"Where the am I?"

Sora a 16 year old Teenager finds himself in lying on grass after using the power of waking to rescue Kairi. "Did I do it? Did I rescue Kairi?"

Sora noticed something different in the top left corner of his vision he sees a green bar. "Why do I see a green bar" he thought.

After wondering for 10 minutes the keyblade wielder finds two people one a brown leather chestplate, white shirt, brown pants, and a red headband curling into a ball on the ground. Sora thought that they needed some help, so without thinking Sora summoned his keyblade the kingdom key and made quick work of the blue hog.

"Oh come on seriously you can't feel any pain." said the guy standing there.

"Oh ya your right sorry habit." Said the guy in the red headband.

"Remember what I said the first move is important."

"Ya that's easy for you to say but he won't stand still."

"Well the kid over there made quick work for it."

Then the guy noticed Sora's keyblade and his outfit "Hey kid!"

"Ya" said Sora.

"What's your name?"

"Oh! My name is Sora. How about you two?"

The guy walk towards Sora and put his hand out "my name is Kirito and this guy over here is Klein." Kirito was wearing blue shirt with a leather chestplate and brown pants.

"Nice to meet you." said Sora shaking Kirito's hand.

"So what kind gear do you have?" Kirito asked.

"Oh I didn't know I was wearing this." said Sora looking at his KH2 outfit.

"And the key sword thing?" questioned Kirito.

"This is called a keyblade it has the power to unlock and lock any door and it castes magic."

"Magic! Can I see it?"

"Sure." Sora took 8 steps back pointed his keyblade up and said "THUNDER!" Suddenly nothing happened, Kirito looked like confused.


"Ummmmm Sora you can't use magic in this game." Said Kirito.

"Game? Isn't this real?"

"How on earth does this kid not know what a game is." Kirito thought.

Hours later Sora was telling Kirito and Klein about all of his adventures and what he did. "So let me get this straight you have slept for a year and you don't know how you got there?" Said Klein.


"and you had 3 people living inside of you."


"That shouldn't make sense" Said Kirito wondering on how all of this is possible.

The three were looking at the horizon not thinking of anything "I Still can't believe it, no matter how many times I see it that we're inside a game." Said Klein.

"I wish Kairi would seen this" Said Sora hoping that he rescued Kairi.

Kirito pulled out his sword "In this world a single blade can take you anywhere you want to go. And even though it's a virtual world I feel more alive in this one then the real world." Kirito putted his sword back. "Anyway you want to do some more hunting?"

"I wouldn't mind" Said Sora.

"I would but" everyone heard Klein's belly rumble "I'm really hungry."

"Too bad that the hunger satisfies you virtually" said Kirito.

"That's why I ordered a hot pizza at 5:30" Said Klein "I don't know what your guys are doing after this but you can friend them and hang out with us." Kirito was looking on the ground and Sora wanted to go to the islands to meet his best friends again. "No no I'm not forcing you it's cool, if you don't want to hang out I can always introduce you guys another time."

"Ya sorry, thanks for asking" said Sora.

"Well I better go" Said Klein he swiped down his right arm and it opened a menu "huh?"

"What wrong?" said Sora.

"Where did the logout button go?"

"It should be there" Said Kirito.

"Nope" Said Klein.

Sora and Kirito opened the menu and there was no logout button. "That's weird" said Kirito.

"Well the game just came out, I'd bet that the server people are freaking out right now. Said Klein.

"Ummm Klein it's 5:25." Said Sora.


"Why don't you just call the game master?" Asked Kirito.

"I did that hours ago and nothing happened yet." Said Sora.

"Wait! You knew about this!" Yelled Klein.

"Ya I thought it wasn't a big deal" Said Sora.

"Ya now it is a big deal my TERIYAKI-MAYO PIZZA IS GONE!" Yelled Klein.

The three were thinking "well the only thing to logout would be if someone takes the nerve gear off of you" Said Kirito.

"But I live alone." Said Klein.

"And I don't know how I got here" Said Sora "how about you".

"Well I got a sister and a mom it's almost dinner time".

