"Oh." Slowly, the memory of that event came to her mind. "Oooohhh."

She remembered that case now. The dealer was trying to escape using a car. However, he drove too fast and was stopped by a patrolman for speeding. Thinking that he could get away with just a ticket, he followed the order given by the police to show his ID. Normally, no suspicion would fall upon him.

Thanks to the blackout, however, the patrolman noticed the incorrect release date of the ID. The drug dealer was arrested and the information about the date was concealed from the public; the police hoped that other criminals would make the same mistake. The statement released to the public simply stated that there was an error detected on the fake ID.

"In conclusion, the albino man that has this ID? He's a criminal." Naomi stated. "Well, that's all I could say. The rest is up to you."

"Of course." The green-haired woman said. "Thanks for the help, Naomi."

"Always a pleasure." With that, the line was cut off.

With the phone now free, Miss Joke entered a new number. From the testimony given by the old lady from last night, the quirk of the albino man seemed to be something that enabled him to send someone flying with just a touch. That meant his quirk was likely an emitter-type.

She knew who she needed to call.

"Who is it?"

The thought plagued Sir Nighteye's mind as he searched through the files in his computer. They were the results of many investigations that have been started since before he was even born; before the first hero appeared in Japan.

The network of connections possessed by All For One.

From the most secretive criminal underground to the highest position in the government, the man had connections anywhere and everywhere. There was a reason that even after reaching the peak of his power, All Might need more or less a decade before being able to face All For One head-on.

However, despite all the effort given to destroy his empire, some of his followers were still at large, and considering the Nomu, they possessed a large amount of resource; enough to potentially destabilize the hard-won peaceful time that was the present day.

As if that was not bad enough, it was unknown how many lieutenants that All For One actually had and among them, who were not behind the jail. Only one of them that was confirmed to be still at large. After all, it was hard not to notice the fact that you haven't arrested a giant.

"Whoever this villain is, they are not someone who relies on brawn alone." Nighteye thought. "They are capable of creating a distraction that's sufficient to draw most of the heroes from Overhaul's hideout."

Speaking about the fake bank robbery case, the culprit either possessed a hypnotic quirk or employing someone that had it. Maybe the database could provide a clue. He would ask Bubble Girl to check it.

Moving on, the hero noticed that the killing spree caused by a vigilante stopped not long after the assault at the hideout. At first, he thought it was a mere coincidence; the vigilante decided to stop or at least paused their activity due to heavy police presence thanks to the assault. Yet the more he thought about it, the more he wondered if there was more than that.

From the criminals that Fat Gum arrested, they managed to find out that the Shie Hassaikai was distributing anti-quirk bullet prototype among small-time villains. The people killed by the mysterious vigilante were that kind of people. Sure, many of them happened far away from the hideout, but it made sense for Overhaul to test the new weapon far away from his base. Less chance of being found out.

What if these "vigilante" murders were not vigilante work at all? What if they were committed by All For One's lieutenant to track down the producer of the bullets?

That hypothesis could work. Unfortunately, he was still lacking any lead. Maybe he should ask for the files of the murder cases from the police…


Nighteye stopped his thought and immediately put his hand into his suit pocket to retrieve his phone. When he looked at the caller, the hero couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"Why does she call me?" He muttered before answering it. "Yes, Ryukyu. This is Sir Nighteye. What…?"


The former sidekick of All Might had to put a distance between himself and his phone due to how loud his fellow hero was.

"Ryukyu, calm down!" He told her. "I won't be able to hear you unless you tone down your voice!"

"R-R-Right, s-sorry. I…It's…"

"I said it again, calm down! Unless you do, it…!"

"My sister! Nighteye, my sister is gone!"


"Yay, the beach, Misaka shouts as Misaka raises her arms to the sky!"

"Shut it, shitty brat." Accelerator told her. "Just get inside the car."

The four of them entered the car with him and Misaka Worst on the front, the latter being the driver.

"Really?" The older clone smirked. "You trust Misaka for this?"

"I don't trust you." The albino retorted. "I know you won't fucking do anything that would get us captured."

Clicking her tongue due to her failure in riling him up, Worst silently put the key in and started the car. She put the vehicle in reserve and slowly moved it until the road was in front of them. Once it was done, the brown-haired woman put the gear back to normal before driving the car forward.

For a while, the car drove silently across the city. The youngest passengers were focused on the buildings outside, observing them in excitement. They made some noise, but it was not loud. Due to that, Accelerator decided to close his eyes, giving them some rest.

It didn't even reach a minute.

"Hey, hey, Accelerator, can you turn on the radio, please, Misaka demands as Misaka feels rather bored."

"Just do it yourself!" He shouted at the girl.

"But Misaka couldn't reach it, Misaka points out as…"


He moved his hand and turned on the radio. He then tried to find a station that was not too annoying.

"Madonna, oh ma…"

"…then spread the parsnip to…"

"…of Ryukyu, has been declared…"

"…limited offer!"

Finally, he managed to find it; the channel was playing traditional Japanese music. Some kind of flute and guitar from the sound of it. Since there was no complaint from Last Order, she was likely interested as well. With that, Accelerator decided to try resting his eyes again.

As he went deeper into his slumber, the esper wondered if the cleaner had arrived yet.

It was common for heroes to have a secondary job other than enforcing law and order.

The hero Wash was among them.

His was cleaning service. Laundry, home cleaning, and also selling some cleaning products like soap, detergent, and more. Admittedly, it was owned by his parents rather than the hero himself. It was thanks to them that he managed to enter a hero school and followed his dream.

Promoting their business was just a small way to pay them back.

Anyway, when he had some free time from his hero job, Wash would usually help their business. It was quite surprising that people were willing to pay extra just to have a hero clean their room. But as long as they were happy, everything would be fine.

As he entered the room, the hero inspected it for a bit. Everything seemed to be in its place and it didn't look to be dirty at all. Yet all he needed was to swipe his finger across the doorknob to find some dust.

Just as expected. Sometimes, things that looked clean were not actually clean at all.

As he prepared his equipment, Wash was also planning on how to clean the apartment. Usually, he would start from the furthest room and worked his way back to the front door. However, there were times when some changes were needed, depending on the arrangement of the rooms.

In any case, when he was done, the family would return from their vacation to one of the cleanest, polished, and sparkling rooms in existence!


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