Wong was snoring loudly when a tall shadow fell over his form.

"So Wong's here too?" asked an older Japanese man wearing a green military uniform.

"It would seem that all the villains from Mobile Fighter G Gundam are here," said Michelo Chariot as he looked around the odd place that surrounded them. Michelo's eyes widened as he saw Urube Ishikawa place his hands over Wong's nose and mouth.

"W-what are you doing?!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, nothing," grinned Urube. After a few moments, Wong's face started to turn blue. After another moment, Wong's eyes snapped open.

"Thought that would wake him up!" cackled Michelo as the Major let Wong breathe.

"It was my idea, baka," snapped Urube. Michelo had a look of disappointment on his face until an overly cheerful young man walked out.

"Hiiii! ^___^" said the young man, "I'm Uncle Virgil, your guide to Hell!"

"We're in Hell?" asked Wong as he took in gulps of air.

"Well, sort of," said Uncle Virgil as he scratched the back of his head, "It was really bad until the author came along and decided to improve it."

"But why would he do that?" asked Michelo.

"Well, the explanation SHE gave me was that she did it because you guys were so cute," chuckled Uncle Virgil. Wong and Urube looked over at Michelo, who was beaming.

"Him? Cute?" asked Wong. Uncle Virgil looked at Michelo, wrinkled his nose, and shook his head.

"No, just two guys by the name of ahh. . ." Uncle Virgil whipped out a pad of paper and looked at the notes scribbled down on it, "Urube Ishikawa and Wong Yun Fa." Urube's ego started to bloat while Wong finally noticed his surroundings. Hell was covered in pink fluffy clouds and had colorful flowers sprouting out of mid-air.

"Why am I getting flashbacks from SaGa Frontier?" asked Wong, "I. . . I want my teddy bear!"

"What's a SaGa Frontier?" asked Michelo as he searched through the clouds for a beer bottle.

"It's not really important, just a videogame where Hell looked like. . . like this," stammered Wong.

"So this pansy is supposed to be our guardian angel or something?" chuckled Urube as he innocently towered over Uncle Virgil, who meeped in fear before he responded.

"Well, technically I'm your guide to Hell," said Uncle Virgil, "But you aren't going to stay here."

"Then where are we supposed to go?" asked Wong, "Someplace with pocky and chocolate?"

"You have to take a road trip to get to the paradise created by the author," said Uncle Virgil, "This place is called G Gundam Villain Heaven. . . GGVH for short." A ray of light shone on Uncle Virgil as he said the name, and the three villains knew that they were in the presence of someone holy.

"Can I shoot him?" muttered Urube.

"Not if he's going to lead us to a place with booze and women!" exclaimed Michelo as he held the psychotic Major back.

"And chocolate!" grinned Wong, "But we can't take a road trip without a car."

"You don't only get a car," grinned Uncle Virgil, "You get the Big Evil Bus- BEB for short."

"What is it with this place and abbreviations?" asked Urube. A bus that looked like it had driven right out of the Care Bears TV show appeared behind Uncle Virgil. It was white and covered in giant pink hearts.

"Cute!" exclaimed Wong, "Does it come with chocolate?"

"With the BEB, we can get to GGVH," smiled Uncle Virgil as he opened the door and hopped in the driver's seat, "All aboard!"

"I still want my beer," grumbled Michelo as he climbed on.

"This place is too happy," mumbled Urube as he stepped on.

"Chocolate!" grinned Wong as he bounced on.

And thus, the journey to G Gundam Villains Heaven began.