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Title: The Unwanted School Reunion

Chapter 1: The Letter

"Knockidy, Knockidy knock!" Shouted Irene through the door to Pete and Bergs apartment.

"What do you want Irene?" Pete groaned back.

"There's a letter for you I just got one that looks just like this!" With that Pete got up off the sofa and rather reluctantly answered the door and sarcastically said

"Hi Irene!"

"Oh hunky dorey, I don't know what to say, oh yeah your letter here it is." Replied Irene.

"Irene why are you getting my mail?" Pete questioned with his eyebrows lowered glaring at Irene.

"That doesn't matter open the letter go on go on go on!" SLAM!!! Pete shut the door right in her face.

"Who was that?" Asked Berg as he stepped out the bathroom door in his towel dripping with water.

"Just Irene I told her to go away."

"Oh good." Replied Berg.

"No really we've got to put a lock on our mail draw Irene is going through my mail and she just gave me this letter its strange isn't it!"

"Yeah I didn't no you could get green and red envelopes I will have to look in on that! So are you going open it or not?" "Yeah, Yeah but I still can't get over Irene's getting my mail!" With that Pete opened the letter and it said:

Dear Pete and Berg,

                                I am writing to ask you to attend our school reunion but it is at a different school if you would like to it is tomorrow. The school is at the address at the bottom of the letter please attend it will be one HELL of a time

Yours sincerely prof. vamp

24 Stationary Road. HELL HILL

"Berg the letters scaring me, the professors called vamp!" says Berg.

"Why are you scared of going ill go besides it will be good to see all of our mates again wont it?" Pete Replied

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