"99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer!" sang Michelo as he danced around on the BEB.

"Take one down . . ."

"Shoot Michelo with a round . . ." hissed a disgruntled Urube.

"99 bottles of MEEP!" Michelo had to duck, as the plush chair he was sitting in was suddenly full of bullet holes.

"Urube, how many times do I have to tell you rule number 27 of the BEB? 'Don't shoot/strangle/stab/drown/suffocate/attack/throw any of your fellow BEB passengers!" Uncle Virgil wagged his finger at Urube, who answered by growling.

"Yeah, hush up!" hissed Wong. Urube looked at the former Prime Minister and raised an eyebrow when he saw the pocky-eater bent over beside Uncle Virgil, as if directing him.

"What are you doing?" he muttered.

"Trying to hit squirrels!" cackled Wong.

"How many times do I have to tell you, they're DEMONS, not SQUIRRELS!" exclaimed Virgil. Michelo blinked a few times before asking, "Can I throw beer bottles at the demonic squirrels?"

"No," replied Virgil.

"Beer cans?"

"No. . ."

"Beer pints?"


"Beer. . . Umm. . ." Michelo paused to look around, "Beer. . . Beer?"

"NO!" screamed Virgil as he slammed on the brakes, causing Michelo to fly forward into the windshield of the BEB.

"That's what you get for not wearing seatbelts! ^_______^ Kehehehe!" Wong had a very wide grin on his face as he said this, while Urube tried to count how many demonic squirrels the bus had passed. Michelo slid to the floor in anguish before attempting to whack Virgil with a beer bottle. Virgil's calm eyes narrowed as a bolt of pink fluff hit Michelo in the throat.

"What the . . . why do I sound like a chipmunk?" asked Michelo, sounding like he had just sucked a lot of helium.

"It's my special Virgil-ish powers," smirked Virgil, "I can make anyone's voice sound like a chipmunk!"

"As if his voice wasn't squeaky enough already," grumbled Wong as he wiped off his omnipresent glasses.

"22 Demonic Squirrels." Urube was still counting the squirrels.

"Shut up, Wong!" squeaked Michelo, "At least I don't sound like . . . like . . ."

"That's right!" laughed Wong, "My voice is way sexier than yours!"

"23 Demonic Squirrels."

"Is nooooot!" whined Michelo.

"24 Demonic Squirrels. _;;;"

"Is too! Is too! Is too!"

"I think I have a sexy voice," chirped Virgil.


"At least I don't sound like I have a beer bottle stuck up my patoosh," grumbled Michelo as much as a chipmunk voice could.

"26. THAT'S IT!" Urube was mad: the argument had caused the Major to lose count. God knows what horrors awaited Wong, Michelo, and Virgil . . .

. . . Until Virgil used his powers on Urube.

"This cannot be," whispered Urube as he touched his throat, "I can't sound like a helium-induced madman!"

"Urube with a squeaky voice? The world has ended," Wong blinked before staring at Virgil, "Those powers of yours are pretty impressive, but they can't match mine!"

"You think so, Prime Minister?" Virgil smiled as he pulled into a Hellish rest stop.

"Yes, you may be able to make people have squeaky voices, but can you sit in a plush chair with this much class?" Wong pulled out his omnipresent red plush chair and sat in it, flashing his most charming fangirl-magnet smile. A group of fangirls passing by noticed Wong, and instantly fell into a swoon.

"Fangirls think that THAT is impressive?" Urube chuckled in his evil chipmunk voice, causing a few of the fangirls' faces to fault, "Virgil! Give me back my voice at once so I can prove Wong wrong once and for all!" Virgil looked at Urube with determined eyes and nodded, "Anything to prove him wrong!" Urube smirked as he felt his normal fiendish voice returning. He turned towards Wong and chuckled, "You can't beat this. for in event of such an event, I trained this body to perfection!" And with that, Urube ripped off his military jacket, tie, and shirt ala G Gundam Episode 48. The fangirls that had been staring at Wong let their eyes avert to the Major, who was beaming with pride.

"You may be able to show off your Dragon Ball Z wannabe muscles, but can you do THIS?" Wong spun around to face the fangirls, his usual suit transforming into a super-cute blue robe and a large teddy bear forming in his hands. He sat on a nearby park bench and let his head rest on the teddy bear, letting his eyes sparkle with pure kawaiiness. The fangirls who had been gawking at Urube immediately looked at Wong before rushing over and hugging/kissing/etc. the Prime Minister.

"I can't beat that," sighed Michelo, "Can you?"

"I refuse to hug a teddy bear like that," growled Urube.

"Will we ever get to Heaven?" sighed Virgil.