Kirito was interrupted by Klein "you got a sister how old is she what's she like?" Said Klein dying to know.

"She's into sports, hates game and totally not in your type. She wouldn't date a gamer like you."

"I don't care" but before Klein could say anything else Kirito shoved him away this made Sora laughed.

"Get serious don't you think that this is weird?" Asked Kirito.

"Well I did get trapped in a game once" Said Sora.

"And how did you get out?" Asked Kirito.

"I just beaten it and then I was out of there" Said Sora.

"I wonder if the developers even know what's happening" wondered Kirito.

Then off in the distance they heard a bell ring then suddenly everyone was teleported to the town of beginnings. Sora was beginning to worry something bad is going to happen suddenly the sky turned in to read signs saying warning. Then something red started to form Sora got out his keyblade. Suddenly red blob came out of the sky and formed a guy in a red and yellow coat "no way that can't be" Sora said think of the organization suddenly Sora knew something was up.

"Attention players I welcome you to my world." Said the red coat.

"My world" wondered Kirito.

"My name is Akihito Kayaba. And as of this moment, I am in control in this world." Then more chatting was going around. Sora was wondering who the hell this guy was. "I'm sure most of you have already noticed that the logout button is missing from the main menu. Let me assure you this is not a defect in the game I repeat this is not a defect in the game." Now Sora was pissed.

"Are you with the organization!?" Yelled Sora

"I know what organization your talking about. Sora the keyblade wielder." Said Akihito "and no I'm not a part of them there all defeated don't you remember that." This made Sora really confused. Anyways this is how Sword Art Online is made you can not log out of SAO. And no one from the outside can shut down or remove the nervegear from your head. If someone tries to do so a nerve from the transmitter charge a microwave single destroying your brain and and ending your life." People started to panic.

"Hey I can't get out." someone said as there trying to leave.

"Hey Kirito can't someone just cut the power or something?" Asked Sora.

"No the nervegear got a eternal battery." Said kirito.

"This is crazy." Said Klein.

"As expected some of the families tried to remove the headgear as a result the game has two hundred thirteen less players." Two hundred and thirteen the number that shocked everyone. As a result multiple of media sources have reported these deaths. You can assume that the danger of a nervegear being removed has been reduced. I hope this brings comfort of try to clear the game."

"Clear the game" Sora questioned.

"It is important to remember the following. The is no way to revive someone in the game. If your HP drops to zero you die in here and real life. Then Sora looked at the green bar that made him assume it was his HP bar. "The only way to escape is to beat the game. Right now you on level one the lowest floor in Aincrad, if you beat the boss you may continue to the next floor, defeat the boss on floor one hundred you clear the game. I have placed a item in your storage please have a look."

Kirito checked his storage "A mirror?" Suddenly everyone started to change everyone was confused but Sora knew he was now wearing his KH3 outfit.

"Right now you're probably wondering why. Why would Akihiko Kayaba, developer and nervegear do such a thing? My goal was simple to create a world in my design. As you can see I have achieved my goal. This marks the end of the SAO official launch. I wish you players the best of luck." Then he disappeared.

Then everyone went into panic Sora didn't know what to feel. Then Sora saw a girl in red hair. "Kairi?" "KAIRI" Sora Yelled out chasing her.

"Sora Sora you idiot don't get yourself killed" Said Kirito.

He and Klein were looking for Sora all over the place until they found him standing there. "Kairi." Sora muttered "why were you running away from me?"

"Don't worry Sora we will find her together." Said Kirito.

"Ya your right she can handle herself." Said Sora.

"So let's head for the next village right now the only way to survive is by getting stronger. Klein are you coming with us?" Asked Kirito.

"Well thanks see my friends waited a whole day to buy this. There back at the plaza and I can't leave them sorry."

"Don't be sorry after all your looking out for your friends that's what I would have done." Then Sora looked up in the sky hoping that Kairi would be safe. The two walked away from Klein.

"Kirito" yelled Klein. "The real you is kinda cute, huh?"

Sora and Kirito started heading out to the next village